May 1, 2010


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“May  the  favor  of  the  Lord  our  God  rest  upon  us;  establish  the  work  of  our  hands  for  us-­  yes  establish  the   work  of  our  hands.”  -­  Psalm  90:17

April Newsletter
Praises: •376 baptisms on Easter! •6,946 people at Good Friday! •12,988 people at Easter Sunday! •5 Supporters, 8 others committed! •Wedding Date is set 9/18/10 •God just keeps giving! Prayer Requests: •Support for the trip out to FLA for GCM training. •Humility in ongoing battle with Pride •God would move hearts to support. •ReTrain application is in, a heart willing to accept it’s outcome. Things To Checkout: Popular Blog Posts: -Prayer and the Word (posted 4/5) - Jesus our strength (posted 4/28) Upcoming blog series: “10 Questions from the Book of Romans”

What  I  have  been  up  to...
         Well  it’s  been  a  pretty  intense  month   so  far.    Easter  at  Mars  Hill  Church  was  a   huge  blessing  as  we  saw  over  20,000   Church-­‐wide  for  Good  Friday  and  Easter   Sunday.    My  Eiance’s  brother  got  married,   and  I  had  a  friend  come  visit  for  a  couple   days  (read  about  it  below).    I  have  a   chance  to  get  involved  in  a  couple  things   at  the  Church: Redemption  Groups  (RG): It  was  huge  blessing  being  able  to   participate  in  a  week  long  RG  to  help   train  people  all  over  the  country  in  how   we  do  group  counseling  at  our  Church.    I   then  was  approved  to  apprentice  in  our   Spring  quarter  of  RGs  and  we  are  already   a  couple  weeks  in.    It’s  really  amazing  to   see  what  the  Spirit  does  week  after  week   to  soften  peoples  hearts,  reveal  sin,  and   give  grace,  especially  in  my  own  heart.   Community  Groups  (CG): I  was  approved  to  start  apprenticing  to   lead  CGs  this  month.    These  are  our   midweek  bible  studies  where  we  seek  to   build  relationships,  love  each  other  and   point  each  other  to  Christ.    We  are   blessed  with  great  conversation  every   week.    I  lead  twice  this  month.

Great  Commissions  Ministries  (GCM): By  God’s  grace  I  was  able  to  apply  for   GCM  two  months  past  deadline  and   actually  get  accepted  within  about  a   week.    I  am  really  feeling  God’s  hand  and   blessing  on  this  and  am  very   encouraged.    There  is  a  week  of  training   in  May  and  then  on  June  1st,    I  will   ofEicially  be  on  staff  for  Mars  Hill  Church   but  being  paid  through  GCM  through   your  support!    Thanks  for  your  prayers! Re:Train I  sent  off  my  application  for  Retrain  on   4/30/10.    This  is  the  Master’s  program   that  Mars  Hill  offers.    Through  much   prayer,  I  felt  called  to  apply  for  the  two   year  program  so  as  not  to  overload  my   life  in  the  Eirst  year  of  Marriage!    I  am   really  excited  about  the  opportunity  to   learn,  as  this  will  lay  the  foundation  for   any  future  church  planting  endeavors! Thank  you  all  for  your  interest  and   continuing  prayer  and  support  for  me;  it   has  deEinitely  been  felt.    I  am  very   encouraged  about  this  next  month!

God’s Grace:
As I was reaching out to people for support raising I came into contact with an Old Friend from the Navy that I hadn’t seen in over two years. We chatted on the phone for over an hour I think, and I found that he had been waning in his faith over the last couple years. I wanted to encourage him and before the conversation was over we decided that he was going to come out and stay in Seattle for a couple days before he left the country. It was an amazing time to just hang out, share the gospel, pray and reminisce on where both of us have been and where God is bringing us. I am super encouraged about what God will do in his life in the coming years. Join me in prayer for him.

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