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BFMS PGP II Term 4 2009

Procedure for Term Paper Allocation

• 25 groups, three participants per group. The Exchange student will be co-
opted into one of the groups, hence one group will have four members
• Details of participants constituting each group will be communicated by
PGP Office.
• Term paper will carry 12 marks out of a total of 100 marks for the Course.
• Please see next slide for procedure to select the topic.
• Term Papers should be submitted by each group latest by 1730 hrs on
Monday 23rd August 2010. Zero marks for submission thereafter.
• Submissions up to 1730 hours on Monday 9th August 2010 will get 2
bonus marks; Submissions up to 1730 hours on Monday 16th August,
2010 will get 1 bonus mark; Submission thereafter no bonus marks
• A hard copy of the Term Paper should be submitted to PGP office.
• Please ensure that PGP Office put a ‘date and time stamp’ on the hard
copy at the time of submission. Only this date and time stamp will be
considered for the bonus marks.
• A soft copy of the Term Paper (PDF format) should be sent to my mail id
( This will be used for ‘plagiarism’ check, the basis for
negative marking for plagiarism will be intimated immediately after the
final submission deadline.
Term Paper Details

BFMS Term Paper

• Sample topics chosen by students in the past for the BFMS term paper :
– Comparative study of the Equity Stock Markets in India and the United States, including role of
– Prospects and problems of strengthening the Derivatives market in India
– Comparative Analysis of Bank of Baroda and Bank of India
– Chinese Banking system: problems and prospects
– FDI and FII flows into India: trends, problems and prospects
• None of the topics given above can be selected by any group this year. These
topics have been listed merely to give you a flavour of possible topics.
• Each group to Identify at least two topics and prepare a hundred word
synopsis for each of the topics
• Forward the topics along with the synopsis to my email id
latest by 1730 Hrs Monday 26th July, 2010. The ‘subject’ line in your email must
carry the group number and the mail should carry the names and roll numbers
of all the group members.
• Any group failing to meet the above deadline will be awarded zero marks for
the Term paper
• I will revert with my feedback/ approval on the topics ASAP.
• All groups should have obtained my final approval on the selected topic latest
by Friday 30th July, 2010. No requests will be entertained thereafter.


Term Paper Details