Fiona welcomes end to Post Office closures

LOCAL Lib Dem Euro MP Fiona Hall has welcomed a decision by the C o a l i t i o n Gover nment to put an end to the Post Office c l o s u r e programmes the last Labour Gover nment pursued.
5,000 Post Office branches were closed by Labour including thoses at Winlaton Mill and Bleach Lib Dem Councillors Green. Elaine Earl and Brenda Now, £1.5 billion is to Osborne outside Winlaton be invested in the Mill Post Office in 2008 network to ensure it has when Labour announced a strong future. The they were closing the announcement was village’s branch. The made by Lib Dem Coalition has announced Secretary of State for there will be no more Business, Vince Cable closure programmes. MP. Lib Dem Euro MP for North East England, Fiona Hall, said, “Many of us fought Labour’s Post Office cuts. “I am delighted the Coalition is investing in the future of branches and has put an end to closure programmes.” Lib Dem campaigner Councillor Brenda Osborne said, “Post Offices fared badly under the last Labour Government. “I am pleased we now have a Government that backs our branch network and is willing to ensure it continues to serve the public.”

Village news
Chopwell Woods
Local Liberal Democrats are still pressing for improvements to the footpath at the entrance to Chopwell Woods.

Soul Soup in High Spen

Winlaton Mill
The boiler at Winlaton Mill Community Centre which broke down has now been repaired after Councillors Brenda Osborne and Elaine Earl contacted the Council. They also asked the Council to find solutions to parking problems there. The play area in the village needs a rubbish bin and a new seat. We have asked Gateshead Council if these could be provided.

Speed and parking at schools
20 mph speed limit near schools. Councillor Brenda Osborne has asked for parking issues at Parkhead and Winlaton West Lane Schools to be looked into by highway engineers. “We need a properly co-ordinated approach to traffic issues surrounding the schools that also looks at whether or not 20mph speed limits next to schools are needed,” said Brenda.

Councillors Brenda Osborne and Elaine Earl on a visit to the HOP garden in High Spen, during the summer. A “Soul Soup” event was held recently at High Spen Primary School. The children made soup, baked bread to go with it, and served it to residents and members of the “Live at home” scheme, using vegetables from the HOP garden. “The event was well supported by the community and brought together people of different generations,” said Cllr Brenda Osborne.

The seating area at Barlow has been refurbished and a stone has been erected to identify the village.

Blaydon Leisure and Primary Care Centre Now Open

Community Fund
A small fund for each council ward has been set up to provide money for small local projects that benefit the whole community.
Councillors Brenda Osborne and Elaine Earl have been working hard with local groups in Winlaton and High Spen ward to identify projects needing support. The following projects have received funding: St Paul’s Church Hall, Winlaton, is to have new kitchen utensils New equipment for the Yoga Class in the Winlaton Centre. Additional funding for the HOP garden in High Spen. New safety surface the play area at Winlaton Mill. Projects in the pipeline include: New curtains and boxing in electrical cables at Winlaton Mill Village Hall. New baby swings in the play area at Lockhaugh. New barrier flower baskets at Winlaton and Winlaton Mill. Painting of the Scout Hut in Winlaton. Blaydon Leisure and Primary Care Centre, on the former site of Blaydon Comprehensive School, has now opened. The facility is run jointly by the NHS and Gateshead Council. It includes swimming pools and a gym as well as healthcare facilities. The site also makes use of the existing athletics track and pitches.

Digging for Victory
Demand for allotments in W i n l a t o n , Blaydon and villages along the Derwent Valley has increased greatly in recent years but there are not enough plots to satisfy demand. Lib Dem Councillors Elaine Earl and Brenda Osborne are keen gardeners and grow a large amount of vegetables on a large garden that they share together. They are pressing Gatshead Council to investigate ways of increasing the supply of allotments. “We want Gateshead to look at allowing people to set up allotments on publicly owned land that is appropriate for growing vegetables,” said Elaine. “We also want the Council to encourage local landowners to free up land for allotments.” Meanwhile, Brenda’s husband Dave has helped set up raised beds at Winlaton West Lane School. “Getting children to grow vegetables is a great way to introduce them to healthy and constructive outdoor activities,” said Brenda.

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You can write to us at 44 Parkhead Gardens, Winlaton, NE21 6NP You can contact Fiona Hall, your Euro MP at: 55a Old Elvet, Durham, DH1 3HN Tel 0191 383 0119 or email
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