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Carlos Manuel Dias Cardoso – Curriculum Vitae

Key Skills

Time Management – By studying and working at the same time, I have

learnt how to plan and manage my life effectively in order to achieve tasks
under pressure and meet deadlines;
Research techniques – The life at university required me to have great
research techniques using a range of tools such as academic newspapers and
online databases (Datamonitor, Keynote, Business Source Premier and
Solving problems and challenges - As a group leader I have developed
the ability to solve problems within the group, acting patiently but with
authority depending on the circumstances. Furthermore, I have learnt how to
solve challenges by analysing the resources available and consequently
applying knowledge acquired throughout academic/life experience.
Dealing with customers - By working in customer service for over 5
years, I was taught how to deal efficiently with customers in order to deliver a
competent and professional service;
Languages – During my academic and professional life in London, my
English communication/writing/understanding skills could be developed. I am
fluent in Spanish due to my 6 month period living in Barcelona. Extremely
good level of French as I have studied the language for over 5 years in
Portugal, concluding it in Barcelona. Furthermore, half of my family lives in
France, where I go often since young. Portuguese is my mother tongue.


Distinguished dissertation on “The importance of SEO and web content for

high-involvement purchases”, achieving a valuable A grade, 2010;
Member of the winner group of the IVCF (International Virtual Consulting
Firm) 2009 – Best business report and presentation – Business game which
requires students to create business solutions to real companies;
While working at the Bank I was ranked, in a specific county, one of the best
Sales Persons of Investments Funds of the first quarter of 2005.

Career History

Aug 2009 – June 2010 Hard Rock Café London, 150 Old Park Lane, W1K
1QZ, London
Role: Waiter
Responsibilities: Upselling add-ons and
merchandising, provide outstanding customer
experience, advice customers on food and
Achievements: I have developed my
communication and selling skills. I have improved
my team work effectiveness and my customer care
July 2009 – Sep 2009 World Trade Group, 90 Union St, SE1 0NW, London
Role: Marketing Assistant
(Internship) - Events Industry
Responsibilities: My main duties consisted on
dealing with some of the marketing activities meant
to help promoting the Pharmaceutical Summits for
the year 2010. Marketing activities such as: contra
deals with media partners; offline & online
advertisements; SEO for the Pharma division pages
on the corporate website; Sales reports; Press
Releases to be posted on different websites
Achievement: I have developed my
communication and teamwork
skills as well as broaden my marketing knowledge

Nov 2008 – Jan 2009 World Trade Group Events, 90 Union Street, SE1
0NW, London
Role: Marketing/Database List Researcher – Energy
Responsibilities: Contacting prospect clients by
telephone to collect and confirm full contact details
based on own research or lists provided by the
marketing team. Ensuring that all data and contact
details collected are entered into correct fields on
Excel spreadsheets
Achievements: Opportunity to speak in different
languages and have a direct contact with the
Marketing Manager allowing me to learn more
about the matter.

Other professional experiences:

Feb 2009 – Jul 2009 Hard Rock Café Barcelona

Role: Waiter
Oct 2007 – Dec 2008 Zara UK Ltd, London
Role: Sales Assistant/Cashier
Mar 2004 – June 2007 BPI – The Portuguese Bank of Investment,
Role: Customer Advisor

Education and qualifications

Oct 2007 - July 2010 London Metropolitan University – Graduated

within the 1st class range - BA Marketing -
Information Handling, Quantitative and Decision Making, Business Modelling,
Economics for Business, Marketing, Accounting for Business, Branding,
Marketing Communications, French for Business, IT for Business, Commerce
Management, Market Research, Strategic Marketing, Services Marketing
Organisation and team building – Leadership in many group works, help in
organising presentations and business plans.

Jan 2009 – July 2009 Universidad de Barcelona - 6 month

interchange program through London
Metropolitan University - Barcelona
Winner of the IVCF (International Virtual
Consulting Firm) – Business contest with a
university in Amsterdam

Oct 2000 - Sept 2003 IFB – The Portuguese Banking Training

School - Portugal
Accounting for Banking, Finance, Marketing, Economics, English, Foreign
Banking Operations, General Accounting and Customer Service
Professional life approach –School with high organisational standards and
timetables similar to the work place. Sandwich course which included end-of-
year internships

Personal Details

Nationality: Portuguese
D.O.B: 1st of October 1984
Permanent Address: 12 Felsberg Road, SW2 5NA, Brixton Hill, London
Mobile: +44 0)7846548939
E-mail: HYPERLINK ""


Business and Marketing – I like keeping myself up to date by reading business

articles on different websites e.g. HYPERLINK
"" ;
Movies and Sports – Two of my favourite hobbies are to watch movies and to
play tennis or football;
Cookery – Whenever I have time to cook, I enjoy preparing different meals
and experiment new recipes.


Provided on request.