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„| Network 63,630 Route km

•| ’  - 52002 km (82%),M & N Ȃ 11,628 km ( 18%)
•| Ô ectrified Ȃ 18942 km (36% of ’); 18,000 km doub e ine
•| ’ accounts for 97 2% of passenger and 99 6% of freight traffic/earnings (99 8%)

„| Yreight Loading achieved in 2008-09 : 833 MT

Î| Target for 2009-10 : 882 MT
„| åriginating Passengers 6974 mi ion (in 2008-09)

„| or d Standing
•| 4th Largest in Yreight oading after U S , China & Russia
•| 2nd in Passenger business (originating) after Japan


„| Rai way årganization

•| 16 Zones,
•| 68 Divisions,
•| 13 PSU/Corporations
’harat agon & Ôngineering Co Ltd

„| uman Resource

•| pprox 13 95 Lakh Ômp oyee inc about 15,000 åfficers


„| Te ecommunication p ays a ste ar ro e in Rai ways Train Contro Communication, Safety,

åperations inc Data Comm Networks required for Throughput enhancement app ications ike
YåIS, UTS, PRS, CåIS, Rai net, Contro åffice pp ica tions
„| State of art communication te ecom systems are required to service high eve of freight traffic,
high speed train operations, enhancing trains safety, pro iferation of IT app ications &
provisioning of Passenger menities at Rai way Stations as we as in running trains

 å å


•| Long Distance dministrative Trunk Circuits inc oca communication


i Train Contro Communication

ii ’ ock orking

iii Leve Crossing ate (Te ephone Communication)

vi Ômergency Communication (emergency socket at every km a ong the track)

v a kie-Ta kie VY communication between uard, Driver & Stations

„| Data Communication for PRS, YåIS, UTS, CMS, CåIS, Rai net, Contro åffice pp ications etc
as on 31 08 09

„| Te ephone Ôxchanges 902 Nos

•| No of Subscriber Lines 3,04,026 Nos
„| åYC
•| Laid 36,427 Rkms
•| Lit 33,300 Rkms
•| IP (orks in Progress) 10,000 Rkms
„| cuad Cab e 35,000 Rkms

(for ’ ock working, LC ate & Ômergency Communication)

„| na og/UY Microwave 12,424 Kms

„| Digita /UY Microwave 8,271 Kms
„| MTRC (Mobi e Train Radio Communication) 692 Rkms
„| VY Sets (25watt at Stations) 7,159 sets
„| V-ST ub 9 Mhz’ 
•| (Located at Thompson Road M Comp ex, New De hi)
„| åveread  ignment 3,500Rkms
„| Rai net:-  Zona qrs, Divisions, PUs & Centra ized Training Institutes are connected Rai net is
an administrative enterprise wide network in p ace for genera purposes ike e-mai , Information
sharing, Internet browsing etc as potentia to be expanded to every rai way station for
dissemination of information data to maintenance/ operating staff


„| ü     ü 

This system provides reserved tickets from over 1800 ocations and via the internet
„|  å     å
This system with the he p of main server at CRIS, New De hi and routers/switches/LN extenders
manages freight train movements and generation of computerized RR
This is a comp ete current ticketing system provides unreserved tickets from over 2100 ocations at
present across the country
Contro office function is managed by this app ication avai ab e at 72 contro offices
Crew booking and re ated functions are managed by this app ication at 286 major obbies
This system manages passenger coach movements from 221 ocations


such as Locomotive Management System, Coaching Management System, Yreight Management
System, and orkshop Management System are at various stages of deve opment

which wi provide a centra ized materia management for entire Indian Rai ways is under
deve opment
is under deve opment as a pi ot project It wi manage a aspects of track maintenance
TMRS Projects under deve opment with RDSå
(Techno ogy Mission for Rai way Safety)

„| SIMRN Ȃ (Sate ite Imaging for Rai Navigation)

•|  rea time ro ing stock tracking System uses PS for ro ing stock ocation and pub ic
SM/PRS for transmitting this information to the centra server

„| ån-’oard Loco Parameter diagnostic System

•| During the run of the train, oco parameters are transmitted to centra server for taking
time y action in case of a prob em

„| åÔ Parameters Monitoring System

•| åÔ parameters can be monitored from centra ocation

TMRS Projects under deve opment with RDSå
(Techno ogy Mission for Rai way Safety)

„| Yog vision Improvement Device

•| i invo ve aser device to have improved visibi ity of 200 mts - 300 mts in foggy

„| ’ridge Instrumentations

•| System design invo ve measurement of bridge parameters such as stress, strain etc
during running train Y ood eve s are a so measured and these parameters are
transmitted to centra server

„| Derai ment Detection Device

•| Device dep oyed on track, which measures whee parameters & ot ’ox and transmit the
same to the centra server