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Objective : Seeking an intriguing and challenging summer internship/project
for approximately 10 months.
Apurva Kumar 2nd year undergraduate student Bachelor of Technology Chemical Engineering IIT Guwahati, India apurva@iitg.ernet.in Room No. B313 Umiam Hostel IIT Guwahati Assam-781039 India

PERSONAL DETAILS 120’Gandhinagar, East Boring Canal Raod, Patna, 800001

Name Date of Birth Nationality Sex Email

Apurva Kumar 30th June.1993

Permanent Address

Indian Male apurva@iitg.ernet.in Mailing Address Room No.B313 Umiam Hostel IIT Guwahati Guwahati – 781039 Assam, India

EDUCATION Bachelor of Technology (To be completed by May, 2013) Institution Major Semester Cumulative Percentage Index(CPI) Departmental Rank Class XII (C.B.S.E. Board) Institution Percentage Institution Class X (I.C.S.E. Board) Percentage Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati Chemical Engineering 4th semester (to be completed by May 2011) 8.29/10.

1(out of 47 students)

P.M.H.S,Patna 84.8% (Aggregate) St.John’s High School,Patna 89% (Aggregate)

 Guide: Dr. .4% 3.a major event of Techniche 2010 conducted by IIT Guwahati.3.Adobe Photoshop. C++.2009 among more than 4 lakhs with a percentile of about 99.JAVA DOS. Secured an All India Rank of 533 in 8th NSO(National Science Olympiad). 7.2009. IIT Guwahati ACHIEVEMENTS AND EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES 1.8 % students in JEE.the chemistry association of chemical engineering in IIT.Microsoft Office. Recipient of IMS(Institute Merit Scholarship) for academic excellence during academic year 2009-10. Organised Technothlon 2010. 6. 8. Ranked among top 0. Algorithms • Fluid Mechanics • Heat and Mass Transfer • Process Equipment Design • Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics •Real Analysis •Linear Algebra and Ordinary Differential Equations •Complex Analysis and Partial Differential Equation •Numerical Methods For Solving PDEs and ODEs Chemical Eng. An active member of IIChe(GRC). Assistant Professor. 9.Guwahati. 2. Organised Junkyard Warz.Mandal. Windows.K. Mathematics MAJOR PROJECTS/ SUMMER INTERNSHIPS  Compensation For Openings for vessel’s head and closures.COMPUTER SKILLS Programming Languages Operating Systems Software Packages C. Secured an All India Rank of 3058 in Joint Entrance Examination. 4. 5. a major event of Techniche 2010 conducted by IIT Guwahati.MATLAB.T. RELEVENT COURSES UNDERTAKEN Computer science Introduction to computing and its lab (programming languages). Unix/Linux Fluent 6. Data structures. Secured an All India Rank of 648(State Rank 7) in AIEEE 2009. Leading Publicity member of Techniche and Alcheringa 2009 and 2010.

REFERENCES ON DEMAND Reference from HOD/professors of Department will be provided as Soon as it will be demanded. .

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