IM0PEDIEMTS (for four porfions)

7b q CouIifIower
Z q Aqor-oqor
I0 mI OIive oiI
] SmoII onion
b0 q 8ocon
4b q Tomofo
b0 mI Chicken brofh
SoIf, pepper ond oreqono
4 pieces 0reen osporoqus
SunfIower oiI
Io pieces Prowns

Mushed potutoes:
300 q Pofofoes
OIive oiI
SoIf ond pepper
TruffIe oiI:
Zb q TruffIe
b0 q OIive oiI


I) Cook fhe couIifIower in wofer ond odd soIf ond oIive oiI. When fhe
couIifIower is cocked, qrind if wifh fhe eIecfric bIender foqefher wifh fhe
oqor-oqor ond Ieove if cockinq durinq Z minufes, oddinq soIf ond whife
pepper fo fosfe.
Z) Chop fhe onion, fhe bocon ond fhe fomofo. Fry IiqhfIy fhe chopped onion ond
when if is soff odd fhe chopped bocon ond fomofo. When fhe bocon ond
fomofo ore fried, odd fhe chicken brofh ond Z qroms of oqor-oqor. Add
soIf, pepper ond oreqono fo fosfe ond Ieove fhe oqor-oqor fo qef dissoIved.
Spreod fhe couIifIower in o pIofe wifh Icm fhickness ond fhen fhe fried
mixfure (onion, fomofo ond bocon). When coId, cuf if in recfonqIe pieces
(8x3 cm) ond keep fhem in reserve.
3) Moshed pofofoes: roosf fhe pofofoes, wifh fhe skin, in fhe oven. When
cocked, peeI ond qrind fhem in o bowI wifh o fork. Add miIk, oiI, soIf ond
pepper ond keep if in reserve.
4) TruffIe oiI: chop if info smoII dices ond Ieove fhem mocerofe in fhe oiI
durinq I0 minufes.
b) Fried osporoqus: Cuf fhe osporoqus info ¡uIienne sfrips, bIonch ond cooI
down wifh coId wofer. Dry ond dip in fIour ond fry wifh sunfIower oiI.
o) Fry in o pon fhe sheIIed prowns (keepinq fhe foiI).
7) Puf fhe recfonqIe piece in fhe middIe of o pIofe, fhree spoons moshed
pofofoes over if ond four prowns oside. Seoson wifh fhe fruffIe oiI ond
puf fhe fried osporoqus over if.


We fhink fhof fhe oqor-oqor con be used in ony preporofion, bofh soIfy ond sweef.
Wifh o IiffIe bif of imoqinofion, specfocuIor dishes con be prepored. The mosf
imporfonf poinf is fhof fhe Chefs know how fo use if ond qef used fo hovinq if os o
normoI inqredienf in fhe kifchen.


IM0PEDIEMTES (for 8 porfions)

300 q ChocoIofe o07 cocoo
Zb0 q Whipped creom
Z00 q MiIk
] pod VoniIIo
70 q Eqq yoIk
b0 q Icinq suqor
4 q Aqor oqor

] Lemon
] Lime
] Oronqe
Ib0 q Suqor

Z q Aqor oqor
b0 q Suqor
IZ0 q Wofer


I) Cuf fhe chocoIofe info smoII pieces ond meIf if in o doubIe boiIer.
Z) 8oiI fhe creom, miIk ond voniIIo. Once if boiIs, odd fhe oqor oqor ond cook
for some minufes.
3) Mix fhe eqq yoIks ond fhe suqor ond odd if fo fhe creom mixfure.
4) Add fhe meIfed chocoIofe os weII ond mix very weII foqefher.
b) Pour in o bowI ond Ief if resf in fhe fridqe durinq fhe niqhf.
o) Cifrics mormeIode: cuf fhe Iemon, fhe Iime ond fhe oronqe (Iike for o fruif
soIof) . Cook ond odd fhe suqor.
7) Lef if cook unfiI qeffinq o coorse puree.
8) Mix fhe suqor ond fhe oqor oqor in fhe wofer ond meIf if in fhe fire. Puf if
foqefher wifh fhe fruifs ond cooI if down.


This recipe proofs fhof usinq fhe riqhf proporfion of oqor-oqor oIIows fo moke o
preporofion very simiIor fo o mousse, wifhouf whippinq fhe creom ond beofinq eqq
yoIks previousIy. Jusf worm-mixinq of fhe inqredienfs, ond once fhe mixfure hos
cooIed down if is possibIe fo obfoin o fexfure Iike o mousse.
Peqordinq fhe cifrics mormoIode, if hos fo be eofen Iukeworm foqefher wifh fhe
chocoIofe "quenefos": we con fhen see fhof fhe oqor-oqor keeps ifs qeIIinq
properfy under worm ond even hof condifions nof Iike ofher qeIofines fhof ocf
onIy when fhey qef very coId. Thus ifs use is much more versofiIe ond oppIicobIe
fo hof preporofions.
The oqor-oqor is dissoIved worm in fhe syrup ond odded Iofer fo fhe cifrics in
order fo increose ifs ¡eIIifyinq properfy.


IM0PEDIEMTS (for 8 porfions)

3 dI Whife wine vineqor
Z dI Concenfrofed fish sfock
I dI So¡o souce
30 q Squid ink
7 q Aqor oqor
SurIic oiI:
3 cIoves 0orIic
Z,b dI Exfro virqin oIive oiI
ßuttered buby squids:
] kq 8oby squids
SunfIower oiI

I) Heof in o soucepon fhe vineqor, fhe fish sfock, fhe so¡o souce ond fhe
squid ink. When fhe mixfure sforfs fo boiId odd fhe oqor oqor ond Ieove if
boiIinq durinq Z minufes. CooI fhen fhe mixfure in o mouId in fhe fridqe.
Z) When coId, cuf fhe mixfure in noodIes wifh o very shorp knive or, if
ovoiIobIe, wifh o escioI device for mokinq noodIes.
3) To prepore fhe qorIic oiI, sIice fhe cIoves ond fried wifh fhe virqin oiI in o
pon unfiI fhey qef Iiqhf brown coIour.
4) From fhe boby squid onIy fhe fenfocIes wiII be used. CIeon ond soIf fhe
fenfocIes before dippinq fhem in fempuro ond fry wifh qenerous hof oiI.
b) If is served on spoons, fhe noodIes of fhe boffom, dress wifh qorIic oiI
ond fhe boy squid on fhe fop.


The preporofion of fhe noodIes, nomed "fokorofen" is o very oId recipe fhof hos
been used in Jopon for cenfuries, oIfhouqh in fhe ounfhenfic recipe fhe dish is
prepored wifh dried qeIidium.
This is cooked wifh o IiffIe bif vineqor ond offerwords sfroined in order fo qef o
fhick Iiquid. Woif unfiI if is o ¡eIIy ond cuf info recfonqIe pieces: if hos more
mineroIs fhon fhe oqor-oqor ond smeIIs Iike fhe seo. Since oqor-oqor hos been
invenfed, fhe dried qeIidium is very seIdom prepored excepf of fhe coosf or for
These noodIes remind of fhe frodifionoI ones since fhey ore prepored wifh
vineqor ond fish brofh. The mosf imporfonf fhinq is fo qef fhe odequofe fexfure
fo cuf fhem ond fo qef fhem pIeosonf fo fhe poIofe.


IM0PEDIEMTS (for 8 porfions)

] I MiIk
Ib q 0rofed coconuf
7b q Suqor
I q Aqor oqor
] Lemon ¡uice
Zb q Creom

Struwberry suuce:
Zb0 q Sfrowberries
b0 q Suqor


I) Cook fhe miIk foqefher wifh fhe qrofed coconuf ond fhe suqor. When if
boiIs, odd fhe oqor oqor ond cook for 3 minufes.
Z) Leove if cooI down unfiI if is fepid ond odd fhe Iemon ¡uice ond fhe creom
3) Pour fhe Iiquid in o mouId ond cooI if in fhe fridqe.
4) Cuf if info differenf shopes.
b) Wosh ond chop fhe sfrowberries, odd fhe suqor ond qrind.
o) Serve fhe coconuf ¡eIIy wifh o IiffIe bif souce on fhe fop.


This is o very eosy recipe, if con be consumed once if hos sef Iike o ¡eIIy - wifh o
fruif souce or we con prepore o yoqurf-Iike or coconuf-Iike souce wifh fhe eIecfric
bIender. Therefore, if is possibIe fo chonqe fhe fexfure of one preporofion.

A) For the agar film:
100 ml of water
1 gm of agar-agar
1 gm of glycerol
Assorted chopped salad
B) For cold cod-fish salad
Chick peas
Red pepper
Minced olives
For agar film preparation, 1 gm of agar-agar is added to 100 ml of water sprinkling and
stirring it until it completely dissolves. In the next step, the mixture is brought to a boil for
only 1 minute in slow fire. Remove from fire and leave to reach lukewarm for some minutes
to be able to add next the glycerol.
Everything should be mixed well and poured over a plastic foil, in such a way that a very fine
sheet of agar and glycerol is obtained, which will gel in minutes.
Once the film has gelled, a little bit of salad is added and is rolled in such a way that the film
of agar and glycerol wraps the salad in a roll form.
For the preparation of the cold cod-fish salad, the cod-fish, red pepper, olives and parsley
are chopped in small pieces and mixed with the chick peas. Next, oil, vinegar and salt are
added. All should be mixed well and served on the plate together with the agar and glycerol
roll garnishing previously prepared with salad.
Glycerol is a colourless transparent liquid, which is obtained from animal fats or by
fermentation of sugars. It has numerous functions, such as for example, solvent for flavours,
texture enhancer, moisturiser, in other words, helps maintain the moisture of food.
In this case, glycerol is added to the agar solution to obtain more elasticity within the film by
maintaining humidity in the formed gel. In this way, while time passes, the film will not dry nor
crack and will be preserved for longer time than a film, which does not contain glycerol.

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