Asylum seekers

Transnational issues and approaches

Lecture 4 Monday January 24 2011 PEACE ST 2B03/LABR ST 2W03/WOMEN’S ST 2A03: Human Rights and Social Justice Dr Colin Salter, Centre for Peace Studies, McMaster University


• • •
People arriving by sea Australian approach and its influence The MV Sun Sea


The Tampa Crisis
• •

16 August 2001 International controversy



The Tampa Crisis
• •

16 August 2001 International controversy


We will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come.
John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia, 6 December 2001.




Some of them say 'I'm sorry, please I'm sorry". I say "No, no it's okay", they say "It's not okay! I'm sorry".
Farid Ahmed Abdullah, The 7:30 Report (2010)


Mv Sun Sea
• •

Initially headed for Australia Boarded off BC Coast, August 2010

Image source —


For Wednesday

Should the notion of border security drive policies towards those seeking asylum?


For Thursday

What are some of the ways in which, as a nation, Canada can approach the refugee issue?


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