Invisibility Spell

simple invisibility spell Here is a spell to make you less noticeable, this spell may not work .for some people depending on experience First of all, visualize a white or black light (which ever one is more suitable) and visualize yourself inside that light, now picture that light getting blurry and taking in the colors of the objects around you, now see yourself getting blurry or being sucked into the light and the light taking the form of the objects around you until you cannot see the light. your eyes must be closed for you to do this

INVISIBIL Ingredients
The following ingredients are needed to cast INVISIBIL COCONUT .1 (WOOD FIRE(NEEM TREE .2

TO BE INVISIBIL Place both ingredients frount of you and chant MANTRA for 10,000 .times "INVISIBILITY IS POWER" Now burn fire wood and place coconut inside fire. when you want to .invisible sprinkle the ash on your self To be visible just remove the ash

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