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31 Things We’ve Learned in _ 50 Years making METAL TYPICAL FABRICATION METHODS COMPARED TO SHORT RUN STAMPING ‘SOME SIMPLE IDEAS ‘CAMS AND SHAPES. Exaton a ust ic provi STRUE EDGE” twchlqves Now ‘quality inthe enageent. ANE PROCESS trom Boyton Roe SHEET METAL WORK re oot eed together Te result etal mage a lower eos, sner PAWLS | Parte tis a rauanty planed for Invetment cing, Were design any to fon shore rn toot el ings on ‘Sree Metal Work | 2 2 TYPICAL PARTS PRICE COMPARISON OF 2, TOLERANCE VARIATIONS IN MATERIAL AND Pract telernes frau Short Rn DESIGN/DRAFTING PRACTICE eed Semohagvey cco Comparing cost impo of we several varibes i felt, To Sona! eons campus to cose omonana rip oxplnin te impute slated mpi aah fan be iste by te Flowing AA ‘how the pres ange tht you sould resch Sepending on Non Stam "A you sonvo your dein. {Reading far dt to et, estate thecomt incesersoty- bit the Frees mare pin a e iis ‘fro eed he ot \ ‘aus sharply to the extent eat ihe | {imorcties to stamp. Tore sn tte Low cost esicn + bus on hole aresrs Material 18 93 1010sheet Se tobrance 059,008 Bande Ruri 1/4 shiek ‘eat for stamping porto beyond tee Hole Print should note “sinarton purse" t hole ich machining, inde, ap, ‘etorton ito dose to form Get poe 20). honing and otter precion operations Curie 1/16" ata alowed rn employed ici cost besicn “Tolerance 003 on cates £01 one dameters (on sara 8", went He eatin Bante or hole and pening in fat Mowrt —1010patnad ‘ans, ore most economies tot nde de 005 at tnhelé onthe cof te part and a er os ‘ho punch side ofthe eles openings tern For th mos economies sting ad xo cer Bavusarieeet ‘Son tere oh malon Sasa ralce comparison Stee cmaanteee BASED ON TOOLING RUN OF 100 PIECES feeb nmratere oo) | ee ere neeser ees oe g— he | ns | UN LASOR (100 Ph ‘oe | 36a | +5 ar rw sor | oo | ne ear and sda! erties. 3. EFFECT OF CLEARANCE BETWEEN PUNCH AND DIE ntaror mai he dena Example #1 ilusoats he sits ‘ole hots comercial quality, ‘at ses tan had temper wth 8 ‘Sear strength of pprximatly 45,000, ‘Al plldown “A” of ne bank ge sah sheared secon“ forsbout 25% to 30% of the meter ‘Pikes wil car on th i indeed by (Can (0) one punch, ‘or il osu for sotar materia ‘Scampi #2 indotes teres fle ‘tan he ual carne, eed oul brskan on th aod ae Wi oer: AL tines double bean on thik parts mid be more deeb then Bit 10% taper Example #3 nists hat on ery hare {he shared oy would pombly sunt tooniy OK of th thiekos of ‘he mail. 4. BLANK DESIGN | Minimum Pacts! Section dost ever be ls than ater hes or 140" i material than 40" ‘than he material ike for high se Strength mati or he mot pats! Supine Radi on stank Cormare Camas cn bese i aera cna e116 fess ovr 116° al eee i {Rh nua 01/2 maar ches Se ute. 5. PRACTICAL DESIGN FOR ECONOMY MANUFACTURE han 40" wiser pou 1 Wis = Never ae than materi ik, 156. iemaximam dept, soul be te ooo Li 5 Wie maximum ent, sould beat pose “Te bore uss asd apply for max ‘mum eanomy 1 flloned al ane flor ean ined the aking ‘nd operations 6. PIERCING ROUND HOLES Sedation, ete chet must Totoro fe soc ne sith folorane of lu ot mas 00 ncn oto tie rena of te mater Con machined hols punched nda, See tones cer oc 1 fished hol requied trou he 11 0 we is minimum of he stock tikes, the holo can be punches which ‘Avob hat es than he stack hk ‘es il ut in 3 bulge on the lank Bulge condition would inn progres tna complete beskthvough, Honever, te ge haa wile ut te wee ‘elce to tan 1/2 the oc hk rip wal 0 spy 12 oles ‘Ae siaetion, If ha wee too nao, ‘he rail of the ane soul crs by ing an er of ttcort Sinesane ‘Another tere sapetion woul be ‘orange the contour of th lank to include tahoe anoth The nen ‘hil herb tren rt we ‘rough send be nce inte Bank without «iin or nothing ‘operat, (Sen Ble Dain tin), 7. PIERCING— ADJACENT TO BENDS ation “Ants that th iim Inside ita euied from the edge of ‘holt sand is tines th atral ‘hiknee (Toure band aun ‘thar, erin wl osu a indi din lusvaton "8" ~ o icing eter nist sir snd ‘preload ice t01" =27+R (minimum) 102" NTR (minim) Wen "L=2" or more — 37 to 9HT-+ 8 Irn) eanmy. hon te a form inside te bank profile, shown, _ Ter. {hematuria the - Fock thiserae ana the bond ‘hw ature, oc toon canot ts adapted bess Shot fo thw form mast te "uae a ‘ver of theme nd ad. 1 and “D" rtrt pose slton orth rd. Bd eimcaig ‘ee punches and The ress re tetarqty an es noone ‘ol pie ‘nutri icky masher strength, for tol and no exe opraton 10. DISTORTION AND INTERFERENCE OF FORMING ‘Sar nse bend rads. On mater knees ese han 1/10" he he Inside forming aie ayn corp 7 santo ae mata thiknes, tortion “The sts on he ni of the bed Sudo eompresion whieh ssn ‘isu coditen en ee es In hin he esc ete of me 9. HEIGHT OF FORM “An ianats 29 cages bond with notn igh (9 oe peony Conzaquentiy, stock must be ade so ‘he form high enoug stk thon fitof hen rane tonal oaing | C Me nay nat have suflent rong t ane Sp for prev ati or tke “may ete ier ex con | __ by oman uch elon Tlusraton 70 neta ow 1 de ‘hich in thi case equals tine the. tov see (7) lo te exe pulls, otad ion Comorsion Sore Tobin rant enn nwt) ne met ‘Tra concn vata by "8" above Lees Dracaena mak noel ate Ll 7 iver 9a fr nr your r Shao ris ulna il oe + Serene. Ths commanded Say icrrence tenting pte Te || inure fomed heh esis re intrerene shoul be rtrd toon he Le es {pra cover most wats of a, print so con puaton ana Siac Sex metal yen ere ik ‘Smired orem Tt opt Bn ‘esr but whith il permit ha moet foamed mate Alumina, | Bras, Copper anit Stel maybe forme nt» gh er mits Ine formed Rot roushiy 20% es) to the eo of production, vont meron ening Wom 9 sana ‘thou enre poauction cor Heian “Te upper fe hand fom (naan se rian] sar [see [ore vet [oe oe [wo[iuor|sri[raer|z0a| egy Plant fore aaa mo, fas fone [ae [re | am fe | ao [2a | z0 [29 [aon oF bien i out tb |_| fe [oo fre at fans [as [a ae [se [se Ahnu non et freer fine [an v2 [on ise sot [one [one we [sma ‘te be is uner tenon an cases ‘he mint rete on the ar ge 12 ‘ogo up and in extrem css come sie ‘Blanks sould be produced so the burr, Turing deburcing wall baer forming fut ea tor, ke SAE8130, tombling we nore forming may not be aaa Femay be ecu toa eo dic tind raion the sharp aes. Sch ‘Scunday oparton il st he cost of potuction “Therfore, fr the mest economia 10 ction a fds wil pei ample tele bend a seul be eri for hoe ana iu forming mari an ‘he Br sd f the ane mus boon the ute of he bene Ie sien actus ee prmisble sould beindesto onthe pit or ng. 11. DEFINITION OF PUNCHED HOLES esto of thes punch holes cen Rolve andr bulge a tira Th pacing prow, 2, Themchanien proper of the [ = _ 1s 12. DEFINITION AND LIMITS OF EXTRUDED HOLES ‘An extruded hale frm by punching 2 {nai le anche faning he sos. ete t ese isa hi 13, SPECIFICATION AND MEASUREMENT OF PUNCHED HOLES ‘Acammanpractie extn simenining Fes Gear! Purpose Hoes 1. Dimereon feature se tits ny 2 Feats tobe marred ony Tits are permite, 2. When denon 14. RECOMMENDED MINIMUM RATIOS OF PUNCHED HOLE DIAMETERS TO STOCK THICKNESS = Punched Hole Diameter (0.062 mn. a) += Stas Tcknee 15, FORMED COUNTERSUNK HOLES Three eal nts thi itis tal sonamen em sm Sees deieleoer torte toteatow “Theater (te ag Al nth doollee ntmine y carer ‘lsrsoe hoe () is developed rater LEX ” ae en tL Hist Mex) HOLE EDGE TO 16. SPACING OF PART EDGE AND ADJACENT HOLES hols toa stig ed or ober hoes tebe. Distortion inet ‘tet hicks S=Soace P= Punched i Le Lena ‘Avoid Minimum Values of" Where | | Tall 1 Eee tema | ama aa 7 181 or a or i a 251 a 17, RECOMMENDED MINIMUM EDGE DISTANCE FOR HOLES ADJACENT TO BENDS “Te usted limits il permit 0° bonds Maer 125 Thi Mo Har ae ‘ny Hol Shape ah lO 7) BBB + =i ae i =I" FEES (on multpa band ssoh bend rade spray 18. MOST COMMON METHODS OF COUNTERSINKING Vergata of countersnking produce ‘coustasoking pres bl rar 3 rting bering race Moe commen mith us we; (Listed Inordr of nonin cor) 49, MEASUREMENT AND LIMITS OF FLATNESS Pett str i tat onion whi ‘286 whe al pins ona sue inthe Flames tolerances tha parmisabl tance tween prt lones win whieh Parts may be measured neither unrstrine frvesuina conden. Recomended ints fe epleatat arts esse Inthe ottoman negli ata CCommaly sae strat oaranes for rota among ae shun talon. Suracs Length Flan Tolerances From" to"... O08" TAR, Over to 28 ng Over 1920" 2 008"nch of etna nth, Flaves Tolerance, TLR. (Toller Rea 20. LIMITS FOR BURRS Burs ee, ual sharp promusons fn ade atl ts. CComineiy spc parmisible br or ‘Stone in sa of neat costae 1. Une erit specified, normal coma tur ean ba 10% of tock 2. wm “Consors amplng burs arte vtined nee tery for aera hang. 3. Renews burr om pected eds. 5, Brea sharp aso comers where Rall Over Burnie tn 21. SURFACE TREATMENTS AVAILABLE ON STAMPED PARTS ‘Suracs vestments ae normally mcs to Firished arts ar ‘abet Finch refers to th deo moots o str ofthe sest inet from sure importectins. (Ret. Dats Sect #2025) fines mayen te sare afar ho port has bean stamped No.7 Fish Nonusous (Mate A vari degre of rugs pending on sec end un, Proves ube olin ase No.2 Finish Luar} — Smooth, bright, alnst ro of mises acd fnmepe mst common nie Howere ster not neal ‘ein ar fest, No.2. Fini Brit) — A plating inn of high ust an produced ‘Sr gund and pod rl rately fe of thy bom _Altnugh nes are nt cammenly teed to aa dee a "mir finan" on commerea i sac, ta iter of ngetion fo he surfs of he stumped pert ‘The aera solcton range of cold rolled stl bed on expronee sn surace rouge ars [No.1 Fin 12010 £2 miro No-2 Fini — 10 to #20 mire tinan No.3 Finih — 15" to 110 mierotinsn ‘hefner te fini the hier he exo mil sped materi ond ana 22. CHARACTERISTICS OF DRAWN PARTS ~~ 23, SPECIFICATION AND MEASUREMENT OF DRAWN PARTS: 10 the form of| | 24, EDGE CONDITION ON DRAWN PARTS on of blank Fix 61 2. Pat ram. opm 4 25. SURFACE AND CHARACTERISTIC CONDITIONS OF DRAWN SHAPES Seater Sine Kvokle Svan. (Grange Pal Shook Line timoact Line Draw Lies] {ating TT] (seig Opening ec Tr, U 26 4. Faced ined a No Flange (unaiited Spesing) seit 26, ELEMENTS OF FORMED STAMPINGS 27. SPECIFICATIONS & MEASUREMENT OF FORMED PARTS Profrad Dimensioning and Points to Mas [Le Liner Dimensions; R= Rail; R= Type nid Bnd or ‘omar Rade Re = Ra in Fat Blak Matte Bonde 28. EDGE CONDITIONS OF FORMED PARTS 1 "Ae Formed” —"Thisismest commen ad ie formed fom anvil ina shape lane 2—"D)e Trimmed” —— Thi isunsaly inp trimming an par have ee smart fat stamping 23h ET fo for moot and te —> ow = wre —= cw Ge 4 "Oat ayt— Tht fon fr mms mst — 9 "Lanes Formed” — Edges te ikly whew more but than flat stampings eS es set en tn 29. STYLES OF EMBOSSING Beads maybe staph rng anlar fhepan vow es may be ound rectngis oF of ‘ompler curva in he plan i, | eed | ‘VBEAD AN ROUND aEAD —— or | TERIOR OFFSET a EDGE OFFSET a [SPHERICAL OFFSET 1 \WELO PRovEcTION A 30. SPECIFICATIONS & MEASUREMENT OF EMBOSSED PARTS Prt Dimanining nd Point to Meme exit on embossed part nid sari 1 8EAD oe Lg internat Dept) Seton Example 2— OFFSET 2 31, RECOMMENDED LIMITS OF EMBOSSED PARTS Limits for Dent of Embosment to Minin Fracture — 3 PW Lowaxy= 30 — Ry T L ati x)= ar : + Raduce to 2 or commer rad of, one quart hard tego, so + Rasuce to. 5(Rs +R) for commer grades fs, one-quarter hard temper an alloy of laninum a SHORT RUN STAMPINGS CAN SAVE - BECAUSE TOOLING COSTS ae kept to a mini. You sar he to ‘Shales wit al fer curtomers, Our standard ound ‘na square punches mest many Jems. Star forming [Bld your a quicky at minimum oo. DESIGN CHANGES we mast easy incorporated with short ‘tooling. This minimizes ost Sep ane ong. “TOOLING TECHNIQUES for he sort run proce t Dsyton Ropesteungue- are toa ooms ze the Ano Une ‘mater, Electret Dichary Mochi and othe spel tole {orpned the production o urd [QUANTITY Short uns donot ease you an unnscesay para. eu iy Gowan el eee PRICE Only acumoeiton of quotes wl DELIVERY is assured, We have ovr 150 pros up to 300 ton. ‘ur large rmtalivotory mates 2 millon pounes a stock Immadataly avi. A geat wy to gt both every ane ie Proton eonal methods nce uly chock oor Fetus apitichedl. Dayton Rogers Sorboara Perera indenter ht over SDM of al oer ae sip "on tne ‘read of chad DAYTON ROGERS DAYTON ROGERS MFG. COMPANY 2824 - 13th Avenue South Minneapolis, Minnesota 55407 (612) 871-2471 DAYTON ROGERS OF OHIO, INC. 1365 Marion Road, Columbus, Ohio 43207 (614) 443-4871 DAYTON ROGERS CORPORATION 62 Beaverbrook Road Danbury, Connecticut 06810 (203) 792-1261