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With the Four Festivals in February feature we knew we wanted to do something good! And so the idea of having four of our favourite South African graphic designers in on the act was born: each studio would put their personal stamp of design on a printable party to suit their chosen festival. Not only did these designers all do an amazing job but you get to DOWNLOAD all of the collections FOR FREE at

SEVEN SWANS Weddings, design and all things beautiful, make our toes curl! We are passionate about creating new and creative solutions to perfectly fit your unique wedding day, reflect your personal style and most importantly, showcase love. And here at Seven Swans we absolutely LOVE love. Visit our website ( to see what pretty things we have come up with!

Silvergate is a boutique design agency run by husband and wife design-duo, Michael and Amanda Cramer. Fueled and inspired by all things beautiful, well-made and authentic, they believe exceptional design lies in lovingly crafting each element to perfectly suit it’s intended function. So whether it be the design of original event stationary, conceptually driven advertising, identity design or even one-off poster prints, Silvergate is your small-yet-awesome agency with its eye on the details. Please visit our site at: to view samples of our work, and contact us should our style suit your next project.

LUCKY NO. 9 is a boutique graphic design studio specialising in whimsical stationery for weddings and events as well as small business branding. Whether you’re looking for wedding invitations or business cards, the studio will create something unique and timeless to suit your personal or professional style. For more information please visit or to see their latest projects, free DIYs and musings.

CREATUS DESIGN is a young, dynamic design studio dedicated to producing fresh, innovative and quality design that exceeds the goals and expectations of our clients. Energetic and passionately creative, Creatus adds flair, form and flourish to all projects using many and varied creative talents, crafts and tools. | 3

Are you lucky? If the year has not yet started on a good note, try again by welcoming in the Chinese New Year. Maybe the Year of the Rabbit will send some good luck your way?
4 |


THE JOY LUCK CLUB Bianca Packman from LUCKY NO.9 designed this Chinese Printable Party Collection to celebrate the Chinese New Year on the 3rd February. Her bright bold colour palette makes this collection equally appropriate for any dinner with a discrete Asian theme, and where our tablescape setting ideas will help your guests learn something about Chinese cultural customs. SCARLETT No Chinese New Year would be complete without the color red. In Chinese culture, it signifies life and celebration of all living things. As the lucky colour of the night is red, ask that all your guests wear the signature colour. | 5





FENG SHUI Try a little Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art that teaches that by placing certain objects in a proper location will increase the flow of energy, or chi, and bring happiness and prosperity. Do this by adding something red to the table and burn sage scented incense or placing peony or lemongrass pou pourri on the table. Place a bowl of oranges in the centre of the table, as this signifies sweet life.
Float single flower heads in small glass bowls, consider gardenias, orchids and chrysanthemums. Odd numbers work best, three or five. Group white or red votive candles together in a black lacquer box or tray. Hang Chinese paper lanterns from the ceiling over the table or on the table. Make up some paper ones just like you did in primary school from our printable party patterned paper sheets and place battery operated tea lights inside. SHAPE SAVY According to ancient Chinese beliefs, circles represent heaven and squares represent the earth. In addition, every Chinese character is shaped within a square, so bring out all your bowls and plates of various shapes and sizes. STEAM SUPREME Serve the traditional Chinese food like spring rolls and dumplings in steamer baskets - an everyday practice for many Chinese families. PAPER BANDS Using our printable party patterned paper, make a napkin collar to insert your guest’s chopsticks into - putting the finishing touch on a festive place setting. FELT FORTUNE COOKIES With felt circles and a bit of florist’s wire and some masking tape craft some felt place cards that look just like fortune cookies. Visit for the how-to. | 7

LUCKY IN LOVE The Chinese Zodiac runs through a twelve-year cycle. Each year is symbolised by an animal whose characteristics are passed down to those born during that year. Many believe that one’s birth year is the primary factor in determining their personality, physical and mental attributes, as well as their success and happiness. Print these placemats for each guest’s place setting and let the Zodiac predict their love future.




Sink your chops into Chinese food. It is sexy and sophisticated, loaded with traditions and hidden meanings – just what you need to spice up the party. Host your party at the local Chinese restaurant or order in takeout. |



FULL OF GOODNESS Choosing what to order is half the fun of Chinese food. Have a banquet meal, where all the different dishes are placed in the centre of the table and then these are all commonly shared. Try out the following dishes as it is believed each dish represents a bit of good fortune that will be bestowed on the diner: A dish with long noodles represents a long life. A chicken or poultry dish is considered lucky Fried rice symbolises harmony and plenty Clams signify profit and good omens Pan-fried fish means that luck is coming Persimmons mean that all wishes will be fulfilled.

FORTUNE CAKE Fortune cookies can be fashioned into a “cake” of sorts, by dipping into melted chocolate and sprinkles and then stack into a mini tower. For a spectacular entrance insert lit sparklers into the cookies. TEA FOR TWO Serve green tea, and have the option to mix with jasmine or ginger to create flavoured teas. The Chinese take their tea seriously, so be truly authentic drink tea before or after the meal, but not during.


| |


GOOD LOOKS FUN AND FAVOURS SING ALONG One word-KARAOKE! What could be more fun than a night of cringe-worthy solo performances before a touching group rendition of “That is What Friends Are For” It is great entertainment and cost effective evening of entertainment. RED ENVELOPES Follow in the footsteps of Chinese parents and fill red envelopes with money for your guests. Instead of real money fill with lottery tickets for the grown ups and chocolate currency for the kids. These can be handed out as guests depart or placed on the table. SPARKLE AND SHINE Chinese New Year is synonymous with fireworks, so hand out to guests packs of sparklers and matches for a bit of revelry and to drive away said evil spirits. ALL PRINTABLES available at



Create a light festival all on your own.
Battery Operated Tea lights R65 for 6, Sky Lanterns R35 each, Floating Lanterns R270 for 6 and Candle Luminaries R10 each. |


For each of our parties in this issue, we created floral arrangements from bunches of flowers bought from the supermarket down the road. Not only was this a cheap but chic alternative to fancy florist ones, but served up some pretty inspiration for future parties and presents.


This centrepiece was ideal for our Grease Party, but works just as well for an Ice Cream Social. Use a chunky milkshake glass instead of a vase, fill with tightly packed white carnations, add a red one for the cherry on top and two stripy retro straws. First made famous by Martha Stewart, this combination of both flowers and sweets is done easily by using a glass inside a vase. Sandwich the love heart sweets between the two glass vessels. Fill the glass inside with water and a tight bunch of roses. Makes a good get-well gift.




Whilst love can be fleeting, friendship is forever. In honour of valentine’s day, express your appreciation for your friends and the love that they bring into your life with a lovehearts themed crafternoon.
KISS The idea behind our afternoon of crafts, is to invite your friends over on or just before Valentine’s day to spend some quality time together whilst simultaneously making gifts for your loved ones Keeping it sweet and simple, we were inspired by those cute candy lovehearts you used to sneak across the classroom and the little love notes in your best penmanship. And whether you are 5 or 50, these ideas, like being in love, have no age limit. PANTONE APPROVED Our party colour palette is not only inspired by the candy colours of the traditional Lovehearts sweets, but is suprisingly very similar to the Pantone Spring 2011 colour range. |



Graphic designer and newly married Anelle Steyn from SEVEN SWANS designed our Lovehearts Printable Party Collection. Best of all the design is equally appropriate for a bridal or baby shower, or save it for September the 1st to welcome in the Spring. The collection is available for free downlaod from our website and includes pretty heart patterned paper, paryt circles tags, cupcake flags, little note cards, and a personal favourite: paper loveheart rosettes.




FRIENDSHIP CHAINS To make friendship chains, use scissors or pinking shears to cut out strips of decorative paper for the chain links. Write the first name of each party guest in large letters on a link. Assemble the chain by gluing the two ends of the first strip together to form the first link, making sure that the name is on the outside of the link. Slip the next strip of paper through the first link and glue the ends together to make the second link. Continue adding links until all guests are represented in the chain. Make as many chains as you like and drape the chains from the centre of the ceiling to the surrounding walls or on the back of the guests’ chairs like we did. |



CANDY COLOURS The punchy colours look best when set against a bright and white tablescape of linen and tableware. Tight bunches of carnations, tulips and roses are arranged in all white vases. The honeysuckle colour of the year is highlighted in the candles, napkins and side plate.
18 | |


FRIENDSHIP BOUQUETS The yellow rose is the symbol of friendship. However the pink rose often takes the place of the yellow rose these days, as the pink rose denotes the warmth, care and closeness of true friendship. As part of your table decorations make up small posies of both pink and yellow roses. each bearing its own quote about friendship. Then at the end of the party each guest can take a mini bouquet home. Separate flowers into small bouquets. Wrap the stems of each bunch with an elastic band, and cover with seam binding, securing with a knot. Prepare quotations for the bouquets. Print the quotations onto a sheet of fine paper, and cut the paper so that each quote appears on a single strip; finish the ends in an inverted V. Use a straight pin to affix each quote to its bouquet or tie with pretty ribbon.

SUGGESTED QUOTATIONS A single soul dwelling in two bodies. - Aristotle Friendship is the golden thread that ties all hearts together. - Unknown One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.Euripides. Friendship isn’t a big thing - it’s a million little things - Author Unknown A faithful friend is the medicine of life - The Bible, Ecclesiasticus 6. 16 A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature - Ralph Emerson Ah, how good it feels! The hand of an old friend Henry W. Longfellow Or clip like we did the little printable party notecard into litle slips with your favourite I „heart“ message.







FRIENDLY FRUIT Pineapples are an age-old symbol of friendship, hospitality and commitment. In times past, in well-to-do homes, dining room doors were kept closed to heighten visitors’ suspense about the dinner table on the other side. At the appointed moment, the doors were flung open to reveal the evening’s main event. Visitors confronted with pineapple-topped food displays felt particularly honoured by a hostess who obviously spared no expense to ensure her guests’ dining pleasure. This was how the pineapple, came to symbolise welcoming friendship, good cheer, human warmth and the family affection that was inherent to such gatherings.

fruit kebabs
INGREDIENTS 24 bamboo skewers Cup of bananas, sliced Cup of fresh strawberries, halved Cup of pineapple chunks Cup of watermelon chunks Cup of spanspek chunks 1 3/4 cup nonfat yoghurt 1 3/4 cup lowfat cottage cheese 1/4 cup honey 2 1/2 tablespoons lemon juice 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon salt

DIRECTIONS Prepare all fruit. Dip banana slices into lemon water to prevent discolouration. Arrange fruit in alternating fashion, onto skewers. Make dip from yoghurt, cottage cheese, honey, lemon juice, cinnamon and salt. To prepare dip, combine all ingredients, mixing thoroughly. Cover and chill. |





„I sent a letter to my love, And on the way I dropped it, One of you picked it up, and put it your pocket.“
TRINKET BOXES Personalised friendship boxes double as a fun craft and friendship keepsake. Decorate plain papiermâché boxes with paints, decorative paper, rubber stamps and stickers. Each box can be used to cushion the token of friendship each guest is to make at the party. At the end of the party, guests can draw names from a hat and give their homemade box to their chosen friend. I WROTE A LETTER TO MY LOVE... Everyone forms a circle holding hands. Then choose one person to be IT. IT stands outside the circle and then skips around it (holding the handkerchief) while the circle sings the rhyme.They should carry on singing this rhyme until IT quietly drops the handkerchief behind one of the people in the circle. That person then has to race around the circle back to their place (going in the opposite direction to IT). The last one back to the open place in the circle is IT the next time.

buddy badge
MATERIALS Printable Party Rosette Sheet Printable Party Patterned Paper Sheet Scissors Glue Glue Gun/Prestik DIRECTIONS As part of the printable party, cut out the two colour circles, a purple heart of your choice and the paper ribbon tails. Cut a strip of patterned paper and concertina fold this and shape into a circle. Glue the green circle to the pink, hot glue/ Prestik the folded circle to the centre and add o top the purple heart. Behind the circles glue the tails to make a classic „ribbon“ award badge al out of paper. GOOD TIP Use extra cupcake liners for the concertina part of the badge instead of folding paper. | 25

friendship bracelets
A friendship bracelet is a stylish reminder of a true friend’s affection. Here’s how to make our edible friendship bracelets. They are thoughtful and creative crafts and in this case yummy too! For a more longer lasting gift, craft stores carry beads in various shapes, sizes, colours and styles – including wood and shell, and these can be used to replace the sweets. MATERIALS Red licorice strings Fruit Loops cereal Lifesavers Gummy Lifesavers Sweets Fruit Rolls Scissors Skewer DIRECTIONS Buy the sweets and cereal that you need for this activity, and then separate them by type or colour. Cut the licorice strings into segments. Cut small pieces of fruit rolls and wrap around the end of each string to create a stopper for each bracelet. Make sure to leave enough string at the end to tie the bracelet together. Put the sorted sweets and cereal into bowls or bags, and then set out the filled containers just before the party starts. Give each guest a knotted licorice string, and then slide sweets and/or cereal onto their strings until they are approximately 3/4 covered. When they’re finished, help each other tie the ends together, and place in the decorated boxes. GOOD TIPS Measure a length of cord for each guest that easily wraps around his or her wrist before you string the „beads“ Add about about 15cm to ease the stringing process. Choose and lay out a pattern of beads before stringing them.



On Valentine’s Day it is traditional to give a card, flowers or candy. Well, we decided we would create something that incorporates all three! A “bouquet” of flowers is created from gummy sweets on skewers and wrapped in paper bearing your message of love.

Gummy Sweets Bamboo Skewers Printable Party “I heart” sheet Scissors Sticky Tape Liquorice string (or ribbon) Scissors


Buy a selection of soft gummy sweets, from lifesaver rings to candy candy striped hearts. Push the gummies onto bamboo skewers and arrange in a similar way to one would arrange stemmed flowers. Download the printable template used in the project. Print words onto an A4 sheet of white paper. Tuck the paper into the top layer of light-colored tissue paper. Wrap roses in paper, secure with tape, and tie with string or ribbon. – and in our case strawberry flavored liquorice string. |


Not sure you are going to get around to making your own Valentine’s Day Cards this year? No worries, spread the love with these cute ones from Meri Meri and you are sure to win over a few hearts!

IN GOOD COMPANY SHOP You’re My Cupcake Kit
A pack of 24 cupcake wrappers and 24 toppers is 2 designs as pictured. R120 for the kit

Wild Animals Box of Children’s Valentines Day Cards
Contains 5 each of 4 designs plus 1 teacher card R160 for the kit



Puppies and Kittens Box of Children’s Valentines Day Cards
Contains 5 each of 4 designs plus 1 teacher card R160 for the kit

Pirate Box of Children’s Valentines Day Cards

Contains 5 each of 4 designs plus 1 teacher card R160 for the kit

Flowers and Birds Box of Children’s Valentines Day Cards
Contains 5 each of 4 designs plus 1 teacher card R160 for the kit |


Portale De Venezia
30 |


Start your Mardi Gras festivities early on like the Venetians do with a Carnival of majestic proportions. Invite your guests to come dressed for a masked dinner party where they will immerse themselves into an alluring and very seductive festival which will make them want to dance till dawn.

INVITATION Designed by Michael and Amanda of Silvergate Design, this Peacock Printable Party Collection is perfect for our elegant Masked Ball. Send the printable party invitation, and line the envelope with the coordinating printable party patterned paper. In addition consider adding ribbon and a peacock feather with a jewel stone on top. | 31



The lighting should be very warm and subdued. A good idea would be to hang paper lanterns in jewel toned colours giving off a bit of colour and creating a festive atmosphere. Chinese Paper Lanterns Small R30 each Medium R40 each Large R50 each


Tight bunches of the same flower can even make shop flowers look glamourous: roses/carnations/ lilies etc. Fill glass votives and vintage glass bottles with bud stems and add a peacock feather or two. Alternate with votives with battery operated tea lights. Glam up your arrangements with diamonds, pearls and brooches.


Reuse empty and cleaned glass purity/juice bottles wrap around patterned paper. Glue on satin ribbon and table gems to create “diamond buckles”. Hunt in your jewellery box and decorate with cosmetic jewellery options. For example: old press-studs of diamonds and pearls can be pushed into the centre of rose buds. Glass Votives R5 each for hire Battery Operated Lantern Lights R30 each for 1 bulb R50 for 3 bulb Silver or Gold Mercury Votives Small R10 each for hire Medium R20 each for hire Clear Table Gems R120 for a box Vintage Glass Bottles R5 each for hire (R25 to buy) Battery Operated Tea Lights Available in white, silver and gold. R65 for 6


A well-prepared playlist can go a long way to bring across the theme, so burn a CD or prep. your iPod with both classic ballroom music and popular current hits.


Set the table in black or other dark coloured table linen and tableware. The addition of a coloured glass makes a statement, and also can serve as a classic and useful favour to your guests. Designate place settings with printable party place cards, and write inside your own conversation starter.

Peacock Butterflies 18cm R40 each (R10 each to hire) 24cm R60 each (R10 each to hire)

Charger Plates Available in gold and silver R5 each for hire
32 |


The purple, gold, and green is a must for any carnival gathering. The colors, which date back to 1872, symbolise justice (purple), power (gold), and faith (green). To create an elegant carnival look, have add teal and black and under play the gold. |



Create lots of candlelight with candelabra, pillar candleholders or votives , add rich jewel toned wax candles, decorated with paper bands and stuck on gemstones.
34 |

Peacocks 28cm R40 each (R10 each to hire) Sequined Peacocks 45cm R160 each (R30 each to hire)

Capiz Shell Votives Small R10 each for hire Medium R20 each for hire Large R30 each for hire


Place pillar candles in hurricanes and fill with table gems or clear beads. Tie around ribbon bands or printable party paper bands and decorate with gems and/or feathers. Our Capiz shell candle holders filled with battery operated tea lights will create a colourful glow at the tables. You could also use our base square beveled mirrors on the tables to reflect the light. The idea is to create a rich, lavish interior. Glass Vases Small R10 each for hire Medium R20 each for hire Large R30 each for hire Glass Votives R5 each for hire Battery Operated Tealights Available in gold, silver and white R65 for 6

Antique Lustre Gold or Silver Votives Small R5 each for hire Medium R10 each for hire

Bevelled Mirrors R30 each for hire | 35


Reception Menu L’ANTIPASTO SPINACH AND ARTICHOKE PINWHEELS A savory blend of parmesan cheese and spinach baked in a crisp puff pastry PROSCIUTTO PURSES Fresh cantaloupe wrapped in prosciutto and tied with chives BRUSCHETTA TOASTED baguette topped with freshly chopped tomatoes and basil ANTIPASTO DISPLAY Sliced Genoa Salami, Prosciutto Panino, and Soppressata accompanied by cheeses, with olives, fresh sliced baguettes, and bread sticks Cranberry Kiss Mocktail and Sparkling Cider

Dinner Menu IL PRIMO EGGPLANT, tomato, and mozzarella stack served with basil and balsamic vinaigrette ZUPPA RIBOLLITA- A Tuscan vegetable and bread soup garnished with olive oil, scallions, and Parmesan cheese PALETTE CLEANSER Lemon Sorbetto served with a mint leaf IL SEGUNDO Garlic and Rosemary Crusted Cornish Game Hen served atop a Wild Rice Dressing and Rosemary Roasted Root Vegetables; or LA VERDURA Polenta Stuffed Peppers with Pesto and Goat Cheese topped with tomato sauce and served on a bed of Wild Rice Dressing IL DOLCE Warm Pear, Apple, and Cranberry Crisp




Serve Champagne in miniature bottles and tie a straw around the bottle with ribbon. Decorate the straw with peacocks, printable party tags or ribbon ties. If serving in glasses, also use straws and decorate the rim of the glass with sugar. Simply dip in a shallow saucer of water and then into another shallow saucer of sugar. Add bamboo skewers with pushed on raspberries or blue berries. | 37


As part of the Printable Party there are two mask designs to either send to the guests for them to let their creativity go wild, or as the hostess you can make each guest one and hand out at the door as they arrive, place at their place setting or use for an informal photo booth. Download at www.
38 |

GOOD LOOKS FUN AND GAMES CARNIVAL MASKS Masks have always been a central feature of the Venetian Carnevale; traditionally people were allowed to wear them between the festival of Santo Stefano (St. Stephen’s Day, December 26) at the start of the carnival season and midnight of Shrove Tuesday. As masks were also allowed during Ascension and from October 5 to Christmas, people could spend a large proportion of the year in disguise. The highlight of the party will be having your guests dress up for the occasion. This can be conveyed in the invitation (“Historical Costume” or “Masked Ball”). As an alternative you can simply provide fun props for an informal photo booth. Chinese Paper Fans R20 each, available in various colours.

PARTY PERSONA In between delicious courses, get your guests to don a regal crown and guess who they are! With only ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers, they must determine if they are either Paddington Bear or Lady Godiva. Alternatively, use the blank cards to create the perfect persona to match each guest.

Jolly Disguises R80 for 16 different designs


Jolly Party Persona Game 6 crowns, 88 character cards and 12 blank cards. Size: 24cm x 19cm. R110 for the game

COIN FAVOURS Buy beads and doubloons (coins thrown from typical carnival parade floats – Woolies have chocolate ones) and place these in little velvet pouch bags or do double duty by sprinkling them throughout your party area and tables. | 39


Celebrate a night of film and friends by rolling out the red carpet for an Academy Awards viewing party! Serve champagne and canapés inspired by the glitzy Governors Ball menu, and sit around debating the big issues—like who’s really the worst dressed.





And the award goes to… He will make the stars shine He will change someone’s life He will leave someone speechless You are invited.
42 |

The 83rd Academy Awards campaign is a good one, as everyone is invited. So take a page out of their book, and give guests an invitation that resembles an Oscar envelope.

OUR MOVIE NIGHT THEME PRINTABLE PARTY COLLECTION was designed by Nancy of Creatus Design. Download the complete collection at |



Whilst most of us don’t have a red carpet a similar idea would be to take possibly two or three sheets of A2 red cardboard and tape these in a long line just outside your front door. Stick a giant gold glitter cardboard star to the front of your door. Insert metal or wooden dowel sticks in the lawn and tie red ribbon bands between each of the stakes to make a barrier. Ask some family/friends not attending the party to snap a few photos of the guests as they arrive – and to be sure to have the flash on! As a final touch, have them sport a little notebook and pencil and beg for autographs.

ress the part of a Hollywood star, possibly along the lines of Old Hollywood Glamour?

Encourage guests to dress the part of a Hollywood star, possibly along the lines of Old Hollywood Glamour? Whilst most of us don’t have a red carpet a similar idea would be to take possibly two or three sheets of A2 red cardboard and tape these in a long line just outside your front door. Stick a giant gold glitter cardboard star to the front of your door. Insert metal or wooden dowel sticks in the lawn and tie red ribbon bands between each of the stakes to make a barrier. Ask some family/friends not attending the party to snap a few photos of the guests as they arrive – and to be sure to have the flash on! As a final touch, have them sport a little notebook and pencil and beg for autographs.



Create a photo booth area similar to that of the Hollywood Boulevard Sidewalk of Stars. Place a large number of glittered stars on the floor, and get ready to snap happy with your guests flaunting off their star. Whilst your guests may not be keen to imprint their hands (or feet for that matter!) in some modelling clay, you could always do a little fingerprint note cards – or in the case where this party theme is used for another special occasion: a guest book with well wishes alongside.


Create a typical Hollywood sign by cutting out white letters from white paper, sticking to bamboo skewers and then inserting into a row of white ceramic containers filled with wheatgrass, or if outdoors print extra large letters and insert into the grass, or tie to a hedge.


Make up a garland of gold stars – these can be fashioned out of cardboard and covered in gold glitter. Alternatively, hire our white and red star shaped paper lanterns. String the stars and/or lanterns overhead, close together for a focal point for example near the buffet table or as part of the photo backdrop.



Make sure your lounge has lots of comfortable seating with plenty of cushions, plus coffee tables and side tables for easy access to snacks. While you’re at it, lose the coffee table clutter and put out magazines with celebrity gossip to get everyone in the mood. Keep some soundtrack music going at a low volume for entertainment during commercial breaks, but make sure there are clear paths in and out of the viewing area so guests can easily sneak away to chat or refill plates with nibbles. Have extra trays on hand as it allows guests to move party fare easily from the buffet table to the lounge.

The Screening Room




On a pin or chalkboard, write the names of each movie nominated for best movie of the year award – or if possible download the movie posters from the Internet. Add a little flourish by scrawling “...starring the great [actor/actress]!” If your message board is near the bar, you can also pin up a card with a recipe of the evening’s signature cocktail. | 47

Poster Board





Lay a tablecloth on the dinner table, add red fabric table runners, gold plate chargers together with standard white ceramic tableware, flatware and clear glassware and at each place setting, fold white linen napkins in the shape of an envelope, and seal closed with a gold starburst sticker and red ribbon tails. For glamourous flower arrangements arrange tight bunches of red roses in gold votives.


If you are not having a dinner, set up a typical old-fashioned concession stand. This can be done on a table or alternatively walk around with the goodies on a tray. Make this up to look like an old fashioned concession tray, by taking a typical butlers tray with the open handles on each side – thread through thick ribbon through a handle under the tray and then through the next handle and tie a knot leaving sufficient room that when placed around the neck the tray sits just above the waist of the “waiter”. On each tray include beverages: old fashioned Coca Cola glass bottles with retro striped straws for drinks, mini paper boxes of freshly popped popcorn and then little glassine bags with custom bag toppers filled with traditionally “movie” sweets: think M&Ms, Maltesers etc. As far as possible opt for colour coordinated sweets and treats. For a fun “movie” themed centrepiece fill red and white striped popcorn boxes with tight bunches of baby’s breath or white/red carnations or ranunculus.


Salty and sweet snacks served together are movie- night classics. In addition to popcorn, serve savory snacks like spicy olives and pretzels and for something sweet individual ice creams in small glass bowls filled with ice. Similarly, you can serve mini bottles of champagne in these make shift mini ice buckets too! Because the party’s going to be four hours or so, keep some dishes reserved for later in the night, like extra mini pizzas or sandwiches, that will keep well in the kitchen and need little fuss.


Decide on one or two special beverages or cocktails – if it ties into one of the nominated movie themes, even better. Wet the rims of the glasses and dip in gold sugar, then fill.


Serve champagne in traditional old Hollywood fashion: a champagne tower. For a cost effective solution serve in plastic coupe style champagne glasses – the traditional shape will out weight the fact that they are “plastic”. Available for purchase at

The Ultimate Accolade
15ml Orange Vodka 10ml Orange Juice Top with Champagne

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Mix cranberry juice with lime soda and add a twist of lime for an elegant beverage. Serve sparkling apple, pomegranate or blueberry juice.


Pre-freeze your glassware so drinks stay cold longer. It’s an easy way to make any drink extra-special. Simply place your glassware in the freezer for ten minutes and natural condensation will frost each one.

Do a Little Research
Drum up some stories about what went on behind the scenes, or gather some trivia about what is in fashion or in the news this year. You could even make a quick game of it to break the ice and get everyone excited before the start. | 49


Make the simple snack of popcorn, but make lots and lots to create a “Popcorn Bar”. The simplest party popcorn bar will consist of plain popcorn and a variety of seasonings and toppings that guests can use to create their own “gourmet” popcorn



Popcorn Paper Cones

Before the party, prepare cones by taping pieces of wax paper into cone shapes, then wrap around each wax paper newspaper print (ideally from the entertainment pages) for popcorn holders. Serve popcorn in large glass bowls or jars, placing your pre-rolled paper cones next to the bowl so guests can help themselves to individual portions.


Drizzle the popcorn with chocolate. Microwave chocolate chips and pour it over the popcorn. Use chili powder to flavour the popcorn. If you enjoy popcorn with a little bit of kick, sprinkle a generous amount of chili powder over it. Put cheese on the popcorn. Choose a grated cheese to sprinkle on warm popcorn. Parmesan or dry blue cheese are also delicious choices. Place garlic powder or garlic salt over the kernels. Add a fruit flavour to the popcorn. Cover the popcorn in a butter spray and then add the powder of a fruit flavored drink. Strawberry tastes particularly delicious. Sweeten the popcorn with cinnamon and sugar. Sprinkle equal parts cinnamon and sugar over the popcorn. The mixture will stick better if the popcorn is moistened with a butter spray.

INGREDIENTS 16 cups of popped popcorn 1 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup light syrup 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 cup butter - not margarine


DIRECTIONS Preheat oven to 120 degrees. Pour popcorn into a large roasting pan. In a medium sized sauce pan, over medium heat, cook the butter, brown sugar, and light syrup until butter has melted. Cook for an additional 2 minutes, stirring constantly. Add the baking soda and keep stirring. The baking soda will cause the mixture to become foamy. Pour mixture on top of popcorn. Blend well to coat the popcorn evenly. Place roasting pan in the oven and bake for 45 minutes. Stir every 15 minutes. Remove from oven and pour out onto waxed paper. Allow to cool and then break caramel popcorn apart into bite sized pieces. | 51

One-half cup of unpopped popcorn kernels will make approximately 16 cups of popped popcorn. The popcorn can be made a day ahead of time, but you should store it in airtight containers to preserve freshness. Also, the popcorn should not be seasoned until the day of your party.


Whilst most of us don’t have a red carpet a similar idea would be to take possibly two or three sheets of A2 red cardboard and tape these in a long line just outside your front door. Stick a giant gold glitter cardboard star to the front of your door. Insert metal or wooden dowel sticks in the lawn and tie red ribbon bands between each of the stakes to make a barrier. Ask some family/friends not attending the party to snap a few photos of the guests as they arrive – and to be sure to have the flash on! As a final touch, have them sport a little notebook and pencil and beg for autographs.

ress the part of a Hollywood star, possibly along the lines of Old Hollywood Glamour?

Distribute our Oscar bingo printable party cards one for each guest and some star stickers (or a small pen or pencil). Give a small prize to the guest who gets five in a row first: send the winner home with movie sweets and chocolates, 3-D glasses and an Oscar-nominated DVD.




Whilst most of us don’t have a red carpet a similar idea would be to take possibly two or three sheets of A2 red cardboard and tape these in a long line just outside your front door. Stick a giant gold glitter cardboard star to the front of your door. Insert metal or wooden dowel sticks in the lawn and tie red ribbon bands between each of the stakes to make a barrier. Ask some family/friends not attending the party to snap a few photos of the guests as they arrive – and to be sure to have the flash on! As a final touch, have them sport a little notebook and pencil and beg for autographs.

ress the part of a Hollywood star, possibly along the lines of Old Hollywood Glamour?

For a midnight snack or for the early riser, make up little paper packets of fresh cream cheese bagels or fruity muffins. Add little bottles of fresh orange juice and a retro striped straw. |


Rydell High’s most famous graduating class is back at school. Bring the highest-grossing musical of all time, Grease to your living room as a sing-a-long. This Valentine’s Day be Danny and Sandy with your own crew of T-Birds and Pink Ladies for a carnival ride back to those amazing summer nights!



For one-of-a-kind invitations, use old vinyl records and write the information in puffy paint. Or, purchase our Grease Printable Party which includes these fill-in invitations and place inside bright pink envelopes – comb optional.

Grease Printable Party This collection includes: Invitation Party Circle Tags Snack Box Popcorn Box Note Cards Bunting Patterned Paper Editable CD Labels Summer Night Lyrics R50 for the pdf file | 55

Transform your living room into a high school gym or dance hall for your movie night/dance-a-thon. Hang our Printable Party giant pennant bunting banner that says “Welcome to Rydell High” across the length of the party area. Decorate with paper streamers and balloons and if you can get your hands on some: old original Grease posters. Also if you have old ones, hang or fasten to the wall a few vinyl records.

Giant Balloons 80cm, R35 each Polka Dot Balloons R50 for 10 Gorgeous Garlands R60 for 5


| |


Set up a buffet table in black, white and hot pink. Purchase black or raspberry paper plates and cups and decorate with our Printable Party patterned paper and party circle tags.

Sambellina Polka Dot Plates R60 for 12 Cups R50 for 12 Tags R50 for 12


Paper straws in a whole new range of colours and stripes and polka dots. Black and White Stripe Black Polka Dots Blue Polka Dots Blue and White Stripe Pink Polka DOts Pink and White Stripe R2 each



Feed the crowd classic American diner favourites, like hamburgers with French fries, milkshakes, root beer floats, and ice cream sundaes for dessert. |


Nothing feels more refreshing than a tall glass of ice cold root beer topped with a large scoop of ice cream sitting atop the glass, and served with a straw and spoon. This delicious concoction is known the world round as a Root Beer Float!
INGREDIENTS Tall Glass 4 scoops super-premium ice cream 0.5l bottle root beer Straws Spoon DIRECTIONS Fill each glass 3/4 full with root beer. Set the glass on small plates so you can catch the overflow from the fizz. Slowly add one scoop of vanilla ice cream into each glass. Drizzle a small amount of root beer on top of the ice cream. This will turn to foam. Keep pouring until your glass is full. Be careful because the glasses may begin to overflow as the ice cream begins to float. If this happens, keep the foam to a minimum by pouring the root beer first, stirring and waiting for the bubbles to subside before adding the ice cream. Be sure you tilt the glass to the side and slowly pour in the root beer the same way you’d treat beer anytime you pour it. GOOD IDEA If you are using real glass mugs, try dipping the mug in water then freeze for 16 minutes. You can also use with Coca Cola or Creme Soda instead of root beer. Chocolate ice cream is a delicious alternative to vanilla. This would be called a “Brown Cow Float.”



SING-A-LONG Play the Grease movie with popcorn for all to enjoy. Encourage guests to sing along to classic songs from the movie, like “Summer Nights.” Hand out to all the guests our pre designed Lyrics to Summer Nights and see if your party has talent. And if you want to take it to the next level, rent a karaoke machine and sing a duet. | 61

Dance-a-thon Be sure to get hold of the Grease CD as well as other popular 1950’s music that you can play through your iPod or hi-fi. Have a dance-off and show off your classic ‘50s dance moves. Do the “Hand Jive,” the “Cha Cha” or the “Bop” while having someone record with a video camera for your own version of “Strictly Come Dancing“.

Dress the Part Encourage guests to dress in ‘50s fashion, like poodle skirts, bowling shirts, leather jackets and jeans. Or dress as a cheerleader, or a member of the Pink Ladies or T-Birds. Be sure to tell your guests as part of the invitation that it is a dress up and that prizes will be awarded for the best dressed. Game On Have a hula hoop or bubble-blowing contests and give away Grease DVDs, the Grease soundtrack, or posters 62 |

MIX IT UP Let the party live on as your guests drive home and make up a „mix tape“ of all your classic favourites. Burn them onto a CD and use our pre-designed CD label that looks like a vinyl record. What’s more the template is editable so you can type in your chosen soundtracks just before you print. |





A wonderful theme for a little twinkle toed baby girl’s baptism to introduce her to the world with her first curtain call. Decorate with ballerinas and floral embellishments and our new printable party – encore! | 65

CURTAIN CALL Introducing our newest Printable Party: The Ballet. Created in soft pink on a background of snowy white it features ballerinas in silhouette in positions. The invitation has a banner highlighting the event, and this can easily be altered to suit any bridal, baby or birthday celebration.



POINTY TOES The printable party allows for one to put on a full show from invitations to take home treats. The collecton includes a fill in invitation, CELEBRATE pennant bunting, party circle tags (which are also useful for food picks/cupcake toppers and favour thank you tags), table number cards and tented place cards. Additional items can also be designed, as well as customised. | 67

PINK PERFECTION Inspired by how light reflects through crystal, soft colours of white, pinks and greys were brought to the table, firstly in the use of satin tablecloths, runners and floral napkins featuring mini rose buds much like those showered on the dancers post performance. The use of crystal glass, mirror boxes, decorative diamonds and fake white snow recreates a winter wonderland tablescape. Finally, the use of white with pink speckles cymbidium orchids and pink poinsettias with a ornamental feathered swan elevates the elegance of such a showpiece setting.
68 | |


PRETTY AS A PINBOARD Cover a cork board in your chosen fabric, and prop up onto an easel at the entrance to your venue, Pin to the fabric miniature envelopes holding the printable party table assignments. Similarly, use the Printable Party table cards, as table numbers, by framing these in pretty Venetian glass mirror frames. Let you Escort Card pin board do double duty as a guest book cardholder. Print the printable party place cards on cardboard. Ask guests to write well wishes or words of wisdom on the bards and peg or pin to the pin board. These messages can then be stuck into an album afterwards as a keepsake.

BALLET PRINTABLE PARTY This collection includes the followng: Fill In invitation Tented Place Cards Table Number Cards
70 |

CELEBRATE Pennant Bunting Circle Party Tags R50 for the pdf. file |


A little something special from Meri Meri for when the tooth fairy is going to come and pay a visit.


TOOTH FAIRY CARD This Meri Meri card includes space to write a note to the tooth fairy along with a small bag to put the precious tooth in. Also included is a matching envelope for the tooth fairy’s return gift. R45 each



come away with me

The well worn travel maps of past holidays kick started this around the world concept. One thing led to another and before long we were planning a bon voyage breakfast for those ready to man about the globe. |


Pin up a map of the places you plan to visit. Have guests leave little heart post it notes of their favourite places to visit and suggest things to do. Also, the map creates a great backdrop to take lots of silly snaps in front of.




THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER Create “land and sea” imagery by having pale blue and white linen and tableware – add a little punch of colour like we did with sunny yellow – but a slice of orange or green would work equally well. Arrange bright blooms in glass vases with a little addition of water, stones and a pearl or too. FLIGHTS OF FANCY Assign seating by naming each of the little paper aeroplanes folded out of maps. GOOD TRIP String up a banner made up from a map cut out into uppercase letters. And if you are crafty, create multiple ones in all different languages wishing the backpackers a safe journey. YOU’VE GOT MAIL Wrap up little souvenoirs – we like the idea of chocolate currency in left over map scraps and some twine to mimic posted parcels from afar. |






Bright and bold goodies from Bombay Duck London that will have you ready to pack your bags in style and they won’t go astray on the carousel.
Bon Voyage Luggage Tag R70 each Glitter Letter Luggage Tags R60 each Embroidered Cost Hangers R240 for set of 4



Let your little jetsetters travel first class with their own little luggage tags and passport covers. Best of all record all the memories in their first holiday photo albums.
Luggage Tag and Passport Cover set R165 for the set My First Photo Album R120 each | 79

For each of our parties in this issue, we created floral arrangements from bunches of flowers bought from the supermarket down the road. Not only was this a cheap but chic alternative to fancy florist ones, but served up some pretty inspiration for future parties and presents.

This centrepiece was ideal for our Grease Party, but works just as well for an Ice Cream Social. Use a chunky milkshake glass instead of a vase, fill with tightly packed white carnations, add a red one for the cherry on top and two stripy retro straws.


For our cooking themed class, a jug was just the thing for a bunch of carnations, and for an upcoming birthday give the gift of flowers and a more longer lasting present in the form of the pitcher. For a cost effective solution – buy a potted plant instead of cut ones.


First made famous by Martha Stewart, this combination of both flowers and sweets is done easily by using a glass inside a vase. Sandwich the love heart sweets between the two glass vessels. Fill the glass inside with water and a tight bunch of roses. Makes a good get-well gift.




This Valentine’s Day forgo the cheesy and commercialised Valentine’s Day cards and write a good old fashioned love letter complete with a vintage envelope to seal it with a kiss.
Vintage Envelopes R5 each |


Don’t let the falling leaves put a chill on your birthday. An autumn party is the perfect excuse to keep warm and stay indoors. Invite all the girls to get together in the comfort of your home for an afternoon of books and banter. Books are the perfect present, from chic lit. to cooking, a book bash is a great idea for one who has everything.



GOOD IDEA Use our printable party patterned paper to cover books that don’t necessarily evoke an olden day feel. | 83

LIBRARIAN LOOK A classic vintage feel is easily achieved through warm pinks and archival creams with old books brought to the table, a mix and match of silver flatware and your granny’s tea set.
84 | |




BOOKMARK THE DATE Guests will be sure to remember the date of the party when invitation details are jotted down on the back of bookmarks. Get the printables at www. | 87



EX LIBRIS Encourage guests to write thoughtful messages on “From the Library of…” cards placed inside their book gifts. Return the favour by giving little bookplate sets parcelled as take home treats. | 89






Invite your girlfriends into the comfort zone of your home, the kitchen. An afternoon around the kitchen table is a nice homely thing to do, throw in a “baking” class and it will become a memorable day of cooking secrets and freshly baked treats just in time to spoil loved ones with the results.

Bake It Pretty |


92 |

A pink and turquoise theme has an “edible” element of fun when colours are described as fairy floss and peppermint candy. |



Yum, yum!
Make the menu no-fuss. How about frosted doughnuts, chocolate muffins, tea sandwiches and macaroons? Yes, please.



Made With Love The afternoon tea buffet, delicious and traditional, can be home baked, store bought or a mixture of both |


Cooking School Organise an afternoon of baking, learn the secrets of the perfect muffin mix and the ultimate way to ice a cup cake. Make the party a show of good, old fashioned skills, then eat the results, quickly.
96 |

Draw on the talented bakers in the family to show the way. Friends who cook together will have a ball together, that’s for sure. Sip champagne while mixing the batter, and present small prizes for the best and worse results as they come out the oven. |



| |


Dress The Party Give guests a practical gift for the party like pretty aprons, easily fashioned out of tea towels. Simply take a tea towel and trim the length of the towel with broad ribbon or lace. Make a ribbon tie, extra length to ensure it ties around the waist and makes a big bow.

100 |

Bakers Box
The way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. Prepare boxed take aways so friends can leave with little somethings for someone special (unless of course they don’t already nibble it on the way home). HOME BAKED MUFFINS NUTELLA VANILLA TEA COOKIES TEA TOWEL MINI BAKING TOOLS
The goodie box could include freshly baked muffins, and “chocolate in a jar” Guests could also slip in a few baking accessories and a love note. all the printables available at | 101

102 |


THIS PAGE: Truly Scrumptious Kids Apron R165 each, Teapot Chalkboard Wall Sticker R55, Apple of My Eye Apron R175 each, Cupcake Place Card Holders R280 for 6, Bake Me a Cake Cookie Cutters Set of 3 R70, Sparkly Wands Ice Cube Mould R30, LOVE Letters Cake Mould R70. | 103


104 |

A stunning new vintage tea party range has just arrived in – decorated with pretty butterflies and diamante.

THIS PAGE: All of a Flutter Diamante Butterfly Tea for One Set R150, Domestic Goddess Scalloped Tray Cream with Pink Polka Dots R175 each, All of a Flutter 3 Tier Cake Stand R280 each, Mug R55 each, Teacup and Teapot Spotty Single Hooks Set of 2 Available in Blue or Pink R180 for 2, All of a Flutter Cake Stands Large R200 each, Medium R150 each, Fairy Cupcake Food Covers Set of 2 R120 for 2.

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