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10th Anniversary!!! To God be the Glory!!!
By Pastor Philip & Kikelomo Togun

We give God the glory for Christlove Last but not the least; we thank our board
International Christian Ministries. The members who have supported us namely:
ministry and the church were started 10 Mr. Joseph Akanji, Mr. Michael McDougald,
years ago. First the ministry and then Mr. Alex Kwentua, Dr. Jire Idowu, Venerable (Dr.)
the church. God gave us the vision to Kunle Obadina, Mr. & Mrs. Dele Adebamiji and
start the ministry and then the church, Pastor Mary Cummings (secretary).
and he has brought us thus far, the glory
The Lord told me this is just the beginning; there
belongs to him. We are just instruments
are greater things to come. We have various
in His hands. We thank the Holy Spirit for His
outreach programs that cost a lot of money and we
guidance, his direction and His teachings, and
are appealing to our readers and viewers to partner
we thank God for being obedient to His Word.
with us and send donations to the ministry. Thank
We would also like to thank our church officers
you for all your prayers.
and ministers, who shared the same vision with
us and has helped us in various activities. We The various arms of the ministry are:
thank the Assistant Pastor Mary Cummings, in
1. TV programs
charge of youth and children ministry and the
food pantry; she has worked relentlessly for the 2. Radio program
purpose of the church. Also we thank Minister Lery 3. Food Pantry
Tapar and his mother, Deaconess Rose Banag. We 4. Medical Mission Trips to poor Nations of the
also thank Brother Silas Okoh and his wife Stella world, we take medications and clothing for free.
Okoh who joined us less than a year ago, but has
made a tremendous impact to the ministry through Other branches of the Church are:
evangelism; we plan to ordain him at our 10th 1. Christlove Church in Gbarnga, Liberia –
anniversary program as an evangelist. We also Pastor Moses Myakpan
thank all our members who have one way or the 2. Christlove Church in Ibadan, Nigeria –
other contributed to the growth of the church Looking for a pastor
financially and otherwise. We thank all the friends
3. Christlove Church in Hetauda, Nepal – Pastor Jay Kant
of the ministry who have contributed money and
materials to the ministry. 4. Christlove Medical Center, Farim,
Guinea Bissau – Pastor
Zaccheaus Yisa.

We would like to seize this opportunity to wish you

all a happy, blessed and prosperous New Year!!!

To God Be the Glory!!!!!

Volume 12 - Number 1 January - March 2011
Events 2011 Bible Quiz
By Philip Ademola Togun
1. Revival Service
Saturday January 15th, 2011 at 5pm To mark our tenth anniversary, our first Bible quiz is
Sunday January 16th, 2011 at 11am reproduced. Enjoy it!
By Apostle Lindon Frost 1. What miracle apparently caught Jesus by surprise?
From Christ Fellowship International,
Jasper, Alabama 2. There is only one recorded instance of Jesus calling
someone ‘daughter’. Whom did He call ‘daughter’?
2. 10th Church Anniversary
Sunday march 20th at 3. Which book of the Bible is left unfinished, i.e. open-
Guest speaker – Pastor Jonathan Suber
Faith tabernacle church, Shreveport, LA 4. Rivalry between two brothers is recorded a number of
times in the Bible. Give three examples.
3. Quarterly Tent Revival Service
Saturday April 16th, at 5pm 5. In which book of the Bible is the name of God not
Sunday April 17th, at 11am mentioned?
By Prophetess Sharon Moyer 6. One of the New Testament books does not contain the
& Rev Bob Moyer word ‘love’. Which one?
3. May, 2011 - Mission trip to India. 7. From which book of the Bible is the following verse:
“Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he
5. Monday May 30th, 2011 - Memorial Day Barbecue is old, he will not depart from it”?

6. June 2011 – Mission trip to Ghana and 8. Which prophet foretold the birthplace of Jesus Christ
Porthacourt, Nigeria seven hundred years before it happened?

7. Youth Tent Revival Service 9. “

 I was a king of Persia. One hundred and fifty years
Saturday, July16th, 2011 at 5pm before I was born, prophet Isaiah prophesied that
I would be the one to let the Jews return to their
By Alex Kwentua and Funmi
homeland from exile in Babylon”. Who was I?
10. How long did it take to write the Bible?
8. Monday, July 4th - Independence Day Barbecue

9. September 4th to 13th, 2011 - HCF International

Conference in Manila Philippines and Medical Mission
to Philippines.

10. Quarterly Tent Revival Service by Conswella Robinson

Saturday, October15th,2011, at 5pm
Believe you are a child of God, cause you are
Sunday, October,16th,2011, at 11am
Believe He created the Heaven and Earth,
Rev. Gabriel Ayoade and Rev. Sola Rotimi
Cause He did
on Accordion
Believe through him all things are possible,
11. Sunday,
 November 13th, 2011 Cause it is
at 3pm Marriage Seminar Believe that He still perform miracles, cause He does
By Pastors Sam and Ruby Ibekwe Believe you have the strength to cast out the devil,
Cause you do
Believe that He is Lord of Lords and King of Kings,
Praise Report Cause He is
Believe in Him, like He believes in you cause He does
We thank God for many answered prayers in Believe that He loves you no matter what,
2010. We have many testimonies but space will Cause he does
not allow us to give all of them.A man with a Believe He’s coming back again, cause He is
clot in his heart was anointed and prayed for, Believe whenever you pray, that God will
when he went for evaluation before surgery the answer your prayer,Cause He will
blot clot was gone. We give God the Glory!!!! Believe, Believe, Believe, that He sees the best
Another with a mass had surgery to remove in you, cause He does.
the mass and they could not find the mass.
To God Be the Glory!!!

2 • 2011 1st Quartery Newsletter

Ministry News
THE NEW WEBSITE: Visit our new website, we TV PROGRAM: Our television program is on channel
now stream our Sunday messages on our new website, CW21 @ 7:30am on Sundays in Shreveport and Bossier.
at 12:30pm central time. The web site address is We have added a 2nd program on My45 at 7am every You can also purchase Sunday. Remember they are on every Sunday morning
any of our books on line and make donation. (Back to Back).

The Church in Ibadan, Nigeria: The building for RADIO PROGRAM: Our Radio program is on KSYB, 1300
the above church is almost completed. But we were able to AM. Saturdays at 10:30am, in Shreveport, Louisiana.
dedicate it at our last visit to Ibadan, Nigeria. Please pray
for a pastor for this church. BUILDING FUND: Christlove Church is increasing fast.
We are an inner city ministry or church, which means the
Revival Services: Christlove International Church in congregation cannot give much. We appeal to our readers
Shreveport, Louisiana will be conducting quarterly revival to donate generously towards this building fund; write on
tent services. At the appropriate time we will send out your checks, “building fund”. Thank you for your prayers
flyers. The tent will be erected at the back of Christlove and support. You may also make donations at our web site.
Church at 214 W. 70th Street, Shreveport, LA. You are
invited to come and be blessed! Christlove Childcare Center: is now opened. The
director of the childcare center is Sister Shaun Robinson.
Christlove International Church: Christlove Christlove Childcare Center is where the Christian
Church is where the love of Christ is demonstrated and the traditional values are taught early in life. It is for ages 1
Word is preached without compromise, whether you are years to 5 years and after school program for older children,
rich or poor, whether black, white or yellow; no matter what 5 to 13 years, are available. Government Assistance
you have done, Jesus loves you and we love you too. Come accepted. We are planning expansion to the daycare by the
and be a part of the Christlove family at 214 W. 70th St. grace of God.
#102, Shreveport, LA 71106. Call us at 318-869-1204 if you
need transportation, and leave a message. Miracle Service Night: Our miracle service night is
the first Wednesday of every month. At the appropriate
Partnership: We would like those who want to partner time we will be sending out flyers every month as a
with us to send a monthly pledge of $25, $30, $50, $100 or reminder. Come expecting a miracle!
more. This is a tax-exempt ministry and you will be given a
tax receipt at the end of the year. May the Lord bless you as EARLY FRIDAY MORNING PRAYER: We have started
you give. You can make donations at our web site, early Friday morning prayers from 6:30 am to 7:30 am praying for revival in our cities, nation and the world. Come
join us and experience the presence and the power of God.

Bible Quiz Answers Church Services

1. The woman with “the issue of blood” (Mark 5: 24-34). Sunday School • 10 am
2. The woman with “the issue of blood” (Mark 5:24-34). Sunday Worship • 11 am
3. Acts of the Apostles a.k.a. Acts of the Holy Spirit. Bible Study & Prayer Meeting
4. (a) Cain and Abel – Genesis 4; (b) Jacob and Esau – 6:30 pm • Wednesdays
Genesis 27); (c) Solomon and Adonijah - I Kings 1).
Miracle Service Night
5. Esther 6:30 pm • 1st Wednesday

6. Acts of the Apostles. Christian Movie Night

6:30 pm • Last Wednesday
7. Proverbs 22:6

8. Micah 5:2 Early Friday Morning Prayer

6:30 am to 7:30 am
9. Cyrus – Isaiah 44:28 and 45:1
Refreshments served after Sunday Service
10. Approximately 1,600 years (1500 B.C. – 100 A.D.) 2011 1st Quartery Newsletter • 3

Christlove Ministries - 10 years of Medical Missions
Mission to Nigeria

This is the picture with Commissioner of Health Mission to Abuja, Nigeria 2007. Boxes of medications – 2005. Mission to Port Harcourt, Nigeria – 2007.
Mission 2004.

Mission to Guinea-Bissau

Mission to Guinea Bissau – 2007. Christlove well. Opening of Christlove Medical Center. Christlove Medical Center – 2007.

Mission to Philippines

Mission Philippines – 2005. Mission Philippines – 2008. Mission Philippines – 2008. Mission Philippines – 2008.

Mission to liberia & serbia leone

With hospital Staff, Sierra Leone – 2008. Team with the disabled in Sierra Leone – 2008. Gift to Sister Togun in Liberia. The team in Liberia.

The Journey So Far – Reflections about Christlove International Church’s 10th Anniversary
By Philip Ademola Togun
On Sunday March 20th 2011, Christlove International joined us but moved away after about a year and a half,
Church will be celebrating its tenth anniversary (March taking us back to square one – my wife and me. During this
7th 2001 – March 7th 2011). Looking back over the period, people visited us but would not stay in an empty
years, it is a miracle that we are where we are today church. Then gradually, we increased in number, only to lose
by the grace of God. The journey so far has been most of them because of our preaching the uncompromising
challenging, to say the least, but we are still here. word of God.
Psalm 46:10 states, “Be still and know that I am
God.” He has sustained us through the difficult We continued to trust God and stuck to our firm belief – No
years. compromise, no surrender. A fellow preacher mocked us
saying that we would not grow with the kind of message
For most of the first two years, the congregation that we preached. He toned down his own message
consisted of my wife and me. We conducted the and his church attendance skyrocketed. With prayer and
services as if we had a full house. A couple later perseverance, Christlove International Church has grown to

4 • 2011 1st Quartery Newsletter

Christlove Ministries - 10 years of Medical Missions
Mission to India

Gifts to orphans – 2006. Mission to India with my daughter receiving Mission to India – 2006. Mission to India – 2006.
a gift – 2007.
Mission to nepal

Mission to Nepal – 2004 Mission to Nepal – 2004 Mission to Nepal – 2009 Mission to Nepal – 2009
Mission to kenya

Mission to Kenya – 2006. Mission to Kenya – 2006. Mission to Kenya – 2006. Mission to Kenya – 2006.
Mission to Ethiopia & Haiti

Mission Ethiopia with Leara Lee – 2006 Mission Ethiopia – 2006. Brother & Sister Togun in Haiti. Sister Togun in Haiti holding one of the twins.

what it is today – a vibrant church with a variety of ministries. in Africa and Asia, a quarterly newsletter that goes all over
Right now, we are looking and believing God for a bigger the world and a pediatric clinic that is the financial engine of
building so that we can effectively serve the needs of our the ministry.
We liken the last ten years to an airplane going down
When I was in the university years ago, I lived in the same the runway picking up speed in preparation for
hall of residence with a five-foot man with a slight frame. take-off. God has recently added to us a number
What he lacked in stature, he made up for with a booming, of dedicated and seasoned Christians. We are
loud voice. We called him the short man with a tall voice. ready for take-off. We believe that we are about
That is what Christlove International Church is, compared to to experience an explosive growth. Our source
much bigger established churches. Despite our small size, of strength is our Savior, Lord and Master, Jesus
comparatively, we have been able to start and maintain Christ, who said, “Apart from Me, you can do
various arms of the ministry – A weekly radio broadcast, nothing” (John 15:5b).
two television broadcasts on Sunday, a food pantry for the
needy, a childcare center, foreign missions to many counties To God Be the Glory. Amen! 2011 1st Quartery Newsletter • 5

Christmas Celebration 2010

Christmas Celebration – 2010. Christmas Celebration – 2010. Christmas Celebration – 2010. Christmas Celebration – 2010. Christmas Celebration –

African American Award to Sister The wedding of our daughter – 2009. Praying and anointing the Christlove Daycare – 2010. With a friend in Israel – April 2010.
Togun – 2008.

Baptism in River Jordan – April 2010. Memorial Day Barbeque – 2010. First wedding in Christlove – 2008. Second wedding in Christlove 2009.

With daughter Olusola Togun-Butler – 2007. Marriage Seminar – 2010. African American Parade with Jesus on our van – 2006. Sister Togun with an 80 yr old missionary –

Book signing. Brother & Sister Togun birthday. Barbeque – 2009.

6 • 2011 1st Quartery Newsletter

quarterly revival services

Tent Revival Service – October 2010. Tent Revival – May 2010. The tent revival service, August 2010. Youth Revival Service – October 2010.

Tent Revival Service – 2009. Tent Revival Service – April 2009. Tent Revival Service – October 2010. Revival 2009.

anniversaries over the years

Third Anniversary – 2004. Third Anniversary – 2004. Fourth Anniversary – 2005. Fourth Anniversary – 2005.

Fifth Anniversary – 2006. Sixth Anniversary – 2007 – Plenty of food. Sixth Anniversary – 2007 Pastors Philip Togun and Mary Cummings
ordination – Seventh Anniversary – 2008.

Seventh Anniversary – 2008. Eighth Anniversary – 2009. Nineth Anniversary – 2010. Nineth Anniversary - 2010. 2011 1st Quartery Newsletter • 7

Prayer Points Prayer of
• Pray for Mighty Revival in America. America started with
God, pray that she will end it with God.
• Pray for wisdom for President Obama and all the leaders
This is to give our readers the opportunity to give their lives
of this nation. Pray that Obama will make wise and godly to Jesus Christ or rededicate their lives if they have not
decisions. already done so.
• Pray that “In God we trust” will remain on the currency of
this nation. Dear Jesus,
• Pray for God’s blessings on Nigeria and Africa. Pray I acknowledge my sins; I believe you came into this world
against corrupt leaders in Africa. to die for my sins. Please forgive me my sins and come
• Pray that prayer and Bible reading will return to schools in into my life and take control of my life. Satan I renounce
the USA. you in Jesus name, from today forward I belong to Jesus
• Pray for Revival all over the world. Christ. Thank you Jesus for forgiving me my sins and
• Pray for Israel, pray for peace in the Middle East. coming into my life. Amen.
• Pray for God’s blessings on Christlove International Minis-
Believe he has come in. If you said this prayer in faith,
try and church and all our outreach programs.
write us and we will send you a Bible and some Christian
• Pray for American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, for
Literature to help you with your walk with God.
God’s protection.
• Pray for missionaries all over the world, for God’s
• Pray for revival in India, Nepal, Asia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Af-
rica, Europe, North & South America & Australia.
• Pray for persecuted christians all over the world, that
there will be freedom of religion all over the world.
• Pray for all our events this year.

Philip & Kikelomo Togun NON-PROFIT

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Christian Ministries SHREVEPORT, LA
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