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Award-winning team At Arup. dynamic skin. We explore the synthesis of light. technical detail Working closely with architects at all stages of a project. nearly 5. as well as a specialty field in its own standing. Germany. and how it reflects and diverts in different colours and materials. lighting is an integral and important element of intelligent building design. Australia and the US. Our current project base highlights a number of world class examples of the application of Arup’s trademark innovation. at the Galleria Fashion Mall in Seoul. Arup Lighting provides a comprehensive architectural lighting design service to clients around the world. Arup combined LED lighting with photovoltaic arrays in the GreenPix . Arup Lighting is a market leader in daylighting. . Japan. Arup worked with Louis Vuitton’s architecture atelier to develop a fully integrated lighting concept that forms a seamless part of the customer experience.000 glass discs make up an ocean of colours and movements. a media facade wraps around the building to form a fluid. As part of an expansion to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta. Designed in collaboration with UNStudio. State of the art controls for the galleries and offices adjust to the level of daylight for maximum energy efficiency. USA. Arup Lighting designed a series of 1. Conceptual design. Also. creating a dynamic façade that produces twice the energy it consumes. Together.About Arup Lighting In skilled hands.Zero Energy Media Wall. Arup Lighting’s award-winning team creates unique and creative answers to clients’ particular business objectives. Russia. they transform creative concepts into detailed technical specifications. media and scientific ambition. South Korea. Innovative philosophy With the potential to change how we perceive architecture and public space. For example. Uniquely wellplaced to turn vision into reality. the lighting concept is now being rolled out to Louis Vuitton stores worldwide. chip-based lighting equipment and media facades. the Netherlands. lighting becomes the fourth dimension of architecture. they use this to enhance the building’s performance and aesthetics. After a number of highly successful trials. for the first time globally. Its specialists work with architects to understand how natural light is distributed through building geometries. Arup’s lighting specialists provide original and authentic conceptual design. 4 Natural lighting Great lighting design also relies on using natural light effectively. integrating and enhancing the other design disciplines.000 ‘light scoop’ skylights to light display areas naturally and without damaging sensitive artwork. Working from offices in the UK. our lighting teams across the globe are experts in designing with smart envelopes.

5 .


enriches. safe and inspiring environment .In architecture. light directs. sculpts. and gives people a comfortable.

Arup Lighting offers a comprehensive lighting design service. . sculpts.Inspiration Light is the source of everything on earth. light directs. Our work can be characterised as engaged and involved. In architecture. fixture design. enriches. and gives people a comfortable. safe and inspiring environment. 8 Our team comprises over 40 lighting designers. from initial strategic advice and concept development all the way through to construction documents and on-site support. with various specialisms such as natural light. brand identity and lighting engineering. with a strong emphasis on creativity that we combine with the technical excellence for which Arup is famous.

to elevate the spirit. Atlanta. Atlanta.Richard Meier 9 . Atlanta. Atmospheric Testing Model 5 High Museum of Art. San Francisco. It is for me the most public of the arts. San Francisco 2 California Academy of Sciences. Preliminary Daylighting Mesh 4 High Museum of Art.” . to feed both the mind and the body. Rainforest Bolla 3 High Museum of Art. Typical Installed Gallery “I believe that architecture has the power to inspire.3 1 2 4 5 1 California Academy of Sciences.

Water Planet . Atlanta. Atlanta. The High Museum of Art shown here. 10 1 3 4 2 5 1 High Museum of Art. Penguin Exhibit 4 California Academy of Sciences.Richard Meier and Renzo Piano’s High Museum of Art. Hooded Penetrations on Roof 3 California Academy of Sciences. Water Planet LED Ridge 5 California Academy of Sciences. are two unique projects that not only represent inspired works of art. which serves as a shield to all direct sunlight. allows natural light into art galleries by way of a custom designed hood. Exterior View 2 High Museum of Art. but invoke further inspiration from those who visit. and Renzo Piano’s California Academy of Sciences.

11 .

12 .

looking up at the naturally and artificially illuminated rainforest exhibit of the California Academy of Sciences The new Academy of Sciences by Renzo Piano is the only place on the planet with an aquarium. 13 .Jason Edling. and a 4-storey rainforest all under one roof. a natural history museum. a planetarium. of Arup’s San Francisco office.

becomes dynamic. developed by Arup with James Turrell. once a confining perimeter. Installed .Located in the building interior without direct access to daylight or views to the outside. LED Diffusion Mock-up 2 Conde Nast. vibrant and flexible with light. Public Viewing During Construction 3 Conde Nast. New York. New York. New York. 14 1 3 2 1 Conde Nast. This core space. Conde Nast brings their cafeteria to life.

15 .

Resort Entrance 1 2 3 4 4 Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort and Spa. Tower Interior 3 Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort and Spa. Typical Suite 2 Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort and Spa. Amenity Tower 16 .1 Shangri-La’s Fijian Resort and Spa.

17 .

18 .

19 .

Hallway at Night Designed together with the artist James Turrell. as seen at night.1 2 Previous spread: 1 Center Street Bridge. 2 Deerfield Academy. Iowa. the Deerfield Academy. encourages you to experience movement through a building in a new way. Circulation at Night 1 2 This spread: 1 Deerfield Academy. Daylight Stair 20 2 Deerfield Academy. at Dawn. .

21 .


We stand alongside those who aim to serve as stewards to preserve our natural environment and evolve responsibly .

. In harmony with aesthetics and vision. it is our responsibility to deliver a lighting design that helps our clients to save energy and to create sustainable buildings. which gives us tremendous advantages over the traditional approach to lighting design. We stand alongside those who aim to serve as stewards to preserve our natural environment and evolve responsibly. and in touch with the living environment. we work closely with Arup’s building services engineers and environmental specialists.24 Stewardship At Arup Lighting. We strive to offer fresh insight as to how occupied spaces might become more alive.

he finds it attached to the rest of the world. Daylit Reception at Dusk 3 Wal-mart Experimental Store.” . PV Panels at Entries 4 California Academy of Sciences. Concept Natural Light Study 2 Morgan Library.John Muir 25 1 2 3 4 1 39 Hunter Street. New York. San Francisco.“When one tugs at a single thing in nature. Skylights Above Rainforest Bolla at Dusk . Sydney. Aurora.

Rainforest Bolla 26 The rainforests of Renzo Piano’s California Academy of Sciences are in parallel both a preserved slice of ecology. .1 2 1 California Academy of Sciences. Exterior Green Roof 2 California Academy of Sciences. and a gesture towards people’s instinctive desire for the harmony of building and nature. San Francisco. San Francisco.

27 .

28 .

Aurora. as well as traditional passive clerestories over its open floorplan. Daylit Clerestory 2 Wal-mart Experimental Store. Active Solar Tubes 29 Wal-mart’s prototype stores include developing technologies such as motorised sunlight redirection units. . Aurora.1 2 1 Wal-mart Experimental Store.

30 .

Concept Daylighting Sketch 2 Morgan Library. New York. Daylighting at Main Level 31 The atrium form at 39 Hunter Street Sydney was developed with the design team to maximise daylight deep within the building and improve amenities for the building occupants. . Sydney.1 2 1 39 Hunter Street.


excitement or fear .In the theatre. romance. light creates a scene’s suspense.

light creates a scene’s suspense.Arts Light designers are sculptors. In the theatre. romance. We are inspired by the performing arts. and several designers within Arup Lighting can bring theatrical or musical experience to your project. Many of our clients employ light as an artistic component in their architecture. 34 . painters and authors all at the same time. excitement or fear. and use light to differentiate their appearance in the market.

World’s Largest Timepiece 2 Web of Light with Ai Weiwei.Shakespeare . Liverpool 3 Institute of Contemporary Art. Pedestrian Experience “The object of art is to give life a shape. Melbourne.“ .3 35 4 1 2 1 Bahnhofstrasse. Concept Lighting Sketch 4 Webb Dock Bridge. Boston. Zurich.

36 The Hall at Kings Place in London is lit from behind columns with red. blue and white fixtures that can be dimmed and mixed to compliment the programme. .

4 1 2 5 3 1 Concert Hall at Kings Place. London. Colour Blending 3 The Modern Wing at The Art Institute of Chicago. Interior Exhibition Space 5 The Modern Wing at The Art Institute of Chicago. London. Pedestrian View by Night 37 . Solar Shading 4 The Modern Wing at The Art Institute of Chicago. Colour Blending 2 Concert Hall at Kings Place.

Webb Dock Bridge. Melbourne 38 .

39 .

World’s Largest Timepiece.3 1 4 2 6 5 1 Lighthive with Alex Haw. Zurich. Zurich. Zurich. London 2 Lighthive with Alex Haw. which literally mimic the way in which light travels through the building at 1:6 scale. Installation by Day 40 The “World’s Largest Timepiece” in Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich and the Lighthive project with Alex Haw both are interpretation pieces. Zurich. LED Prototype 5 Bahnhofstrasse.000 LEDs. World’s Largest Timepiece.000 LEDs. Early Concept Studies 4 Bahnhofstrasse. The Lighthive consists of over 1. . London 3 Bahnhofstrasse. Bahnhofstrasse is known to be the world’s largest timepiece with 240 light poles totalling 240. World’s Largest Timepiece. World’s Largest Timepiece. Snapshot of the Lightshow 6 Bahnhofstrasse.

41 .

42 .





This spread: 1 Tempe Center for the Arts, Entry 2 Tempe Center for the Arts, River View 3 Tempe Center for the Arts, Exterior Fireside Terrace 4 Tempe Center for the Arts, Auditorium




Next spread: 1 Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, Pedestrian View 2 Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, Pedestrian View



The Web of Light marries the playful side of public art with the technical challenges of suspending over 400 metres of stainless steel cables above the pedestrian square. .Web of Light in Liverpool. Designed by Ai Weiwei. Artistic Consultant for the Beijing National Stadium for the 2008 Olympics 46 In Liverpool’s Exchange Flag’s Square.

47 .

San Francisco. San Francisco.2 1 3 5 4 This Spread: 1 de Young. Finished Blown Glass 5 de Young. San Francisco. Wilsey Court . Customising Blown Glass 4 de Young. San Francisco. Customising Blown Glass 3 de Young. San Francisco. San Francisco. Callaghan Exhibit 2 de Young. Fern Court Stairs 2 de Young. San Francisco. Finished Blown Glass Pendants in Café 48 1 2 Next Spread: 1 de Young.

49 .

50 .

51 .

is also clad in a copper mesh to shade the interior while still providing views out. overlooking Golden Gate Park and the city of San Francisco. The tower. selectively shading gallery spaces from direct sunlight where required. This outer skin is an open mesh in some areas. San Francisco 52 Herzog & de Meuron with Fong & Chan Architects designed the de Young Museum with an expansive double skin with the outer skin made of embossed raw copper.de Young. .

53 .


light is a narrative element of the set .In entertainment and movies alike.

Reflection 56 “Each story we approach in the same way.” . with curiosity and interest and determination to get behind the image. Night Time Exterior 3 YAS Marina Resort. Archaic Gallery 2 The New Acropolis Museum. Gridshell over Link Bridge 4 Beijing National Stadium.Martin Bashir . Abu Dhabi.1 3 2 4 1 The New Acropolis Museum. Athens. Athens.

to converge with a single visual concept. and facades can convey a brand or corporate identity using light and shadow. Lighting is intersecting with video and media increasingly. Retail spaces benefit from a strong narrative. 57 . and Arup Lighting continues to design some of this field’s pioneering projects. light is a narrative element of the set In architecture. we like to explore this dimension of light as well.Story In entertainment and movies alike.

The hotel straddles the racetrack. features 252 deluxe and 247 executive rooms and suites within two towers.Collaboration with Asymptote Architecture on Aldar Properties PJSC’s Flagship 5-Star Hotel at YAS Island in the UAE. on 850.000 square feet of built space as part of the hotel project. 58 . the YAS Marina Hotel was the iconic centrepiece at the 2009 Formula 1™ Etihad Airways Grand Prix.

Mock-up of Glass Panel RGBW LEDs YAS Marina Hotel. Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi. Early Glass Panel Model .4 1 6 8 2 3 10 5 7 9 11 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 YAS Marina Hotel. Solar Shading Study YAS Marina Hotel. View Through Individual Glass Panels YAS Marina Hotel. Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi. Installation of Individual LED Units YAS Marina Hotel. Abu Dhabi. mock-up by night to Evaluate LED Behaviour with Various Glass Panels YAS Marina Hotel. Gridshell Lighting Scene at Dawn YAS Marina Hotel. Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi. Thermal Testing of LEDs for Desert Conditions 59 10 YAS Marina Hotel. Abu Dhabi. Towers by Night YAS Marina Hotel. Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi. Verification of Luminaires and Lighting Control System in Preperation for Mock-up 11 YAS Marina Hotel. Early Prototype of RGBW LED Luminaires YAS Marina Hotel.

Gridshell over Link Bridge 60 Next spread: YAS Marina Hotel.000+ custom frit glass panels. Abu Dhabi. The bespoke luminaires feature high-end RGB+W LEDs. Abu Dhabi. Lateral View by Night The sweeping iconic curvilinear Gridshell structure incorporates a striking veil of steel and glass. Curvilinear Gridshell YAS Marina Hotel. each a medium for the programmed lighting and media sequences to illuminate the glass. . Abu Dhabi.1 3 2 1 2 3 YAS Marina Hotel. Abu Dhabi. of approximately 5. Curvilinear Gridshell YAS Marina Hotel. which provide feedback to the lighting control system to monitor energy and heat issues across multiple panel sizes.

61 .

62 .

63 .

the Beijing National Stadium by Herzog & de Meuron has been hailed as being among the finest stadiums in the world. Daytime View during the 2008 Olympics 2 Beijing National Stadium. . Interior at Night 64 Full of hidden symbolism.1 2 1 Beijing National Stadium.

65 .

Museum Interior Lighting Radiance Study 3 Institute of Contemporary Art. Exterior “SunView” Radiance Animation 4 Boston ICA.1 Brian Stacy of Arup’s New York Office Inspecting a Detail for the Institute of Contemporary Art. Boston. Boston. Daylighting Model 66 . Boston 1 2 3 4 2 Institute of Contemporary Art.

daylighting studies and scale mock-ups. .67 The New York Arup Lighting group ushered the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston through several iterative design steps. including Radiance.

68 .

69 .

70 .

Showcasing of Excavations and Architectural Sculptures from the Acropolis in Athens 1 2 This spread: 1 The New Acropolis Museum. Pedestrian View 2 The New Acropolis Museum. Typical Museum Layout 71 . Athens. Athens. Athens.Previous Spread: The New Acropolis Museum.

72 .

000 seat Shakhtar Stadium is the first FIFA 5 Star football stadium in the Ukraine. Ukraine The landmark 50.Shakhtar Stadium. 73 .


Models. samples. and tabletop setups are all part of our design process .

Artistic Content Commissioning 2 Galleria Department Store. Commissioning Process 4 Galleria Department Store. Seoul. Seoul.2 5 1 3 4 7 8 6 1 Galleria Department Store. Seoul. Seoul. Director Rogier Van der Heide From Arup’s Amsterdam Office Set to Perform Some Final Inspections 5 Galleria Department Store. Lighting Mock-ups & Experiments 8 Galleria Department Store. Seoul. Seoul. Seoul. Facade in Motion 76 . Facade Visualisation 3 Galleria Department Store. Lighting Mock-ups & Experiments 7 Galleria Department Store. Lighting Mock-ups & Experiments 6 Galleria Department Store. Seoul.

samples. and tabletop setups are all part of our design process.Walt Disney 77 . “You can design and create. Arup Lighting has developed a set of tools that make light not only understandable. Models. but also tangible. and keep the clients and the architects we work with involved throughout the process. We want to understand this aspect of the lighting before we draw construction documents. integrates with the physical space as it reflects and refracts. as the metaphysical space. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.“ .Craft Lighting design may seem abstract. Light. but it is not. and build the most wonderful place in the world.

78 .

79 .

80 .

the physical and psychological hub .with an array of dynamic LEDs pulsating like a brain processing data 81 Previous Spread: NAB Docklands. Singapore 3 Fusionopolis Research & Development Complex. Melbourne 2 1 3 This spread: 1 350 George Street.The emphasis for lighting Singapore’s Fusionopolis lies at the centralised theatre sphere . Singapore . Sydney 2 Fusionopolis Research & Development Complex.


The phenomenon of photons radiated onto our environment and then bounced into our eyes is what we call light .

a deep understanding of the scientific design of light and lighting is critical to the success of your project. Solar Study 3 GreenPix. workplaces or public spaces. Beijing. We also believe that sustainability and energy savings are among the most important themes in the near future and have fully integrated these into our approach of every project.1 2 3 4 1 GreenPix. . Beijing. When designing museums. Beijing. Beijing. Final Installation 84 Science The phenomenon of photons radiated onto our environment and then bounced into our eyes is what we call light. incorporation of statistical weather data in our designs and thorough knowledge of passive conservation of artifacts. physical mock-ups in our studios. Installation Team 2 GreenPix. Radiance Study 4 GreenPix. including advanced simulation and rendering tools. Arup Lighting is proud to offer world class design of natural light.

“ .Ralph Waldo Emerson .85 “Science does not know its debt to imagination.

integrating LED systems and photovoltaic (PV) modules that capture solar energy by day. Final Installation Illuminated. The largest colour LED light wall in the world. 86 West Beijing’s GreenPix Zero Energy Media Wall is a triumph of energyefficient lighting design and engineering. . 2 Greenpix. Mock-up Tests. Beijing. 3 Greenpix. Beijing. Final Installation.1 3 2 1 Greenpix. Beijing. which exceeds double that consumed by the lighting.

87 .

Interior of the Alfred Intensive Care Unit in Melbourne 88 The Alfred Hospital Intensive Care Unit is one of Australia’s leading Intensive Care Units. extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO). providing State Services for heart & lung transplantation (including pediatric lung transplantation). admitting approximately 2000 patients per annum. burns and hyperbaric medicine. . artificial heart technology. It is a university attached quaternary referral centre.

89 .


A natural desire to fuse image and identity is a goal shared by architects. fashion designers and businesses alike .

Bespoke Mirror-finished ‘Halo’ Pendants and Integral LED Lighting in Cabinets 2 Prada. London. Bespoke Branding Icon LED Lighting 92 “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different” . Lee Garden.Coco Chanel . Fine Jewlery Hall. Tokyo. Selfridges. Bespoke Lighting 3 Louis Vuitton.1 2 3 1 Wonder Room. Hong Kong.

Image A natural desire to fuse image and identity is a goal shared by architects. thoroughly customised for each client. With a strong track record in integrated retail design and branding. But to align the aesthetics and design philosophy of modern retail brands with an educated public requires more than the traditional approach of simply spotlighting a product. At Arup Lighting. fun and the ability to innovate to the assignments we enter into. we bring confidence. This often results in a sense of playfulness. 93 . which is conveyed through our designs. the approach is that of corporate identity and brand image encased in clean and neatly finished detail. fashion designers and businesses alike.



1 Prada, Tokyo, View of Shop From Exterior 2 Prada, Tokyo, Custom Cold Cathode Entrance Lighting


In Tokyo’s fashionable Aoyama district, this Prada store was designed by Herzog & de Meuron to feature an unmistakable and inviting entrance.


1 The Wonder Bar, Selfridges, London, Seating 2 The Wonder Bar, Selfridges, London, Bar 3 The Wonder Bar, Selfridges, London, Candlelights 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 4 The Wonder Bar, Selfridges, London, Retail Space 5 The Wonder Bar, Selfridges, London, Identity Signage 6 The Wonder Bar, Selfridges, London, Stairway 7 The Wonder Bar, Selfridges, London, Retail Space


the Wonder Room and the Wonder Bar. maintain a consistently warm atmosphere with warm lighting at a handheld scale.97 Located in Selfridges of London. .

Selfridges. London. Bespoke Lighting 98 .1 3 2 1 The Wonder Bar. Bespoke Lighting 2 The Wonder Bar. Selfridges. London. Selfridges. Bespoke Lighting 3 The Wonder Bar. London.

99 .

100 .

101 . Branding Icon. Hong Kong. Branding Icon.1 2 1 Louis Vuitton. green and blue LEDs to alter it’s appearance throughout the day. Interior Storefront Facing Mall Space 2 Louis Vuitton. Exterior Pedestrian Storefront This Louis Vuitton storefront entrance slowly mixes red. It’s individual fixtures are custom designed to the shape of Louis Vuitton’s original 1800s diamond shaped logo. San Francisco. Lee Garden.

102 .

Spain . Madrid. Madrid. as needed. Spain 2 Exterior of Louis Vuitton Store. interior lighting schemes in their stores worldwide have been greatly simplified through the use of a kit of parts that can be applied on a store-by-store basis. 103 1 2 1 Interior of Louis Vuitton Store.As a testament to Louis Vuitton’s classic elegance.

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