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Antonio Alexander Byrd

University of Missouri-Kansas City

English Language and Literature
106 Cockefair Hall
5121 Rockhill Rd
Kansas City, MO 64110


Assistant Professor, Department of English Language and Literature 2019 - Present

University of Missouri-Kansas City

Outreach Coordinator for Writing Center Programs Summer 2019

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Assistant Director of Writing Center Programs 2017 - 2018

University of Wisconsin-Madison


Ph.D. Composition and Rhetoric 2019

University of Wisconsin – Madison
Dissertation: In Pursuit of Uncommon Literacies:
African American Adults’ Experience in a Computer Code Bootcamp (Kate Vieira, chair)

M.L.A., emphasis in English 2014

Auburn University at Montgomery

B.S. Secondary Education, concentration in English/Language Arts 2011

Auburn University at Montgomery

African American digital literacies, computer programming as a literacy, qualitative research
methods, multimodal composition, writing center administration


Peer Reviewed Articles

Byrd, A. (2020). Like coming home: African American adults tinkering and playing toward a
code bootcamp.” College Composition and Communication Vol. 71, (3), 426 – 452.

Byrd, A. (2019). Between learning and opportunity: A study of African American adult coders’
networks of support.” Literacy in Composition Studies Vol. 7(2), 31-56. DOI:
Byrd 2

Manuscripts in Press
Byrd, A. Coding literacy. (in press) In J. Tham (Ed.), Keywords in design thinking: A primer for
makers, designers, and technical communicators. WAC Clearinghouse.

Works in Progress
Byrd, A. (under review). Writing into inclusion from the margins. In Lynn C. Lewis (Ed). Pivotal
strategies: Claiming Writing Studies as discipline. Utah State UP.

Byrd, A. It’s testimony time! Confessing the power of literacy pivots with computer
programming. Article manuscript.

Byrd, A. Using communication tools to manage collaborative writing projects like the
professionals do. Instructional essay manuscript.

Book Chapters
Byrd, A. (2018). Ralph Ellison on the craft of good writing. In R. C. Evans (Ed), Invisible Man:
Critical Insights (pp. 109 – 120). Salem Press.

Byrd, A. (2018). Scholarship on Arthur Miller’s The Crucible: 2000-2017 (pp. 31 – 50). In R. C. Evans
(Ed.), The Crucible: Critical Insights. Salem Press.

Byrd, A. (2015). The works of Tim O’Brien: A selected annotated bibliography. In R. C. Evans
(Ed.), Critical Insights: Tim O’Brien (pp. 283 – 298). Salem/Gray House.

Byrd, A., Turnipseed, N. and Hayes, J. (Eds.) (forthcoming November 2020). Against autonomous
literacies: Extending the work of Brian V. Street. [special issue] Literacy in Composition Studies.

Book Review
Byrd, A. (2019). Book review – Coding Literacy: How Programming is Changing Writing by
Annette Vee. Literacy in Compositions Studies 7(1),

Tips for the dissertation (w/Antonio Byrd) (2019). Pedagogue Podcast. Interview by Shane Wood 9.26.19.

From a dissertation to a journal article (2020). CCC Podcasts. Interview by Kefaya Diab.

On the Job Episode 5: Dr. Antonio Byrd (2020). On the Job. Interview by Wilfredo Flores and
Nupoor Ranade.
Byrd 3


Byrd, A. (November 7, 2017). “Chasing After an Emerging Genre: Creating a Writing Center
Workshop for Diversity Statements.” In Another Word: From the Writing Center at the University
of Wisconsin-Madison. Blog Post.

Byrd, A., Simpkins, N., Schwarz, V., and Carrol, R. (June 29, 2016). “Broadening the Stakes of the
Response to Racism at UW-Madison.” Madison365.


Turn the Mic Up! Honoring Participants’ Voices as Graduate Student and Early Career Researchers.
Co-panelists, Gabrielle Kelenyi, Catherine Marotta, Christopher Castillo. Conference on
College Composition and Communication. Spokane, WA. 2021.

Complicating ideas of and approaches to “teaching the controversy”. Co-panelists, Brian

Hendrickson, Alejandra Ramirez, Kristen Ruccio, Al Harahap. Conference on College
Composition and Communication. Milwaukee, WI. 2020.

Digital literacy work at the margins: Transforming everyday digital literacies. Co-panelists,
Julia Garret, Chris Lindgren, and Mary Helen. Conference on College Composition and
Communication. Pittsburgh, PA. 2019.

Naming what matters: African American adult Coders’ networks of support.” Thomas R.
Watson Conference. Louisville, KY. 2018.

In pursuit of uncommon literacies: How African American adults construct coding identities.
Conference on College Composition and Communication. Qualitative
Research Network. Kansas City, MO. 2018.

In pursuit of uncommon literacies: How African American adults construct coding identities.
Conference on College Composition and Communication. Research
Network Forum. Kansas City, MO. 2018.

Q tips: Testing Innovations in online tutoring. Co-panelists, Matthew Fledderjohann and

Jennifer Finstrom. IWCA Annual Conference. Chicago, IL. 2017.

Re-Imagining the Other: Middle class and capitalist values in Black Girls Code and Yes We Code
narratives. Computers and Writing. Graduate Research Network. Findlay, OH. 2017.

The color-line and computational literacy.” Conference on College Composition

and Communication. Houston, TX. 2016.

Assessment as empowerment: Grading contracts and collaborative rubrics. Co-presenter,

Virginia Schwarz. TYCA-Midwest Conference. Overland Park, KS. 2015.
Byrd 4


L&S Community of Graduate Research Scholars Fellowship 2018

CCCC Scholars for the Dream Award 2016
Advanced Opportunity Fellowship 2014 – 2015


University of Missouri – Kansas City

Rhetorics of New Media Fall 2020
Theory and Practice of Composition Fall 2020
English II: Intermediate Academic Prose Summer 2020
Workplace Writing Spring 2020
Histories of Reading, Writing, and Publication Spring 2020
Theory and Practice of Composition Fall 2019

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Intermediate College Writing: Writing Algorithmic Rhetoric Spring 2017
Intermediate College Writing: Arguing in Digital Spaces Fall 2016
Introduction to College Writing: Discourse Communities 2015 – 2016

Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth

Media Studies in a Digital Age Summer 2015 – 2017

Auburn University at Montgomery

Research Writing: Digital Universe Spring 2013 and 2014
College Writing: Discourse Communities and Academic Genres Fall 2013


Lessons from Spirituals: How writing tutors find hope and healing in trying times.
Virtual Keynote. Greater Kansas City Writing Center Conference. Kansas City, MO, Fall


What does English have to do with computer programming? First Year Experience, Fall 2020,
University of Missouri-Kansas City

Put some stank on it: A Black digital literacy update to the literacy myth. Foundations of Literacy,
Curriculum and Instruction 675, with Dr. Kate Vieira, Summer 2020, University of
Byrd 5

Research and writing as early career faculty. Graduate Study in English, ENG 5500, with Dr.
Jennifer Frangos, Spring 2020, University of Missouri-Kansas City.

English, race, computer coding and . . . cookies? UW-Madison Graduate Christian Fellowship,
led by Maggie Flemingo, November 9, 2018, UW-Madison.

Changing coding literacy practice for Black achievement. Composition and Rhetoric
Colloquium, led by Elisa Findlay, September 27, 2018, UW Madison.

From Code Bootcamp to internship: Whiteness in coding literacy.” Engineering Summer

Program, with Virginia Schwarz, Technical Communication, Summer 2018, UW Madison.

Dreams and realities of a coding public.” undergraduate course, with Kathleen Daly, Comm Arts
478: Rhetoric and Power on the Internet, Spring 2018, UW-Madison.

Like coming home: Journeys to a code bootcamp.” Undergraduate course, with Professor Kate
Vieira, Composition and Rhetoric, Fall 2017, UW-Madison.

Exploring the consequences of coding literacy. Undergraduate course, Amanda Pratt,

Composition and Rhetoric, Fall 2017, UW-Madison.

What are the consequences of coding literacy? Undergraduate course, with Virginia Schwarz,
Composition and Rhetoric, Spring 2017, UW-Madison.


Editorial Board Member, Kairos 2020- Present

Reviewer, Computers and Composition 2020 - Present
Reviewer, Across the Disciplines 2019 - Present
Writing and Rhetoric of Code SIG, Co-Chair 2019 - Present
CCCC Social Justice at the Convention Committee 2018 - Present
WPA-GO Travel Grant Award Committee 2017 - 2018
WPA-GO Publications Task Force 2015 – 2017


University of Missouri-Kansas City

Co-facilitator, Faculty Learning Community in Threshold Concepts 2020 - 2021
Co-facilitator, Faculty Writing Initiative 2019 - Present
Member, University Reading and Writing Board 2020 - Present
Member, Composition Committee 2019 - Present
Member, Educate-Organize-Advocate Committee 2019 - Present

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Co-facilitator, High School to College Writing Symposium 2019
Go Big Read Review Committee 2018 – 2019
Commenting Mentor for Writing Fellows Program 2016 – 2018
Byrd 6

Member, English Department Graduate Welcome Committee 2015 – 2017

Co-Chair, English Department Graduate Welcome Committee 2016 – 2017
Member, Composition and Rhetoric Colloquium Committee 2015 – 2016
Composition and Rhetoric Memorial Library Liaison 2014 – 2015

National Council of Teachers of English
College Composition and Communication
International Writing Center Association

HTML/CSS (basic knowledge)
Bootstrap (basic knowledge)
Python (basic knowledge)


Kate Vieira, Associate Professor

Susan J. Cellmer Distinguished Chair in Literacy 
Dept of Curriculum and Instruction, School of Education
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Morris Young
Nancy C. Hoefs Professor of English
Department of English
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Christa Olson
Nancy C. Hoefs Associate Professor of Composition & Rhetoric
Department of English
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Brad Hughes (retired May 2019)

Director of UW-Madison Writing Center
Director of Writing Across the Curriculum
Department of English
University of Wisconsin-Madison