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Hi, I’m Carl.

Can you guess what a supermarket contest is? Last week my best friend made me
participate in my neighbourhood one. It was really funny. First they gave me a
shopping list with all the products I had to buy. I just had ten minutes to fill my
trolley with more than fifty different items: Some bread, ketchup, milk- I didn't
know how much milk so I took three bottles-, a bar of chocolate, tree big slices of
cheesecake, and some vegetables and fruit as onions, cherries, carrots, a melon, and
I ran along the corridors looking for the different aisles. There were many shelves
filled with canned goods and daily products. I just needed some meat and two or
three items on sale and I would win.
When I arrived at the cashier, he told me “That’s ninety pounds fifty”.” How much?”
I asked in amazement. “That’s a lot of money. You must be joking. I’m just going in
for a context. “But you must pay for everything you have in your shopping card”, he
said angrily.
I was the winner as I think that nobody else participated.

l the melons
shopping basket
shopping trolley

pictures with the words in the box.

2. Read the text and say if the following statements are true or false. Correct the false

1. The supermarket contest wasn’t funny.

2. Carl had a shopping list.
3. He took two bottles of milk.
4. Onions, carrots and lettuce are fruit.
5. Carl didn't pay for everything he had in his shopping trolley.
6. He didn't win the contest.

Saskaitāmie lietvārdi
Affirmative Negative Questions
(apgalvojums) (noliegums) (jautājums)
Vienskaitlis a/an a/an a/an
Daudzskaitlis some any Any
Nesaskaitāmie lietvārdi
Affirmative Negative Questions
(apgalvojums) (noliegums) (jautājums)
some any any

3. Complete the sentences with any, some, a or an.

1. There weren’t _______ eggs on the shelf.

2. He had _________meat in the trolley.
3. There wasn’t ______flour left.
4. Did he need _________ cherries?
5. He needed ________ melon.
6. Did he have to buy _____ butter?
7. He bought __________ onions.
8. He bought _________ bar of chocolate.
9. I’m eating ______ apple.

4. Complete the sentences with: a bottle, a packet, a cup, a bar, a can, a slice, a glass,
a bow.

1. _______________ of coffee.
2. _______________ cereal.
3. _______________ toast.
4. _______________ crisps
5. _______________orange juice.
6. _______________lemonade.
7. _______________ milk.
8. _______________ chocolate.