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high output failure occurs in p's ds due to av malformations in the rapidly remdelling
------------ ------------------------------------------------------2662
------------ ------------------------------------------------------1558
i concluded from a house md episode knowledge database!
------------ ------------------------------------------------------2044
tabulate the diffeternt zones of perfusion
------------ ------------------------------------------------------2406
------------ ------------------------------------------------------Remember, honey has clostridium botulinium living inside it, while mis-shapen canned
food has botulinium toxin pre-formed in it - the baby didnt eat canned food, granny fed
him honey
------------ ------------------------------------------------------Increased BUN/creat ratio is seen in pre-renal failure G I bleed (secondary to
reabsorption of blood from the GI tract) Steroid use
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What is cyclical vomiting?
------------ ------------------------------------------------------Tetanus immunization: tetanus Immune globulin is given only in: High risk dirty
woulds, when past h/o tetanus imminization is unknown, or less that three doses - i.e. in
complete Give TT if: 1. incomplete / unknown tt immunization if tt immunization is
complete, 2. low risk wounds if tt more that 10 yrs ago. 3 high risk wounds if tt more
taht 5 yrs ago
------------ ------------------------------------------------------Phobia vs panic??? panic disorder has episodes of panic attacks, phobia is related to
specific precipitating factors- one factor - simple phobia, usually the specific phobias
more factors - complex, ot general phobia
------------ ------------------------------------------------------2318
Pronator drift is a sensitive and specific sign od UMN lesion!!!!
------------ ------------------------------------------------------Avascular necrosis of femoral head is seen with: chronic corticosteroid use alcoholism
------------ -------------------------------------------------------

2354 -----------2441 -----------2810 -----------1933 -----------287 -----------1544 -----------2407 -----------1257 -----------1684 -----------2786 -----------761 -----------1077 ------------ In immunocompromised patients. vs trimethoprim/sulfa for nocardiosis ------------------------------------------------------Colon cancer screening: can use any of these . both tb and nocardiosis can present the same way.MOST SPECIFIC AND SENSITIVE BUT MOST COSTLY AND EXPERTISE DEPENDANT 5 Double contrast barium enema ------------------------------------------------------Elbow # in kids are common. but microscopy will differentiate: tb: non gram staining.e. partially acid fast "BRANCHING" rod. mom makes the decision for her unborn fetus!!! ------------------------------------------------------Osgood schlatter disease ( patellar apophysitis) has point tenderness over tibial tubercle. pannus formation ------------------------------------------------------Hemochromatosis = excess iron in serum = predisposes to infection with listeria monocytogenes. while nocardia is gram positive.which is a heterophile antibody test ------------------------------------------------------PPD: Induration> 5 mm is considered +ve in: *HINV positive * induviduals with recent TB contact *Positive TB on X ray * post trans plant. but you dont see a broken bone on xray . or other immunosupressed pts > 10 mm in * ------------------------------------------------------Review Diabetic and Hypertensive retinopthy differences ------------------------------------------------------WOW!!! Remembered Conrad Fischer's lectures: In America. and acid fast rods. yersinia enterocolitica vibrio vulnificus all are iron loving bacteria ------------------------------------------------------- .you see radiolucency anterior and posterior to the elbow joint and taht is diagnostic ------------------------------------------------------Rheumatoid arthritis predisposes to amyloidosis!!!! ------------------------------------------------------RALOXIFENE s a selective estrogen receptor MODULATOR it increases bone mineral density Increases risk of DVT ------------------------------------------------------Kissing Disease/ Infectious Mononeucleosis Diagnosis is by a MONOSPOT test .1 FOBT 2 Flexible sigmoidoscopy 3 FOBT + Flex Sig 4 Colonoscopy . Important to differentiate as tretment is different: INH/Rif/Ethm fpr tb. tenderness is over inferior pole of patella ------------------------------------------------------trachoma of the eye presents with NEOVASCULARIZATION of the cornea i. but in patellar tendonitis.

conjunctival injection. and can have hypopigmentation. diagnosis of alzheimers requires presence of more symptoms such as apraxia agnosia aphasia. cortical tubers on ct. treatment . in infants. then that will be followed ------------------------------------------------------what causes rash in axillae? Kawasaki disease and scarlet fever can look alike clinically. a jehovah's wittness can refuse treatment with blood etc. and HYPSARRYTHMIA on eeg. rash. peripheral rash . but an unconscious patient's spouse can not refuse for the patient if the patient has a written will etc. strawberry tougue. ------------------------------------------------------Pseudo dimentia vs alzheimers dementia: pseudo dementia pts are often overly concerned with their memory loss. ------------------------------------------------------Pelvic abcess: tender mass in rectovesical pouch/rectovaginal pouch anorectal abcess: fluctuant mass in perinium!! ------------------------------------------------------In emergency. then followed into future to see if disease developes or not cross sectional: population taken at random. alz dem pts are often indifferent ato memory loss and are brought in by families also.ACTH. and periungual also. fait hair and blue eyes (like albino) due to low tyrosine. and stratified for exposure/non exposure and disease / no disease . and the physician must comply. there is circumoral pallor if doubt. treat with penicilline/erythromycin. LNP. then they are followed over time to see if disease developes or not retrospective cohort: sample population is chosen. trunk and limbs.hands. life threatening situation. and seek can show assosiation. one point in time. to see exposed or not exposed. but points of difference are: For kawasaki. as both have: Fever. associated with hypopigmented ash leaf spots. and a rapid response would confirm scarlet fever ------------------------------------------------------- . in scarlet fever. disturbance in executive functioning ------------------------------------------------------Read up on metab alkalosis and how to differentiate between all ------------------------------------------------------remember: TRANSudate is TRANSparent EXudate in infEXious ------------------------------------------------------PKU is associaed with an eczematous rash.symmetrical contractions of neck.1585 -----------1613 ------------ 1855 -----------720 -----------875 -----------1037 -----------1097 -----------1550 ------------ 1905 ------------ prospective cohort: two groups are made: exposed and non exposed. but not causatio ------------------------------------------------------Infantile spasms . as the ideal drug vigabatrin is not apprved in USA. past records are reviewed. at least one of these additional criteria must be present such as .

otitis..reproductive defects. consider stopping therapy For pregnant women who develop hypertension for the first time during pregnancy. orthostatic hypotension. Reiley dey syndrome = autosomal recessive familial autonomis dysfunction. do Gn RH to see if defect is in hypothalamus or in pitutary 3 if FSH is increased. in ashkenazi jews ------------------------------------------------------is this restless leg syndrome? you treat it with pain blockers? NO!!!! treat it with Dopamine agonists as the pathology involves abnormal dopamine transmission pramipexole. ------------------------------------------------------- .chloride chanel transport defect. and cirrhosis kartageners syndrome: abnormal cilliary function causing recurrent sinusitis. sinusitis.typical course early emphysema/copd. lower motor neurons. thickened secretions . pancreatic filure. . and gets pregnant. ------------------------------------------------------Shy dagger syndrome = Parkinsonism + autonomic symptoms such as impotence.1952 -----------2066 -----------2624 -----------2746 -----------121 -----------2553 -----------267 ------------ 279 -----------378 -----------771 -----------792 ------------ alpha 1 anti trypsin defficiency causes lung damage esp n smokers .no menarche till 16 years of age. central cause 2. treat hypertension only if BP> 150/95 ------------------------------------------------------Cry du chet= deletion of 5p ------------------------------------------------------where the hell do you see auer rods? ------------------------------------------------------Sudden increase n TLC with left shift represents a serious infection with or without underlying leukemia LAP score is decreased in leukemia but imcreased in leukemoid reaction... treat hypertension only if BP is > 120/80 for values lower or equal. ropinerole ------------------------------------------------------can mgso4 cause uterine atony? after all it is an anti arrythmic. Investigate: 1 .... ------------------------------------------------------Antihypertensive drugs acceptable in pregnancy: 1 Labetelol 2 Methyldopa Note in a woman who has essential hypertension. causing abnormal. do a karyotype 4 if FSH is normal. uris. and lung infections cystic fibroosis . peripheral cause. if decreased.. + widespread neurological signs such as cerebella.. pyramidal. it menas there is ovarian agenesis or dysgenesis.. ------------------------------------------------------what do you do for a CVA in a 12 yr old sickle cell patient ------------------------------------------------------a s/e of heparin is hypercoagulability ------------------------------------------------------Primary amenorrhoea . FSH if increased. if FSH is decreased.

diazepam ------------------------------------------------------temporal arteritis can cause. in abscence of an infection usually associated with tenesmus = Ulcerative Colitis Extracolonic manifestations=Erythema nodosum. in decresing frequency: 60% ADHD 30% OCD conduct disorder oppositional defiant disorder antisocial personality disorder ------------------------------------------------------Self mutilation = Lysch Nyhan Syndrome x linked recessive... choreoathetosis. risk of brochogenic ca is higher. even though mesothelioma can occur only in exposed people. and vcan involve the major branches of aorta . hence boys only Purine metabolism defect-defficiency in HPRT(hypoxanthine guanine phosphoribosyl transferase) features: gout and tofi mental retardation.also used for travellers diarrhoea) Laxatives ------------------------------------------------------remember.? Temporal arteritis is a giant cell arteritis. ------------------------------------------------------sporotrichosis looks like a papule which later ulcerates and occurs in gardeners Cutaneuos larva migrans looks like multiple pruritic papules . joint bleed = deep tissue bleed = hemophilia ------------------------------------------------------Acute onset bloody diarrhoea in a young person.. suspect lesch Ny synd treatment: fluids. colangitis. ------------------------------------------------------Treatment of asymptomatic bacteriuria: must treat in pregnancy. esp 12-16 weeks. allopurinol. spasticity and dystonia if you see gout in a young boy.. puoderma gangrenosum.usually after handling soil or sand contaminated with dog or cat feces ------------------------------------------------------she has ischemic nephropathy = Acute Tubular Necrosis ATN hallmarks= muddy brown granular casts containing renl tubular epithelial cells ------------------------------------------------------Bladder cancer: NO SCREENING.and can cause aneurysms. the occurence of bronchogenic carcinoma is higher that mesothelioma so.. episcleritis ------------------------------------------------------Tourettes is associated with the folowing.928 -----------1610 -----------1891 -----------2439 -----------2562 -----------2798 -----------1236 -----------1696 ------------ 1753 -----------2397 -----------2409 -----------2484 Even in presence of occupational risk factors. recommended abs: amoxycilline nitrofuramtoin oral cephalosporins ------------------------------------------------------Hepatitis B vaccination Indication: patients who are already infected with Hep C . even in patients who are at high risk ------------------------------------------------------Treatment of hepatic encaphelopathy Lactulose Neomycin Rifaximin(non absorbable intertinal antibacterial . Ankylosing spondylitis like arthritis.

tmp-smx is used for PCP gancyclovir for CMV vaccines for influenza.------------------------------------------------------Pseudotumor cerebri .------------------------------------------------------Diabetes is the most imp risk factor for coronary disease but hypertension os for 1815 cerebrovascular disease -----------. therapy is saline infusion.------------------------------------------------------- . -----------. knee-chest position.------------------------------------------------------2111 the sequence of newborn care immediately after birth -----------. like tb . All patients with increased ALT. -----------.-----------. which causes increased systemic resistance and directs flow from systemic to pulmonary bed.------------------------------------------------------TOF: pulmonary outflow obstruction overriding aorta-with biventricular connection VSD Right ventricular hypertrophy Tet spells are due to low oxygen sully upon 2779 exertion . detectable DNA. but i remember from nephro posting taht transplant patients were always on azithromycin Got it wrong: Azithromycin is used for mycobacterium avium 1017 cpmplex prophylaxis in hiv if cd50 to prevent oppertunistic infections in post transplant immunosupressed patients.acetazolamoide 2 1571 corticosteroids 3 repeated lumbar punctures if these fail.------------------------------------------------------Dont know why.------------------------------------------------------biopsy looks like scarred liver hence transplant but note. esp rigid.------------------------------------------------------In metabolic alkalosis due to surreptious vomiting.bronchoscopy. and evidence of chronic hepatitis need treatment with INTERFERON and RIBAVARIN (note INTERFERON and LAMIVUDINE are for Hep B) -----------. hepatitis b -----------. clue 2803 urine chloride 20 -----------. surgery: optic nerve sheath decompression or lumbo-peritomneal shunting -----------.------------------------------------------------------856 This is primary billiary cirrhosis. as it gives both diagnostic AND therapeutic use -----------. efficacy and 866 adverse effects of drugs in pts.treatment options are 1 medical .------------------------------------------------------What is the best step for hemoptysis in different situations? 1 Massive hemoptysis due to trauma: immediate thoracotomy 2 massive hemoptysis due to vascular malformation 2486 .such as feeding: Any manouvre that increases pulmonary flow relieves the tet spells.usually. pneumococcus. and just like primary sclerosing cholangitis.pulmonary angiography and embolization 3 massive hemoptysis due to a disease eroding underlying vessels. this patient had normal liver function! so decide therapy for HCV infection based on: 1 natural history 2 stage of ds 3 liver biopsy findings 4 liver enzyme levels 5 presence of HCV RNA 6.

treat suspected nephrotic syndrome in kids. and QTV HCG is more reliable.------------------------------------------------------1369 Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome .calcium pyrophosphate 1067 Rhomboid positively birefringent srystals Chronic UTI . -----------.------------------------------------------------------Gout.. the disease may be dependant on blood flow through the ductus 2598 arteriosus. eg TOF.------------------------------------------------------Mycoplasma pneumonia is the commonest atypical pneumonia.therefore.------------------------------------------------------hydroxychloroquin is used in treatment of SLE s/e retinppathy .------------------------------------------------------Fetal growth restriction: most sensitive/useful/reliable measurement is the one which 1199 will be affected in all types of growth restriction . retro-orbital pain tearing. -----------. 6 monthly 1090 eye exam to be done.------------------------------------------------------In premature ovarian failure. with steroids right away .------------------------------------------------------Even today. but usg is less reliable. in differentiating between gestational trophoblastic disease and hyperemesis 2726 gravidarum.Struvite .973 heriditary spherocytosis is autosomal DOMINANT 1954 documentation required . both quantitative HCG and USG are important. therefore.------------------------------------------------------- .ecoli??? -----------. -----------. in congenital cyanotic heart disease.------------------------------------------------------Cluster headache: Severe. attempts must be made to keep it open.------------------------------------------------------what is the cause of death in meningococcemia? Waterhouse frederichsen syndrome 1374 i. -----------.symmetric/asymmetric. stuffy/runny nose. and is associated with 166 erythema multiforme.e.------------------------------------------------------what are the cyanotic diseases of the newborn? 1 TOF 2 VSD Note.uric acid . -----------. -----------. -----------. so it is the abdominal circumference..------------------------------------------------------Note. acute. -----------.coffin lid shape -----------. horners 2190 syndrome treatment: verapamil lithium and ergot.. the type of in vitro fertilization applied is where there is 1296 an oocyte donor and a surrogate mother.clinical diagnosis. till further evaluation is done and a diagnosis is made.needle shaped crystals Pseudogout .. not head circumference which is spared in asymmetric. adrenal hemorrhage leading to a rash and sudden vasomotor collapse -----------.

it is sarcoid. it causes autoimmune anemia: WARM Ig G antibodies to RBCs positive direct coombs extravascular hemolysis Spherocytosis ------------------------------------------------------For diagnosis of major depressive dosorder.revise revise ------------------------------------------------------Bupropion: An SSRInwhich also improves the impaired concentration and lack of energy experienced by depressed patients.selective loss of pain and temp in arms ------------------------------------------------------Note. go for rapid vaginal delivery.not rad onco opd ------------------------------------------------------Hyperextension traumatic injury to the neck causes trauma to the CENTRAL portion of anterior sp cord causing: central cord syndrome . this patient has ANTERIOR UVEITIS not RETINITIS therefore. rapid deterioration of mom or baby ------------------------------------------------------in hepatocellular ca. at term. does NOT cause sexual avoid in pts with seizure disorder.. brain disease electrolyte abnormalities.2353 -----------2818 -----------419 -----------808 -----------983 -----------1093 -----------1125 -----------1494 -----------1574 -----------2373 -----------2487 -----------2683 ------------ SLE = autoimmune disease. BUT!!!! Can cause seizures .. osteomyelitis ruled out when there is NO BONE PAIN! ------------------------------------------------------hyposthenuria: excretion of LOW specific gravity urine seen in sickle cell disease or trait cause: sickling of rbcs in vasa recta impairs free water resorption ------------------------------------------------------2487 .weakness more in upper than lower limbs . correction: fever with chills = pneumonia too plus.. as this is the best way to remove retroplacental hemorrhage.. if mom and baby are stable. ------------------------------------------------------In abruptio placenta. ascitic tapis a low yeild test . not 6 weeks. you need the symptoms for 2 weeks. ------------------------------------------------------- .. not histoplasmosis ------------------------------------------------------FIBROMYALGIA non inflammatory disease treatment: amytryptaline: also increases stage 4 restorative sleep ------------------------------------------------------Gram positive branching bacteria= ACTINOMYCES treatmenyt: high dose IV penicillin for 6-12 weeks ------------------------------------------------------I chose salmonella just because of fever with chills. hence... and to prevent DIC indications for C SEC: 1 obstetric indications 2. ot pts at high risk of seizures .too difficult . and particularly.go for tumour marker and ct/mri afterward note .

ie ph>7 cosider proteus ------------------------------------------------------posterior vermis syndrome: trunk dystaxia: seen in medulloblastoma ------------------------------------------------------surgery .it is for NMS ------------------------------------------------------Umbilical cord compression: variable decelerations uretero placental insufficiency: LATE decel Fetal hypoxia: late decel fetal acidosis: late decel Early decelerations are normal. but NO neuro deficit.1620 -----------1936 -----------2306 -----------2336 -----------2731 -----------1183 -----------1603 -----------1926 -----------2343 -----------2377 -----------2540 -----------2823 -----------2855 ------------ Metatarsus adductus: type 1 .occult bleed will never cause hypotension ------------------------------------------------------Not haloperidol . but if urine is alkaline. NSAIDS and mobilize no role of bed rest! ------------------------------------------------------lumbar pain which worsens on extension and is relieved on flexion of spine = lumbar spine stenosis disc herniation pain is worsened by flexion! ------------------------------------------------------Fuck! it is torticollis! I'm so dated right now!! Torticollis = dystonia of SCM causes: congenital idiopathic post traumatic drugs .rigid feet .serial casts ------------------------------------------------------UPDATE on DISK HERNIATION!!!!! acute pain in low back.treated with orthotic shoes/plaster casts type 3 .it will be worse not dantrolene . antipsychotics.overcorrects actively and passively .pts are severly symptomatic and transfusion dependant minor asymptomatic. may have impressive seems like a small VSD got it wrong .no treatment required type 2 prevent complications later . prochlorperazine inflammation ------------------------------------------------------Diabetic mom's baby will be plethoric and big ------------------------------------------------------Could be e coli. s/o herniation.if pulm vas markings are minima . with positive leg raise test. and occur due to fetal head compression ------------------------------------------------------- .corrects to neytral position .hence no treatment required ------------------------------------------------------Think . but only mild anemia .go for observation ------------------------------------------------------Haptoglobin eats hemoglobin spilled in blood! ------------------------------------------------------Thalasemia: major .

which leads to decreased production of B 12 .causes atrophic gastritis.huntington's chorea is problem in the basal ganglia: caudate nucleus and globus pallidus ------------------------------------------------------back pain+constipation+anemia+elevated ESR = multiple myeloma aymptoms are due to hypercalcemia ------------------------------------------------------pseudomonas aeruginosa treatment: hallmark of therapy is: use two agents against pseudomonas: because it is often resistant/develops resistance duriing the course of therapy 1st line: ceftazidime/penicilline derivative such as ticarcillin + gentamycin 2nd line: imipenem/cilastin ------------------------------------------------------Intracranial hemorrhage tip: Subarachnoid: usually due to Aneurysms AV malformation Sub dural/Epidural: Trauma ------------------------------------------------------Cold Hard Facts about PERNICIOUS ANEMIA: 1. remember about osteoporosis ------------------------------------------------------NIEMANN PICK DISEASE cherry red macula sphyngomyelinase deficiency ------------------------------------------------------HYDATID CYST: infection with causative agent: Echinococcus Granulosus is acquired by close contact with dogs egg shell calcification DO NOT ASPIRATE: can cause anaphylactic shock treat with surgery under the cover of albendazole ------------------------------------------------------ileo-psoal abcess? ------------------------------------------------------which infection gives a rash with penicillin? when pt is not hypersensitive to penicillin? ------------------------------------------------------- .causes destruction of INTRINSIC FACTOR. hence.159 -----------1565 -----------1949 -----------1966 -----------2061 ------------ 2293 -----------2714 -----------259 -----------329 -----------876 -----------1098 -----------1376 ------------ Tick borne paralysis: RAPID ascending paralysis Normal CSF studies No systemic signs h/o colorado etc ------------------------------------------------------remember . BEFORE 20 weeks = chronic htn or H mole ------------------------------------------------------note. less of already scant B 12 is available 3 gastric atrophy leads to higherchance of intestinal type gastric cancer! ------------------------------------------------------increased bp systolic > 140. diastolic > 90 in pregnancy. auto immune disorder 2 causes B 12 dficiency in two ways: . when you see the word screening.

and have low fsh/lh-just like GnRH deficiency -----------.------------------------------------------------------pagets disease of the breast is due to an underlying ADENOCARCINOMA of the 501 breast!!! not squamous!!!! -----------.------------------------------------------------------1388 NOte:venous stasis ulcers forst occur above the medial malleolus -----------.------------------------------------------------------in status epilepticus. do Endotracheal intubation before 2025 giving second line anti epileptic: phenytoin -----------.------------------------------------------------------2118 yes it was a renal cyst.------------------------------------------------------- .------------------------------------------------------primary amenorrhoea with ANOSMIA = Kallmann's pts have a normal female 1848 karyotype.------------------------------------------------------187 RA: Polymyalgia rheumatica: Giant cell Arteritis Psoriatic Arthritis: nail pitting -----------.------------------------------------------------------Diphenhydramine: an OTC anti allergic: benadryl -has a cholinergic action -anti allergy . TWO WEEK COURSE OF ORAL DOXYCYCLIN -----------.physostigmine.------------------------------------------------------EARLY SYPHILIS TREATMENT: IM BENZATHINE PENICILLIN IF 1177 ALLERGIC: 1. but SIMPLE .------------------------------------------------------Patients who undergo partial gastrectomy for an ulcer. if pt does not respond to BZPs. often experience "dumping syndrome" =rapid emptying of hypertonic gastric contents into duodenum / small 1998 intestine =osmosis/absorption of fluid in gut = VIP secretion = stimulation of autonomic reflexes -----------.------------------------------------------------------1795 testing for PE: spiral CT V/Q scan pulmonary angiogram -----------.but inconclusive in this patient .do nothing1 -----------. SINGLE DOSE OF ORAL AZITHROMYCIN 2.------------------------------------------------------491 Multiple Myeloma: IgG or Ig A heavy chain ds: IgA waldenstroms: IgM -----------.------------------------------------------------------Note FAST is not negative .in this case do DPL 2435 before laprotomy -----------.antihistaminic -powerful hypnotic -antiemitic -mild anxiolytic overdose treated by 557 cholinesterase inhibitor .1486 RSV infection may predispose to asthma later in life -----------. also use to treat side effects of some cholinergic drugs -----------.

MOA: it stimulates supressor T cells that downregulate the "T cell mediated immune response to myelin antigens. ------------------------------------------------------olanzapina is like clozapine .45saline ------------------------------------------------------meniscal injury: distinct recollection of trauma popping next day swelling (contrast with ligament tear where there is popping. but IMMIDIATE swelling!) ------------------------------------------------------avascular necrosis causes: sickle cell disease chronic steroid use ------------------------------------------------------- . mandates immediate delivery! ------------------------------------------------------Turcots syndrome: brain tumour+Familial adenomatous polyposis or heriditary non polyposis colorectal cancer ------------------------------------------------------tinnitus: aspirin toxicity ------------------------------------------------------Hyperthyroidism and menopause can have similar symptoms. but less frequent: metabolic syndrome ------------------------------------------------------grandiosity: the chosen one? "SPECIAL POWER" ------------------------------------------------------GLATI. always giveNS fo resusitation even in setting of hypernatremia note MILD hypernatremia with mild hypovolemia may be treayed with D5 and . that are found in myelin basic protein. if assocoated with intraamniotic infection.RAMER: A random mixture of polypeptides with those aminoacids. so check TSH and FSH always! ------------------------------------------------------Staph epidermidis: infects prosthetic valves staph aureus: infects normal tissue in IV drug abusers strept viridans: SABE in previously damaged heart valves ------------------------------------------------------if pt has s/o dehydration.1596 -----------1866 -----------1982 -----------2132 -----------2578 -----------2735 -----------477 -----------704 -----------2072 -----------2325 -----------2361 -----------2491 -----------2502 ------------ Neonatal chlamydial infection: 25-50% chance of cinjunctivitis 5-20 % chance of pneumonia treatment: ORAL erythromycin ------------------------------------------------------Alcohol abuse is the most common cause of nutritional deficiency of FOLATE in usa.antipsychotic s/e most frequent: weight gain most dreaded. ARGRA.TROBAN: drug used to treat heparin induced thrombocytopenia ------------------------------------------------------PREMATURE rupture of membranes.

xetine dapo.228 ------------ 384 -----------387 -----------791 -----------827 -----------1043 -----------1105 -----------1390 -----------1470 -----------1516 -----------1570 Major depression. do a screenng endoscopy 2. Amoxicilline for kids under 9 3. stop all anticoagulants treat with FFP and vitamin K ------------------------------------------------------looks like a lymphoma ------------------------------------------------------Recommended treatment of LYME's: 1. Energy deficit 6. increased appetite 4. Ceftriaxone 2.always look for pneumothorax in sucha a child. first rule out cocaine/amohetamine use by urine tox screen second check blood lithium levels ------------------------------------------------------in children.xet ------------------------------------------------------one of the few storage diseases that may present beyond childhood: Lysosomal storage disease: Gaucher's disease. tachycardia ------------------------------------------------------A bipolar presents with mania. Erythromycin for pregnant women 4. hence use by teens/poor causes: 1.xetine paro. dry mouth 6. unlike some psychiatric disorders. Interest disorder (anhedonia) 4. Depressed mood 2. slowed reaction time 2. requires symptoms for 2 weeks only.wrinkled papre appearance. Concentration deficit 7.give beta blockers as a prophylactic therapy ------------------------------------------------------Marijuana: -most commonly used illicit drug in US -involved in 10-50% of accidents -cheapest to obtain. worthless.t is an SSRI escilatrpram other SSRIs: fluo. as the often coexist. impaired short term memory 3. Ceftriaxone if adult or child is sensitive Disseminated Lyme's: 1.hairy cell leukemia ------------------------------------------------------A newly diagnosed pt with cirrhosis. ------------------------------------------------------in intracranial hemorrhage. if varices are found and not bleeding . 1. Pen G . regret) 5. Appetite disorder 8. -manifests in adolescence -anemia and fatigue -thrombocytopenia and easy bruisability -pathological fractures and bone pain confirmation by: Erlenmyer flask deformity of distal femur gaucher cells in bone marrow . conjunctival injection 5. Suicidallity mnemonic: SIGECAPS mistake: sertraline is NOT serotena . Psychomotor (retardation/agitation) 9. severe cough can cause air leak and emphysema . hypertension 7. Sleep disorder 3. Doxycycline for adults 2. Guilt (feeling hopeless. ------------------------------------------------------Panic disorder: treat acute attack with benzos then maintain with SSRIs ------------------------------------------------------LAP score is low in: CML PNH hypophosphatemia LAP is high in: Leukemoid reaction Auer rods in AML absence of measurable erythropoietin in urine polycythemia vera Tartrate resistant acid phosphate . any 5 of the following: 1.

------------------------------------------------------- . and no 1434 allergy to contrast: Spiral/helical CT 2.-----------. orotracheal intubation first 2. if renal failure/ reaction to contrast: V/Q scan -----------.------------------------------------------------------tb like ilness that is not tb: blastomycosis in the missisipi area ( but has skin 945 manifestations histoplasmosis -----------.------------------------------------------------------923 Note: birds can cause infection as well as Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis -----------. -----------.the change in shape is INSIDE the heart .------------------------------------------------------in chronic tophaceous gout.------------------------------------------------------also.smoker thrombus 2 wks ago .after a recent influenza in fection -----------. surgical 1147 cricothyroidotomy intubation over a fibroptic scope is best.------------------------------------------------------As opposed to pneumonia.------------------------------------------------------346 confirmatory test for hypertrophic pyeloric stenosis: usg or contrast radiography?? -----------.------------------------------------------------------76 52 .------------------------------------------------------Choice of test for diagnosing pulmonary embolism 1. there may be CO2 retention .treated now has ruddy arm normal hematocrit -----------. if renal function normal. even though the ventricles may be thoroughly compressed -----------. the shillouette is normal.------------------------------------------------------Note: in pt with apnea and h/o head injuries: 1. PE is typically wedge shaped on X ray wedge shaped 2627 opacity on ct is virtually pathognomic of PE -----------.------------------------------------------------------2349 this is porphyria?? -----------.not widened cardiac tamponade X ray 2493 will show normal cardiac image .------------------------------------------------------in a patient with severe COPD exacerbation.DO NOT 2655 use SEDATIVE HYPNOTICS i such patients for anxiety as they can further propagate respiratory depression -----------.------------------------------------------------------2119 matching is an efficient method to control confounding -----------. but not as fast .good as prophylactic measure.------------------------------------------------------community acquired pneumonia is usu due to strept pneumoniae staph aureus can cause 2804 pneumonia in community . no aortic rupture as mediastinum is normal. urate crystals can be deposited in the skin resulting in the 1714 formation of tumours with chalky white appearances. but not fast enought for an apneic patient -----------.therefore.

pulmonary embolism. so amniotic fluid embolism more possible got it wrong .50 : something in the pleural fluid is eating up the glucose . and neuropathy A blindness.macrocytic anemia. but normal blood flow through the area: eg consolidation. as well as ribs/ vertebrae etc are sites of erythropoiesis.eating all the glucose: HOT! EMPYEMA. not tibial fracture .. open or endoscopic surgery ------------------------------------------------------rabies is seen in dogs bats raccoons skunks foxes ------------------------------------------------------defficiency: selenium .also. arrest of dialation: > 2 hours no dialation of cervix 2. collapse etc ------------------------------------------------------types of arrest of labor : 1.cardiomyopathy B12 . dry skin. but no blood flow. malignant cells.alopecia. which causes edema in hands and feet local steroid injection 4. impaired wound healing ------------------------------------------------------Buspirone is the first line agent for treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder ------------------------------------------------------Forgetting misleading! ------------------------------------------------------- . esophageal rupture 30: something very hungry .2690 -----------2707 -----------1030 -----------1052 ------------ 1226 ------------ 2573 -----------2751 -----------1726 -----------2077 -----------2552 ------------ the glucose in a pleural effusion: normal > 50 30 . ards increased R to L shunting occurs in the opposite scenario: there is zero ventilation. impaired immunity zinc .eg. NSAIDS (contraindicated in pregnancy) 2. too many busy hard working neutrophils. wrist splinting (first line of treatment in pregnancy) 3. estrogen mediated DEPOLYMERIZATION of ground substance.something small . or no gas exchange .pelvic disproportion malpresentation conduction anaesthesia ------------------------------------------------------very important to do a serum level 4 hrs after poisoning because THERE IS NO CORRELATION BETWEEN INGESTED DOSE AND SERUM LEVELS! ------------------------------------------------------femur fracture can vause fat embolism. skin lesions. repetitive flexion and extension of wrist exacerbate the symptoms treatment: 1. abnormal taste. may be the baby is lost during all this.. arrest of descent: > 1 hour and no descent in head causes: hypotonic contractions excessive sedation cephalo .femur and proximal humurous. lupus wbcs. or rheumatic ------------------------------------------------------dead space ventilation occurs when there is normal ventilation. while tibil/ fibula/ radius etc are not but ALL MARROW IS FAT!!! NO MATTER WHERE _ EVEN ERYTHROPOIETIC MARROW HAS SOME FAT!!!! ------------------------------------------------------carpal tunnel syndrome: cause: 1. TB.

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