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the carillon

The University of Regina Students’ Newspaper since 1962

January 27 - February 2, 2011 | Volume 53 Issue 14 |

cover Even though it's a month after

the holidays, some University
of Regina students still have
Turkey on their minds. The
University of Regina women's
curling team will soon head
to Turkey to compete in the
2011 Winter Universiade. This
the staff issue, we take a look at a
Editor-in-Chief John Cameron team that has accomplished
Business Manager Kent Peterson so much in a short time.
Production Manager Mason Pitzel
Copy Editor Rhiannon Ward
News Editor Kimberly Elaschuk sports 9
A&C Editor (vacant)

Sports Editor Jonathan Hamelin
Op-Ed Editor Cheyenne Geysen
news arts & culture
Features Editor (vacant)

Graphics Editor Ali Nikolic
Ad Manager Josh Jakubowski
Tech. Coordinator Matthew Blackwell
News Writer Ed Kapp
Iryn Tushabe
A&C Writer Paul Bogdan
Sports Writer Autumn McDowell
party progress 5 we built this city centre 16
Kelsey Conway Kim Jay
Jarrett Crowe Marc Messett
Matt Duguid Matt Yim


sports op-ed
Martin Weaver, Lauren Golosky, Colin Buchinski,
Dietrich Neu, Kelly Malone, Megan Narsing,
Conrad Ford, Edward Dodd, Sebastian Prost

the paper

Raquel Fletcher, Kristy Fyfe, Jenna Kampman,

Melanie Metcalf, Laura Osicki, Rhiannon Ward, Anna

We’re back!
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the manifesto
In keeping with our reckless, devil-may-care image, our of-
fice has absolutely no concrete information on the Carillon’s
formative years readily available. What follows is the story
that’s been passed down from editor to editor for over forty


In the late 1950s, the University of Regina planned the con-
struction of several new buildings on the campus grounds.
One of these proposed buildings was a bell tower on the aca-
demic green. If you look out on the academic green today,
the first thing you’ll notice is that it has absolutely nothing
resembling a bell tower.

The University never got a bell tower, but what it did get
photos News: A&C: Marc Messett

was the Carillon, a newspaper that serves as a symbolic bell

Sports: Op-Ed:

tower on campus, a loud and clear voice belonging to each

Cover: Matt Yim
and every student.
Retraction: In the Jan. 13 article “And so it continues”, we printed that John Cameron had written the article “Remember
Illegitimi non carborundum. the Referendum” (Nov. 18, Issue 9). The correct author was Edward Dodd. The Carillon regrets this error.
news News Editor: Kimberly Elaschuk
the carillon, Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2011

UR going to get a job

UR Guarantee gives students a pass to success

Iryn Tushabe

The UR Guarantee Program’s staff wants students to get involved

program right from the start. University of Canada – are also eligi- taking place at the university so you everyone ready,” she said.
“It is a way of keeping our stu- ble. As well, enrolled students are always are aware of everything going Brody Johb is a kinesiology stu-
iryn tushabe
dents engaged in their studies, and in mandated to remain registered in a on. I am attending school to achieve a dent with the UR Guarantee program.
news writer
the overall university experience. The minimum of three classes per semester career that I am passionate about and He was attracted to the program due
A much-hyped program at the development opportunities help stu- for at least two semesters a year. They it only makes sense to do everything to the persistence of its coordinators.
University of Regina guarantees par- dents develop their skill sets so they must also graduate with a minimum possible to make that happen and to be “They pushed the program and
ticipating students that they will find are more attractive to employers when grade point average of 70 per cent, ex- successful.” did a very nice job explaining why the
employment in their career-related they graduate, but perhaps more im- plained Coby Stephenson, one of the She added that she would ab- program would be beneficial for me. I
fields within six months of graduation. portantly, these opportunities help program’s counselors. solutely recommend the program to also was attracted to the program be-
Otherwise, the university will waive make them well-rounded citizens. “We have students attend work- all students. “It is also a great program cause of the sheer experience the pro-
the tuition and course fees for an addi- That’s what the university experience shops at the student success centre to to meet a lot of people and find other gram brought forth. I believed even if
tional 30 credit hours of undergradu- should do,” Timmons explained. help them become academically suc- students who have the same interests. I never followed through the entire
ate courses in the following year. She added, “I want all students cessful, so that is the first key. We want The program also guarantees job program I would gain beneficial ca-
The very first of its kind across all who are eligible to know that it’s a you to stay in school, we want you to placement after university. If a student reer experience,” said Johb, who – like
universities in Canada, the UR very good option for them. I wish a get your degree – that’s the priority. is not successful, the program will help Goodin – has completed the program’s
Guarantee program was born a couple program like it had existed for me Then, we want the students to become the student return to university to take 100 level.
of years ago when the university was when I was an undergraduate stu- engaged on campus, so either joining additional classes one requires.” The program, explains Doug
working with a Strategic Enrollment dent.” a club, maybe they attend a theatre Chris Wagman, another counselor O’Brian, another counselor, is self-di-
Management consultant to find ways To be eligible, students must be production so they are supporting the at the program’s office, explained that rected in the sense that it is facilitated
to address declining enrolments due to enrolled in a minimum four-year de- university. We are trying to stop park- if a graduate from the program failed through the UR Courses as a non-
attrition. gree; this includes newly-admitted, ing lot students – the students who to get a career job six months after credit activity. “They take part in all
“Looking at different retention current, and transfer students with 30 drive to school, go to their class, get their graduation, the university would these activities – on and off campus –
strategies that were out there, we real- credit hours or less. Students who back in their car and go home. We bring them back for an additional and then they log onto UR Courses
ized that UR Guarantee would be meet the requirements and are en- want then to get involved on campus, year’s worth of classes. and reflect on the different activities
something that we could implement rolled through the university’s affili- or if they join a student association or “The coming back to school is not that they take part in and then us, as
across the curriculum,” said president ates – Campion College, Luther a club, maybe write an article for the necessarily to get more training in counselors, we will check in on their
Vianne Timmons, who supported the College, and the First Nations Carillon, anything like that offered on your program, but to open up more progress and then work with them on
campus. Attend a lecture series or con- options. If for example you were a periodic basis to go through the
ference, anything to support the uni- studying film and video production number of all the different criteria of
versity here at home counts.” and could not get a job after six the program.”
Chantel Goodin is a second year months, you might do a management O’Brien added that the program
arts student who joined the program course or get a language certificate is set to start operating bilingually
“ I wish a program like it had existed after hearing about it from a classmate when you come back just to open up soon.
of hers. more opportunities rather than just to Students with 30 credit hours or
for me when I was an undergraduate “I am just starting my second year, focus on one opportunity which may less who are interested in registering in
student.” but so far the program is everything it have limited career job opportunities.” the program are encouraged to stop
promises to be,” she said. “My coun- Stephenson is, however, quick to by the UR Guarantee Program office at
selor has gone above and beyond in add that she has so much confidence Riddell Centre 229.
helping me achieve the things I want in the program that she thinks none of For more information, visit the pro-
to achieve and providing me feedback their students will be taking them up gram’s website at
Vianne Timmons
to all my concerns. They also send out on the waiver. antee.
emails regularly about all the events “We think we are going to get
Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2011
the carillon
4 news

Cap-tivating The new R-card

Soon, you’ll need to remove your
lids before you get money for
Regina Transit goes 21st-century
your bottles

Martin Weaver

will give public transportation a try. “covers off the purchase of the card
“We are fairly confident that it will and administration costs. The first
martin weaver
increase ridership, our number one one issued will have two free rides
focus is to take the information com- which is the equivalent to that five
Matt Duguid
Tired of fumbling over loose change ing out of the system and put the dollars.” People who still have exist-
or losing bus tickets when using city right services in the right places. As ing paper tickets can exchange them
transit? Well, Regina Transit is, so the system gets more efficient then for a credit of equivalent value.
fusing bottles with their lids attached
they are eliminating paper tickets and ridership should increase”. While this After catching up with students
is the potential health problems, like
ed kapp
bus passes, and replacing them with technology is not exclusive to Regina, on campus, the R-card has gotten a lot
carpal tunnel syndrome. The syn-
the R-Card. Onrait said the city is pleased with of positive feedback.
news writer
drome is brought on by repetitive mo-
As of Jan. 1, transit officials the timing of this new service. Rik Anaka, an undeclared stu-
Some SARCAN customers may be in tions – like the clenching, twisting,
stopped accepting paper tickets as a While the cards add convenience dent at the university, said, “I think
for a surprise the next time they bring and removing of caps from their re-
method of payment when riding the for transit riders, the information col- it’s easier than before, especially than
in their recycling. On April 1, in an at- spective bottles.
bus. Instead, people will have to pur- lected with these cards could help the the ticket system.”
tempt to both protect the health of Secondly, for those indifferent to
chase pre-paid electronic chip cards city make the transit system more ef- Lisa Wang, a third-year business
their employees and make their SARCAN employees’ health, Smith
that are designed to make riding the ficient over time. administration student, likes the idea
ground level operations more effi- insisted that SARCAN’s forthcoming
bus faster and more convenient. It’s as “Because ridership can be sea- that the card can recognize a transfer.
cient, SARCAN will no longer be ac- policies will directly benefit cus-
easy as just placing the card over a sonal we want to make sure we have “The transfer is more convenient than
cepting bottles that still have their lids tomers by eliminating the excessive
reader and, after a few seconds, the a full cycle of data before making ma- using a piece of paper ... [The R-card]
attached. waiting times that are brought on by
card has been read. Through the jor changes. We might see small is more convenient to use.”
“It’s just trying to simplify the SARCAN employees having to deal
“Smart Technology” of the chip, peo- changes in the meantime,” said Danni Tunney, a sixth-year biol-
process for everyone, and making it with the time-consuming process of
ple will be able to view their remain- Onrait. He also said that there is po- ogy and psychology student said,
mandatory is our way of enforcing removing scores of very securely-fas-
ing balance and the expiry date on tential to modify existing routes, add “Truthfully, I really like it. It’s nice
the process, basically,” offered Sydney tened bottle caps.
the monthly pass, and they will be new ones, or even reduce the fre- not having to worry about tickets.”
Smith, communications officer for the “At SARCAN, we really try to
able to transfer buses within the hour quency of some routes based on de- She added, “Originally, I was against
Saskatchewan Association of promote a healthy and safe work-
without being charged twice. mand. the fee, but they give you the money
Rehabilitation Centres. “As it stands place for our employees, and we did-
Kim Onrait, manager of opera- The R-card comes in monthly back in rides. My friend lost her card
we’ve always had posters in our de- n’t want to see an increase in the
tions and services for Regina transit, passes or in reloadable versions. They and they kept a registry of her. I don’t
pots that recommend that people take number of wrist injuries. That’s the
said that this technological advance- are available for purchase at various mind paying a small registration fee if
the caps off, but this is just a way to main drive behind it, helping out our
ment has the city excited. “We are ex- transit kiosks around the city, but that means I don’t need a new pass.”
make sure people adhere to it.” employees,” noted Smith. “For cus-
cited due to the fact that it lets us come with a five dollar fee loaded With bus riders dealing with the
SARCAN collects 145 million tomers who bring in their recycling
capture data ... it can capture data with two free rides. If cards are dam- change, Regina transit hopes the R-
glass and plastic bottles across the with all their caps on, it’s very time-
about the riders, who is travelling on aged or lost there is that same fee for card it will steer buses towards a
province’s 71 depots every year. It has consuming for our employees to re-
them, when and where”. Onrait ex- replacement that doesn’t come with more effective transit system. It might
long encouraged their customers to move all those caps, there’s also a risk
plained the city has been researching rides. The remaining balance from even make the world a little bit
remove the lids from their bottles of wrist injuries. We want to speed
this technology for about a year and a previous cards can be transferred greener with more choosing to bus it
with posters reminding customers of up the process and help out our em-
half and are happy to have intro- over so that people don‘t lose what instead of driving.
the health hazards of excessive twist- ployees.”
duced the service. His hope is people they have already paid. Onrait be-
ing and, according to one long-time Naturally, Smith and others at
will seize this opportunity and more lieves the fee is necessary because it
SARCAN customer, “an occasional SARCAN worried that their new pol-
dirty look.” The launching of icy would be received negatively, but
SARCAN’s ‘Caps Off Campaign’ on at this point, that hasn’t been the case.
Jan. 1 marked the organization’s first “So far it’s only been positive, feed-
official mandate to cut down on the back has been really good about it
amount of lidded bottles entering and it’s not even mandatory yet, so
SARCAN. we’re pretty excited about that fact,”
“As of April 1, we’re going to said Smith. “To be honest, we were
make it mandatory to have your caps kind of concerned that that would be
removed in order to receive your de- the case. We haven’t received any
posit, so [January’s ‘Caps Off complaints.”
Campaign’] is just a way to create Although it’s yet to be deter-
public awareness and just make sure mined how SARCAN’s newest policy
people know about it, because we will be received once it is officially
don’t want people to get a huge shock put into practise in early April, if
when they come to the depot and find Smith’s rational approach to the topic
out that they have to remove their is any indication, SARCAN’s plans
bottle caps,” Smith explained. should go off without a hitch.
Smith said that SARCAN is im- “When you drink a drink and put
plementing their policy for two rea- the bottle in the recycling, its extra ef-

ssjattacun a d i
a n f
e d e ra t i
o n o f
sons. fort to put the cap back on, anyway.”

d e n t ss
a s k a tch e w a n
The primary motivation for re-

u u
n d
d e
e rcntks
e ua
v um
t srla
p c
e lh
skd t e
a n
y e
i h
e a
s w
a pdt
y rgrc
ug n
et -
a b fa
e t
e c
o s
s r
ls nh
s t
oy h
tth ick eew tsrw onhge pn ly
a ce oounp caam rkin-
Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2011
the carillon
news 5

Sask. NDP to move Greens would

beyond criticizing eliminate


fee policy, Shasko noted that the

Greens will be focusing on some of
kent e. peterson
their traditional issues as well.
business manager
“While the full list is quite ex-
With a provincial election set for tensive, some of the top issues we
Nov. 7 of this year, the Green Party of would take urgent action on include
Saskatchewan is putting forth poli- climate change and the environment,
cies and ideas that they hope will economic health, eliminating
lead to the election of the first ever poverty, support for students, im-
Green MLA in the province’s legisla- proving and protecting our public
ture. One of these ideas is aimed at healthcare system.”
strengthening the party’s support Other issues the Greens will fo-
amongst young voters – specifically cus on heading into the election are
students. ones typically overlooked by the
Larissa Shasko heads the Green province’s two major parties. They
Party of Saskatchewan and has made include support for Saskatchewan
it clear that, if elected, the Greens artists, food security, restoring
will move to eliminate tuition in democracy, and stopping a nuclear
Saskatchewan’s universities and col- waste dump from being located in
leges. the province. “A Green Party of Saskatchewan Shasko maintains the Green
Government will establish a zero-tu- Party of Saskatchewan advocates for
ition fee policy for post-secondary such issues because they are directly
with the so-called “natural governing needs, meeting with stakeholders in education,” said Shasko, noting that linked to the party’s founding prin-
party.” However, as the 2011 provin- every area,” Lingenfelter said. the party has had a zero-tuition fee ciples.
kent e. peterson
business manager cial election draws nearer, NDP Lingenfelter maintains that there policy since 1998. She said the party “We are a political party com-
Leader Dwain Lingenfelter wants to is plenty of time until the Nov. 7 elec- believes that post-secondary educa- mitted to environmental and social
The Saskatchewan New Democratic change his party’s image. tion for his party to develop sound tion is a basic right, and should be justice,” she said, adding, “The guid-
Party has been occupying the opposi- Lingenfelter is excited for the con- policy, and present it to voters. He be- accessible to a larger number of peo- ing principles of the Green Party of
tion benches in the Legislature since clusion of his party’s policy renewal lieves that once the electorate sees his ple, “Education is the key to a better Saskatchewan are ecological wis-
November of 2007 – after a 16-year process, which has involved holding party’s vision for the future, they will quality of living and economic dom; social and economic justice;
run of being in government. The roles meetings in communities throughout support the NDP. health,” she said. participatory democracy; personal,
and responsibilities of the Official Saskatchewan. Lingenfelter hopes “Brad Wall will keep trying to Even if the Greens do not form social, and global responsibility;
Opposition are to contest, question, solid ideas will be developed at the skew public opinion numbers with government after the next provincial community-based economics; coop-
and criticize the government. In this party’s March convention, allowing attack ad campaigns like the ones the election, Shasko stated the party will eration and mutual aid; respect for
case, Brad Wall’s Saskatchewan Party the NDP to start focusing on positive Republicans like to run in the United still have options to eliminate tuition diversity; peace and non-violence;
government has spent three years on alternatives to the governing Sask. States,” Lingenfelter said. “That’s be- for Saskatchewan students. If even a decentralization; and gender equity.”
the receiving end of seemingly end- Party. cause he wants people to focus on small number of Green MLAs are
less NDP opposition. “I’m looking forward to the re- spin instead of real issues like the elected, Shasko said making post-
The NDP’s tactics have generally lease of our policy document and our ones we’ve been talking about.” secondary education free will be
not played well in the media, and platform so that Saskatchewan people In conclusion, Lingenfelter of- among their top priorities.
polls indicate voters are not happy can view our positive solutions and fered a contrast between himself and “[Green MLAs’] first acts of busi- “ Education is the
working alternatives,” Lingenfelter Premier Brad Wall. ness will include introducing a pri-
said. “From there we can move from “I bring forth a record of success,” vate members bill to establish a
key to a better
being opposition critics to start laying he said. “I’m a successful business zero-tuition fee policy for post-sec-
quality of living
out positive alternatives.” leader with experience working ondary education,” she said. “[The] and economic
The provincial NDP leader thinks around the world for major compa- private members bill for a zero-tu-
that delegates at the March conven- nies. I also have solid experience in ition fee policy will force debate in
“ [The Sask. NDP] the house and hopefully result in the
tion will present popular ideas on is- government, having been trusted
sues such as rural living, the with important portfolios by great passing of this legislation.”
will have the best Larissa Shasko
environment, poverty reduction, af- NDP leaders such as Allan Blakeney In addition to the zero-tuition
fordable housing, post-secondary ed- and Roy Romanow.”
policy and the
best programs for ucation, and childcare. “[The Sask. In the past, Lingenfelter has ac-
NDP] will have the best policy and cused Brad Wall of being a failed busi-
the best programs for families in nessman, even calling him, “the little
families in
Saskatchewan,” Lingenfelter said. thief from Swift Current” in the
In addition to province-wide pol-
icy meetings hosted by the party,
“I know what it takes to run a
Lingenfelter himself has been visiting government ... what it takes to listen ...
Dwain Lingenfelter
voters and listening to their concerns. I think that’s what the people of
“I’ve been out traveling the province, Saskatchewan want,” noted
meeting constituents, listening to their Lingenfelter.
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Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2011
the carillon
6 news

photo briefs

Photo by: Matt Duguid

Anna Maria Tremonti, host of CBC Radio One’s The Current, deliv-
ered the 31st Annual James M. Minifie Memorial Lecture on
Thursday, Jan. 20. The event also served as the launch party for an
anthology of the previous 30 Minifie Lectures, -30- Journalism and
Democracy in Canada. In that vein, her lecture was concerned with
journalism past and present. “This is time to take our journalism
back,” Tremonti told a packed University Theatre. “... We have to
make our journalism matter.”

Photos by: Marc Messett

The U of R played host to activist and author Yves Engler on

Monday, Jan. 24. Engler’s lecture, “The Right Did Wrong,” was a
scathing condemnation of the Conservative government’s for-
eign policy decisions, from the management of African debt to
Canada’s military operations in the Middle East. Engler, a former
Concordia Students’ Union vice-president whose career was
marked with controversy and ended in expulsion, has written
four books and several articles about global politics.
Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2011
the carillon
news 7

North vs. South

Sudan votes to split or remain as one
the untimely deaths of over 500,000 and south Sudan. If southern Sudan
Sudanese nationals and the forced dis- hopes to one day prosper as a nation,
placement of hundreds of thousands the state will need to work tirelessly to
more across Sudan’s southern region. ensure that its population is not im-
Although the Addis Ababa poverished. Instead, it must be
Agreement accords were drafted into healthy, fed, educated, and have ac-
the Sudanese constitution, a pair of vi- cess to clean water.
olations of the agreement led to the A United Nations report released
beginning of Sudan’s second civil war in November of 2010, appropriately ti-
in 1983. tled “Scary Statistics,” paints a very
The first violation occurred when grim picture for the development of
then Sudanese president, Gafaar the world’s newest nation. The find-
Nimeiry, attempted to take control of a ings of the report said that more than
number of newly-discovered oil fields 50 per cent of the population live on
that stretched across the nation’s less than five dollars a day; fewer than
north-south border. The second such 10 per cent of Sudan’s children are
violation occurred when, after grow- fully vaccinated; 4.3 million southern
ing discontent with the Addis Ababa Sudanese nationals required food as-
Agreement, Nimeiry declared Sudan sistance in 2010; less than 50 percent of
an Islamic theocracy – further margin- all children receive five years of pri-
alizing southern-Sudan’s predomi- mary school education. For every 1,000
nantly Christian populous. primary school students there is only
As a response to Nimeiry’s viola- one teacher, and more than 50 per cent
tions of Sudan’s constitution, the of the population do not have access to
Sudan People’s Liberation Army “improved drinking water.”
(SPLA), a rebel group that fought As for what all of this means from
against Sudan’s central government a Canadian perspective, John Schram,
and worked to establish an au- a Canadian ambassador to Ethiopia,
tonomous southern Sudan, was Eritrea, and Sudan from 1998 to 2002,
founded in 1983. is weary. Although Sudan’s referen-
Amazingly, the effects of Sudan’s dum has concluded, important issues
second civil war were even more dam- have been brought to light, and the
aging to the already-fragile African na- war-torn nation will inevitably need a
tion than that of the first 17-year great deal of international aid to en-
conflict from 1955 to 1972 – resulting in sure a degree of stability.
roughly two million deaths, four mil- On Jan. 23, Schram told the
lion southern Sudanese nationals be- Toronto Sun that Canada’s next mili-
ing displaced, and the highest civilian tary deployment will likely be in
death toll of any conflict since World Sudan.
War II. “We’re going to come under pres-
Although relatively minor inci- sure from the Americans who have
dents persisted sporadically in parts been in the lead all along,” offered
of southern Sudan, negotiations for Schram, who is a senior fellow in inter-
peace between the southern rebels and national relations at Queen’s
Sudan’s government made substantial University.
progress throughout 2003 and early “However, we also have a skepti-
2004. cal public and a non-interventionist
On Jan. 9, 2005, in Nairobi, a government and there’s a sense of
Comprehensive Peace Agreement was weariness and reluctance to do what
signed between the two parties. This the Americans want us to do,” Schram
granted southern Sudan autonomy for added. “After Afghanistan, do
six years, laying the groundwork for a Canadians have the stomach for an-
subsequent referendum that was to be other nation-building program?” held in 2011. Schram insists that Canada – who
Unsurprisingly, figures posted on already has nearly 40 officials sta-
ernment gave in to northern Sudanese had failed to deliver on its promises to the Southern Sudan Referendum tioned in Sudan monitoring the situa-
pressure to integrate the two areas. the British that it would implement a Commission’s website on Jan. 22 – af- tion and providing intelligence and
ed kapp
news writer From that point, Arabic was made the federal political system across Sudan’s ter over 98 per cent of the votes in logistics support, which nearly always
administrative language in the south, Equotorial Province in Torit, Juba, Yei, southern-Sudan were counted – precede military intervention – is more
After two brutal waves of civil war while northerners began to hold posi- and Maridi. showed 99 per cent of the southern cit- than prepared to deal with Sudan’s sit-
that first gripped Sudan from 1955 to tions of power in the southern region, In 1971, after 17 years of civil war izens who cast ballots during uation after the nation’s extended
1972, and later from 1983 to 2005, last much to the chagrin of the English- between the north and south former January’s referendum voted in favour peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan.
month’s referendum – in which south- speaking southern elite who felt that Sudanese army lieutenant, Joseph of withdrawing from Sudan rather Schram noted that a mission in
ern Sudanese citizens voted to either they were being kept out of their own Lagu gathered the numerous south than remaining one cohesive nation. Sudan would likely resemble Canada’s
remain intact or secede from their government. Sudan guerrilla bands under his Although Sudan’s referendum has plight in Afghanistan, where the
northern counterparts – has the The majority of power was given Southern Sudan Liberation Movement concluded with a very low amount of Canadian military supports and helps
Republic of South Sudan poised to be- to the northern elites in Khartoum, the (SSLM) banner – the first time in the election-inspired violence, many out- to protect vulnerable towns and areas
come the world’s newest nation. Still, former capital city of Sudan, further history of the war that the southern side observers are worried that south- while assisting in reconstruction and
many outside observers worry that fuelling the south’s resentment for separatist movement had a unified ern Sudan may have a series of very negotiations. Currently, Canada has
southern Sudan may yet face further their northern counterparts. command structure to fulfill their ob- real problems to contend with on their contributed hundreds of millions of
difficulties. Furthermore, when the British jectives of secession and the formation way to prosperity. dollars to Sudan and is behind only
Prior to 1946, the British govern- government moved towards granting of an independent state in South The first hurdle will be whether Norway in terms of supplying interna-
ment and the Eygyptian goverrnment Sudan independence, many have ar- Sudan. or not the will of southern Sudan’s tional aid to the north-east African na-
administered north and south Sudan gued that they failed to take southern Acting as a representative of the electorate will be honoured – in fact, it tion.
as two distinct regions. North Sudan Sudanese needs into account as their south’s interests and objectives at the has nearly been crossed already. Last Although the Republic of South
was viewed as similar to the predom- leaders weren’t even invited to negoti- negotiating table, mediation between week Sudan’s president, Omar al- Sudan is poised to become the world’s
inantly-Muslim, Arabic-speaking ations with the British and Egyptian Lagu’s SSLM, the World Council of Bashir, said that he would accept the newest nation, a cause for celebration
neighbour to the north, Egypt, and governments during their transitional Churches, and the All African results of the referendum, even if the in itself, the coming weeks, months,
southern Sudan as more similar to the period throughout the 1950s. Conference of Churches eventually led south chooses to secede, and pledge to and even years may very well be a try-
other East African colonies – Kenya, In August of 1955, southern to the Addis Ababa Agreement of 1972 help build a secure and “brotherly” ing time for the citizens of southern
Tanganyika, and Uganda – whose Sudanese resentment of what they per- –the south was granted a higher de- southern state if its electorate vote for Sudan as the nation works towards
population predominantly practiced ceived to be northern domination gree of both religious and cultural au- independence. achieving stability and prosperity.
Christianity and animism. manifested in a mutiny among Sudan tonomy. The second such hurdle is perhaps

c an a d i
a nfe d e ra tio n o fstu d e n tss as k a tch e w a ns tu d e n tsco al
o n -
In 1946, however, the British gov- Defense Force troops. The troops were Thus ended the first Sudanese even more daunting than the threat of

m i
ch a eja
lc k s o n m o v i
e l
ay t o nu n d e rf
reth at s pe e ch ste p h e nh a rp e r
upset that the Khartoum government Civil War, a conflict that resulted in civil war breaking out between north

c a
t cr se
y ti
e s s
a c
t ei
r n
v t
ht te
p r
eu ln
o k
us a
ed n
ch ey
g de
s s
th t
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hs a
s 0a
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v -
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sk te
gats ywm h ceanny a o
a p
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stnugd pe l
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k aamtc hpe uws
a al
nt ugs
O m M n
o fst-cep
f ic o
e ah
R oarn
p me rci
id j
e k
ll s
e m
w l
. 2 2 W
’ t
r i
e n
k sr
e t
eo a
t e c
d. h
Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2011
the carillon
8 news

Neo-Nazi Starbucks gets

ex-prof supersized
heads back Coffee chain introduces the “Big
to court Gulp” of coffee beverages
Former University of
Saskatchewan professor
finds justice loophole

tribunal. However, he was forced to

rule that Tremaine was not in con-
tannara yelland
tempt of the Federal Court since he
cup prairies & northern
bureau chief was never explicitly made aware of
its involvement.
SASKATOON (CUP) — Former Tremaine’s defence had been
When 20 ounces of coffee just won’t do it, you might as well order a trenta
University of Saskatchewan math that the order he had received from
professor and unapologetic neo- the tribunal did not make it clear exceed your daily fat intake.” that the high school demographic is
Nazi Terry Tremaine will soon be that he was ordered to either re- “Frappuccinos are highly addic- the one who most often order the
lauren golosky
back in court. move, or attempt to remove, his pre- tive to most people and, even though venti, which was Starbucks largest
vious posts from the Internet as well
This latest battle is with the introducing a bigger size is a good size at the time. Based on her experi-
Canadian Human Rights as to stop posting hateful messages. In a time when countless doctors and move sales-wise for Starbucks, it’s not ence, she believes that they will be
Commission, which is appealing a Harrington accepted this defence dieticians are crusading against obe- healthy for the consumers.” the ones most likely to order the
federal court’s decision to acquit and added that because all the posts sity, chasing both Canadians and Like any other corporation, trenta size.
Tremaine of a contempt charge he in question had been made before Americans to inspire them to make Starbucks is profit-driven in their de- With Starbucks’ upcoming inno-
incurred after ignoring the Canadian the federal court order was brought healthier eating choices, the last thing cision to present a larger size to the vation, it is only imaginable that other
Human Rights Tribunal’s initial 2007 to Tremaine’s attention, he could not needed is another supersized prod- public, disregarding health concerns. chains, such as Second Cup, will fol-
ruling. be found in contempt of court, de- uct. Yet, this spring, Starbucks will be There is also a degree of buyer aware- low suit, further proving that today’s
Tremaine first attracted the spite the fact that Tremaine “brags offering a supersized beverage, their ness and responsibility. But, as the in- culture is addicted to name brand cof-
CHRC’s attention when complaints about” his offensive conduct and is own version of 7/11’s Big Gulp. troduction of the trenta stresses, fee beverages with fancy names.
surfaced that he was posting racist entirely unrepentant. Just like its predecessor, the venti today’s consumer society is addicted “People are most definitely ob-
and anti-Semitic comments to both “The commission's purpose and size, this new size is cleverly named to Starbucks and it is plausible that sessed,” agreed Tidy. “I don’t know
an American white supremacy web- goal is to ensure that orders of the “trenta” – the Italian word for thirty. many people will buy into the more- what it is about it that people love so
site and on a Canadian neo-Nazi Canadian Human Rights Tribunal The trenta, designed exclusively for is-more hype. much, but they can’t seem to stay
website. are obeyed,” CHRC lawyer Daniel the coffee chain’s menu of popular With her experience as a barista, away.”
In February 2007, the tribunal – Poulin said in an email. “The cold beverages, will hold a whopping Tidy can vouch for that. Whoever is thirsty enough to or-
the body of the CHRC that rules on Supreme Court once indicated in 31 ounces of liquid. “Almost every customer I had der the 31-ounce beverage should be
cases – found that Tremaine had con- Taylor case that orders should be Former Starbucks employee was a daily regular,” she admitted. aware that it is larger than the average
travened the Canadian Human obeyed, even if the party disagrees Ashley Tidy is startled at Starbuck’s “You get to know your customers and adult’s stomach.
Rights Act and issued a “cease and with it, and takes the legal steps to latest introduction, and worried about their drink and that’s what keeps
desist order.” He was also fined fight it. “ the health implications that will them coming back.”
$4,000. If the CHRC’s appeal is ac- surely ensue. “People are already giving their
But the tribunal’s finding is only cepted, it will be heard by the “A 31-ounce cold beverage is ex- toddlers frappuccinos and teaching
legally binding if it is filed with the Federal Court of Appeal. cessive,” said Tidy. “It’s definitely go- them to love Starbucks at a young
“ In some, the
federal court and if the subject of the Tremaine’s lawyer, Doug ing to create more health problems age.”
Christie, declined to comment, say-
trenta size would
finding is informed it has been filed. for people, especially for people Trendy chain coffee establish-
That’s where the system broke ing only that they “plan to fight the struggling with weight loss and in ments seem to have caffeine-addicted,
almost make up
down, and where Tremaine found a appeal” and that he did not “want to younger children.” sugar rush-seeking, consumers
loophole. argue [the case] in the media.” Tidy claims the majority of the wrapped around their fingers. Their
over half of your
While the tribunal registered its “Justice Harrington's ruling cold beverages on Starbucks’ menu products are no longer solely bever- daily intake of
finding with the federal court in raises important issues in regards to are unhealthy, particularly the ever- ages, but rather they have been trans-
February 2007, Tremaine was not the interpretation of the Federal popular frappuccino. The blended formed into accessories. As Tidy
calories and ex-
made aware of this until 2010. Court Rules and of the Canadian coffee concoction has evolved over reveals, consumers are not just buying
In his ruling, Harrington ac- Human Rights Act, particularly as it into the mania themselves, but are
ceed your daily
the years.
knowledged that Tremaine is “viru- relates to the enforcement of tribunal “They’ve come up with new ways also indulging their children with fat intake.”
lently anti-Jewish,” and that he orders,” Poulin said. “It is to clarify of making frappuccinos so they can be these caffeinated luxuries, including
“thinks – or perhaps just wishes – he the law that the commission is ap- more customized, but there are still children too young to even say frap-
is better than others because of the pealing the decision.” many chemicals in the ingredients,” puccino. Ashley Tidy
colour of his skin.” Poulin said that while freedom Tidy confessed. “In some, the trenta This addiction is seen in people of
Harrington further agreed that of expression is important, “there is size would almost make up over half all ages – from the toddlers who were
former Starbucks
Tremaine had violated the tribunal’s a need to protect minority groups of your daily intake of calories and given a head start, to high school stu-
order, and was in contempt of the from intolerance and hate.” dents, to adults. However, Tidy says
sports Sports Editor: Jonathan Hamelin
the carillon, Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2011

Hoping to gobble up the

U of R women’s curling team prepares for Winter Universiade in Turkey

Position: Skip
Year: Second
Major: Nursing

Matt Yim Peterson
The University of Regina women’s curling team, pictured here during a recent practice at the Callie Curling Club, are international contenders
Position: Third
gram at the U of R. “We hope that we achieved so much in a short period Regina faced tough competition. Year: First
can go out and perform the best that of time, they have not all been to- They fell behind 4-2 after seven ends.
jonathan hamelin
we can. I’ve never been off this con- gether for that long. While one may However, Regina bounced back by
sports editor
Major: Nursing
tinent before and it’s going to be a assume they have spent years to- stealing two in the ninth and sending
With the recent success of the long trip.” gether as a team perfecting their the game to extra ends. In extra ends, (SIAST)
University of Regina women’s curl- For all the women, it will be the craft, this is not the case. it all came down to Lemon.
ing team, one would imagine they first time they have competed on the The entire team has only been “I had to draw to the pin for the
would have no problem getting cov- world stage. The tournament boasts together for about a year. Lemon, win and I did,” said Lemon, whose
erage from the media. powerhouse countries like the U.S.A, Peterson and Lang curled together squad walked away with a 6-5 deci-
This has not exactly been the China, Japan, and Russia. Because of in Saskatchewan outside of univer- sion. “It was a great feeling. To know Ashley
case. the unfamiliarity of the field, Lemon sity before the team was formed. that shot gave us a free trip to Turkey
Last year, for example, despite explained it is hard to predict how Since they were having success, they was pretty exciting.” Green
winning the CIS Championships (the her team will do. decided to create a university team. The victory at nationals not only
only U of R team to accomplish the “We honestly don’t know what They added Green to the mix and fi- gained Lemon’s team a trip to
feat), there was not an overwhelming to expect,” she admitted. “We don’t nally Watamanuk was added later. Turkey, but also allowed them to jack Position: Second
amount of publicity for the team. know the calibre of curling there. The According to Lemon, the team gets up their training program.
This was unfortunately true in the skill level of some teams will proba- along well together. “We’ve had a sports nutritionist,
Year: Graduated last
Carillon as well. According to team’s bly vary a lot. We really don’t have Last year, their ride to CIS was psychologist, and trainer helping us
skip Brooklyn Lemon, however, it is any expectations. Obviously, we not exactly one fraught with peril. In prepare,” Lemon explained.
all good. want to go over there and win.” university curling, unlike in other “Because we won, the Canadian
“We didn’t care,” noted Lemon While Lemon may not know sports, there is not a structured Curling Association funded us. The
Major: Film
about the lack of coverage. “We real- what to expect, she does know that league where teams compete against win really helped us further our curl-
ize that curling is not the focus of opposing countries will be expect- one another. Last year, Lemon’s team ing careers.”
university sports, so we really didn’t ing a competitive Canadian squad played in the Saskatchewan Curling It has truly been a Cinderella run
notice. due to Canada’s legacy in curling. Association and competed in events for Lemon and her teammates. And, Nicole Lang
The team certainly has more on “In curling, wearing the Maple across Saskatchewan. To get to na- after going from inexperienced uni-
its mind than how many stories it re- Leaf on your back is kind of a tar- tionals, they simply had to beat one versity curlers to CIS Champions, all
ceives. Thanks to its performance at get,” said Lemon. “Canada is always other team at the U of R hoping to that is left for them is to win it all on Position: Lead
nationals, the team – comprising of successful in curling so it adds pres- earn a berth. This team was skipped the world stage.
Lemon, third Chelsey Peterson, sec- sure. We could take it in and use it to by Watamanuk. Lemon’s team was Of course, all Lemon’s team has
Year: Third
ond Ashley Green, lead Nicole Lang, our advantage.” victorious, Watamanuk was added achieved so far will surely generate
and alternate Sarah Watamanuk – The Canadians will have a to the team as an alternate, and a more exposure for curling at the U of
Major: Business
will be representing Canada in the chance early in the tournament to ce- berth in national was secured. R, regardless of how they perform at
curling portion of the 2011 Winter ment themselves as contenders and Much like the world champi- this upcoming tournament.
Universiade in Erzurum, Turkey, this send a message to the rest of the onships coming up, Lemon’s team “I think people will realize what
Friday to Feb. 5. field. Canada opens up against was unsure of what to except head- you can gain through curling in the Sarah
Ontario’s Wendy Morgan (team China. The Chinese usually boast a ing into nationals, which took place CIS,” said Lemon. “I mean, we’re go-
leader), Loreburn’s Travis Brown solid squad. In 2009, they beat last March in Edmonton. Despites ing to Turkey. I think lots of younger
(coach) and Regina’s Alison Fisher Canada 6-5 in the final. It was a this uncertainty, Regina cruised to a curlers will realize that curling in Watamanuk
(team official) make up the coaching Canadian squad who had cruised 4-1 record in the round robin, only university, as well as other competi-
staff. Jonathan Beuk’s Queen’s through the round robin with a 9-0 losing to the Saint Mary’s Huskies. tions, is a smart decision.”
University Golden Gaels team makes record. While the players may not be They topped the Wilfrid Laurier There are plenty of ways for
Position: Alternate
up the Canadian men’s squad, while the same on each team, it could be a Golden Hawks 11-5 in an eight-end those interested in curling to get in- Year: Fourth
Ontario’s Richard Henderson is their statement game nonetheless. semifinal to set up a rematch with volved at the U of R, both at the
coach. “China will probably be one of the Huskies in the final. recreational and competitive levels. Major: Education
“We are very excited,” said the tougher teams for sure,” said Facing a veteran and motivated To learn more or to sign up a team,
Lemon, a second-year student Lemon. Saint Mary’s team, who had lost on visit
preparing to enter the nursing pro- Though Lemon’s squad has the same stage the previous season, vices.
Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2011
the carillon
10 sports

One final stroke

Cougars swimmer Maggi Pettit’s last chance to a earn CIS berth comes
at Canada West Championships

Pettit at
Year: Third
Major: Science
Qualified Event: 400m
Previous CW Best: Placed
15th in 200m breaststroke last
Coach’s Comments: “I think
Hector could get a top 16 fin-
ish if he swims well.”
Kelsey Conway

Erika Brown Pettit has been working hard to reach her goal

“Last year I was two tenths of a next year as well. Swimming well in the World Aquatic Trials this April
second off in the 50-metre freestyle,” now will help people consider the in Victoria and the Olympic Trials in
Year: Second jonathan hamelin
noted Pettit, who specializes in the University of Regina in the future.” 2012.
Major: Kinesiology & Health sports editor
Studies 50m, 100m, and 200m freestyle and “People are starting to come As for Pettit, even if she does not
Rounding the last lap of her univer- qualified to compete in these events around now,” added Pettit. “We have qualify for nationals this season or
sity swimming career, all that is left at Canada West. “In previous years five swimmers going to Canada West win a medal in the conference tourna-
Qualified Event: 100m but-
for Maggi Pettit to do is to make it on I’ve actually had a qualifying time for this year. That’s one more than last ment, it would be hard for her to look
Previous CW Best: N/A a national stage CIS, but it happened after the event so year. We have three people going who back on her time with the Cougars as
The fifth-year University of it was too late. Suffering these losses weren’t there last year.” a failure.
Regina Cougars women’s swimmer just motivates me every year.” As well as improving team “It has been great to stay in
Coach’s Comments: “She
has been in the Canada West Since she has been so close be- morale, Pineau has also tried to help Saskatchewan and do the sport that I
did not swim last year due to
injuries so she has made some Championships every year with fore and is a year older, Pettit looks Pettit reach her goal. He has sensed love to do,” Pettit said. “There’s
Regina, but has never competed in poised to qualify for nationals on pa- how motivated she is to finally something about competing for your
the CIS Championships. per. However, nothing is a guarantee achieve that goal this season. university that is so special. The
great progress from meet to
Pettit’s last chance to do so comes when it comes to swimming. “Maggi’s been training very well swimming team has always been
meet. Two weeks ago, she was
this weekend, when the Cougars “[Maggi’s] best chance is the 50m this season and adapting her program close. This year, even though some of
travel to Vancouver for the confer-
the best she’s been in a long
freestyle. In the 50m freestyle, you a bit to the new coach in town,” noted us haven’t been swimming together,
ence championships. Other Cougars could simply touch the wall at a dif- Pineau. “She’s been listening well and we still hang out outside of the pool.
that will be at the tournament, which ferent angle and not get the qualify- making progress in most of her “I have had some great team-
runs Friday to Sunday, are Hector ing time,” said Cougars head coach events. She’s a very good team person mates in my time with the Cougars.
Craig Soutar Fukushi, Erika Brown, Craig Soutar Sylvain Pineau. “Whether she quali- who is liked by everybody and is Linda Duarte and Mya Demchuk
and Jessica Winter. fies or not should be decided within good to be around.” (two former Cougar swimmers) have
“I would have liked to qualify for two to three tenths of a second. Pettit has appreciated her coach’s helped me out a lot during my career.
Year: Second
Major: Campion Science CIS earlier on in my career, but I’m Sometimes 50m freestyle can go very efforts. This year, since we have a young
still hoping for it this year,” said well and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s a “He’s got a different training team, I have tried to take on a similar
Pettit, a science major. “I think I have bit of a gamble and it’s a very tough style and it’s definitely working well role and show the young swimmers
Qualified Event: 50m
a good chance to do it. I would be event mentally because some days it for me,” she said. “I definitely feel how the Cougar program works.”
Previous CW Best: N/A disappointed if I didn’t qualify, but if clicks and some days it doesn’t.” stronger then I’ve felt in previous Pettit plans to stay at the U of R
I don’t I guess that’s just the way it In his first year as head coach of years. Being a sprinter, you can kind next year and work towards her mas-
goes.” the Cougars, Pineau has been work- of get the mentality that you’re only a ters. While her university swimming
Coach’s Comments: “He
Canada West is not used as a ing hard to create a winning team. sprinter. He’s been pushing me to do career will be over, the nine-year
just made the standard two
qualifying tournament for CIS. Early on, Pineau felt the attitude everything. At one meet, I competed swimmer’s love of the sport will al-
Qualifying for both the conference
weeks ago. It would be great
amongst the swimmers was not very 16 times in three days.” ways remain.
and national tournament is based on good. Because of their ranking, the Fukushi, Brown, and Soutar are “Swimming is such a great sport
if he could put up another per-
sonal best time. He will enjoy time standards. To qualify for a par- team did not hold high expectations also looking to qualify for nationals regardless of how old you are,” said
ticular event, swimmers have to swim of themselves. According to Pineau, like Pettit. Winter, on the other hand, Pettit. “I love to race and I love get-
the determined time at any meet dur- the attitude is more positive now. has already qualified for nationals in ting in the pool early in the morn-
the experience”
ing the year. It is harder to qualify for “I think some of the success the 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, and ing.”
Jessica Winter nationals than the conference meet. we’ve had as a team has helped,” said 1500m freestyle. It has been an im-
In previous years, Pettit has certainly Pineau. “We have quite a few guys pressive rookie season for the science
Year: First been close to obtaining her goal. who are interested in joining the team student, who has also earned a berth
Major: Luther Science
Qualified Events: 50m,
100m, 200m freestyle; 50m,
100m, 200m individual med-
ley; 50m, 100m, 200m butter-
fly; 50m, 100m, 200m
“ I would have liked to qualify for CIS
earlier on in my career, but I’m still
Previous CW Best: N/A hoping for it this year. I think I have a
Coach’s Comments: “She good chance to do it.”
should lead the way and has a
good shot to win us a medal.
She spends the most hours in Maggi Pettit
the pool.”
Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2011
the carillon
sports 11

Steps in the Thunderbirds

catch a break
right direction Cougars women’s hockey loss lets UBC
snap losing streak
the first. Teammate Emily Grainger
was able to strike precisely a minute
autumn mcdowell
Cougars women’s volleyball gets sports writer later on yet another power play as
penalties were already proving to be
The University of Regina Cougars costly for Regina.
back in playoff race women’s hockey team welcomed a
UBC Thunderbirds squad to town last
The Cougars came out in the sec-
ond period ready to make a come-
weekend that was trying to snap a back, but a goal two minutes in by
six-game losing streak. The streak Kailtin Imai extended the
showed now signs of stopping any Thunderbirds lead to three, thus dig-
time soon, or so the Cougars thought. ging the Cougars hole even deeper.
The end result was a split in Regina could have easily given
Canada West action on Friday and up on the night, but they weren’t
Saturday at the Co-operators Centre. done yet as Kennedy managed to gen-
“I thought we came out ready to erate her own scoring chance, taking
play in the first game,” said Cougars advantage of a costly mistake by a
forward Katie Kennedy, who could UBC player. While UBC bobbled the
have easily been named the hardest- puck on yet another power play,
working Cougar on both nights. “In Kennedy was able to scoop the puck
the second game, we were off a little up and get a breakaway. Kennedy fin-
bit in the first and second but we ished off some fancy stick handling
came together in the third”. with a shorthanded goal and enjoyed
Night one saw strong play at both a lengthy and well deserved celebra-
ends of the ice from the home team. tion afterwards.
Hillary Lerat and Paige Wheeler “It felt pretty good,” said
proved that they were a forced to be Kennedy of the goal, “I was pretty ex-
reckoned with, as the pair set each cited about that.”
other up in the first and second peri- Kennedy’s unassisted goal with
ods to get the Cougars on the board. six minutes left in the third would be
The Thunderbirds were able to steal the only thing on the score sheet for
the shutout away from Lisa Urban a the Cougars, as UBC snapped its
mere three minutes into the third, but seven-game losing streak with a 3-1
that would prove to be the only of- victory. It was another solid perform-
fence that the visitor’s would gener- ance by Urban, however, who turned
ate. Urban was solid, making 26 aside 25 shots.
saves. The Cougars now sit fifth in the
The Cougars earned a 2-1 victory conference at 6-10-2. They currently
and, more importantly, the two trail Saskatchewan for the fourth and
points. final playoff spot by nearly 10 points
Night two would not prove to be and it will take a minor miracle for
so easy. them to make a push for the post-sea-
The Cougars offence was quiet for son.
the majority of the game, but the play- However, as Kennedy states, “We
ers sure weren’t as they screamed at just have to believe that we can do it
almost every aspect of the game. and come out strong and ready to
Whether a teammate made a terrible go”.
pass or a great one, whether they The Cougars will travel to
fanned on a shot, or fired one right on Manitoba (12-4-1) on Friday and
net, everything was scream-worthy. Saturday to take on the third-place
UBC’s Tamara Pickford would be Bisons in what could prove to be two
the first player to light the lamp, as extremely important games for
she managed to squeak a power play Regina.
marker past Urban four minutes into

Kelsey Conway

The Cougars shut down the Wesmen last weekend

position. Cougars would need in order to steal

The visitors’ performance im- the victory from the hands of
autumn mcdowell
proved slightly in the second set, as Winnipeg, as they took the final set
sports writer
the score remained close. The two by a score of 25-21.
The University of Regina women’s teams found themselves deadlocked “We played really well and we
volleyball team was in action against at 10, but the strong play of Onstad performed good.” said Sweeting of
their record twins, the Winnipeg allowed the Cougars to pull ahead the team’s play on night one.
Wesmen, this past weekend as both and gain a five point lead over their In order to sweep the weekend series
teams went into the weekend with a opponents. It appeared as though with the Wesmen and gain valuable
3-7 Canada West record. Onstad could officially do no wrong ground in the playoff race, Sweeting
Regina was able to make up in the second set, as even her desper- believed that the team would need
some ground in the playoff race by ate attempts resulted in points for the to come out on night two strong and
sweeping the Wesmen at the Centre Cougars. As a result, the Cougars play with “as much aggression as we
for Kinesiology, Health and Sport. went on to take the second set by a can”.
On Friday, the Cougars got off to score of 25-18. The Cougars proved to do just
a bit of a slow start in the first set as As the third set began, Winnipeg that on night two, and although it
they found themselves down 3-0, but began playing with desperation in an may have taken four sets, the
four unanswered points caused them attempt to gain any sort of ground Cougars were still able to add an-
Like you.
to regain the lead. Cougars outside against the Cougars. The Wesmen other win to their record (25-19, 25-13,
hitter Meagan Onstad played ex- were awarded for their play by fi- 14-25, 28-26). As a result of their
tremely well, contributing both of- nally getting a lead on the Cougars, strong play this weekend, the
You may not have done as well

fensively and defensively for the but the hometown girls crawled their Cougars are 5-7 and sit in sole posses-
on your exams as you hoped,

home team in the first, while team- way back to even things up at 18. As sion of the seventh and final playoff
but with transfer credits from

mate Michelle Sweeting made key the points were quickly approaching spot in the conference.
Athabasca University, you can

plays at key times, helping propel the the magic 25, the Wesmen could feel In order to hold on to their play-
pick up the classes you need to

team to a 25-16 set victory. It seemed the game slipping away. Three sets off spot, Sweeting believes that
complete your degree. AU offers

as though the Cougars got many of would prove to be all that the “teamwork” will be the most impor-
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their points off of mistakes by the op- tant factor down the stretch.
and at a distance, many with
The Cougars next action is Friday
the flexibility of monthly start
and Saturday when they take on the
Brandon Bobcats (7-5) at the CKHS.
dates. Let AU help you finish your

The game on Friday is at 6:15 p.m.

degree in record time.
“ We played really well and we performed
and the Saturday game is at 8 p.m.
Brandon is currently fifth in the
good.” Learn more at

standings and will provide a good

Michelle Sweeting test for the Cougars as they look to-

wards the post-season.
Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2011
the carillon
12 sports

Canada West Standings

As of Thursday, Jan. 27, 2011 U of R Sports
Men’s Basketball

Trinity Western
UBC 16 2 32
Saskatchewan 13 3 26 Nystuen leads the way for Regina’s
Alberta 12 6 24
Regina 10 6 20
track and field team
UFV 6 10 12
Calgary 5 11 10 Ruller, Merissa Margetts, Kelsey itives last weekend.
Bohachewski, and Chelsea Valois – The Cougars split a pair of
Lethbridge 5 13 10
jonathan hamelin
finished third at 1:42.13. The run Canada West games with the
Brandon 4 12 8
sports editor
broke the U of R record and helped Wesmen last weekend at the Centre
TRU 3 15 6 the team meet the CIS standard. for Kinesiology, Health and Sport, in-
Winnipeg 2 14 4 They are ranked third in the nation. creasing their win total from last sea-
Men’s Basketball
Paul Gareau and Jeff Lukomski Ruller finished second in the son (they won no games) to two.
helped Regina sweep the Winnipeg 60m dash in 7.63, followed closely Regina failed to win a set on
Wesmen last weekend in a pair of behind by Margetts, who finished Friday, losing 18-25, 21-25, 29-31.
Men’s Hockey Canada West road games. third with a time of 7.77. Jamie Wilkins piled up 14 kills for
On Friday, Gareau poured in 28 Regina is back in action this the Cougars, which got 13 kills and
W L OTL PTS points and pilled up 10 rebounds, Friday, when the team travels to seven digs from Leon Dyck, six
Alberta 13 5 2 28 while Lukomski scored 15 points, go- Saskatoon for the Sled Dog Meet. blocks from Joel Colter, and 18 as-
sists from Caleb Eschbach.
Calgary 11 6 2 24 ing 4-for-6 from beyond the arc, and
The Cougars got some payback
Manitoba 10 4 4 24 dished out eight assists as the Women’s Softball
on Saturday, cruising to a 25-23, 25-
Saskatchewan 11 7 0 22 Cougars escaped with an 83-80 vic-
tory. Kris Heshka (14 points) and 21, 25-21 victory. Wilkins led the way
UBC 9 7 4 22 Odessa’s Shirrae Muhr and Lipton’
Marek Downarowicz (10) also with 18 kills. Eschbach put up 42 as-
Jillian Huber took home a lot of hard-
Lethbridge 7 8 4 18 chipped in for Regina, which led by sists, the most by a Cougar setter in a
ware last Friday at Regina’s awards
Regina 6 13 1 13 23 after the half before nearly giving banquet.
game in several seasons, and Dyck
up the lead to the Wesmen. tallied 12 kills.
The Cougars honoured Muhr as
The next night, ironically Regina is tied for eighth in the
the team’s top pitcher. Muhr also
enough, the Cougars were the ones conference at 2-10. The Cougars host
shared the team most valuable player
trailing after the first half, facing a the Brandon Bobcats this weekend
award with Regina’s Amanda Foraie
Men’s Volleyball
deficit of 11 points. Unlike the on Friday and Saturday at the CKHS.
and received the players’ choice
The games are at 8 p.m. on Friday
W L PTS Wesmen, however, Regina was able award, which recognizes dedication,
and 6:15 p.m. on Saturday.
Calgary 12 9 24 to complete the comeback and won commitment, and leadership. Huber
Alberta 11 1 22 90-75. Lukomski once again killed received the Alberta Intercollegiate
Manitoba 11 3 22 from outside, hitting seven of 12 at- Women’s Fastball Association’s top Men’s Hockey
tempts and leading the team with 22 offensive player award, was named
Trinity Western 8 4 16
points, while Gareau chipped in 21 the Cougars’ top hitter and shared Regina is quickly dropping out of
Brandon 5 7 10 points. Other key players for Regina team playoff MVP honours with post-season contention.
Thompson Rivers 5 7 10 were Heshka (14 points), Regina’s Kelsey Gullickson. Cassidy Thanks to a pair of Canada West
UBC 5 9 10 Downarowicz (13), and Darius Mole Gale of Regina was named the team’s home losses at the hands of the UBC
Regina 2 10 4 (12, eight assists). top rookie. Thunderbirds last weekend, Regina
Winnipeg 2 10 4 It was a big weekend for Regina posted a 20-10 record remains last in the conference at 6-13-
Saskatchewan 1 11 2 Lukomsi, who is now the confer- during the 2010 season and won sil- 1.
ence’s all-time career leader in three- ver at the 2010 Canadian Collegiate On Friday at the Co-operators
pointers made (287) and three-point Championships, held October in Centre, the Cougars fell 5-3 after try-
attempts (804). He is also 25 points Saskatoon. ing to fight out of a 3-0 deficit in the
Women’s Basketball away from breaking the U of R’s all- second period. Craig Cuthbert, Brett
time scoring record, currently held Leffler and Dillon Johnstone scored
by Glen Nelson (1422). At 10-6 on the for the Cougars, which got 31 saves
Women’s Basketball
season, the Cougars are fifth in the from Adam Ward.
Saskatchewan 14 2 28 conference. The team battles the
Regina battled hard on the road to
The next night was closer, but
Alberta 14 2 28 earn a split against a tough Wesmen
Fraser Valley Cascades on the road still ended in a Regina loss, this one
squad last weekend in Canada West
Regina 13 3 26 this Friday and Saturday. being a 2-1 shootout decision. Tyler
Winnipeg 13 3 26 Heading into the games, each
Penny scored Regina’s lone goal and
UBC 13 5 26 team sported an identical 12-2
Ward earned 21 saves.
Victoria 13 5 26 Regina will look to make one last
Men’s and Women’s Track
push for the playoffs starting this
UFV 8 8 16 Lindsay Ledingham scored 19
and Field
weekend, when they battle the
Thompson Rivers 7 11 14 Tait Nystuen led the way for the points and Joanna Zalesiak regis-
Manitoba Bisons at home on Friday
Calgary 6 10 12 Cougars at the Golden Bear Open in tered 18 points and 12 rebounds as
and Saturday. Both games are at 7
Manitoba 4 12 8 Edmonton last Sunday, picking up the Cougars bested the Wesmen 54-
p.m. at the Co-operators Centre.
49 in a low-scoring affair on Friday.
Lethbridge 4 14 8 two first-place finishes and one sec-
Anne Mercer chipped in with 13 re-
Trinity Western 1 17 2 ond-place finish.
bounds for Regina.
Brandon 0 16 0 Nyusten finished first in the 600-
Men’s Wrestling
metre run with a time of 1 minute On Saturday, Zalesiak hit a half-
20.26 seconds. He teamed up with court shot to send the game into The Cougars competed at the
Mason Foote, Ethan Gardner, and overtime, but Regina would eventu- Jamestown Open last Saturday, but
David Walford to earn a victory in ally fall 65-63. She had 26 points and the results were unavailable at
11 rebounds for the Cougars, while source.
Women’s Hockey
the men’s 4X200m relay. The team,
which finished in 1:30.35, posted the hitting some clutch shots down the The team competed against
W L OTL PTS second-fastest time by a CIS team stretch and in overtime. Gabrielle Minot State on Wednesday at the
Alberta 14 3 3 31 this season. In the 300m dash, Gheyssen had 11 points for Regina, CKHS, but results were unavailable
Calgary 13 5 1 27 Nyusten was second after posting a which got eight points and 11 re- as of press time.
bounds from Mercer.
Manitoba 12 4 1 25 time of 35.29.
The Cougars, who travel to
Saskatchewan 11 6 1 23 In other men’s results, Foote fin-
Fraser Valley this weekend for a pair
Women’s Wrestling
Regina 6 10 2 14 ished second in the 60m dash (6.92);
of games, are still battling for first in
UBC 5 12 1 11 Connor MacDonald earned a fourth- Regina took part in the Guelph Open
place finish in the long jump (6.94m), the conference, they are currently
last Saturday, but the results were
Lethbridge 4 13 3 11 third at 13-3.
the best in the Canada West this sea- unavailable at source.
son; and Michael Barber was second This Saturday, the Cougars travel
in the pentathlon (3377 points). to California for the Women’s

caCsna d i
a n fe d e r
a ti
o n o fs t u d e nts
Men’s Volleyball
Like the men, the women’s 4X2 College Wrestling Association

sfma k a t ch e w a n st u d e n ts c o a l
o n-
relay team also had a successful day. In what has been a trying season, the Championship.
Women’s Volleyball

ch a e j
lc k so n m o v i
e l
ay to n u n d er
The team – consisting of Amanda Cougars were able to find some pos-

e th at sp e e c h st ep h e n h ar p er c an a-
Trinity Western 11 1 22

a n e ol
ornont w
exrci t
esskata n ye
UBC 11 3 22

w e
s t
la d yg a ga t- p a i
na u t ot un e r e ces-
h e c k o ut o u r blo g s , p o dc as t s, and
Manitoba 9 5 18

ivo n
a fg h an i
s ta n t ase r sd o m e b a i
l u t
Alberta 7 5 14

e al
esthph ca r
cearb a nn
isterdouchebagsthoseasshoea.t cc
oyms w e ater
Brandon 7 5 14
Calgary 6 6 12
Regina 5 7 10

Winnipeg 3 9 6
Thompson Rivers 2 10 4
Saskatchewan 1 11 2
Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2011
the carillon
sports 13

Beginning to mesh
Regina Pats find some success as they rebuild

Martin Weaver

While he has not lead on the scoresheet, Garrett Mitchell has been a solid leader for the Pats

gether wins at key times, including a the top prospects game where he or strictly to help change the momen- rather than winning every game.
pair of wins against the CHL’s no. 4- clocked the CHL’s hardest shot at an tum of the game. The Washington Making the playoffs would be an ab-
colin buchinski
ranked team, the Saskatoon Blades. amazing 98.4 MPH. NHL Central Capitals draft pick is likely in his last solute bonus and would give great
Although Regina is below .500, scouting has bell ranked 37th among year with the Pats and has drawn com- young players like Chandler
We are more than halfway through the there is much to be proud of in this North American skaters for the 2011 parisons to former Pats captain Garth Stephensen a taste of playoff hockey as
2010-11 Western Hockey League sea- year’s squad. With 17 wins, the Pats draft. Murray. well as a great experience boost. Some
son. are very much in the hunt for that final Also having a good year is For a team that has undergone so question head coach Curtis Hunt, but
Coming into this season, Pats fans playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. Edmonton Oilers prospect Brandon many changes, the Pats are finally be- if he can somehow lead this team to
had little to be excited about. The team As of press time, the Pats are two Davidson. He is second on the team in ginning to mesh as a team and just the playoffs, there is absolutely no way
was set for the beginnings of a full- points back of the Prince Albert scoring with 32 points. Davidson can might make the playoffs. New addi- anyone can doubt him.
scale rebuild with a new GM in Chad Raiders for eighth in the East and cur- play in any situation and has been a tions to the Pats include forwards Lane This weekend, the Pats and Moose
Lang and a nucleus of very young rently have two games in hand. key part of the team’s defensive core. Scheidl, Shane Neigum, Lyndon Jaw Warriors will battle in the Trans-
players. Since the Christmas break, the Pats Up front, Jordan Weal has added Martell, Tanner Olstad, Trent Oullette, Canada Clash, an annual home-and-
At the start of the year, nobody re- have posted a 7-3-1 record. This is 1.23 points per game, making his total and Nils Moser. Notable players dealt home series between the two teams.
ally gave the Pats a chance, and under- largely thanks to stellar performances 58. Weal, a third-round draft choice of away from the Pats include defence- They play in Moose Jaw on Friday,
standably so. Star players Jordan by goaltenders Damien Ketlo and Matt the LA Kings, has been by far the Pats’ men Mitch Spooner, goaltender then in Regina on Saturday, 7 p.m., at
Eberle and Colten Teubert had gradu- Hewitt. In a 4-3 shootout win against best player. Without him the Pats Dawson Guhle, and forwards Thomas the Brandt Centre.
ated from the WHL ranks and the the Saskatoon Blades, Hewitt posted would likely sit dead last. Weal’s great Frazee and Carter Ashton. It should be a great couple of
team had little to be excited about. 59 saves and stole the game away for hands, fantastic skill, and speed, make Trading Ashton, who represented games with lots of future NHL talent
This season, the Pats’ goal has simply the Pats. At age 18, Hewitt will likely him one of the WHL’s most exciting Team Canada at the World Junior being displayed. If the Pats can play
been putting a competitive product on be the Pats’ starting goaltender next players and it is worth making a trip to Hockey just over .500 hockey from now to the
the ice and developing good young year and possibly the year after. the Brandt Centre just to see him. Championships, brought in first-, end, there is a great chance we will see
players for the future. At times, Hewitt displays great lateral move- Another player worth mentioning third-, and fifth-round picks and was a them play a team like Saskatoon first
they’ve failed to deliver. Such was the ment and has proven to be clutch for is Regina-born Pats captain Garrett very good trade by Lang. The move round. From the Blades point of view,
case in an 11-1 loss to the Spokane the Pats. Mitchell. Although he’s scored just 14 stockpiles draft picks and gives Pats If that happens, the Blades should
Chiefs earlier this year. On defence, one of the most im- goals, Mitchell has proved to be a fan- fans more reason to be excited for the worry.. The Pats have given them trou-
But for the most part,the Pats have pressive players has been Myles Bell. tastic leader for Regina. Mitchell’s future. The plan should essentially be bles all year long and the possible first-
been entertaining to watch. They have At 6–0, 209 lbs, Bell has provided size hard work on and off the ice has set a for the team to be a contender in 2-3 round matchup is something great to
skated against some of the best teams and security on the backend while also great example for his teammates and seasons. look forward to.
in the CHL with heart and determina- adding 11 goals. The play of Bell has he has also never strayed from drop- Right now, the Pats’ focus is on
tion and have been able to string to- impressed scouts, earning him a trip to ping the gloves to protect a teammate the development of younger players

“ For a team that

has undergone so
many changes, the
Pats are finally be-
ginning to mesh as
a team and just
might make the
Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2011
the carillon
14 sports

The Carillon’s Super Bowl

The Packers will hold off the Steelers in what is
sure to be a classic
ranked only 18th during the regular ball. Mendenhall will be a key factor in
season. the offensive strategy, and you can
look for him to have a big game con-
sidering the Packers’ weakness against
the run. The Steelers will need the run-
Pittsburgh Steelers
ning game to get going early, because
The Steelers are one of the most the secondary of the Packers will be re-
celebrated franchises in NFL history. lentless against the pass. If the Steelers
Since their glory days of the seventies cannot run the ball effectively on
until today, the Steelers have main- Superbowl Sunday, the Packers will
tained the same identity, toughness, blitz them relentlessly and force
and jaw-breaking defence. turnovers. Roethlisberger has mobil-
The hard-hitting defence of the ity, and uses it well, but he will not be
Steelers is no secret to anyone. There is able to perform his best if the Packers
an old saying, “defence wins champi- are allowed to rush him without aban-
onships.” No team this post-season don.
has done better on the defensive side The receiving core of the Steelers
of the ball than the Steelers and no has big-play potential from players
team in NFL history has won more like Mike Wallace, but the secondary
championships. They are ranked first of Green Bay will be more than capa-
in rushing and total defence this post- ble of keeping them contained. Pro-
season. bowlers Charles Woodson and Tremon
Their defensive unit is littered Williams will be a blanket over the
with playmakers. They have pro- Steelers receiving core. Mathews will
bowlers on the defensive line, line- be in Roethlisberger’s face all game.
backing core, and in the secondary. Unless the Steelers can run the ball ef-
But, arguably the most important fectively and often, their offence will
piece to the puzzle is defensive coordi- have a very long day against the
nator Dick LeBeau. His blitz packages swarm of Green Bay.
and defensive schemes are the best in The passing attack of Green Bay
the business and a big reason the will have its hands full with a plethora
Steelers are able to maintain such a of blitzes and confusing schemes to
high level of play of the defensive side. throw them off balance. The Steelers
LeBeau is one of the best defensive will rush the passer aggressively, and
minds of all time, period. Having such they will get to Rodgers several times.
a gifted mind leading their defence is But Rodgers has proven to be excellent
invaluable. at getting the ball out quickly, and he
The Pittsburgh offence is not an has many receiver options come
intimidating force like the Packers, but crunch time. The Steelers have previ-
they have playmakers of their own ously been exposed by teams that can
and a wealth of Superbowl experience spread the ball out like the Packers
behind them. can. If they can’t get pressure on Green
ers gets shut down, they have the abil-
Numbers don’t tell the whole Bay, Aaron Rodgers will have a field
ity to adjust and get the ball to other
dietrich neu Green Bay Packers
story with the Steelers offence – they day making completions.
ranked in the middle third of the The Packer offence is also capable
The Packers, in a nutshell, are built On the defensive side of the ball,
for the passing game on both sides of league in every major offensive cate- of completing passes without the aid
The NFL season is two weeks away the Packers are stout and talented. The
the ball. Their offence, under the com- gory. What they do have is grit and of the running game, which should be
from completion. When the season offence takes all the limelight, but the
mand of quarterback Aaron Rodgers, toughness. Running back Rashard nullified by the Steelers’ number 1
started, 32 teams were in contention Packer defence is chock full of pro-
is playing their best football of the sea- Mendenhall is durable, fast, and pow- rushing defence.
and now only two are left standing. bowlers and playmakers. In fact, you
son and the best offensive football of erful. Look for him to carry the load as The Steelers defence will give the
It is fitting that the two teams with can make the argument that the de-
any team in the playoffs this year. the Steelers will look to grid it out on Packers a very tough game. There will
the highest winning percentages in fence is Green Bay’s better half. The
Green Bay has the leading passer the ground. be no easy gains and every yard will
playoff history will square off on Feb. Packers were ranked fifth in total de-
(Rodgers), rusher (James Starks), and Their other weapon is quarterback have to be earned. But, look for the
6 for the Superbowl, football’s biggest fence over the regular season, and
receiver (Greg Jennings) in the play- Ben Roethlisberger. Roethlisbeger’s Packers to rise up to the challenge.
prize. were second in scoring defence. They
offs. Their passing offence has been quick legs allow him to make plays Their wide-open passing attack will
Neither the Green Bay Packers nor have three pro-bowlers in the second-
virtually unstoppable this post-season. when the original plan falls apart, he is match up well with the Steelers sec-
the Pittsburgh Steelers had an easy ary, and another in the linebacking
Rodgers is on fire, completing over 70 great from play-action, and has excel- ondary. It won’t be easy, but the
road to the big dance. Both conference core.
percent of his passes, many of them to lent arm strength. The Steelers may Packers will get the job done. T h i s
championship games this past week- The creative blitzing and explo-
a wide variety of receivers, and his ad- not be the offensive powerhouse that Superbowl will be a struggle, and it
end were close, hard-fought battles sive pass rush of players like Clay
equate running ability can extend the Packers are, but they can certainly will be tough. Don’t expect a shootout.
that came down to the final moments. Mathews has been giving offensive co-
plays well past their due date. The get the job done. Expect a war.
But, after all the blood, sweat, and ordinators nightmares all season.
tears, here we are. The biggest game of Packers love to spread the ball out. Pressure on quarterbacks is key to the
the year is a little under two weeks Defending the dynamic Packer air at- Packers’ defensive success. This pres-
tack has been a nightmare all post-sea-
away, and these two historic NFL fran- sure allows their ball-hawking second-
chises promise to combine for a son, and when you throw the surprise ary to aggressively attack the ball on Superbowl XLV has all the mak-
thrilling matchup. rushing leader Starkes in the mix, you hurried throws, accounting for the ings of a classic. There will be hits, Green Bay 21
On the surface, Superbowl XLV have an offensive team that is well bal- Packers’ playoff-leading six intercep- touchdowns, turnovers and blood.
appears to be the classic offence vs. anced and explosive. With an offence tions. The Packers also lead all teams Both teams bring tough defence to the
defence matchup, but a closer look at that gets everyone involved, the in the playoffs with ten sacks.

c asCnk ad i
a n f
e d e r a tio n o fs t u d e n ts
table, and both can make plays on of-
both teams reveals a few more pieces Packers do not have to rely on a central The Achilles heel of their defense

sm a a t ch e w an st u d e n ts c o a l
tion -
fence. Pittsburgh 17
to the puzzle. offensive weapon. If one of their play- is their ability to stop the run, which

na el
atck so n m o rv i
e l
anyrtogin u.cnod
me r
The Steelers love to run the foot-

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is looking to build their roster with the best in Canada to

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st gay
represent our top Fortune 500 clients.

*Serve It Right Certificate
*Promotion/model experience an asset
*Outgoing/friendly personality
*Excellent communication skills
*Access to vehicle; an asset
*Able to work independently
*Able to work weekends

Send resume and current photo to:

a&c Arts & Culture Editor: (vacant)
the carillon, Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2011

A deep and A memorable

complex story Selby Jr.’s episodic novel
Globe’s Mr. Wright is a unique remains relevant
look at medical treatment

dramatic, climaxing in her gang

Globe Theatre
campus reads rape. The fifth part focuses on a lazy
abusive husband, who acquires a po-
sition as a union leader. He uses his
kelly malone
different actors at different times. logical aspect of the medical diagno- contributor temporary power to make friends
Over the course of the show, Mr. sis, treatment, and recovery processes with young punks and buy prosti-
paul bogdan
Wright is played by multiple actors. affect them. An amazing thing about literature is tutes. The sixth part combines an or-
a&c writer
This affects the characterization, in Technically speaking, there’s not its ability to remain relevant years dinary day in the lives of citizens of
Three plays into the Globe Theatre’s that each actor plays Mr. Wright a whole lot of flash and bang, just and years after its initial publication. a housing development.
Shumiatcher Sandbox series, the slightly different, either consciously some simple lighting, and the quiet Last Exit to Brooklyn by Hubert Selby What truly makes Last Exit to
Globe Theatre Young Company have or subconsciously. This allows the au- hospital noises or soft music to cut Jr. is one of those great literary pieces Brooklyn unforgettable is Selby Jr.’s
taken the stage with The Story of Mr. dience to view Mr. Wright from mul- scenes or push the tone one way or that remains relevant due to its frank individual writing style. He throws
Wright, a very unique piece. tiple directions and establish a another, but there was one part that and critical portrayal of lower-class away regular grammar and prose
The play follows a cancer patient three-dimensional character profile. was quite engaging. When Mr. Wright Brooklyn in the 1950s. Although it and writes as if you are reading a
by the name of Mr. Wright, whose The tone and mood of the per- is sick, the actor’s vocals are miked takes place 70 years ago, Hubert conversation between two friends in
name is fictitious but whose story is formance varies greatly from scene to and treated with deep, heavy reverb. tackles current issues such as drug a bar. Selby uses casual and coarse
supposedly real. Its plot revolves scene. Hospital scenes feel very ster- Coughs crash and echo loudly, and use, street gangs, rape, homosexual- language, often using slang. His
around the improving and worsen- ile and cold; the repetitious and mo- Mr. Wright’s lines sound dreary, ity, transvestitisms, prostitution, and choice to write in this style grabs
ing of his condition. Interspersed with notonous beeps and hums of drugged, and as if they are coming domestic violence that even in mod- the reader and places them at the
these scenes involving Mr. Wright are fluorescent lights and heart monitors from inside the head of a sick person. ern society are continuously con- stool beside the barflies’ conversa-
stories and accounts from the actors’ add to the aseptic hospital room am- It’s not particularly fancy, but its effect fronted, debated, and often tion. The reader becomes part of the
lives as well as background informa- bience. However, there is a drastic is indispensable. considered illicit. low-class community, concerned
tion and textual references to Mr. contrast between these scenes and the The Story of Mr. Wright is an ex- The book is broken into six sep- with the events, destroyed by the in-
Wright’s story. actors’ monologues. tremely thought-provoking play. It arate parts with all characters some- equality.
The play was written by the co- These stories told by the actors, emphasizes the effect that one’s psy- what associated with a bar in the It is this ability to evoke emo-
directors and the cast. This allowed all of which are supposedly true, are chological condition has over one’s Brooklyn ghetto. The parts are set tion that caused so much scandal
for a unique combination of narra- moving, incredibly personal, and inti- physical condition and how the two up so that they could be read sepa- when the book was initially released.
tive, background facts, personal ac- mate. During these scenes, the actors are interdependent. While some, such rately as stories but when put to- It was banned from Italy and was
counts, and breaking of character. break both their character and the as a few doctors in the performance, gether the reader feels a true subject of an obscenity trial in the
While it is a narrative story, the ex- fourth wall and address the audience think that it’s simply heresy, the play connection with a full community of U.K. Yet it is also the emotion that
cerpts from texts and background directly so that it’s less of a soliloquy makes a convincing case otherwise. derelicts and outcasts. The first story makes this novel timeless.
facts give it a feeling parallel to that of and more of a personal conversation To do so, it examines everything from follows a group of drunken hood- It is important to read Last Exit to
a documentary. This blend of story with a roomful of silent strangers. The the placebo effect to the existence of lums who pick a fight with army sol- Brooklyn in order to reconnect gener-
types also blurs the lines of fact and actor is no longer a doctor, or a pa- divine power. While it’s almost im- diers. The second story focuses on ations and to bring to light the im-
fiction. Most facts come from one doc- tient, or a nurse, but their ordinary possible to scientifically measure Georgette, a transvestite hooker who portance of recognizing and
tor’s account, so are the facts exagger- self. At some points during these some of the facts from certain per- tries to seduce a hoodlum with understanding social inequality and
ated? Are the personal stories scenes, there is so much tension in the sonal accounts, they do provide some drugs. The third story focuses on an societal problems that are still very
vulnerable to subjective distortions? air that one feels incapable of moving rather compelling arguments. alcoholic father who is disappointed much existent today. By reading the
At some points it can be quite difficult even the slightest until the next scene Whatever stories one chooses to be- by his daughter’s life decisions that book, those of us who may not un-
to figure out these boundaries. change. The small stage and seating lieve, The Story of Mr. Wright is sure to will keep her in poverty. The fourth derstand living in poverty are forced
Characterization is quite interest- area, lack of noise, and lack of charac- baffle and intrigue its audience. part is the most painfully vivid sec- to live through the characters lives;
ing in this play. Some characters re- ter all complement this aspect fantas- The Story of Mr. Wright runs from tion of the book, it discusses a young this new understanding will force
main played by the same actor tically. It’s fascinating to see the now until Jan. 29 in the Shumiatcher prostitute who sleeps with sailors our society to recognize its indiffer-
throughout the majority of the show, actors’ true emotions come out in Sandbox theatre. Tickets are $20. and steals their money. She can’t feel ence.
and other characters are played by these scenes and see how the psycho- love and her demise is extremely
Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2011
the carillon
16 a&c

Centre of the arts

Nearly-finished downtown arts hub is over six years
in the making

photos by Marc Messett

Regina’s creative and commercial told us what to do. The building told connected to another apartment via a project through, she’s received an ex-
communities through workshops and us what this space is going to be.” shared bathroom, and then explained traordinary amount of help from the
john cameron
other educational events. Her knowledge of the building – the different ways all three rooms community.
Both projects have been in the both its past and its future – are intri- would be used by independent work- To match their commitment, she’s
“Feel how cold it is in here?” Marian works for a long time. In 2004, cate enough to suggest that she might ing artists. spent an equally extraordinary
Donnelly asked, hugging herself. She Donnelly attended a conference in have more to do with the process than Though planning the space has amount of time and energy actually
was wearing a sweater and a down Toronto, the Creative Spaces and she’d admit to. been natural and comparatively easy, working on the project, spending
vest; I was wearing a long pea coat Places conference, which brought to- A room that used to function as the process of actually restoring the evenings and weekends working with
and a scarf. “The reason why is just, gether people from across the globe in an office, sans electricity: Donnelly space above Loggie’s has been a bit volunteers to renovate the old rooms.
like, cause it’s a brick wall, right? The order to look at ways of revitalizing laughed and said she could picture a more difficult. Securing funding from And that’s been a lot of work. On
wall is cold.” downtown areas. It was here that she man sitting at a desk in this room government sources in the initial the wall in the large second-floor lobby
She stepped onto the stage on the got her idea for how to rejuvenate while chomping a cigar and turning stages of building was next to impos- – the future retail site for the fashion
eastern side of the room and touched Regina’s flagging downtown area. the crank on an old adding machine, sible, and while government arts and collective – there was a checklist of
the wall. I followed her up and put “What they do in all these cities then described the room’s future as a development agencies at both the fed- renovation needs posted in February
my hand on the wall too, craning my where they’ve had success is they’ve place for designers from the fashion eral and provincial level have agreed of last year that had been fully marked
neck slightly to peek out the third- taken a building and converted it into design collective that will likely oc- to help – like the Information Services up. There’s much work to still be done,
floor window overlooking the back al- a place for artists to live and work,” cupy this floor to store grad dresses Corporation, which has sponsored the but the work that has been done has
ley that runs parallel to Hamilton she explained. “It’s sometimes called and other items which don’t see regu- development of the Creative City brought the building from being a the-
Street. If the walls are as thin as the ‘SoHo effect,’ because the first time lar rotation on the shelves. Centre and the Regina Arts & Business oretical space in a 2005 feasibility
Donnelly says they are, then there’s at it happened was in the SoHo district in A large, empty storeroom, with Network’s websites – most aren’t study to a space that already has
least one upside – in my mind, I could New York – a bunch of artists moved patchwork carpets and boxes full of equipped to sponsor capital projects. prospective tenants.
picture an early evening downtown, into this area, where it was all empty beer empties: Donnelly described the Instead, Donnelly had to find the “All of July, August, September,
approaching the building, hearing mu- buildings and whatever, and now it’s way the room used to be filled with money elsewhere. So far, that’s turned October – I was just here, twelve hours
sic drift across darkened downtown one of the high-rent areas.” wooden shelving, before discussing out well – between a solid core base of a day, just working on the space. That’s
Regina. Donnelly first started looking in how the space had been until very re- volunteers, a supportive business com- pretty much all I’ve been doing,” she
“I mean, there’s not much I can do downtown Regina for a space to reno- cently rented out to bands and then munity that has assisted her with re- explained, before starting to laugh.
about that,” she continued, pulling her vate in 2005, and the Loggie’s Shoes outlining the ways the fashion design duced equipment rental costs, a deal “It’s totally been a labour of love, and
hand away from the wall and stepping building wasn’t even the first building collective will set up the room as a pro- with the building’s owners that sees I’m looking forward to loving it more
towards the refinished solid wood to get her attention. The first time she duction space. every dollar in renovations matched when it’s done.”
doorframe in the room’s southeast cor- was introduced to the unoccupied, de- A third-floor apartment: Donnelly by free rent, and a group of lenders
ner. “If we had gone the road of put- bris-filled former apartment building showed me how the room used to be who have had the patience to see the
ting up two-by-fours and insulation that she’s now busy clearing out and
and drywall and all that stuff ... we’d renovating, she was already in the
be messing with our trim.” process of putting together plans for
She gestured towards the door, in- both the Legion building downtown
dicating the work that had gone into and the Leader building next door to
restoring the original woodwork. Her Loggie’s. It was only after those plans
face was pensive – I could see she’s fell through in early 2009 that she
weighed the pros and cons of the proj- started looking seriously at Loggie’s
ect and decided that what matters the and discovered it fit her needs per-
most is keeping as much of the space fectly.
intact as possible. “When I walked up the stairs for
Donnelly was taking me through the first time, I thought this would be
the site of the future Creative City a fantastic place for like a fashion de-
Centre, a workspace for artists that’s signer ... it was always, ‘This space is
been in development for years and is the fashion design space.’ And then
beginning to enter its final stages of when I saw the third floor, I mean, as
renovation. She’s the CEO of Inner soon as I saw it, I thought, ‘These are
Circle Management, an arts consult- perfect artist studio spaces, right?
ing agency that has worked with These are absolutely perfect artist stu-
groups ranging from FadaDance to the dio spaces.’ And then when you see
Globe Theatre. The Creative City the big room, it was like, ‘And this is a
Centre is her brainchild, as is the fantastic little performance space,’”
Regina Arts & Business Network, an Donnelly grinned. “You know? There
organization devoted to bridging was no way around it ... The building
Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2011
the carillon
a&c 17
Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2011
the carillon
18 a&c

Get firked
Bushwakker celebrates its 20th birthday in beer-
soaked style

Matt Duguid

obliged the band’s requests – to leave the taste-bud assault are characteris-
their seats, relocate to the front of the tics of a single-malt Scotch, choco-
paul bogdan
stage, and engage in some light- late, molasses, and coffee. The result
a&c writer
hearted dancing. is a flavour bomb that’s smooth, rich,
What could be a more fun birthday Grins could be seen and laughs and a little sweet. I’d compare the
party than that of a brewery? There heard from all tables in the pub as properties of the Tartan Tzar Stout to
aren’t a whole lot of things that come people enjoyed their food and beer. I that of a fine, dark chocolate; it’s a de-
to mind, and Bushwakker solidified had a particularly tasty plate of na- licious-tasting beer, but you can only
that statement with their 20th an- chos that was loaded with tomatoes, have so much before your taste-buds
niversary party this weekend. Not jalapenos, onions, green peppers, are nuked into flavour oblivion.
only was it the brewery’s birthday, spicy beef, and smothered in a The only thing that I was disap-
but it was also a celebration of the plethora of cheeses; it was nothing pointed in with the evening was the
birthday of one of Scotland’s most short of delicious. Although, I’m glad five dollar cover charge, despite what
famous poets, Robert Burns. I decided on a small plate because it I thought was more than enough
Providing some musical enter- was still a heaping mound of food; I business to generate enough profit to
tainment for the evening was can imagine that the large plate cover the cost of the band, but as a
Squeeze of Scotch. The band, consist- would be enough to feed a small whole that was only a minor bump
ing of a guitarist, accordionist, and colony of people. on a road to a rather satisfactory
percussionist, all dressed in tradi- The food wasn’t the only fine- evening filled with palatable food,
tional Scottish kilts, played through a tasting part of the evening. flavourful beer, dancing, kilts, and
number of covers from the likes of Bushwakker released a special, lim- live music – all the ingredients for a
Dire Straits, Great Big Sea, Captain ited-edition brew for the occasion, successful night out. It’s great to see
Tractor, Johnny Cash, and the Beatles the Tartan Tzar Stout. It’s quite an in- that a local brewery and pub has suc-
all with an appropriate-for-the-occa- teresting beer, but definitely not for cess in establishing itself and main-
sion Celtic flair. They played all their the light-hearted beer drinker. This taining a well-run business for
parts spot-on and were well-received strong (9.7% A/V) and very rich twenty years, and judging by how
by the audience, who would sing and stout punches you in the face with so this past Saturday went, it’s evident
clap along to the tunes. Audience many flavours that your tongue is that there’s well more than another
members were also encouraged – and beat almost into submission. Leading twenty left.
Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2011
the carillon
a&c 19

Lessons in his life Here comes

Reggae great’s son speaks to his the bridal
career and his father’s legacy
and others. sic today that you particularly ad-
ed kapp
The Carillon: How are you today, Mr. AT: Yes, definitely – there’s a new
news writer

Since the early days of his over

Andrew Tosh: Life is good, man – I
artist by the name of I-Octane that I do
The Carillon takes on a
twenty-five year career as a recording can’t complain. Yeah, man – no prob- TC: You’ve been nominated for a showroom full of chiffon
artist, Andrew Tosh has worked hard lem. number of Grammy Awards, what do
to spread his message of respect and TC: How were you introduced to mu- these nominations mean to you?
equality – sentiments that his father sic? AT: It means a lot. To be nominated is
and Jamaican reggae legend Peter AT: I started playin’ music since I was a victory in itself – I see myself as a in to the men and women working
Tosh devoted his life to preaching and like, 13 – playin’ piano in school and winner being a nominee. there – but I received a free bag, so
megan narsing
proclaiming, both as a musician and a learnin’ to compose my own songs. TC: Will you be attending the awards I wasn’t too heartbroken over that
man. TC: What’s your earliest memory of ceremony in the United States? one.
From his early days with Peter, it making music? AT: No, I’m not going to be at the Walking into the Queensbury We were stopped occasionally
didn’t take long for Andrew, a native AT: My earliest memory of making awards, but I’m definitely going to be Convention Center last Sunday, you by the people running booths but
of Kingston, Jamaica, to follow in his music? Since I was like 17 I did my listening for the results. may have been surprised to see – in upon realizing we were just “brides-
father’s footsteps and since then, he first song – it’s a song that Charlie TC: Have you thought about how amongst the boys and girls geared maids” and that our fictitious bride,
hasn’t looked back. Chaplin produce – Charlie Chaplin is much longer you’d like to be involved up in their sports equipment – anx- “Angela”, couldn’t make it, they
Within four years of first starting a Jamaican DJ and he produced that in the music industry? ious women mingled here and there lost all interest in us. We were able
to play music, in 1985 Andrew had song in 1985, two years before my fa- AT: Well, probably the next decade – if with their entourage, practically to talk to a few willing booths
recorded his first studio track. ther was dead. that much. glowing with pride and flaunting though. A hair salon was more than
However, it wouldn’t be until his fa- TC: How important is music to your TC: Are you a religious man, Mr. their expensive engagement rings: nice, giving a full detailed list of
ther’s untimely 1987 death – when, life? Tosh? brides-to-be. pricing and other things that we
during a botched robbery attempt, AT: Music is very important to me – AT: Yeah, I’m a very religious man – The Regina Bridal Expo was could get done for the big day. The
Peter was fatally shot by a former pris- music is my heart and my heart is mu- I’m a Rastafarian. Ras Tafari teach packed and getting around any- operator of the “Pleasure Parties”
oner he had been helping to reform – sic, so you know, you can’t live with- guidance and protect us from a lot of where required a lot of saying “ex- booth – “Pleasure Parties” being
that Andrew, who inherited many out your heart [laughs]. t’ings. Ras Tafari keep us on the right cuse me” and gently shoving code for an Avon party-like event
physical characteristics of his father, TC: What is the message behind your path. I haven’t been to church in a through crowds. The admission was where a salesperson comes to your
sang two of his father’s most powerful music? while, but I do keep the faith – I don’t $15 and for your money you were house to talk to you and your
anthems, “Jah Guide” and “Equal AT: The message behind my music? need the church to hold on to the faith invited to go to a variety of wed- friends about certain “pleasure-en-
Rights” to thousands of mourners at The message behind my music is of Ras Tafari. ding-themed booths, enter some hancing” products that you can buy
Peter’s funeral in the National Arena equality. I want to see mankind livin’ TC: I understand that you plan on contests, get some free merchandise from said saleseperson – was also
of Kingston. in equality – everyone livin’ as one, both opening a museum commemo- samples, watch two separate fash- quite interested in talking with us,
Since then, Andrew has enjoyed a learnin’ to love an’ respect each other. rating the life of your father and also ion shows, and scout out the serv- even going as far to ask about the
prolific career in the music industry, TC: If you weren’t a musician what do writing a book about the late Mr. Tosh. ices offered in Regina and area for sex life of “Angela” and her fiancé.
boasting a resume that includes five you think you would be doing? Would you please tell me something your big day. We tried to get out of that con-
studio albums, tours across Europe AT: That I can’t tell you [laughs]. I about that? There was something for every- versation pretty quickly.
and North and South America, and a can’t tell you what I would be doing if AT: Yes, the museum will be officially one there. There were places like Overall the atmosphere was ex-
pair of Grammy nominations for Best I wasn’t doing music. ready this year. We’re celebrating my Moore’s for men’s tuxedos. There citing and left us wishing that we
Reggae Album – including a nod for TC: Besides your father, what artists father’s birthday this year. I’ve been were numerous places for the actually did have a wedding to plan
his 2010 offering, Legacy: An Acoustic influenced you the most? writin’ this book for a few years now, bridesmaids to get ideas for the – although it seems like a lot of
Tribute to Peter Tosh. AT: As an artist, Bunny Wailer. so hopefully we’ll be done with that stagette, such as “Passion Parties.” work. We didn’t stay for long, as we
Although Andrew insisted that he TC: Why is that? early next year. There were DJs, photographers, were being suffocated by women
is pleased by his Grammy nomina- AT: Bunny Wailer was always my TC: Where will the museum be lo- hairstylists, designers, and even a everywhere. Besides, it was a tad
tions, the father of “six beautiful chil- mentor. As a Wailer, he guide an’ pro- cated? magician. difficult to stop and chat if you
dren, with one the way,” is quick to tect me in terms of showing me the AT: In Westmoreland. Not being a bride or part of a weren’t getting married. I can’t
offer reassurance that he isn’t making right path to take as a youngster TC: How would you describe your re- bridal party at all, it felt a bit like an blame the booth staff, though;
music for awards or recognition. growing up. lationship with your father? undercover mission for myself. they’re trying to sell their products,
Aside from carrying on his fa- TC: How important is your relation- AT: The relationship with my father With the security walking around not make small talk with two young
ther’s memory by preaching his fa- ship with Mr. Wailer? was awesome. it really felt like a “brides only” bridesmaids.
ther’s message of respect and equality, AT: My relationship with Mr. Wailer is TC: What would you say is your fond- event. When the admissions asked The expo was good for a small
Andrew is also planning on commem- very important – we honour and re- est memory with your father? if I was a bride I told her no and taste of what was out there and to
orating his father’s life by both open- spect each other. AT: Fondest memory? When we used claimed to be “just a bridesmaid.” indulge in the environment of pre-
ing a museum in his father’s honour TC: Do you speak with him often? to go to the river and he used to take Getting my stamp and proudly marital excitement. Unfortunately,
and writing a book based on his fa- AT: Very much so – seem like every me to school and we used to go to showing the guards, I was finally the selection of booths was very lim-
ther’s life. He was willing to speak few days [laughs]. places, like the recording studio and able to enter the busy and bustling ited and only kind of gave you a
with the Carillon about these topics TC: Are there any artists making mu- etcetera, etcetera. expo. taste of what’s out there. We were
TC: Outside of music, what are you Now, I should admit that I used done looking around in all but 30
interested in? to work in a bridal shop. Having minutes, which is hardly any time at
AT: Like I said before, music is my been to one of these expos before, I all. After making my way through
heart and my heart is music, you had slightly higher expectations the crowded front door where
know? So there aren’t a lot of things than the average woman walking brides mingled, almost getting hit
“ The message behind my music is outside of music that I’m really inter- in amongst the rows of tables and by a little boy and his hockey stick
ested in – except my beautiful kids. lights. and trudging through the snow to
TC: Is there anything that you’d like I managed to drag a friend our car, I couldn’t help feeling a lit-
equality. I want to see mankind livin’ in
equality – everyone livin’ as one, learnin’ to say to your fans while you have along into my undercover mission tle disappointed, even if the expo
this opportunity? and the two of us made our way was entertaining.
to love an’ respect each other.” AT: Yeah, I'd like to say to my broth- through the masses. The busiest If it had given me a little more
ers and sisters out there to stay fo- booth was surprisingly the Moore’s to go on and maybe free cocktails I
cused and give praise onto the and Bay booths. They were mostly would have enjoyed it even more.
Andrew Tosh almighty God, because he is the cre- advertising men’s wear and gift reg- But isn’t that the case at every wed-
istries, two essential things for any ding?

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ator for one an' all.
wedding party. I hardly got a word

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Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2011
the carillon
20 a&c

cd reviews
Regina's own Foxwarren know how to work After refining fist-pumping to an artform, British
with space. The nine tracks of their debut Has Sea Power want you to remember why you’re
Been Defeated, released last week as a pay-what- pumping that fist in the first place. It would be
you-want download at foxwarren.bandcamp. trite to call Valhalla Dancehall a return to form, but
com, alternate between indulgence and restraint, it does blend the atmospheric fog of their first
but never feel too rich or too empty. At times, Has two records with the fog-machine theatrics of
Been Defeated could sit comfortably near any Bon 2008’s Mercury Prize-nominated Do You Like Rock
Iver release, though it also possesses the Music? And where that record’s title signposted
National’s texture and momentum. Primary what it sounded like, Valhalla Dancehall does
songwriter Darryl Kissick expertly shapes off-kil- something of the same – here, British Sea Power
ter melodies into pop gems like “Car Wreck” infuse their larger-than-life rock music with lyrics
and “A Way Out”, while bassist Andy Shauf’s about going out, getting drunk, and dancing,
contributions are more straightforward and rem- over tracks that have beats cribbed from disco
iniscent of his solo output. Dissonant pieces like and the eighties new-wave and post-punk bands
“Robins Sing” appear along the way, as well. to whom they owe a debt. The overall impression
But every track here has the same charming grace isn’t an exuberant one, however; the songs often
and shares the same sonic atmosphere, replete seem overexerted, pushed to the brink. Numbers
with clinking glasses and muffled studio chatter. like “We Are Sound” have a desperate energy,
The men of Foxwarren spent a long time perfect- and the drinking is often nihilistic and obliterat-
ing Has Been Defeated, and while that’s clear upon ing rather than celebratory. But the songs have
listening, it never feels like any song or element that energy nevertheless, and that’s what makes
Foxwarren British Sea Power

has been overworked. It’s a strong, sophisticated Valhalla Dancehall so exciting. You have the urge
Has Been Defeated Valhalla Dancehall

album that’s made all the more to celebrate, even as other songs – like darkly
Self-released Rough Trade

gorgeous by the space it occupies. pulsing lead single “Living is So Easy” – have the
world collapsing around you.

mason pitzel john cameron

production manager editor-in-chief
Imagine that Tom Waits, Flying Lotus and MBLAQ, a five-member male vocal group from
Madlib made a child and Captain Beefheart South Korea, have finally released their debut al-
raised him in the southern California desert. This bum, BLAQ Style. After coming out with their hot
amazing love child would be Gonjasufi. On his single “Y” in May, the group had gone into heavy
album A Sufi and a Killer, Gonjasufi combines preparations for their first ever full-length. And
the sounds of acid rock and classic hip hop – as they did not disappoint. With emotional ballads
well as elements of blues, heavy rock, early hip and upbeat tracks, BLAQ Style is the perfect com-
hop, southern twang, eastern, and even doo-wop bination between sweet and sensual, emotional
– with strained, ragged warbling vocals. The al- and fierce. Standout track “Cry” showcases the
bum is produced by Gaslamp Killer, who recog- boys’ individual voices and the emotion that
nized the need for an outlet for Gonjasufi’s they can pack behind their words. It tells a story
otherworldly vocals. Each sound works to form of a man who’s desperately in love and the
a unified album due solely to the completely woman he wants doesn’t want him. It’s a clichéd
haunting and elastic ability of Gonjasufi to asso- story, but the way they sing it just sounds as if the
ciate himself effortlessly into any beat and any entire concept is so heart wrenching you can’t
genre. The vocals could easily be described as quite grasp the depth of this man’s hurt. Along
raspy, soulful, punk, fragile, powerful, or any with songs like “Wish You Hadn’t,” BLAQ Style
other contradictory word – and all would be shows that this mostly ballad-oriented group re-
right. Gonjasufi is able to tear out your heart, put ally can pull at your heartstrings and make you
you to bed, or make you want to groove, but in want to dance at the same time. They open up to
every moment he definitely makes you feel. In a slightly different door in Korean music. Oh,
Gonjasufi MBLAQ

the track “Sheep”, it is obvious that it truly is not and one of the lead singers, G.O., shaved off his
A Sufi and a Killer BLAQ Style

what Gonjasufi says, but how he says it. The beard for this album. That alone deserves recog-
Warp J. Tune Camp

track speaks of his “want to be a sheep instead of nition.

a lion / so I wouldn’t have to eat animals that are
dieing”. The lyrics are vague, conflicting, and
could easily succumb to cheese; but Gonjasufi
skillfully sells it with his mouldable and inde-
scribable voice. Once you enter Gonjasufi’s
world there truly is no return.

kelly malone megan narsing

contributor contributor

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Conrad Ford
Graphics Editor: Ali Nikolic
the carillon, Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2011

Devin Beuregard, Fulcrum (Ottawa)

Collin Sharp, Peak (Simon Fraser)

photo of the week

c a
t wn
denyc st
nh a
trunere ce ssi
o naf
gh an i
st an tasersd o m e bai
l u t s hea l
th c are ban k-
Martin Weaver

S e nd yo ur g ra ph ic s to g ra ph i cs@ ca ri l l onr e gi na .co m
op-ed Op-Ed Editor: Cheyenne Geysen
the carillon, Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2011

opinion editorial
Looking back Happiness isn’t a
on Harper’s warm gun
time in office Five days before my thirteenth birth-
day, two kids from Colorado entered
Columbine High School and killed 12
Arizona supermarket
Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

was holding a meet-and-greet. Six are

shooting, that shooter had walked into
a store in a nearby community and
walked out that day with a gun. He
of their schoolmates and a teacher. dead and Giffords is in serious condi- had been diagnosed with a severe anx-
More than 1,500 km away, the shooting tion after being shot in the head. iety disorder, had stalked two female
This past Sunday, January 23, was his arms outstretched, asking
felt as if it had happened right in my The shooter, who will not be re- classmates, and had been ordered to
the fifth anniversary of Prime Canadians if we “think it’s easy to
town. ferred to by name in this article, get mental treatment. Instead, he had
Minister Harper’s time in office. make priorities” – an obvious allu-
Information about Columbine, walked into a local store two months an exorcism preformed on himself.
It’s difficult to fathom that the sion to the fact that he wouldn’t be
mostly exaggerated gossip, buzzed ago and walked out with the semi-au- And now, rather than looking at
Conservative Party has stayed in able to make the tough decisions
around our high school. A few copy- tomatic and high-capacity ammuni- how dangerous men with so many
power as a minority for over five that Conservatives find so easy to
cats called in some threats, either for tion. warning signs weren’t even delayed
years now. It speaks volumes not make. And need I remind you that
attention or hoping for an afternoon This was after being expelled from in getting firearms, it became left vs.
only to the type of electoral system Ignatieff is really “just visiting”
off. The TV in the lunchroom switched school because administrators had re- right.
Canada has, but also to the sheer Canada? He also hasn’t offered any
from MuchMusic to news for the first ceived multiple complaints from his I don’t think owning a gun is a
lack of any figure around whom plans for the economy; he’s only run
time. classmates, who felt they were in dan- crime. Growing up in a farm town,
non-Conservatives can gather. attack ads. (Can you say irony?)
We were all transfixed. It was the ger as long as he was in the school. It guns can be a necessary part of life.
Traditionally, the leader of the Meanwhile, Canadians are be-
first time we realized that we weren’t was also after he had flooded the The problem starts when we are faced
Liberal Party has formed the nexus coming more and more polarized.
necessarily safe inside those brick Internet with incoherent ramblings with the reality of a high risk man eas-
of opposition to any Conservative Since there is no real debate occur-
walls. Before, we had walked anony- against government officials. It was af- ily – and legally – getting a gun, and
Prime Minister in power, but in the ring in the political discourse any-
mously past other students without ter he had been denied entrance into distract ourselves with made-up ex-
last five years the Liberals seem to more and no opposition party can
much thought. Now, we realized how the military for failing a drug test, and cuses that don’t address the problem.
have faltered at every turn. nail down anything Harper does to
vulnerable we were, surrounded by admitted freely to using hallucinogenic America might love their guns, but
First, the Liberals put forward oppose vehemently – or perhaps
people we knew nothing about. We drugs. But most recently, it was after he there should be limits. Otherwise, if
that powerhouse of charisma, Canadians don’t have the attention
had learned to be afraid of strangers. wrote notes about how he fully in- things continue the way they have,
Stéphane Dion. He soon came to be span to oppose anything for an ex-
Yet, since that fateful tragedy, it tended to shoot someone. every state will need to have a shoot-
known throughout English-speak- tended period of time – it is increas-
seems like every year there are more And he walked in and out of a ing to change their gun laws.
ing Canada as “that guy who can’t ingly easy to attack Harper as a
news stories about a mass shooting. store with a gun and high-tech ammu- Senator Tom Coburn argued
speak English” – not a good start for person rather than attack what he
I’m a little ashamed to say that each nition. against gun laws days after the
an aspiring Prime Minister. His says and does. There is no way to
causes a bit less reaction in me. Those who knew the gunman said Arizona shooting saying, “People who
green initiative, while commend- count the amount of times I’ve read
It just plays the same every time. he was never one to be interested in are going to commit a crime or going to
able, was totally shredded by the “Harper is the devil” or “Harper is
There’s a shooting, then talking heads politics; he even found the news bor- do something crazy aren’t going to pay
Conservatives. pure evil”. There are people who
work backwards trying to determine ing. attention to the laws in the first place.”
It wasn’t difficult; with gas will oppose Harper based solely on
the motivation that spawned it. Then In Arizona, anyone over the age of Why make it easier for them?
prices during his time as Leader of the fact that he is Harper, paying no
come promises to make sure it never 18 can buy a gun and carry it without
the Opposition skyrocketing well attention to any of his policies. And
happens again. a permit. They are legally allowed to
above a dollar, a tax on Carbon yet, at the same time, no one is rally-
Then nothing. Nothing changes carry a concealed weapon anywhere
emissions seemed like dumping salt ing around Iggy or Layton because it
and it ultimately happens again. except doctor’s offices, including bars
on an open wound. Unsurprisingly, doesn’t seem like they would be any
Recently, a gunman took a glock semi- and school grounds.
kim elaschuk
many Canadians were more con- better.
automatic pistol and opened fired at an In 2007, before the Virginia Tech
cerned about their wallet than about How to sum up five years of
news editor
the environment. Harper as Prime Minister? Has he
The real pièce de résistance, worked his Conservative magic and
however, was the hastily-filmed banned abortion, or ended gay mar-
speech defending the attempted riage, or forced Christianity upon
coalition takeover of Parliament,
which proved that while the Liberals
knew how to use a cell-phone cam-
the masses? No, he hasn’t. Has he
run Canada into the ground with
ridiculous expenditures and sold
Family time
era, they did not know how to lead out our country to the United States? I am not a father at this point in time, So not only is taking this time off a cent], 88 per cent said they would have
a country. Well, that’s a little fuzzier, but the nor do I have a partner expecting a significant financial strain because 45 liked to have done so, and 49 per cent
Not surprisingly, shortly after main reason there is a budgetary baby. Yet the topic of maternity leave – per cent of one partner ’s income is said they could not afford it.”
the much-debated “constitutional deficit right now is because the op- and, more crucial to me personally, pa- missing, it is also far from equitable Quite clearly, significant numbers
crisis,” Dion was out. Enter Michael position parties demanded a stimu- ternity leave – has arisen frequently asking partners to share a 35-week of fathers wish to spend time raising
Ignatieff, the man that makes smil- lus plan, and Canadian banks are over the past four weeks. block of time to initially raise their their newborns to provide the high
ing look horribly painful. Since actually buying out American banks The issue of maternity/paternity newborn. This is not a truly significant quality nurturing they feel their baby
“Iggy” took control of the Liberals, in the wake of the recession. leave would normally not be a serious amount of time, and depending on deserves.
the game has been cautious accept- That doesn’t let him off the topic for me. I am 20 years old with no how much time the mother wishes to So will fathers be able to be with
ance of the Conservative Party in hook, however, for the ridiculous serious short-term plans for a baby or have with the baby, it may not be sen- their newborn? The answer is that on a
power. So far, the Liberals have spending surrounding the G8 and a family of any type. In the past I have sible for the father to take off any time theoretical level, yes they can. The re-
managed to avoid an election on any G20 summits this past summer, for read articles on the issue and, beyond whatsoever. That a new mother wishes ality is that they cannot. With the fam-
issue. And despite a nationwide bus squandering Canada’s image as a the sympathy one feels for families that to spend significant time with the new- ily already facing financial difficulties
tour this past summer, Iggy just peacekeeping nation around the are in difficult situations, I had no real born is quite understandable. After all, because one partner is receiving 45 per
doesn’t connect with voters very world, or for his broken promises of reaction. At this point though, I am she just underwent nine months carry- cent less pay, how can we expect new
well. more transparency in government. slowly nearing the completion of my ing the baby and also went through fathers to feel at ease about taking their
This isn’t to say that Ignatieff And it certainly doesn’t let him off degree. This of course means that I am labour. By no stretch of the imagination possible share of the 35-week block?
and Dion are fully to blame for their the hook for his total lack of vision looking into possible careers for the do I wish to diminish the extremely Our levels of government have money
inability to defeat Harper. Harper is of what Canada should be. He’s not future. Eventually, a family of my own important role of a mother. for all types of “adventures” like
a master of the Parliamentary game, inspiring; he seems to just be a place is also supposed to be in the picture. However, in a society where we Afghanistan or higher salaries for
and he is willing to spin anything in holder until someone better comes Looking at future career options are asking ever more of fathers (fathers themselves, yet investments in our
the news. For example, because along. recently, the issue of benefits came up should be in the delivery room, fathers families always seem to fall short.
Harper wanted an election in late Perhaps the next election will and among them was paternity leave. should be active participants, etc.), we To ensure greater financial support
2008, he began accusing the Liberals see a new prime minister, but it is In one particular pamphlet, a small are very unwilling to provide the help for families and to help new fathers
and the NDP of wanting an election. doubtful. There just isn’t anyone bet- section was dedicated to explaining that these men may not only wish for, take paternity leave if they wish to do
For quite a few weeks, Harper re- ter than Harper in a position to de- maternity leave. Being an inquisitive but also deserve. An added burden for so, an increase would be required in
peatedly said that the Liberals re- feat him, as much as it hurts to person, I asked the presenter how pa- many men is that their workplace may the percentage of pay allotted. As well,
fused to work with Parliament, and admit it. That’s likely the best way to ternity leave was handled. To my frown upon them taking time off to be fathers and mothers should receive 35
that they wanted an election. Since sum up his tenure. shock I discovered that the mother and with their newborn. Many men have to weeks each; with the mother keeping
Canadians had that horrible afflic- father of a child who both wish to take fear being looked over for a promo- the initial fifteen weeks of maternity
tion of democracy called “election time off to be with their child have to tion or being stigmatized by co-work- leave. If we are asking fathers to step
fatigue” (not to be confused with share a 35-week block of “parental ers because they may have chosen to up to the plate then we should help
“Trudeaumania” or “election fever”) leave” at 55 per cent of their regular spend high-quality time with their them do so. Spending financial re-
in 2008, blaming the Liberals for an pay, up to a maximum of $447/week. baby immediately after birth. Even as sources on fathers benefits not only
election no one but Stephen Harper A 15-week block of maternity leave is a society that considers itself to be pro- their families, but also society as a
wanted was an excellent tactic. available to the mother, starting before gressive, we still delineate child rear- whole.
And it is also not the fault of the birth; then she can take 35 weeks of ing along the male-female divide.
Dion or Ignatieff that the minute so-called parental leave at 55 per cent According to an article from
they came to power within the pay for a grand total of 50 weeks. An August of 2010, “Some 45 per cent of
Liberals, the Conservative Party re- additional two weeks of unpaid leave new fathers said they did not take pa-
leased advertisements on television are also available. The 35-week block ternity leave, according to a 2009 re-
attacking their qualities as leaders. of parental leave can be split between port by the Equality and Human
edward dodd sebastian prost
Remember the image of Dion with contributor the mother and father. Rights Commission. Of those [45 per contributor
Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2011
the carillon
op-ed 23

What’s your sign? Cons fawn over fibs

about Libs
Brace yourself for something poten- an astronomer on the board of direc- don’t know the difference between as-
Academic Arthur Dobrin once re- that a party leader would be sitting in
tially shocking. tors at the Minnesota Planetarium trology and astronomy. To be clear, as-
marked, “There is always a way to be the House of Commons to make
You are probably not the Zodiac Society. Using the scientific method tronomy is a science, and astrology is
honest without being brutal.” Canada worse off – Gilles Duceppe
sign you think you are. and an actual telescope, Kunkle ob- not. So it is disturbing to see that an as-
Stephen Harper and the federal aside.
Let that sink in for a minute. I served the position of the Sun and tronomer would risk making the dis-
Conservative Party seemed to have Speaking of those separatists, the
know you are probably rethinking which constellation it was in. What he tinction between the two fields less
mixed up the quote altogether, and Conservatives created one ad that fo-
how you view the world right now. found was that the current Zodiac sys- clear by dabbling in astrology.
recently released a series of attack cused on the Bloc Quebecois and the
All the Zodiac signs are off by about tem’s dates were off by about a month. So how did the astrology commu-
ads that are definitely brutal, and not New Democratic Party. The adver-
one month. And they are shorter than What caused this strange change nity react to a scientist dabbling in their
entirely honest. tisement brought out the big guns,
they used to be, thanks to the addition in the stars? Is it some sort of cosmic re- affairs? They seem to have embraced
For instance, one ad, complete calling Jack Layton “ambitious” – the
of a thirteenth sign, the unpronounce- alignment? Could it be a government the new system with limited reserva-
with all the grainy videos, red back- horror – and even blasting the left-
able Ophiuchus. conspiracy? Are the Mayans to blame? tions. There seems to be a near-univer-
grounds, and spooky voiceovers such leaning party for wanting to work
I know all you Leos out there – The answer is a lot more mundane sal acceptance of the new system
attack ads tend toward, states that with the other leaders to present a
shout out – are stubbornly saying, “No than that. What has occurred since the proposed by Kunkle. What is even
Michael Ignatieff will attempt to form progressive alternative to Stephen
way am I a Cancer.” Thoughtful ancient Babylonians invented the more amusing is that Kunkle never
a coalition government. This, by the Harper’s right-wing government.
Aquarius is considering carefully what Zodiac in the first millennium BC is meant to create a new system of as-
way, after Ignatieff has repeatedly The ad reeks of irony, in that it ac-
this new Zodiac means. Brash Scorpio that the gravitational pull of the moon trology. He was merely pointing out
said he is not interested in a coali- cuses Jack Layton and Gilles
is preparing to burn down observato- has slowed the Earth’s orbit. That how ridiculously off the astrology
tion. But that’s not all; the Tories have Duceppe of being deceitful and blind
ries. And who knows what the heck means where we observe the Sun in dates were.
just started to scare you into voting to the needs of Canadians – this com-
Ophiuchus is doing or thinking. relation to the main constellations of But astrology wasn’t broken, so
Conservative. ing from a prime minister who runs
Of course, if you are for some rea- the Zodiac is not the same as what why fix it? Astrology should be taken
A second ad scolds Ignatieff for to the Governor General and begs for
son furious about the new system, rest would’ve been observed thousands of lightly as a point of trivial interest, not
effectively saying that he will not rule prorogation every time he screws up.
assured. Astrologers have declared years ago. So Leos who thought they relied upon as the foundation of our
out using tax policy if he were in a With ads such as these and ru-
that the change-over to the new zodiac were stubborn, strong leaders are actu- lives. So does it really matter which
position to solve Canada’s deficit mors that some parties have already
only occurred in 2009, so anyone born ally somewhat harsh, indolent, and un- constellation the Sun is in? This adjust-
problem. The tax in question was the booked campaign planes, it appears
before 2009 can remain whichever zo- happy Cancers. Active, intelligent, and ment isn’t going to make zodiac pre-
GST – a consumption tax – that, if in- to be likely that an election will occur
diac they thought they were. I know ambitious Aries are now actually dictions any more accurate, so why
creased, would raise additional after the introduction of the next fed-
that as one of the last Leos born in July, peaceful, sensitive Pisces. bother changing anything at all?
money from those who can afford to eral budget. The Conservatives are
I’ll always remember that fateful day Of course, as soon as I found out Unless all these years that
spend. The very notion of middle and dripping in money from their rich
when astrologers readjusted the zodiac that I am in fact, a Cancer, I started to Astrologers have been predicting our
high-income Canadians spending a corporate backers and can afford to
calendar, just like I remember the fate- notice that I have all the traits of a lives, they were using outdated infor-
few cents more on a toaster so we throw mud. However – and it is all
ful day scientists added a second to Cancer. Before I was sure the Leo traits mation. That must be why they were
can eliminate a deficit is outlandish, too common with conservative par-
the atomic clock. were mine, but when I really exam- inaccurate! Of course, it all makes
downright Bolshevik, I say. Thank ties everywhere – they never aim to
But really, why are we talking ined my life, I think I was ignoring the sense now. With the new system, we’ll
goodness the Conservatives are raise the level of debate or talk about
about astrology? Astrology in some indications that I am obviously a see a remarkable increase in prediction
around to remind me, using black real issues facing Canadians. I, for in-
form or another has been around for Cancer. Some of my friends, however, accuracy, I’m sure of it.
text and frightening music, that taxes stance, am no fan of Michael
thousands of years, dating as far back cursed loudly and became upset when With that in mind, I call on The
are just another manifestation of the Ignatieff. I find him condescending,
as 1000 BC. Over the course of cen- they found out that their Zodiac sign Carillon to begin running the new horo-
devil. cold, pretentious, and out of touch. I
turies, belief and interest in astrology was wrong. Shocking, I know. scopes on a weekly basis. I need to
Perhaps the most laughable of subscribe to the idiom that Liberals
has waxed and waned, but never quite What I think is most shocking, know what days it is fortuitous to go to
Stephen Harper’s new attack ads is are Tories too, and if I were Mercutio
disappeared. In fact, according to some however, is the fact that an astronomer class, when I should be cautious with
the one that tries – and fails – to make I would no doubt curse a plague on
polls, as much as 37 per cent of pointed this out. Not for the fact that my homework, and especially when
Ignatieff look like a villain for saying both their houses. But even I think
Americans today believe the stars have an astronomer who would actually my love forecast is doing well. Who
he wished Canada was a little better. these attacks against Ignatieff and the
some profound effect on their life, de- look at the stars would be needed to knows, maybe I’ll have more luck as a
Because, you know, I wish that too. other leaders are unfair – they’re
spite the fact that science has conclu- find the correct star positions, but for Cancer than as a Leo.
Don’t we all wish Canada were a lit- meant to be brutal, with little atten-
sively proven the position of the Sun in the fact that an astronomer would even
tle better? Is that not the very basis of tion paid to honesty.
relation to constellations means noth- dignify astrology with his attention.
citizenship, politics, and policy? Why
ing. As an astronomer, it is almost cer-
is Stephen Harper our prime minister
So it’s funny that the current inter- tain that at some point in his life
if not to make Canada, in his eyes,
est in the Zodiac rearrangement took Kunkle has been mistaken for an as-
better? It’s simply stupid to suggest
edward dodd kent e. peterson
place recently thanks to Parke Kunkle, trologer. Unfortunately, some people contributor business manager
Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2011
the carillon
24 the back page

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URSU AGM: Motions

because life is shit and we know you recognize that

Membership of Nursing Students of the University of Regina Students' Union Fixed URSU Election Dates MOVED: Kent Peterson
(URSU) is important for members; and MOVED: Kent Peterson
Whereas the University of Regina is creating a Whereas the only expense of the Canadian Whereas many students have concerns about
new faculty, the Faculty of Nursing; and Federation of Students' referendum that has Whereas currently URSU elections can occur the unclear rules regarding slates, or groups of
Whereas the current structure of the URSU been disclosed has been the $3,000 towards any time in the month of March; people running together during elections; and
constitution does not accommodate a Faculty campaign materials; and Whereas such a policy allows existing Whereas there seems to be little research
of Nursing position on the URSU Board of Whereas the CFS referendum costs should holders of office the opportunity to call elec- and information-collecting regarding this is-
Directors; be known to all URSU members tions whenever it is beneficial to them; sue;
Be it resolved that the URSU constitution Be it resolved that URSU disclose all ex- Whereas fixed election dates would elimi- Whereas any changes to how students can
article V, (2) be amended to include: Faculty of penses incurred pursuing defederation from nate any chance of students not being prepared run in elections should be investigated fully be-
Nursing; the CFS; and for annual elections with regards to voting fore being changed.
Be it further resolved that this change will Be it further resolved that these expenses dates, nomination dates, and the like; Be it resolved that the Board of Directors
not be in effect until August 15th, 2011. be posted on the URSU website within two Be it resolved that Article XI Section (1) of establish a committee to investigate the policy
weeks; and the University of Regina Students’ Union con- surrounding slates in other Canadian universi-
Be it further resolved that these expenses stitution be amended to read: An annual ties, and present a policy recommendation re-
Membership of ESL Students include the pseudo-referendum in early 2010 as General Election to elect members of the Board garding the use of slates to the next Annual
well as the referendum in late 2010, staffing of Directors must be held on the third General Meeting of the University of Regina
costs, legal expenses, and all campaign and ad- Wednesday and Thursday of March, with a Students' Union;
Whereas there has been some interest from
vertising materials. day for advanced voting taking place on the Be it further resolved that the committee
English as a Second Language (ESL) students
third Monday of March. shall consist of one member of the executive
to have the ability to access URSU services;
Be it further resolved that Article XI Section committee, two members of the Board of
Whereas the current URSU constitution Extend URGSA Transition Deadline (2) of the University of Regina Students’ Union Directors, and three student appointed by the
MOVED: Adam Belton constitution be deleted, and all subsequent sec- Board who are not already members of the
does not allow for non-credit students, such as
tions in Article XI be re-numbered appropri- Board of Directors or URSU employees.
those studying in the ESL program, to become
full fee paying members of the URSU; Whereas the University of Regina Students' ately.
Be it resolved that the URSU constitution Union (URSU) and the University of Regina
article III, (1) be amended to read: Graduate Students' Association (URGSA) has Increase to Carillon Fee
"Any and all person(s) enrolled for credit, entered into a negotiation toward URGSA orga- Limit Term of Office for URSU MOVED: John Cameron
non-credit, or audit at the University of Regina, nizational autonomy based on a motion ap- Executive
who pay the required student fees, shall be a proved by the student body at the Dec. 1st, Whereas the Carillon has not received a funding
MOVED: Kent Peterson
member in good standing of the Students’ 2009 URSU AGM; and increase in over 13 years, despite rising print-
Union. Membership shall remain effective for Whereas the negotiation process has been ing and equipment costs, and
Whereas the eventual turnover of URSU exec-
the immediate four months following the last hampered particularly by the slow process of Whereas the Carillon has cut down its op-
utives is healthy for our students’ union in that
semester the student is enrolled for credit, non- sharing of service usage information necessary erating costs by reducing the number of issues
it brings new ideas and perspectives to stu-
credit or audit at the University of Regina. for negotiating continued student services as printed per week, among other things, and has
dent government;
Membership shall also remain effective for the required by the original mandate; simultaneously attempted to raise operating
Be it resolved that the University of Regina
duration of a student’s University arranged Be it resolved that the agreed upon transi- revenue by hiking advertising rates, and
Students' Union constitution be amended to
employment, for any student that is required tion deadline of September 1st, 2011, be ex- Whereas the Carillon has moved to make
remove Article V Section (9.1), and add the fol-
by their program to work in University tended by one year to September 1st, 2012, to the paper more accessible and visible by creat-
lowing as section (10) under Article V: Any
arranged employment to complete their de- reflect difficulties in sharing service usage in- ing and updating a new website, holding a
student may not be elected or acclaimed to
gree." formation that is vital to a fair negotiation public CFS referendum debate, and hosting a
serve more than two consecutive terms on the
process; and series of lectures by local journalists;
executive of the University of Regina Students’
Be it further resolved that this motion have Be it resolved that the student fee for the
Disclose Expenses of CFS no other implications on the terms of the orig- Carillon be increased from $2.00 per semester to
inal mandate other than amending the length $2.75 per semester for part-time students, and
Referendum of term for this transition to occur. $4.00 per semester to $5.50 per semester for
MOVED: Kristy Fyfe Investigate the Use of Slates in fulltime students.
URSU Elections
Whereas the accountability and transparency