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(Romans 13:5)

Right after the 2011 State of the Union Address Congress sitting mixed up decided to release the new
super civility app. The App is free if you are lucky enough to get it. The App directs citizens to a
government abuse center. A center where citizens can blow the whistle on government fraud, waste,
and abuse. The App directs you to first a church, that church is located in a prison which is located in
a cemetary. In the cemetery there is a grave marked coercion / collusion. In that grave there lies a lot
of public servants, postal employees, regan air traffic controllers, and your soon to be gullible dumb
ass if you don't stand up for the enforcement of the laws of the United States Constitution.

I AM YHVH DEITY those of you who have faith in god; god translation good OLE deception,
governing oppressive device, group of demons, government of deceivers. You are not confused , you
were no mask GENERATION Y, UNIT Y

Fool me once shame on you,

Fool me twice shame on me,
Fool me a third time shame on ISD (Independent School District).

A state of war can exist without your cooperation, without your desire to fight, without your
willingness to die or live, your enemy can declare war on you without your permission; a state of war
exist anytime any individual or collective of individuals or systems of power try to take from you that
which is rightfully yours. World War III is the war congress is carrying out against the citizenry.
United States Supreme Court 99-565 & supplement provides evidence of Collusion on the part of
Congress and the United States Supreme Court. It has already been proven that a full declaration of
war is not needed for war. That you are guilt before proven innocent. And that there are weapons of
mass destruction located in Iraq.

When members of Congress and the Supreme Court use collusion and create a holocaust. Whether it
be in America or anywhere else we must protect humanity. When evidence is provided to congress and
the courts and they won't prosecute those members involved; then they are all guilty by association.
Was it not Congress who passed the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupted Organization Act (RICO
Act)? If there is no Justice there is no YESHUA / JESUS and there is no hope for the future.

A few sacrifice for the lot to have SALVATION. Jared (PROTECTOR) Loughner epitomizes “Yes
We Can”.

YHVH solution Peoples Righteous Kill Defense [PRKD]

Ask just about any member of Congress who routinely destroy entire American families for sport,
about the game of golf. They might tell you the truth that a game of golf does not end because you got
a hole in one. There are at least seventeen more holes if you are playing around.

Luke 19:8

This shall serve as yet another tribute to members of my postal /government congressional, federal,
state and local family and their family members; those who lost love ones or will soon lose love ones
and those who may survive the American Holocaust. I write this in persecution with YHVH; your
remembrance and your strength.


CN, [YHVH] messenger written CooN by YA [YHVH]
Allen Carlton - (class of 81 -
National Whistleblower -
Revelation receiver of the Peoples Righteous Kill Defense [PRKD]