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Robert Sherman World Religions Reaction Paper The Celestine Prophecy Reflections upon a Mystical Quantum Mechanics Tryst

James Redfield wrote The Celestine Prophecy in 1993 as a current century parable concerning the continued evolution of man along a spiritual path. It is told by an unnamed male narrator and involves his pursuit of nine manuscripts in the jungles of Peru. Each of the nine manuscripts was supposed to have been written around 600 BCE and in the language of Aramaic and deals with a person¶s interaction with a universal energy that is contained in all things. They have been hidden throughout Peru and are being sought by a group of scientists and clergy that believes in the message each manuscript contains. Meanwhile, the Peruvian government is attempting to suppress the release of the information under the direction of a Cardinal. This Cardinal considers the message in the manuscripts to be subversive and could lead to large numbers of people no longer following the teachings of the Catholic Church. The first and second manuscripts set the stage of the story prophesying that an increasing number of people will come view their lives as a spiritual journey in which we are led forward by mysterious coincidences. They also the last millennium as a conceptual shift from a

worldview controlled by religious leaders, through one of questioning spirituality, to a five hundred year period in which humanity has become pre-occupied with comfort and more secular. At the close of the 20thcentury, the ³Critical Mass´ described in the first manuscript is pushing humanity towards the real nature of our existence and of the Universe as well. The third, fourth, and fifth manuscripts describe the Universe as energy and not exclusively physical. All things are made from the same universal energy field. This energy can be seen, projected by focusing in a specific direction, and can influence other things. They go on


Robert Sherman World Religions Reaction Paper The Celestine Prophecy to explain that mankind has become isolated from the universal energy. As a result, mankind uses the act of mentally/emotionally dominating others to win their energy. Mankind can evolve past this by tapping into the universal energy in ways similar to those done by mystics over the centuries. The next three manuscripts describe what is necessary to spiritually evolve. It explains that everyone has an unconscious mechanism they use to siphon energy from others and must stop doing so. Once that is done, a person can keep important questions in mind, and the universal energy will provide help by the way of directions in dreams, daydreams, and intuitions that lead to the answer. Often, the answer is provided by another person. The last of these three manuscripts describes the importance of helping others. It cautions about love becoming a trap before one completes incorporating the universal energy fully. The eighth manuscript also describes the necessity of the focused energy of one adult per developing child, so as to not stifle their development. The final manuscript described in the book is named ³the Emerging Culture´. It posits that as mankind searches for their evolutionary paths, technology will advance to the level of being able to provide all physical needs and will be self maintaining. This will allow humanity the time necessary to explore their spirituality and ascend to higher energy planes. Eventually, mankind will attain the energy vibration consistent with the after-life and transcend the cycle of birth and death. The narrator explains this is what happened to the entire Mayan culture circa 600BCE, they transcended as a whole.


Robert Sherman World Religions Reaction Paper The Celestine Prophecy The manuscripts act as instructions on how to unlock the insights. They serve a dual purpose in providing both a long term prophecy and the path to follow to the ultimate goal of becoming pure spiritual energy. Each one is meant to be a stepping stone to the next in an ascending line of complexity. They mirror many of the ideas contained in the Hindu Yogas, Taoism and Buddhism. The Aramaic originals are never actually seen by any of the characters and could symbolize the unknowable truth. The existence of translated manuscripts is homage to the effect Martin Luther had on personalizing religion. This is alluded to within the second chapter of the book. The story contained within The Celestine Prophecy resonates with many of my currently held spiritual beliefs. The most important section to me is the eighth manuscript titled ³The Interpersonal Ethic´. Out of all the manuscripts, it clearly describes the expectations needed to start elevating the minds and hearts of mankind. Its four ³Control Dramas´ are simplistic, but are effective. It helped me identify what methods I employ to avoid conflict with others. I have interacted with many people that would fit one or more of the descriptions and had never thought of identifying their motives as a way to derail them. The eighth manuscript goes on to set examples on how to treat others. In the respect to children, the equivalent energy of one adult should be expended per child so as to maximize their happiness, well being and to stifle their need to act out to gain attention. It also advocates finding ways to communicate truths to children and not to dismiss how intelligent children can be. These principles are actually called Attachment Parenting. It is a back to basics, pre-Dr. Spock, approach championed by Dr. William Sears and Attachment Parenting International


Robert Sherman World Religions Reaction Paper The Celestine Prophecy (Katie Allison Granju). As a result of this need, the traditional nuclear family will expand to include likeminded nontraditional members that the child will also bond with. The second important experience I had in relation to this book was my initial acceptance and then ultimate rejection of Redfield¶s usage of Quantum Mechanics to explain how humanity is one with the Universe. Having grown up in a household that did not have any overt religious or spiritual themes, I developed my own based on observations of the world. I concluded that something had initiated the creation of the universe and was either watching how we handled ourselves or had become so incorporated into the resultant creation it could not directly impact our day to day lives. Either way we are self deterministic as far as I am concerned. While this worldview would seem to align itself with the theory of Quantum Wave Entanglement and its tenant that through observation an outcome is predisposed. I find it impossible to ascribe the sensation of love, as described by Redfield, to a sub atomic particle no matter that it can exist in multiple places and times. Ken Wilber in his collection of the mystical writings by the founding fathers of Quantum Mechanics discovered that they themselves believed that the similarities between the new frontier of physics and of mysticism were dwarfed by the profound differences. Simply put, the reductionist aspect of science itself makes it impossible for a finite particle to contain the eternal absolute (Wilber). If it could be, mankind would have been able to quantify God and would be well on their way to tinkering with spirituality. My second problem with Redfield¶s position is that he attempts to make evolution into an intelligently guided path, with man as the pinnacle. He starts this process with a simplified story outlining the creation of the universe along commonly accepted ideas concerning the big bang. He takes time to point out that in each interaction, the energy is attempting to gain a higher


Robert Sherman World Religions Reaction Paper The Celestine Prophecy energy frequency and as a result creates more complex atoms, molecules and then life. The end result is a highly complex system driven by the innate desire to return to the simplest originating state that existed before hydrogen. How can the high frequency energy end result be the same frequency as the originating energy of the universe? It can¶t unless the starting energy dropped in frequency to start the cycle. The explanation then becomes an argument of circular logic. The divine energy lowered an aspect of itself to start a thirteen billion year process so that it could, at the end, rejoin itself. This leads to the next question that arises, what is the human consciousness made of? According to Redfield, all things are made of energy, and the goal of the energy is to rejoin a higher plane of existence. As a result we have evolved self awareness to facilitate this. Up until mankind, energy has been pushing against matter causing changes, now the mind is needed to affect energy. If this is true, then our identities are irrelevant as over time we will evolve into more complex forms capable of ascending. Redfield points this out himself in the description of children inheriting goals from their parents. This then denies his assertion that through conscious effort one can externally increase their energy frequency. For this to be possible, the human consciousness must exist outside of the creating energy. Now the question becomes, where does consciousness come from? By trying to use science to explain the divine, Redfield fails to recognize he cannot explain the nature of the human soul.


Robert Sherman World Religions Reaction Paper The Celestine Prophecy

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