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the Defeated, and Battling the Jenna Dimmick
Corporate Elite
Bruce E. Levine 802.229.4900 ext.120
$17.95 US • Paperback Original
ISBN 9781603582988
6 x 9 • 256 pages
Pub Date: April 2011

“ Levine argues that Americans are ruled by a tyrannical ‘corporatocracy’—i.e. government by big business
and for big business—and his analysis of why the American people remain so passive in the face of such
tyranny is smart, lucid, and passionate…A stirring call for action that surely needs to be heard.

—Robert Whitaker, author of Anatomy of an Epidemic and Mad in America

A year ago, psychologist Bruce Levine posed the question, “Are Americans a Broken People?” in an AlterNet article that
went viral on the Internet, striking a chord and a nerve with people on the political left and right. Why, he asked, have
Americans stopped fighting back against government-corporate policies that polls show they clearly oppose?
Do Americans not know that corporate profits are behind everything from the sorry state of our health care to unpopular
wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? Do we not care?
No, Levine concluded, Americans aren’t ignorant and aren’t uncaring. We’ve simply been so beaten down by decades of
abuse at the hands of the corporatocracy that many of us no longer have the energy to fight back. We have lost confidence
that genuine democracy is possible.
In this provocative new analysis and urgent call to action, Levine details a vitally important piece of the puzzle that is
missing from oft-preached solutions—the problem of demoralization. When fatalism sets in, truths about economic
injustices and lost liberties are no longer enough to set people free to take constructive actions. Levine describes those
cultural and psychological forces that have created a passive and discouraged US population, and he explains how both
right-wing and progressive institutions have contributed to breaking people’s resistance to domination.
While other books will leave you wringing your hands about the state of the world, Levine offers fresh insight into the
ways in which we can take back control of our lives.
History tell us that for democratic movements to have enough energy to get off the ground, certain psychological and
cultural building blocks are required, and Levine provides a road map of opportunities, within the ordinary daily events
of our lives, to recreate those cultural and psychological building blocks.
At its heart, Get Up, Stand Up is a battle plan: it lays out the strategies and tactics whereby Americans can unite, gain
strength, and wrest power away from the ruling corporate-government elite.

“ With this book, Bruce Levine reinvents the old saw ‘the personal is political’ . . . Get Up, Stand Up is full
of both hope and practical solutions.
—Anya Kamenetz, author of DIY U and Generation Debt

Bruce E. Levine is the author of Surviving America’s Depression Epidemic and Commonsense
Rebellion. He is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, CounterPunch, AlterNet, and Z
Magazine, and his articles and interviews have been published in Adbusters, The Ecologist, High
Times, and numerous other magazines. Dr. Levine, a practicing clinical psychologist often at
odds with the mainstream of his profession, also gives talks and workshops. His website is

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