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1. Unit and Assessment Details 2. Course Title: HND Business Unit Number: 19 Unit Title: Marketing Planning Assessor: Ayesha Ali Internal Verifier: Bilal Ahmad Assessment Title: ³Preparing Marketing Plan´ Assessment Method: Report Assessing in: Individually Number of Words: 1500 words (Max 15 pages) Outcomes Covered: 3 Issue Date: 5/01/2011 Pre-submission Date: 26/1/2011 Due Date: 27/1/2011

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Prepare a marketing Plan for a product or service

NOTE: Attach this page as first page of your report

Task 1: 1. Guide them regarding distribution channel they should use and promotional strategy to be used for the new product developed. they should expand their product lines by adopting diversification strategy.1) 2. cold cream. So.g. What do you think why ZIL ltd would have thought to introduce new product range? (outcome 2. and present a marketing plan.4) 5. (outcome 2.( you can suggest any product line to the firm for e. SCENARIO 1 Capri soap making company (ZIL ltd) has decided that their image in getting favorable in Pakistani customer eyes.2) 3. Identify the techniques that can be used to develop and assess product. Explain in detail the pricing strategy you will recommend to the firm.5) . It will enable the students to evaluate an organization's ability to develop and launch a product. (outcome 2.3) 4. Provide useful recommendation to the firm in different problem areas given in different tasks. idea screening till commercialization. shampoo etc by giving proper justification for it) (outcome 2. Explain what the need to be innovative in the market is.Purpose and Aim To help students have an understanding of practical application of marketing planning. Present the new product idea in the form of a formal marketing plan in presentation. this assignment is given. Explain the NPD process in this scenario context by highlighting all the steps starting from idea generation. Tell us how the firm can monitor and review its marketing performance. (outcome 2. Clearly specify the measures the firm can take.

1: Explain the need to be innovative in the market. & or service communicating a product or service. Outcome 2: Prepare a marketing Plan for a product 2. distributing. Written report . 2. Grading Statement (For Report) 2.3: make recommendations for pricing.2: identify and assess techniques for developing products. if assigned again. 2.NOTE: Your report must carry the limitations you have faced and also critically evaluate your own work. then mention which improvements will you bring in your work.4: specify measures to monitor and review marketing performance 2.5: present a marketing plan for a product or service M3: D2: D3: EVIDENCE: 1. If possible.

written work. y Presentation will be on 3rd February. including. y The close paraphrasing of another¶s work by simply changing a few words or altering the order of presentation. y Attach all the pages of assignment brief with your report. y The font size should be ³12´ Times New Roman. Examples of forms of plagiarism include: y The verbatim (word for word) copying of another¶s work without appropriate and correctly presented acknowledgement. y The deliberate and detailed presentation of another¶s concept as one¶s own. y The copy of this assignment brief should be attached with the assignment as annexure y Books and online resources can be used of the college library and Central Computer Lab y Proper referencing should be given in the Harvard Style.5 line spacing is preferred. the college will provide you with the reference letter for the project and the manager is welcome to contact the administration at the college. y Use graphical representation wherever required. y Unacknowledged quotation of phrases from another¶s work. without appropriate and correctly presented acknowledgement. designs. y Visits need to be made to the organizations. assignment number. diagrams. Properly formatted marketing Plan presentation. meeting the respective manager. written or otherwise. the work. as his/her own work. lecturer / tutor name and student¶s name. Feedback to Learner Assessor signature Internal Verifier signature Date Date . The definition and scope of plagiarism are presented below: Plagiarism occurs when a student misrepresents.2. unit title. engineering drawings and pictures. General Instructions: y The Assignment should have a cover page that has assignment title. course title. of any other person (including another student) or of any institution. y Pages should be numbered (bottom right hand corner y Spell-check the document and read thoroughly for grammatical errors y 1. Plagiarism Policy The college has strict penalty for plagiarism and the assignment will be cancelled if the assignment is observed for this. Proper justification for all recommendations given in any area. All types of work submitted by students are covered by this definition. 3.

Internal Verifier Assessor .

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