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Timeline of our YouthCompass Journey
• July 2010 – Discovered YouthCompass and their need for staff • August 2010 – Interviewed with YouthCompass in Issaquah • November 2010 – Travelled to meet local team in Düsseldorf and attend conference in London

The Journey
The journey of our lives has had incredible twists and turns lately. Through difficult times and times of great learning, we have navigated the last few years. Vocationally not being where we wanted to be has accompanied the incredible joys of the birth of our two children. Looking back we can see how many of our experiences were preparing us for this next step in our lives: joining YouthCompass in Germany. We are excited about the work that YouthCompass is doing and excited to be a part of a great organization. We hope the next steps lead us quickly to taking up a position as Community Director in Düsseldorf, Germany. Through it all we are grateful for the journey.

• April 2011 – Target date for move to Düsseldorf

"Life is a journey, not a destination." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are excited to be heading to a great German city. Situated beautifully on a bend in the Rhine River, Düsseldorf is a city of 600,000 people. International families move to Düsseldorf from all over the world for business, diplomacy, and military careers. Most of our time will be spent in the northern parts of the city where the YouthCompass house and the International school are located. Each village or suburb has its own unique identity, including restaurants, shopping, and activities such as swimming pools and other sports venues. Kaiserswerth is the village where the school is located and around which most of the international community centers.

The Düsseldorf Coat of Arms

True North
Everyone that we met in the international community had extremely full lives. From intense school work to sports, music and other activities, people seem to be constantly on the go. Yet in the midst of all the activities and learning, often life’s biggest questions go untouched. These are the questions of purpose and spiritual truths, which are so vitally important. YouthCompass provides a place where those important questions can be discussed. An open dialogue on faith is sought to be cultivated. Navigating life together means dealing with the sometimes treacherous waters of life’s big questions. Students are encouraged to not ignore the nagging issues common to the human experience. We hope to help them find true north as we navigate life together.

The Club Room
YouthCompass aims to provide a safe and stable place for young people caught in a world of transition. Each week middle school and high school students are invited to come together, hang out, and be themselves in an accepting environment. The average international family moves every two years. That means that if you aren’t moving your friends probably are. YouthCompass in Düsseldorf has done a good job providing a safe place in such a difficult world. We hope to continue the great work being done and demonstrate real, unconditional love to students.

The Club Room at the house in Düsseldorf

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January 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● Coleman Compass

Meeting with people to tell them about what we are doing has been a wonderful and stretching experience. To be able to fully explain what God has placed on our hearts and hear people’s individual reactions has been a most rewarding experience. While it can be intimidating calling people to set up appointments and then asking them for money, the reward has been well worth the challenge. All of the friends and family that we have been meeting with have been eager to hear about our journey and encourage us along the way.

We are excited and blessed that so many of you have been willing to pledge your hard earned money to the journey that God has put us on. We pray that we will be able to share together in the rewards of this worthwhile cause. We are very concerned that we do not recruit donors but instead build a team of those who all have a hand in this work. NOTE: If you have verbally committed to us your intention to participate financially but have not yet taken the steps, now is the time. Please contact us for the necessary forms to give through YouthCompass.

Be a part of our team
• Pray for us • Meet with us to hear about our journey • Send us notes/letters/emails • Give financially • Refer us to other people who would like to hear about the vision • Visit us after we move

Ways to give financially
• Mail checks to YouthCompass • Give through First Baptist Church of Richland • Automatic monthly debits from your checking account to YouthCompass • Recurring monthly charge from your VISA or MasterCard to YouthCompass • Contact us for information on each mode of giving • Check out

One of the things that cemented our interest in YouthCompass is the organization’s mentality and structure as it relates to teamwork. In each location where YouthCompass has a presence there is a local board. This board is made up of parents and individuals in the international community who have an interest in the success of their young people. This board is instrumental in getting things done, especially as it relates to other entities such as schools and local governments. The local boards also are instrumental in fundraising. The costs for living and working in Europe are astronomical and if we had to raise the whole amount on our own it would certainly take quite some time. Instead, the local board is raising a major percentage of the funds needed and that money is put together with the amount we raise to pay the bills.
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By far the most difficult part of this journey will be leaving our extended family behind and figuring out life overseas with our children. We hope that all of the important people in our lives follow through on their intentions to visit us once we’ve settled in Germany. The community in Düsseldorf has already been very good to us and made us confident that life for our children will be good. In the international community we know we will find the support system our family needs. When we visited we learned about schools, doctors, activities, and everything else a young family might need to know. We look forward to building close relationships within the international community overseas and finding those we can depend on in the absence of our family.

Important Events: January 23: Nick Preaching at First Baptist Church of Richland March 4-5: Training at YouthCompass in Issaquah

Season’s greetings!
As the season of advent is just behind us, we pray that you continue to be blessed by and remember the presence of God in your lives made possible by the coming of Jesus Christ.

“But our citizenship is in heaven…” Philippians 3:20a

May the love that brought the Holy One of heaven down into a manger fill the lives of you and your family this New Year.

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January 2011 ● Volume 1, Issue 1 ● Coleman Compass