2.1 Conceptual Framework

The research study mainly focuses on the reservation system on Galilea center for education. It is located at Looc, Panglao Island, Bohol. Galilea Center for education is open from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., since the manager is not always around at Glilea center, the assistant manager and the operation manager is being responsible to manage all transactions happened on reservation system in the establishment. Aside from the manager and assistant operation manager, there are two personnel which are involved in this establishment. The caretaker takes good care of Galilea Center and the house cook cooks food for their customers.

When the customers inquire for reservation, anyone of the personnel who is not busy will be the one to accept the customer’s inquiries for reservation process because they are having this multi-tasking role. The personnel will give the brochures for the services offered, the menu list for the customer’s order and the tour packages. The personnel will scan the wedding file, seminar file and room file if there is available for reservation. Then the personnel will also give the price list to the customers for them to refer.

In reservation process, if the customer wishes to reserve, the personnel who is doing reservation process will be the one to give the reservation form paper to the

signature. There are kinds of mode of payment when reserving. it is always expected to be credit because there is still a need to process and they just have to agree on the manager when to pay. the personnel will issue Official Receipt to the customer for the cancellation process. the customer can only get 50% of the payment and the remaining 50% will be given to the establishment. name. The personnel will issue an Official Receipt (OR) to the customer after he/she gives the initial or the full payment for reservation. In cancellation process for reservation. before the customer makes the cancellation. If the customer will cancel the reservation after three days before the event. After the customer filled up the form paper. Availing of credit by the customer is acceptable in the business wherein the personnel ask for approval of the manager before the customer can avail credit. When their customer is from government. The reservation form format contains. the customer can get his/her initial or full payment from the last reservation process. the customer must show the Official Receipt (OR) to the personnel of the establishment and the personnel will scan the Official Receipt (OR) duplicate from the OR File. credit card and charge to. the designated personnel sign a signature for the reservation. room number.customer to fill-up the needed data. mode of payment. home address. Then all transactions done in cancellation process for reservation will be recorded again in the respective file in reservation . it’s either on cash. But if the cancellation process is done in seven days after the event. arrival date & departure date. After the customer cancels reservation. nationality.

the final liquidation process will follow. The bookkeeper will liquidate the liquidation form from the liquidation file for the last partial process. She will review the OR duplicate from the OR File. like for instance loss of records. and then the manager will do the process. After the partial liquidation process. the present system were not yet encountered a problem related on files and document. The liquidation process done by the Assistant Operation Manager. In partial liquidation. the bookkeeper will be the one to do the process. the final liquidation form will be recorded to the liquidation file. All transactions and files are recorded through written and just place on the cabinet.The liquidation process was done in two ways: the partial liquidation and the final liquidation. the Assistant Operation Manager will make the process. By this time. Since the present system is not automated. After the final liquidation process was done. In doing the final liquidation. the manager inquires for the liquidation file. all transactions for reservation process were done manually. the partial liquidation will be recorded to the liquidation file. . The manager will make a report for all the operations done in the business. When the manager generates a report.

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