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What is Supercomputer
The category of computers that includes the fastest is most powerful ones available at any time. Designed to solve complex mathematical equation & computational problems very quickly.

Figure: Supercomputer

What are they used for
1.Climate prediction 2.Computational chemistry 3.Crash analysis

5.Nuclear simulation 6.Structural analysis

The history of supercomputer
The first supercomputer of the history is Univac-1, introduced by control data corporation (CDC) & designed by Seymour Cray . After that Cray leave CDC to from his own company which is known as Cray. With this some other company was also grew, such as IBM, Hewlett-packer

Figure: First Supercomputer.


As a result we get IBM-703, CDC-6600, CDC-7600, Cray-1, Cray-2, Cray X- MP, Hitachi, Intel Red, IBM-roadrunner, Cray Jaguar etc. & today’s faster supercomputer is Cray jaguar .which introduced by Cray at 2009.

Figure: Some Supercomputers.
Another interesting thing is first personal supercomputer already came out which is called tesla & 25 time faster than average PC.

Figure: Personal supercomputer (Tesla).
The price of supercomputer is very around $800,000 USD & the first supercomputer Univac’s price was $940,000 USD which is equivalent to the price of 470 cars!

And personal supercomputers price is around $10,000-$30,000.


A Chart of top ten super computer

Serial 01 02

Name Jaguar - Cray XT5-HE Opteron Six Core 2.6 GHz Cray


Roadrunner - BladeCenter QS22/LS21 Cluster, IBM PowerXCell 8i 3.2 Ghz / Opteron DC 1.8 GHz, Voltaire Infiniband Kraken XT5 - Cray XT5-HE Opteron Six Core 2.6 GHz JUGENE - Blue Gene/P Solution Cray IBM

03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10

Tianhe-1 - NUDT TH-1 Cluster, Xeon E5540/E5450, ATI NUDT Radeon HD 4870 2, Infiniband Pleiades - SGI Altix ICE 8200EX, Xeon QC 3.0 SGI GHz/Nehalem EP 2.93 Ghz BlueGene/L - eServer Blue Gene Solution Blue Gene/P Solution IBM IBM

Ranger - SunBlade x6420, Opteron QC 2.3 Ghz, Sun microsystem Infiniband Red Sky - Sun Blade x6275, Xeon X55xx 2.93 Ghz, Sun microsystem Infiniband

Some important information
1.Programing langue is “FORTHAN” 2.To use it environmentally controlled rooms are mostly required . 3.First supercomputer is Univac-1 which introduced at 1960 $ the last supercomputer today is Cray Jaguar.


Some Important parts of supercomputer

Figure: 800px-Processor_board_cray-1_hg

Figure: Memory rack of a Supercomputer.

Figure: Control panel of a supercomputer.

What is next?
If you Think Supercomputers are the fastest computers in the planet, then you are wrong & you have to know that they are not the fastest computers on the planet. Human brain which controls thousands of human muscles, does audio and visual processing at extremely high speed and controls fastest processor in the world. Thousands of nerves, all in a fraction of a second is the regarded as the fastest processor in the world. 10 PFLOP is too slow a speed to simulate the whole body including tissue, blood flow and movement. Size of the brain and heat and power issues of a supercomputer are beyond comparison. This is an indication that we still have a long way to go. IBM is planning a 50 PFLOP machine by the end of 2013 and it is estimated that within the next decade, we will have an exaflop machine.

But what will be happen when we get 500 PELOP computer to computing!!!


Growth of supercomputer

Chart of growth of supercomputer.


The chance, what can be happened.
The first think will be happened that we will not get I/O as first as super computer. What will be happen then? Then we can use another fastest supercomputer, our brain. If it becomes true what will be Happened? Then we can use the idle part of our brain, which one is 85%-92%. And then a man who is connected with a supercomputer, he will be a superman. We all know What can be done by a superman!!!!!!!!!!!!


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1. http://www. ciu . com 2. http://www . top500 . org 3. http://ci .cs . vt .edu 4. http://tolding. typepad . com 5.

1.The daily USA Today (USA) 2.The daily Boston Globe (USA) 3.Guardian (UK)



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