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A 6 4 Campbell’s Soup Can Marketing Management-II 1st November 2010 1st November 2010

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Campbell’s line of thinking to shift from cans to better substitutes will lead to huge investments in the production process. In addition. Looking towards the convenience the consumers can get out of the product is what Campbell is all about now. The times have changed. . It has been observed that the cans no longer have the convenience value of usage associated with them previously. The singular most important fact about the company is its shifting focus from production oriented to a consumer oriented approach towards the product aspects. not an additional benefit.Fore School of Management Summary Campbell is an established name in the market as a leader in the canned soup industry among the traditional target segments of soup consumers. Campbell is looking forward towards a new segment in the market that of young couples. who associate cans with artificial flavorings etc. The significant area of change is the packaging and Campbell is striving to revamp the entire look of the product because it considers good packaging as a part of the product itself.

Attractive outlook: .Fore School of Management Answers to questions Q1) As a convenience goods producer. Not only by providing good quality.e.Right marketing mix has to be created as these goods are low in price. Therefore the goods should meet customer’s needs.Packaging and tagline should be attractive that matches the brand’s usp and focuses on the target market.Soups are perishable goods. it’s of utmost importance that the distribution channel caters to the demand according the regional requirement. they have to provide their product at consumer convenience so that they do not loose their customer. a slight change in price can be detrimental to the sales special attention has to be paid on the pricing.Consumer satisfaction is very important. taste. As they have high elasticity i. . quantity. Therefore proper distribution system is required. Differentiation: .Availability of product is very important in case of convenience goods as poor availability can lead to a brand shift. what marketing consideration does Campbell executives have to keep in mind? Ans) Convenience goods are bought by consumer very frequently. As the demand of soup can be affected by geographical locations. Availability of product: .To remain as market leader Campbell Soups Company has to differentiate their products from their competitor’s brands. price etc. Proper distribution channel: . Campbell should Campbell should keep in mind following marketing considerations : Consumer retention: . aspirations and expectations in terms of quality. Marketing mix: .

3) Plastic container shaped just like a metal can. In the store. considering an option of different brand name with a new container should not be bad. . Now the consumer is becoming more health conscious and associate the metal can with artificial ingredients and preservatives. 2) Melamine or cardboard containers with resealable spouts and openings. The brand would not be able to retain its share of mind if continues with the same container as metal cans are not so preferred by the dynamic consumer. packages for a brand can create a visible billboard effect.Fore School of Management Q2) Do you think Campbell should market soup in a new container under a different brand name? What options does the firm have? Ans) Nothing remains constant but change. demands and aspirations of the consumer are changing everyday. Options available to the firm: 1) Plastic microwavable bowl capped by an easy-open top. Q3) What factors should Campbell have considered in the decision to change to a new package? Ans) The following factors need to be kept in mind while switching to a new package: 1) Company and brand image: Packages contribute to instant recognition of the company or brand. And as the needs. 4) High density polyethylene plastic containers can also be used as they will also have the advantage of recycling.

Convenience. The following factors will help Campbell to shape up their packaging: 1. Q4) Establish a list of criteria for Campbell to use in deciding on what package to use. • Facilitate product transportation and protection. and convenience are important to Campbell. • Aid product important issue in marketing ? Ans) The criteria for Campbell to use in deciding on what package to use. • Convey descriptive and persuasive information. societal concerns. Customer convenience: consumer has to do minimum effort in consuming the soup.Fore School of Management 2) Innovation opportunity: Innovative can bring large benefits to consumers and profit to the producers. . Customer point of view: The customer must be able to identify with the new brand name and the “can” must retain its Campbell trade name to keep the product authentic and trustworthy. 3) Packaging must achieve the following objectives: • Identify the brand. bears special concern. Campbell can incorporate unique materials and features such as resealable spouts and openings. Packaging objectives of protection. There is an option of plastic microwavable bowl capped by an 3. Transition: Changing the packing from tin to plastic or to any other material.Campbell because this would have a negative influence on its sales. sales. The new package must not give any miscues to customers that might deteriorate their trust in the brand. however. • Assist at home storage. What are the uses / functions of packaging? Is package & packaging . economy. 2. As tin is harmful for both human and environment. So more of a substance which is eco-friendly is required.

Assist-home storage. As it could also be harmful to the existing line of soups. Changes in the operations: As Campbell will already incurring extra $100 million for changing packaging. But there should not be much change in raw materials they use and the finished goods are prepared. 5. Should not change to large extent: Changes in packaging should not alienate the existing customers. 5. 3. Packaging is one of the most important part of marketing at is extended to 5th P of the market mix. Ingredients must be mentioned: For package food consumer perceives that there is high quantity of preservatives and chemicals which are not good for their health. To identify the brand 2. Packaging is important because it helps in resolving following issues: 1. 4. Convey descriptive and persuasive information. 6. So chart of ingredients will help to overcome their misconception and could rather motivate the new youngsters. As packaging helps the consumer to perceive its image at first glance and later on just by packaging consumer starts relating it to the product. Aseptic packaging: Hygiene factor must be maintained as customers are more sensitive towards their cleanliness and their health.Fore School of Management easy-open top this will help the consumer to do minimum effort in heating the soup before having it. 7. Q5) Do you see the decision confronting Campbell management as one that may confront many firms in India? Identify a real world brand in Indian context that . 4. Aid product consumption. Facilitate product transportation and protection.

Today. more refine form of ghee).Fore School of Management faced similar choices and discuss the decisions it made – and if the same satisfied the company and the consumer? Ans) Dalda oil had confronted the same problem where they have to change their packing from tin to plastic bottles. carry a lot of significance. soup for instance. Relationship to concepts Market leader: This term is usually defined in terms of the share of market an organisation enjoys. likings and penchants of the target segment.e. The transition was more based on the fact that in the earlier case dalda was more thick and was sold as Ghee but with the consumers becoming more health conscious they changed their ghee to refined oil and named it as Dalda refine (i. it creates and delivers value to its consumers in a way better than its competitors and designs the product or service in conjunction with the tastes. it is imperative that if a business has to run smoothly and successfully. The market leader has the advantage of a well-positioned brand and its image. . So they not only change their basic product but also change the packing so it became more convenient to the consumers to use it. Consumer’s tastes and preferences: This has become a known terminology in the growing marketing and relationship building times of today. Food packaging: It differs from conventional packaging in the respect that the conditions for storage of food and nutrition preservation and protection of the packaged food.

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