STEP 1: Download eucalyptus-2.0.2-src-offline.tar.gz (or the version of eucalyptus that you are using). Untar it in a temporary location. STEP 2: Create in home folder - /workspace/eucalyptus Inside eucalyptus folder, copy paste the clc folder and VERSION file. STEP 3: Install Eclipse. Start Eclipse Give the workspace as /home/---/workspace/ Import the contents. STEP 4: Run -> external tools -> External tools configuration New -> name (give an appropriate name) -> main tab ->browse workspace ->

Sample: We picked .ucsb.xml -> Targets tab ->check build +jar + clean + dist clean Build successful is expected towards the end of the compilation. If the lib folder is missing from the clc folder you can copy-paste that folder back from the original copy.under modules/walrus/src/main/java -> build. STEP 5: Make some changes in the code.eucalyptus.debug statement -> WalrusBlockStorageManager -> public void startupChecks() And added a LOG.

REPEAT STEP 4 STEP 6: In which ever Java file you are modifying your need to pick up the corresponding jar file. On building..<version number>” will be your jar file name. it should show a successful build .xml <project name=”eucalyptus-walrus” basedir=”. To know which jar file corresponds to this: Open modules -> walrus -> src -> build. “eucalyptus-walrus .”> So.

–name eucalyptus*. COMMAND: find .STEP 7: Figure out where you have your eucalyptus installed.xml corresponding to that module alone instead of the whole to save time.jar (this is the new one) Take a back up of the old jar and remove it from the folder and replace it with this new one.jar in it already (this is the one that corresponds to jar before modification) So now pick up the new jar from Open /home/---/workspace/eucalyptus/clc folder In it you will have a new folder now called targets – it will contain eucalyptus-walrus-<version>. So stop all the running instances and bring down eucalyptus. This can’t be done if eucalyptus is running.jar |more (this command could help you to locate) Open the folder containing clc. Alternate: After modification its enough to use build. . You will have eucalyptus-walrus-<version>.


do-jar.jar.Targets to be chosen in his case would be (this order is recommended) STEP 8: Start eucalyptus Give some s3curl commands (since we modified walrus code here) .

The log files cloud-debug. in WalrusManager – create bucket().log. Its subject to change depending on what you had given in the LOG.log and“hello dodod”).Cd /var/log/ Cd eucalyptus/ Check out the log files for the LOG statement that you gave   EXAMPLE: I added LOG.1 will have this INFO statement. –exec grep hello {} \. The command – find .info statement  . -print “hello” is the text im searching for here.

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