Before going onto the stage, this Ardent Love; fresh, new, indie-band has a dance around

to some Hendrix and Beatles classics« This eager alternative group emerged from the streets of London during late 2010; three friends decided to form a band whilst studying music at AS or A2 level, little did they know they would be selling music across the country. ´Everyone·s gagging to hear what they have to offer!µ an extract fromNews of The World newspaper on Sunday. The band name, Ardent Love, means a never-ending or a passionate love towards something« could this be representing your love for them? They all grew up in different areas of England, but all ended up in London

Abbie, vocals and electric guitar - a loud vibrant character from Hull, she listens to all styles of music and has a broad fashion sense. She attends the same college as her band-mates and is studying performing arts as she·s always dreamed of going into the business one day. ´I am most inspired by Laura Marling, Katy B, Mumford & Sons and Little Comets because they each reflect a vocal style,µ Abbie told us during our time with the band. Jess, acoustic guitar and back-up vocals - a quiet teenager originally from Cheshire who never goes anywhere without her iPod; has been interested in music from a very young age after being brought up with a Dad who also plays acoustic guitar. She has always been fascinated by the world of fashion media, and hopes one day she will transfer from the band into this parallel world full of colour. ´Erm« I see Ellie Goulding, Two Door Cinema Club and The Pretty Reckless as the most inspirational bands and I try to take something from each band when I perform,µ Jess voiced her opinion after a long pause during the interview. Georgia, drummer - the 18 year old will hold back a year from university to stay with the band, she is very passionate about her instrument and has been drumming since she lived in Stockport in the 90·s. Her original plans were to become a Pharmacist as she·s the brainy one of the group, she may still pursue this dream one day but if the band takes off« who knows!´THE ARCTIC MONKEYS! Oh, and The Maccabees and Biffy Clyro,µ Georgia seemed extremely enthusiastic about her inspiration and is a huge fan of Matt Helder from The Arctic Monkeys.

³We all have high hopes for Ardent Love, especially with an unusual name like that, they could be the sound of 2011,´saysCapital FMon a regular
morning breakfast show, they are keen to get the girls on the show for a further interview and to ask more about them. Daybreakmorning television programme will also be hosting the band in the near future, the show are trying to widen their range of guests and as they have recently had stars as big as Justin Bieber in they would

³We are not people pleasers; we make music that shows our personalities,´
² Abbie admitted this during our short interview with the band; they definitely know their intentions and how they are going to kick-start their careers. Georgia claimed that she always wanted to perform on Radio One and it has been a dream to show her talent since she started drumming. Along with the determination of Jess· career, ´I·ve always wanted to make it in the world and pursue my dreams, and now it·s all becoming real I don·t want to ruin my chances!µ The band are hoping to make a big impact on 2011 and by creating trademarks with their clothes they should be memorable. They have already


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