Title 1 2 A Guide to Jews for Young People: Why Jews must be expelled from Palestine A Historical Analysis of Jews

Author/editor Assadollah Mohammadinia

Publisher Sebt-e Akbar

Theme (as described by publisher)

Year of publication

Hojjatollah Madadi Naghsh Akram Hatami Moussavi, Mehr-e Pirouzi Mohammad Dayaee

Simple explanation of the need to expel all 2010 Jews from Palestine A historical analysis proving that today's Jews are not the true followers of the 2007 Prophet Moses Jews used the myth of the Holocaust to establish Israel 2009


A Lie Called the Holocaust: How World Zionism Was Created


A Secret History of the United States

Nassir Saheb-Khalq Helal

America's role in the creation and development of Zionism and the influence 2008 of the Jewish lobby in the U.S. What is billed as the Jewish religion today has little to do with the teachings of 2007 Moses and other Prophets The negative and destructive role of Jews 2008 throughout history Zionism was created to subjugate the peoples of the Middle East The secret alliance between Republicans, Southern Democrats, Christian Zionists and the Jewish lobby in the U.S. against Islam Jewish enmity towards Islam began from the time of the Prophet Mohammed Faurisson's views on the myth of the Holocaust 2005


A Study of Jewish Religion

Jalaleddin Ashtiani


6 7

A Study of Jews and Jewish Viewpoints A Study of Zionism American Support for Israel: Where does it come from? An Analysis of Jewish Behavior at the Time of the Prophet Mohammad

Alaei (no forename Mim provided) Mohammad Ahmadi Abbas Kardan Center for Palestinian Studies Abrar Institute for Contemporary International Studies Imam Khomeini Documentation and Publication Institute




Ali Jadid-Bonab

2006 2006

10 An Interview with Professor Faurisson

Alireza Mohammadi Nashr-e Maaref

Title 11 And Now, Israel! 12 Black Book of Israeli Atrocities in the 20th Century



Theme (as described by publisher) The Islamic Revolution will destroy the Zionist state.

Year of publication 2005 2005

Mehdi Shirzadi (ed.) Peivand Ba Imam Abdelsalam Aghel

Ministry of Culture and Zionists' crimes against humanity Islamic Guidance throughout the 20th century Political Studies and Research Institute (Tehran) Payam-e Azadi Safer Adrenal


Burning the Truth: "Extermination Camps" in World War Two

Seyyed Mehdi Nazemi Asghar Tajik Varamini Majid Safataj

Contrary to Jewish propaganda, there were no Nazi "extermination camps"; they 2006 were only "transit camps" and did not contain gas chambers Shiite teachings against the Jews 2009

14 Children of Israel: Pretexts and Lies 15 Cinema as a Tool of Domination

Jews control the U.S. film industry and use 2009 it to influence policy-makers 2009

16 Crimes and Conspiracies in the Twentieth Century

Institute for Cultural, A selection of interviews and writings by Arvin Moghaddassi Artistic and Michael Collins Piper showing how Jews et al. Communication Studies dominate American politics and society

Mahmoud Death of a Myth: Views of President Ahmadinejad on Ahmadinejad (ed. 17 the Holocaust By Alireza Soltanshahi) 18 Death to Israel!

How the Iranian President's position on Office of the President the Holocaust reflects the strategic of the Islamic Republic 2009 importance of debunking the myth of the of Iran Holocaust The inevitable destruction of the Zionist state 2007

Seyyed Ali Moussavi Ta Zohour Motlagh Political Studies and Research Institute (Tehran) Aroun

Did Six Million Die? A demographic study of European Mohammad 19 Jews Jamshidi 20 Encyclopedia of Zionism and Israel Volumes 1 to 6 Majid Safataj

A study of Jewish populations in pre-war Europe reveals the big lie about the 2006 number of Jewish victims of the Holocaust The bare facts about Jews, Zionism and Israel 2010


Author/editor Robert Faurisson (translated by Faridoddin Ziaoddini) Mohammad-Reza Mirzajan, Majed Nasser Az-Zubaidi


Theme (as described by publisher)

Year of publication

21 Gas Chambers: Fact or Myth?

Ziaye Andisheh

Denial of the existence of gas chambers in 2005 WW2 Hezbollah's victory against Israel is the continuation of the Muslim armies' victories against the Jewish tribes of 2009 Arabia and will end with full triumph of Islam over Israel Despite their dominance, Jews have started to lose as Muslims achieve greater 2005 victories How Koranic teachings can be used to unite Shiites and Sunnis against Jews Israel's fate is sealed and it will be destroyed 2007 2009

22 God's Promise: Miracles in the victory of Hezbollah

Qadr-e Velayat Publishing House

23 Hard Times for Jews Heeding the Koran to Develop a Joint Shia-Sunni Strategy to Confront Zionism

Abdoljabbar Assadi Khaledin Seyyed Hossein Moussavi Zanjani Mohammad-Reza Mirzajan Maziar Bijani, Borzoo Bitaraf


Salsabeel Qadr-e Velayat Publishing House University of Science and Technology of Tehran (Bassij-e Daneshjui)

25 Hezbollah's Victory in the 2006 War

26 Holocaust Cartoons

Collection of 52 cartoons on the Holocaust 2008 Historical evidence shows that the Holocaust never took place The Jewish genocide was a lie concocted by Zionists

27 Holocaust, the West's Sacred Lie 28 Holocaust: The Forbidden Territory; Another look at the biggest lie in History

Alireza Mohammadi Nashr-e Maaref Seyyed Majid Hosseini, Hassan Ejraee Seyyed Hossein Mahdavi Mansour Ahmadi Sobh-e Pirouzi

2006 2006

29 How World Zionist Organizations Are Linked 30 Human Shield: UN Support for Israel

Nedaye Zeitoun Pinar

Secret ties between Jewish organizations around the world that aim to achieve 2010 global governance How the UN is being manipulated by Jews 2009 to support Israel

Title 31 In the Shadows: [Jews'] Financial Domination 32 In the Shadows: [Jews'] Genocide of Persians

Author/editor Collection of writers Collection of writers

Publisher Iran Daily Publishing House Iran Daily Publishing House

Theme (as described by publisher) Jews control world finance Jews celebrate Purim every year to mark the massacre of Persians by Esther and Mordechai A study of the role that Islamic ideology could play in shaping up a united SunniShia front against International Zionism Zionism is a racist, expansionist and terrorist ideology and Israel is an illegitimate entity created as a "reparation" to Jews after the Holocaust Hezbollah's victories against Israel show that it can be destroyed

Year of publication 2008 2008

33 Islam's potentials in building an anti-Zionist strategy

Seyyed Hossein Moussavi Zanjani



34 Israel and Political Zionism

Roger Garaudy (translated by Ministry of Culture and Nasrin Hokmi with Islamic Guidance added commentary) Elaheh Karimi Shahid Avini

35 Israel Is Vulnerable!


36 Israeli Influence in America

Abrar Institute for Monireh Azari et al. Contemporary International Studies Nosratollah Shahid Avini Mahmoudzadeh Ayman Alavi, Mohammad-Jaafar Ebtekar Danesh Saadian Imam Khomeini Mohammad-Reza Documentation and Adeli Publication Institute Seyyed Ali Moussavi Ta Zohour Motlagh

The power of the Jewish lobby in the U.S. 2010 Israel will be destroyed by the Islamic movement Jewish citizens in different countries collaborate with Israeli intelligence The real Holocaust is the genocide of the Palestinians Israel and the Jewish lobby supported Saddam Hussein against Iran

37 Israel's Death Dance 38 Israel's Espionage under Scrutiny

2007 2009

39 Israel's Holocaust: The Palestinian Genocide


40 Israel's Role in the Iran-Iraq War


Title 41 Israel's Secret Diplomacy in the Arab World 42 Jewish Ethics and Western Civilization 43 Jewish Power in America 44 Jewish Religion in the Israeli State 45 Jewish Supremacism: My Awakening on the Jewish Question



Theme (as described by publisher) The activities of Israeli agents and Jewish lobbies in Arab countries The true cause of anti-Semitism lies in Jewish ethics and attitude How Jews control U.S. politics The role that Judaism plays in shaping Zionist aggression and atrocities

Year of publication 2009 2010 2007 2009

Mohammad-Jaafar Ebtekar Danesh Saadian Mohammad-Bagher Helal Rokni Mohammad-Reza Andishehsazan Nour Bolourdi et al. Abbas Mahmoudi, Arvin Shirdel David Duke Haroun Yahya Andishehsazan Nour Tasnim Andisheh

46 Jews and Freemasons

Translation of David Duke's book in 2006 Persian Freemasons are the secret link between Islamic Revolution Jews and Bahais in their conspiracy against 2005 Documentation Center Islam History of Jews and Zionists 2009

47 Jews and Zionism in the Annals of Time

Hamid Nasseri, Seyyed Mohammad- Nedaye Doust Hossein Alavi


Jews and Zionism: The ethno-religious ingredients of Ahmad Karimian a catastrophe

Bustan Ketab Publishers, Qom

The cancerous tumor of Zionism was implanted in the Middle East to destroy Islam, but the Islamic Revolution in Iran has thwarted these plans The way Jews are mistreating the Muslims today was predicted in the Koran


49 Jews in the Koran, Israel in Palestine

Massoumeh Ramhormozi Akram Jaafari

Qebleh Avval

50 Jews, Zionism and the Holocaust 51 Kabala and Jewish mysticism: An Islamic viewpoint

Ministry of Education, A textbook on the history of Jews and Islamic Republic of Iran Zionists and the myth of the Holocaust


Mohammad Behzad Sokhan Gostar Kermani

Jewish mysticism and its enmity with Islam 2009

Title 52 Limits of mass communication 53 Middle East after the Islamic Revolution 54 Myth: A land without people for a people without land! Nebuchadnezzar of the Twentieth Century: Adolf Hitler's Jewish Policy

Author/editor Ahmad Ali Ghane Majid Safataj Majid Safataj

Publisher Bustan Ketab Publishers, Qom Safir Ardahal Aroun Political Studies and Research Institute (Tehran) Office of Islamic Cultural Publications Qadr-e Velayat Publishing House

Theme (as described by publisher) Jewish monopoly of international mass media A new phase of struggle against Zionism and Israel Jews and Zionists vs. Arabs

Year of publication 2007 2009 2007


Gholamreza Rafatnejad

Contrary to Jewish propaganda, Hitler did not seek to exterminate the Jews. His 2006 Jewish policy was even supported by Jewish and Zionist leaders Jews' heinous ploys to dispossess the Palestinians of their land Collection of statements and writings by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Israel and Palestine 2006 2007

56 Palestine and Israel 57 Palestine and the Zionist regime in the eye of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution

Majid Safataj Ali Khamenei

58 Palestine: From occupation to Intifada 59 Palestine: The 1987 Intifada

Narges Abyar, Majid Ministry of Education, Textbook Safataj Islamic Republic of Iran Javad Mohaddessi Bustan Ketab Publishers, Qom Selseleh Ayandeh Sazan Imam Khomeini Documentation and Publication Institute


60 Peace with the Jews Means the End of Islam 61 Playing in the Dark: Zionism in 48 Scenes 62 Political Foundations of Christian Zionism

Sadegh Davari Zahra Ash'ari Mohsen Ghanbari Alanegh

The vital role of Islam in defeating the 2008 Jews Essays on the rejection of any peace agreement with Israel and the need to 2005 continue the struggle until the destruction of the Zionist state 2005 The link between the Jewish lobby in the U.S. and Christian Zionists 2009


Author/editor Hossein Moussavi, Ahmad Khalifa

Publisher Center for Strategic Studies in the Middle East (Tehran)

Theme (as described by publisher)

Year of publication 2007

63 Political Parties in Israel

Israel's political future

64 Political Psychology of Israel

Hojjat Rassouli, Office of Islamic Mohammad Ahmad Cultural Publications Nablusi Maryam-os-Sadat Amir-Shah Karami Khosro Assadi Kayhan

Jewish-Zionist mentality versus Arabs and 2008 Muslims Jews have a supremacist and racist view toward non-Jews 2006

65 Post-Zionism: A Continuation of Zionism Preparing for the Big War: Secret Alliance between 66 Israel and Christian Zionists 67 Protestants and Zionist Christians 68 Protocols of the Elders of Zion 69 Protocols of the Elders of Zion 70 Protocols of the Elders of Zion for World Domination


Nassir Saheb-Khalq Helal Translated by Bahram Nazarpour Nazerin et al. Translated by Almaee Shahla Almaee Bahram Mohsenpour (Ed.) Ajaj Nuwaihaz (translated from Arabic by HamidReza Sheikhi) Somayyeh Khazai Ketab-e Sobh

Israelis, American Jews and Christian Zionists are preparing for a "final war" on 2008 Islam. Christian Zionists and American Jews are 2006 plotting to destroy Islam One of several translations of the book into Persian Jewish conspiracy to dominate the world This edition includes expanded commentary and annotations 2005 2009 2008


Protocols of the Elders of Zion: Program of Action of World Zionism

Astan-e Qods-e Razavi Bustan Ketab Publishers, Qom

An analysis of the Protocols in the context 2008 of present-day Middle East How Zionism has hijacked the Jewish religion for political ends 2010

72 Religious and Historical Roots of Zionism




Theme (as described by publisher) The current Islamic resistance against Israel is a repetition of the Battle of Kheibar, when the army of the Prophet Mohammad obliterated a Jewish settlement in Arabia U.S.-Israeli collusion to dominate the Muslim Middle East

Year of publication

73 Repeating the Glory of Kheibar

Mohammad Bagher Ebtekar Danesh Saeedi


74 Reviving the Empire

Mehdi Ali-Abadi et al.

Abrar Institute for Contemporary International Studies Nassayeh


75 Roots in Zion: America and its confrontation with Iran Issa Danandeh

The role of the Jewish lobby in instigating 2009 anti-Iran policies of U.S. administrations Translation of essays by several deniers of 2007 the Holocaust Jewish and Zionist control of mass media The secret international organization of world Jewry Why Jews can never tolerate non-Jews The Jewish French filmmaker Claude Lanzmann's nine-hour film about the Holocaust is a propaganda film. His witnesses have no credibility and their testimonies are stage-managed 2007 2010 2009


Running away from the future: essays on the "Holocaust"

Essays by Robert Faurisson, David Ebtekar Danesh Duke, Mark Weber Majid Safataj Mostafa Farhang Mohammad-Reza Mirzajan Omid Rezai Arjmand Tajassom Khallagh Donyaye Ketab Qadr-e Velayat Publishing House Political Studies and Research Institute (Tehran)

77 Satanic Temptations 78 Secrets of the World Jewish Organization 79 Self-hating Jews: Zionist Inquisition and permanent enmity with non-Jews

80 Shoah: A Propaganda Film


81 Suicide Attacks: Why and How

Hossein Bagheri, Morteza Salemi


The indispensable role of suicide 2005 operations in defeating the Zionist enemy

Title The "Holocaust": How Jews and Zionists have 82 infiltrated every institution of the United States 83 The Chaos of Zion: From the Nile to Lake Hamoun 84 The Christian Right and Neo-conservatives in the U.S. 85 The Christian Zionist 86 The Coming of the Mahdi and the Demise of Israel The Conflict between Israel and the Islamic Republic of Iran

Author/editor David Duke, Mohammad-Reza Mirzajan et al.

Publisher Qadr-e Velayat Publishing House

Theme (as described by publisher) Secret infiltration of U.S. politics and society by the Jews Unveiling the true intentions of Zionism Jewish influence on U.S. policy U.S. Jewish groups' secret ties with the Neocons The coming of the Shiite Messiah will annihilate Israel

Year of publication 2009

Seyyed Ali Moussavi Ta Zohour Motlagh Mohammad Samak Andishehsazan Nour et al. Ummol Banin Kobra Sebt-ol Nabi Majed Mehdi Tali'eh Nour

2007 2006 2009 2006


Institute for Cultural, The conflict between Israel and Iran is due Houra Nasseri et al. Artistic and 2009 to Iran's Islamic identity Communication Studies Massoud Salavatizadeh Mehdi Taeb Sebt-ol Nabi Jews and the future of Zionism Islam's attitude towards Jews as the principal historic enemy from the time of the Prophet to the contemporary world 2007

88 The Dark Star: How Jews became Zionists The Deviated Lineage (Jews): A study of the historic 89 enemy

Ebtekar Danesh


90 The End of Zionism

Moloud Mostafaee, Parto Bayan Mohammad Shahdi Mohammad Bagher Bustan Ketab Zolghadr, Mehdi Publishers, Qom Fatlawi

Islam will destroy Zionism


91 The Fall of Israel

Israel is on its way to disintegration





Theme (as described by publisher) Why Muslims and Christians are against Jews

Year of publication 2006

92 The Final Judgment

Maryam Bahrami, Behzad Rouzbeh Aranipour Jaafar Saeedi, Hossein Mir et al. Roger Garaudy (translated from French)

93 The Foundation of Freemasonry

Islamic Revolution Jews' role in creating and using the Documentation Center Freemason movement Rasa Israel is an illegitimate entity founded on myths Zionist domination of world media and propaganda outlets


94 The Founding Myths of Modern Israel


The Hidden Domination: Zionism's stealthy 95 hegemony over politics, cultures and public opinions Majid Safataj of nations 96 The Holocaust 97 The Holocaust



Alireza Soltanshahi Bashgah-e Andisheh Faezeh Moini Office of Social Programming and Cultural Studies

Denial of the Holocaust as a Jewish-Zionist 2006 myth How Jews concocted the lie of the Holocaust 2009

98 The Holocaust and Islamophobia

Association of Scholars Jews use the Holocaust to gain sympathy of the Theological in their war against Muslims Seminary of Qom Translation of 37 essays Soodeh SeyyedMomeni Keivan Pahlavan (ed.) Majid Safataj


99 The Holocaust and the Revisionists

Nedaye Zeitoun

100 The Holocaust: A Ploy to Conquer the World 101 The Holocaust: An Illusion or a Reality 102 The Holocaust: Another Look at the "Jewish Genocide"

Gol-e Yakh Aroun Sib-e Sabz

Collection of 37 essays by well-known Holocaust revisionists, including Robert 2010 Faurisson, Ernst Zuendel, David Duke, and others The Holocaust is being used by Jews to 2010 gain world domination Evidence showing that the Holocaust was 2009 a lie The Jewish genocide never took place 2008


Author/editor Mohammad-Taghi Taghipour

Publisher Political Studies and Research Institute (Tehran)

Theme (as described by publisher)

Year of publication 2006

103 The Holocaust: Looking Behind the Curtain

A study of the myth of the Holocaust

104 The Holocaust: Myth or Reality?

Seyyed Ali Moussavi Ta Zohour Motlagh Abdulwahab Bustan Ketab Massiri, translated Publishers, Qom by Ahmad Karimian

The myth of the Jewish genocide


105 The Impact of Intifada on the Zionist Regime

Islamic movements' role in the new struggle against Zionism


106 107

The Importance of the Holocaust in the Zionist Project The Invisible Bridge: How Jews use the arts to propagate their religious and political concepts

Seyyed Mohammad Islamic Revolution The myth of the Holocaust was used by Tarahi Documentation Center Zionists to advance their plans Seyyed Hossein Zarhani Hossein Aboutorabian Majid Safataj Sureh Mehr Ettelaat Safir Ardahal The dastardly use of the arts by the Jews to spread their message History of Zionism and Israel Imperialist powers' use of Israel and the Jewish lobbies to contain Iran

2006 2005 2006 2009

108 The Iron Fist 109 The Islamic Revolution and Neo-colonialism in the Middle East

110 The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, translated, prefaced Forouzan Ruz and annotated by Reza Kamshad and Simin Moezzi Mohammad Ettelaat Abdolraouf Saleem

How the Jewish lobby shapes U.S. foreign 2010 policy

111 The Jewish Agency

The intricate web of Jewish networks around the world


Title 112 The Jewish Genocide: A Zionist Myth 113 The Jewish Ideology

Author/editor Ahmad Abbassi Mohammad-Ali Hosseinzadeh

Publisher Ebtekar Danesh Kayhan

Theme (as described by publisher) Zionist propaganda about the Holocaust Jewish ideology is racist and supremacist and inherently opposed to Islam Shiite teachings against the Jews Using the Jews' holy books to show the deviation of their religion Zionist propaganda about the Holocaust

Year of publication 2007 2005

114 The Jews in Al-Mizan 115 The Jews, the Torah and the Talmud 116 The Mythmakers of the "Holocaust"

Sirous Sedghi, Nashr-e Sobhan Hossein Faal Araghi Leila Houshangi et al. Ketab Marja'a

2007 2007 2007

Seyyed Abolhassan Kayhan Alavi Tabatabai

Michael Collins Parker, translated 117 The New Jerusalem: Zionist Power in America and prefaced by Ali Morshedizad new translation of The One-Hundred-Year Plan: Essays on the Protocols 118 the Protocols into of the Elders of Zion Persian 119 The Palestinian Cause in the Words of Imam Khomeini

Institute for Cultural, Jewish domination of U.S. financial and Artistic and political institutions Communication Studies Qebleh Avval Jews have a long-term plan to dominate the world Collection of statements and writings against Zionists and Israel by the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran Illegitimacy of the State of Israel and the need to end its existence



Imam Khomeini Ruhollah Khomeini Documentation and Publication Institute Manouchehr Ministry of Foreign Mohammadi, Pirouz Affairs of the Islamic Ghafrani Republic of Iran Jaafar Aref Kashfi, Heidar Tabrizian Sonboleh


120 The Palestinian Crisis: A Solution


121 The Prophet and the Jews

The Jews' conspiracies and enmity against 2009 Islam from the very beginning

Title 122 The Prophet Mohammad and the Jews of Hijaz 123 The Real Face of Zionism

Author/editor Mostafa Sadeghi Majid Safataj

Publisher Bustan Ketab Publishers, Qom Qebleh Avval Political Studies and Research Institute (Tehran) Abrar Institute for Contemporary International Studies Almaee

Theme (as described by publisher) Islam's enmity towards Jews

Year of publication 2008

The Secret of All Secrets: How Jews have profited 124 from the so-called Holocaust

Seyyed Mojtaba Azizi

Zionism is a racist and violent ideology bent on destroying those who stand on its 2005 way The Jews invented the Holocaust, turned it into a profitable industry and are 2006 protecting it with the oppressive force of the judiciary The racist Zionist state of Israel and its future 2006

125 The Structure of the Zionist State of Israel

Ali Jannati Anis Sayegh (translated from Arabic) Mohammad Mohammadi Eshtehardi Mohsen YazdiGhaleh Ali Akbar Rostami

126 The Ten Commandments of Zionism

Zionists' manipulation of Jewish religion to 2005 achieve world domination Jewish mentality from the time of Moses Hassan Nasrollah's struggle against the Zionists How Jews betrayed the Persians who liberated them from captivity 2007 2007 2006

127 The Tribe of Moses 128 The True Promise 129 The Ungrateful Debtors: A history of Iranian-Jewish relations

Omid Nashr-e Shahed Hadis-e Eshgh

130 The World as a Plaything of Jews

Seyyed Mohammad Shirazi, Hadi Selseleh Modarressi Lotfollah Meisami Mohsen Eslami Samadieh Feghahat

Jewish conspiracies to dominate the world 2006

131 The Zionist Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy 132 The Zionist Lobby in America

Jewish influence-peddling in the U.S. Jewish domination of U.S. politics

2009 2005

Title 133 The Zionist Putsch in the Ottoman Empire

Author/editor Mohsen Farsaee Roqayya Taghizadeh, Mirghassem Momeni Janice Turner (translated and prefaced by Arsalan Ghorbani and Reza Simbar) Ahmad DoustMohammadi Mohammad Saebi Fatemeh Karimi et al.

Publisher Helal Abrar Institute for Contemporary International Studies

Theme (as described by publisher) Jewish conspiracies in the Ottoman Empire

Year of publication 2009

134 The Zionist Regime's Internal Problems

Internal Israeli crises and the future of the 2007 Zionist regime


U.S. Policy in the Middle East: The Role of Lobbies and Pressure Groups


American Jews have an enormous influence on U.S. foreign policy, especially in the Middle East Jews and Zionism and their future How Zionists helped the U.S. to plot against the Iranian people Jews in the Koran and Islamic teachings 2009 2010 2008

136 Understanding Zionism 137 We Shall Trample America under Our Feet 138 139 What the Koran and History teach us about Jewish thought and behavior

University of Tehran Danesh va Andisheh Moaser Jame'eh Al-Koran

Why the U.S. forsakes its national interests in defense Qais Zaafarani et al. Helal of Israel Mostafa Maleki Mohammad-Reza Vahedi Mohammad Amir Sheikh-Nouri Kavosh Ghalam Khorsandi Institute for Islamic Culture and Thought

American Jews dictate U.S. defense of 2006 Israel against American national interests A study of the political and cultural policies of Israel, pointing to its inevitable demise How the Jews are conspiring to rule the world Failure of contemporary Western historians to challenge the myth of the holocaust True nature of Zionism and its inevitable conflict with Christianity 2010 2010 2009 2007

140 Will They Inherit the Earth? 141 World Government: a study of Zionist methodology 142 Zionism and a critique of contemporary Western historiography

143 Zionism and Christianity: Peace or War

Mohammed-Mehdi Jelveh Kamal Kariminia




Theme (as described by publisher)

Year of publication

144 Zionism and International Cultural Patterns

Ali Sharifi, Majid Safataj Majid Safataj

Institute for Cultural, What we can learn from the Protocols of Artistic and the Elders of Zion to understand 2009 Communication Studies contemporary cultural patterns and trends Safir Ardahal Abrar Institute for Contemporary International Studies Domination of the mass media by Jews and Zionists Influence of the Jewish lobby in France 2009

145 Zionism and the Mass Media

146 Zionism in France Zionism: A cancer in the body of the international community

Abbas Kardan



Hossein Fereidouni Afagh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, translated by Ehsan Abdolaziz Salimi Seyyed Mohammad Nabavi Taghi Sajjadi Ahmad Soroushnejad Nashr-e Nay

Jews, Zionism and their domination of the 2007 world Jews and Zionism from an Islamic perspective 2006

148 Zionism: A Global Danger

149 Zionism: How it was created and nurtured 150 Zionism: Its birth, development and disintegration 151 Zionism's Bid to Destroy Human Socities

History of Zionism History of Zionism History of Jewish/Zionist conspiracies

2007 2006 2009

Seyyed Mohammad Daneshju Kazem Sajjadi Ali Jadid-Bonab Ali-Akbar Rostami Majid Safataj Imam Khomeini Documentation and Publication Institute Sayeh Roshan Tajassom Khallagh

152 Zionism's Confrontation with the Muslim World 153 Zionism's Dream of World Domination 154 Zionism's role in the Midde East

Jews and Zionists versus Muslims

2006 2005

Israel's meddling in the internal affairs of Mideast nations


Title 155 Zionism's Secrets 156 Zionist Media Domination in the U.S.

Author/editor Ehsan Ghalandari Zahra Samavati

Publisher Al-e Taher Imam Khomeini Documentation and Publication Institute

Theme (as described by publisher)

Year of publication

How Jews are implementing the Protocols 2006 of the Elders of Zion Zionist control of the U.S. media 2007

157 Zionist Myths in Cinema Zionist Neoconservatives: The Five-pointed Star of David

Mohammad Helal Hossein Farajnejad Hamid Hazegh (ed.) Afarineh Majid Safataj, Narges Abyar

How Jews use their control of the U.S. film 2009 industry to propagate their myths Jews are the pre-dominant force in the American neoconservative movement Zionists are inherently racist and supremacist; Zionism is a form of racism Israel's state terrorism 2007


159 Zionist Racism 160 Zionist regime: Terrorism and Security 161 Zionist terminology: a comparative study

Qebleh Avval

2005 2006

Mohammad Javad Andishehsazan Nour Alvandi Mohammad Nassiri Zamzam et al.

The true meaning of euphemisms used by 2007 Jews and Zionists

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