THE LAW OF THE TOP The capacity of leadership determines the level of efficacy of a person THE LAW OF THE INFLUENCE The true measure of the leadership is the influence, nothing more, nothing less THE LAW OF THE PROCESS Leadership develops daily, not in one day THE LAW OF THE NAVIGATION Anyone can navigate a ship, but it takes a leader to plan the route to follow THE LAW OF E. F. HUTTON When a true leader speaks the people listens THE LAW OF FIRM LAND Trust is the fundament of leadership

THE LAW OF THE GRANTING OF POWERS Secure leaders grant power to others THE LAW OF THE REPRODUCCION A leader is needed to raise another leader THE LAW OF THE SUPPORT The people supports the leader, then the vision THE LAW OF THE VICTORY Leaders find the way so the team can win THE LAW OF THE GREAT IMPULSE The impulse is the best friend of a leader THE LAW OF THE PRIORITIES The leaders understand that activity is not necessarily achievement THE LAW OF THE SACRIFICE A leader should yield to rise

THE LAW OF RESPECT Naturally, the people follows the leaders that THE LAW OF THE OPPORTUNE MOMENT are stronger than them When to be a leader is as important as what to do and where to go THE LAW OF THE INTUITION The leaders evaluate all the things with THE LAW OF THE EXPLOSIVE GROWTH passion of leadership To add growth, direct followers; to be multiplied, direct leaders THE LAW OF THE MAGNETISM Who you are determine whom you attract THE LAW OF THE LEGACY The lasting value of the leader is measured by THE LAW OF THE CONNECTION the succession The leaders touch the heart before asking for help THE LAW OF THE INTIMATE CIRCLE The potential of a leader is determined by who is near him

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