CHARACTER: Be like a piece of rock CHARISMA: The first impression can be determinant COMMITMENT: It is what separates the makers

of the dreamers COMMUNICATION: Without her, you'll travel alone CAPACITY: If you develop it, they will come BRAVERY: A person with bravery is majority DISCERNMENT: Put an end to the unresolved mysteries CONCENTRATION: The sharper it is, the sharper you will be GENEROSITY: Your candle does not lose anything when gives light to others INITIATIVE: Do not you leave home without her LISTENING: To connect with their hearts, use your ears PASSION: Take life and love it POSITIVE ATTITUDE: If you believe that you are able, you're able SOLUTION OF PROBLEMS: You cannot let that your problems become a problem RELATIONS: If you take the initiative, they will imitate you RESPONSIBILITY: If you do not carry the ball, you cannot direct the team SECURITY: The competition never compensates the insecurity SELF-DISCIPLINE: The first person to which you have to direct is you SERVICE: To progress, put others first LEARNING: To maintain you directing, keep on learning VISION: You can obtain only what you can see

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