New York Community Action Association

Post Office Box 66 58 Glasgow Street, Apt 3 Clyde, New York 14433

Dear The New York Community Action Association is an all-volunteer association that provides advocacy for people with questions and or problems with DSS, SSA, Food Stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, and with Landlord/Tenant. If the volunteer does not know the answer nor the resources to handle the problem we will try to refer you to an agency that might be able to help you. The NYCAA is not a legal service organization and can not give out legal advice or can any of our volunteers go to any court on behalf of anyone. Also the NYCAA does not ask nor do we seek money donations.


As a Community Organization we do run projects throughout the year in which we ask the community to help as they can. * Clothes: We are accepting donations of any clothes, which includes Men, Women and Children. * Bedding: Blankets, Sheets and towels are also needed. * Warm Winter Clothing: Coats, Boots, Hats and gloves for our Winter Collection Project * Food: Non-refrigerator food only. * Toys and Gifts: Every Christmas we collect Toys and Gifts for families. * Christmas Cards: Every year we collect Christmas Cards to be sent to residents of our local Nursing Homes.