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Job & Educational Fairs
ACS, Henderson Wednesday & Thursday September 30 & October 1, 2009 Employment Security Commission 945D West Andrews Avenue, Henderson NC Must be computer literate; call center experience helpful; Must complete online application prior to job fair Attendance to Job Fair by appointment only NC 7003314 Executive Director Must have Bachelor’s Degree and 1 year exp NC 7003313 Certified Nurse Assistant High School, 1 year exp Must be listed on nurse aide registry with No allegations

What Color Is Your Job?
If you have been tuning into current events, your job may be or may become Green. Many may have the viewpoint that these Green Jobs will be newly created jobs. However, this is not necessarily true. In fact, green jobs may very well be a change in doing things in jobs that already exist. Green Jobs can cover any industry including research, manufacturing, technicians, construction, automotive, policy and business jobs that are related to energy efficiency and renewable energy. Energy efficiency is the reduction of energy consumption and includes areas of building, lighting, water heating and pumping, appliances and plug loads. Renewable energy is energy generated from natural resources (sun, wind, water, tides) and includes technology in the use of wind turbines, solar panels, etc. Because Green Jobs usually means a change in the way the job is done, this requires retraining of skills that a person may already possess. For example, an automobile mechanic will have to be retrained from working on cars that operates with a gas or diesel engine to one that operates with a solar or electrical motor. An electrician who works on a house with standard electrical components will have to be retrained in working on a house that has as its source of energy--solar or wind. On August 20, 2007, former Governor Mike Easley signed Session Law 2007-397 (Senate Bill 3). In doing so, North Carolina became the 25th state in the nation—and the first in the Southeast—to enact a mandatory renewable energy and energy efficiency portfolio standard. This law which is known as “REPS” requires electric providers in the state to provide a portion of our electricity needs with renewable energy generation and/or energy savings through more efficient electricity use in the years to come. This has opened up the state and region to a new era of sustainable energy development, economic opportunity, and the creation (new or retooled) of thousands of green jobs. As a result of this law, North Carolina is a leader in solar energy and currently ranks 7th among US states in the amount of required solar energy generation. Science fiction you may say? Not in my lifetime? Whoever, thought we would be able to talk on a phone, as small as or smaller than your hand that you could take anywhere with you? We’ve gone from no computers, to desktop computers, to laptop computers, to netbooks and hand held personal computers. Who would have ever thought? So when asked “What color is your job?” you may not be saying blue collar or white collar but “Green”.

Current ESC Workforce Information from WARREN COUNTY as of September 3, 2009 County Labor Force : 7,974 Number Of Unemployed : 1,072 County Unemployment Rate : 12 July 3 Months 6 Months Months 2009 Ago Ago Ago 13.4% 12.6% 12.9% 8.9%

Current State & National Information Unemployed Workers Statewide (July 2009 ) : 496,867 N.C. Unemployment Rate: 12 July 3 Months 6 Months Months 2009 Ago Ago Ago 11.0% 10.7% 9.7% 6.3% U.S. Unemployment Rate (July 2009) 9.4%

So what can you do? First. For example list any volunteer work you have done. So if you have to lose your job. When a potential employer sees this card. State your objective. Don’t be obnoxious. If you need assistance in completing a resume. he may contact you for an interview. Don’t be a gossip. There are many things you may have done that can be counted as work experience or provides qualifications to perform the job you are applying for. feel free to speak with one of the Employment Consultants who can get you started on creating that effective resume. leave a business card. This may mean you have to work early or work late. The card should be no bigger than 4” X 6”. How to Keep Your Job Due to the economic situation right now. Make sure your actions are above reproach. so that raise or bonus may not be coming. You may have the idea to save the company. address. If you give the impression that you’re working just for the paycheck you may find yourself out the door. You don’t want to be a jerk that is the loudest in the room to prove you are valuable. asking them to hand it to anyone they know who is offering the type of work you are seeking. Also highlight aspects of your previous employment that shows you qualify for the job you are applying for. It is much easier these days to keep your job than have to look for a new one. address. then give your employer eight hours of work. Get over it. In other words. Be willing to discuss any good ideas you have with your boss in a professional manner. a well-prepared resume can be a great asset. In compiling a resume. Do what needs to be done to get the job done on time. But by the same token. The objective will change according to what job you are applying for. don’t be the ringleader. there are still a considerable number of employees who are being released from their job due to a violation of company policy or for some other avoidable reason. toot your horn. as well as hobbies you have. and this may lead to a job! At the Warren County ESC/JobLink Center there is software available that will allow you to create a professional resume. The resume tells the prospective employer who you are. Distribute these cards to all who might help you find work. If you are getting paid for 8 hours of work. Don’t take chances. Talking behind co-workers’ or the boss’ back can be lethal. Times are tight. do your job and do it better. Some may think being late five minutes is not a big thing.An Effective Resume Regardless of what job you may be seeking. But it is a big thing. Never miss a deadline. highlight any training and skills that relate to the job you are applying for. especially if three unexcused tardies can result in a write up which can lead to a discharge. Be humble. List your education. If you can not obtain an interview with a prospective employer. Monitor your personal use of company time. you want to include your full name. While a little office gossip is often expected. Provide details of previous work experience. phone number and email address. Don’t use excuses. . let it not be for something that you did or did not do. Make sure you follow office policy. phone number and email address. Even if you are applying for your first job. Include not only what you did but examples of goals you reached and the benefits you brought to your previous employers. Have the courage to follow your instincts. don’t let others take credit for your hard work. However. Don’t misuse electronic diversions. you should still prepare a resume. contribute to the bottom line. what you have accomplished and why they need you. as well as a brief summary of your skills and accomplishments. many individuals are losing their job through no fault of their own. containing your name.

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