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1. 2. Procter And Gamble Pakistan PROCTER AND GAMBLE PAKISTAN The P&G community consists of over 138,000 employees working in over 80 countries worldwide. Major function of human resource department at proctor and gamble are maximizing human capabilities, maximizing organizational excellence, maximizing engaging, supply management and external relation development. HR Department The HR department (HRD) at P&G is a strategic function. The department helps form and implements strategies. HR here is a change and development agent and not the Police of the organization. HR sits at the table while making policies, procedures, goals, and strategies. RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION Functions: Job Structing & Definition Job Description Job Specifications Job Standards Selection P&G Recruitment and Selection Process CV ASSESSMENT PST & Q&T TEST SCREENING INTERVIEW PANEL/COMPREHENSIVE INTERVIEW OFFER MEDICAL EXAMINATION Organizational Goals and Strategy Online Assessment for Management Candidates Selection Process Selection steps at P&G:


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1.Application 2.Assessment 3.Initial Interview 4.Final Interview 5.Your offer and your future 8. Types of Selection Devices Written test Online evaluation Screening Interview Panel interview. 9. Sources of Applicants Internal Sources: According to the Human Resources Manager they prefer to go internally because It is considerably less costly. Present employees are more loyal. They are well aware of the culture. Employees feel more motivated 10. External Recruiting Channels: At P&G external recruiting is the last option. They do not prefer external recruitment because it may have a negative impact on the work group,

15. 1 embed Related • Hr Recruitment 2673 views . 0 favs. They create awareness by following methods P&G HR News Letter P&G stays in touch with Employment Placement Officers at Universities ORIENTATION There are two types of orientation take place at proctor and gamble. cohesion and morale. Threats Can lose out good applicants as they do not advertise Intakes only at fresh graduates are risky Maju + Follow 907 views.11. 13. 12. Work unit orientation Organization orientation Training and Development Approaches Basically there are two approaches for training and development. SWOT P&G Human Resource Department Opportunities External recruitment can be effective 18. 16. On-the-job-approach Off-the-job-approach On-the-job-approach: Job Rotation Job Instruction Training Coaching Off-the-job-approach Warehouse Training Action Learning SWOT P&G Human Resource Department Strengths: Highly competitive Extremely strong goodwill Financial stability Highly organized framework Low employee turnover rate Working is a great learning experience SWOT P&G Human Resource Department Weaknesses: Does not advertise Conservative attitude Low preference for external recruitment 17. 14.

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