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Welcome to the 3 rd Annual

Cure by Design is an event in which the healthcare,

fashion, design, and retail communities in the
Richmond area join forces with the local corporate
community to benefit the American Cancer Society.
This fashion show, auction, and cocktail reception is
unique because every model who walks the runway is
a cancer survivor.

This event celebrates cancer survivorship and the

hope for a cure by focusing on the roles that
research, prevention, and the early detection of
cancer play in so many lives. Cure by Design
reinforces the message that more and more people
are surviving cancer while creating a sense of
community. We are all fighting for a common cause
– the elimination of cancer as a health threat.

We are pleased to have you join us this evening for

an event that is an exceptional testimony to the
strength and perseverance of those who have
overcome this disease. We invite you to celebrate the
fabric of life with us tonight and on behalf of the
American Cancer Society, and all cancer survivors,
we thank you.
Photo by: Todd Wright
Evening Program
6:00 pm Sponsor Reception
7:00 pm Cocktail Reception & Silent Auction
8:30 pm Cure by Design Survivor Fashion Show
Presented by Bon Secours Cancer Institute

Live auction immediately following the fashion show

Colette & Peter J. Bernard

Thank You
Colette and I are proud to be
the co-chairs of the 2008 Steering committee members
Cure by Design event. Just
Peter J. Bernard Colette Bernard
like you, we both have friends
Kelly James Maureen Denlea Massey
and family members whose
Jim Snyder Sarge Reynolds
lives have been affected by cancer. The statistics are
Carl McNeill Ken Wayland
staggering—1 out every 4 deaths in the United States
today is caused by cancer. Bon Secours Richmond
Health System is committed to doing its part in cancer Sponsorship committee members
prevention and treatment; and by sponsoring the Sarge Reynolds Stephen Huebner
American Cancer Society's 3rd Annual Cure by Design, Gary Rhodes Debbie Schebe
we know that we can make a difference. Marilyn West Jim Snyder
Jim Dunn
When it comes to treating cancer, we have the latest
technology, specialists and services at our state-of-the-
art Cancer Institutes. There, we provide care and Planning committee members
treatment for the whole person, both physically and Denise Kranich Robin Morrison
spiritually. Patients are personally guided through the Christi Csaky Melissa Abraham
health care experience by both facilitating and making Ginny Lewis John Haddad
the process simple. At Bon Secours patients are never Michael Taylor Rhonda Corley
alone—someone is with them every step of the way. Jennifer Clements Kimberly Redding
The Cullather Brain Tumor Quality of Life Center, Suzanne Sease Jerry Morris
located at St. Mary's Hospital, offers treatment in a Julia Maitland Karen Pollard
specialized setting for brain tumor patients and their Mike App Lisa McSherry
families. Kristina Holmes Carolyn Drudge
Jackie Murrell Sherry Fox
Bon Secours has proudly carried out its mission of
providing good help to those in need since 1824, and Publicity committee
being a part of Cure by Design, echoes this mission.
We are indeed honored to be a part of this remarkable Ken Wayland Carl McNeill
event, and thank you for joining us in our effort to Don Richards
fight cancer.
2008 Sponsors
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Featured Designers
Alex Garfield

A native of New York City, designer Alex Garfield fell

in love with fashion as a young man. He found
success with his early brands - Daryle Alexander and
Garfield & Marks. Now Alex is out on his own again
working to launch a new brand – PEACE of CLOTH,
which is featured in our show tonight. Alex is one of
the early supporters of the American Cancer
Society's Cure by Design event and he is also very
committed to Dress for Success. For Alex, giving back
is always in style.

Michael Taylor

Local designer Michael Taylor grew up in

Richmond, and moved to New York as a young man to
attend Parsons School of Design. After teaching at
Parsons and Fashion Institute of Technology and
owning a successful 7th Avenue boutique for sixteen
years, he returned to Richmond in 2005 to be closer to
his mother, who had been in poor health. It was then
that he opened Michael Taylor Couture in Carytown.
Michael has been involved with Cure by Design since it
came to Richmond in 2006. He produced tonight's
show and will showcase six of his couture designs on
the runway.
Proud Sponsor of Cure by Design

Leading the way in treatment

options for Urologic Cancer

With Love, Alex

Runway Competition
Congratulations to our 2008
runway competition winner:

Shaping Lives Through

Inspired Design

Michael Gibson

Surviving across a ribbon from the fabric of life…

The Calla Lily is an elegant and spiritual flower. Its great symbolism and flowing fabric-like quality make
it a fantastic inspiration for the fabric of life design. A Calla Lily symbolizes rebirth and in ancient Roman
times, it was considered the flower of light because it blooms during the time that is darkest, during winter
solstice. The symbolic nature of this flower lends a strong connection to the fabric of life for those who
have lived through dark times and were able to re-bloom. The backdrop is conceived from a combination
of the flowing form of the lily, coupled with the conceptual function of hiding and revealing that is found
in fashion.

For the third year in a row, the Richmond Chapter of the American
Institute of Architects joined the American Cancer Society and Cure by
Design by hosting a competition to design the runway for tonight's
fashion show. The contest was open to architects throughout Richmond
and beyond. Submissions were judged by a panel of Cure by Design
steering committee members. The result is a beautiful synergy between the
fashion and architectural communities.

Special thanks to Mike App, of the Richmond AIA, for coordinating the
contest and to crew at FMS Construction for donating their time and
talent to construct our runway. For more information on the local AIA
Chapter, please visit
Introducing our 2008 survivor models…
Allie Stough – Pediatric Brain Tumor Survivor, 13 years
Amy Butler – Breast Cancer Survivor, 21 years
Aubrey Cox – Brain Cancer Survivor, six years
Bonnie Allen – Ovarian and Uterine Cancer Survivor, seven months
Brad Ewald – Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survivor, five years
Brian Garnett – Prostate Cancer Survivor, two years
Bromby Earle – Acinic Cell Cancer Survior, one year
Carmen Sheppard – Breast Cancer Survivor, two and a half years
Carol Pribble – Colon Cancer Survivor, six years
Catherine Oakes – Breast Cancer Survivor, 17 years
Cessie Howell – Breast Cancer Survivor, six years
Connor Goodwin – Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Survivor, two years
Danielle Bailey – Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survivor, seven months
David Carpenter – Colon Cancer Survivor, two years
Dawn Foster – Breast Cancer Survivor, two years
Diane Huebner – Breast Cancer Survivor, two years
Diane Nathanson – Ovarian Cancer Survivor, two years
Elizabeth Warner Lewis – Breast Cancer Survivor, three and a half years
Evan Curbeam – Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survivor, three years
Iona Hart -
Jaime Lynch – Breast Cancer Survivor, five months
Janice Lancaster – Chardoma Survivor, eight years
James Wood – Lung Cancer Survivor, one year
Jessica VanTuyle – Breast Cancer Survivor, one and a half years
Ka-Le Congdon – Breast Cancer Survivor, seven years
Ken Birlin – Carcinoid Survivor, five years
Kenneth Jones – Melanoma Survivor, 27 years and Prostate Cancer, one year
Kim Aldous – Melanoma Survivor, 35 years and Colon Cancer Survivor, two years
Kim Moncrief – Breast Cancer Survivor, six months
Kristy Scott – Stage IV Lung Cancer Survivor, one and a half years
Lisa Crawford – Breast Cancer Survivor, one year
Lisa Smith – Breast Cancer Survivor, nine years
Margaret Smither – Colon Cancer Survivor, 15 years
Mary Mallory-Turner – Monoclonal Gammapathy Survivor, seven years
Meg Blanton – Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survivor, 11 months
Mike Richards – Testicular Cancer Survivor, 20 years
Nicki Patton – Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Survivor, 11 years
Pam Anderson – Breast Cancer Survivor, eight months
Regina Hall – Breast Cancer Survivor, five years
Rhonda Ward – Breast Cancer Survivor, one year
RoxAnne Johnson – Breast Cancer Survivor, 10 months
Rick Glass – Rhabdomyosarcoma Survivor, 32 years
Sabrina Steele – Breast Cancer Survivor, one year
Sarah Fitchett – Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Survivor, one year
Sharon Pierce – Melanoma Retina Survivor, two years
Steve Lindsey – Melanoma Survivor, eight years
Susan Grant – Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Survivor, one year
Talley Powell – Breast Cancer Survivor, 11 years
Ursula Oesterwinter – Breast and Uterine Cancer Survivor, 20 years
We commend each of
tonight’s survivor models
and we are proud to sponsor
Cure by Design