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Part-time PhD program RESORG Nijmegen School of Management Since September 2010, the Nijmegen School of Management

(NSM) at the Radboud University Nijmegen offers a part-time PhD program entitled ‘The Responsible Organization' or RESORG. This program is a four-year course for people who work and simultaneously want to pursue a PhD. Its focus is on fundamental and applied research on changing responsibilities of organizations and enterprises in the light of the increasing importance of issues of sustainability, trust and transparency. The program will revolve around the idea of multiple value creation for different stakeholders simultaneously. This text presents the main components of the PhD Program RESORG. Motivation Society is changing rapidly. Complex social and organizational problems are leading to many transformations. The relationship between business and society is changing fundamentally. The challenge of running a sustainable and responsible business is high on most corporate agendas. As a result, new demands are made on companies. These demands translate into issues concerning reputation, identity, value chains, responsibilities and risks. Often, it is unclear how the roles, responsibilities and functions of a business must be defined and implemented within these developments and changing requirements. The search for answers to these new requirements and expectations provides a variety of fundamental questions. A singular approach from a traditional and dominantly business/economic perspective has proven insufficient to meet these challenges. Increasingly, it is becoming clear that companies need to find innovative ways for developing responses to this changing landscape. Nijmegen School of Management The Nijmegen School of Management (NSM) of the Radboud University Nijmegen presents itself as a center of scientific knowledge and research of organizational, management and design issues of contemporary organizations in the public and private sphere. The NSM conducts research, publishes books and articles, both scientific and popular, and is an active contributor to the public debate on sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Additionally, the NSM organizes conferences and research seminars to spread knowledge and promote discussion. It is the NSM’s ambition to provide a valuable contribution to society. Changing demands, change in value creation. The NSM operates from a human-oriented and integrated perspective on business. Its education and research are aimed at providing an innovative contribution to changing organizational responsibilities, both now and in the future. Its central focus is on how sustainability and organizational responsibility can be effectively realized while taking into account the varying, and sometimes conflicting, perspectives of different stakeholders. We call this multiple value creation. Multiple value creation goes beyond the three P's of People, Planet and Profit, to also include the actual realization and justification of this value creation. Many companies have Nijmegen School of Management - RESORG PhD School

already started to implement this. • Relationships. Candidates in the program will be asked to develop and pursue an individual research topic related to one of the four research areas of the RESORG program. Part-time PhD RESORG The Nijmegen School of Management (NSM) is looking for candidates working in either a profit or non-profit organization. The search for answers that matter.RESORG PhD School www. Nijmegen School of Management . Potential candidates will need to have a number of years of appropriate professional experience. sufficient time to conduct this. The RESORG program focuses on four major research areas: • Organizing and implementing multiple value creation. It is of great importance to society to meet the demand for more graduates educated in these issues. identity. and the basic skills to write and publish about their findings. During the intake. Not alliances and institutional arrangements. These themes and related studies are brought together in a central research program called 'The Responsible Organisation' (RESORG). candidates will be evaluated on whether they have the (potential) qualities to conduct academic (PhD) research. within their organization. but struggle with creating multiple values in their organization in a sustainable and responsible . corporate social responsibility (CSR). affinity with corporate responsibility and a degree at Master level (obtained at a Dutch or foreign university). The PhD program focuses on research into the changing and new demands of organizations around the broad themes of organizational responsibility and sustainability. These research areas provide a clear overview of the research (and teaching) issues the NSM stands for. calls for the launch of new. • Building accountability and reliability. transparency. a wide variety of researchers is actively working on questions regarding sustainability. Research as a whole is focused specifically on why and how organizations (both profit and non-profit) shape their responsibility simultaneously on an economic. The NSM takes its responsibility in this matter and offers the dual PhD program under the heading of RESORG precisely for that reason. who have the ambition to pursue a PhD in the field of 'The Responsible Organisation"(RESORG). gender. there is a growing need for new solutions and insights. accountability. • Analysis and management of internal and external stakeholder configurations. social and ecological level. strategy and organizational structures. NSM and the RESORG research program Within the Nijmegen School of Management. fundamental and applied research.

During the intake. 3. both written and oral. over the four years of doctoral research. Candidates will receive continuous supervision by their thesis supervisors to encourage the successful and timely execution of their research and dissertations. thus encouraging the emergence of vibrant learning communities around relevant to the candidate. attention will be paid to the (potential) qualities of the candidates to conduct research. such that a candidate can achieve a fully defensible dissertation in four years. This will ensure that results and findings will not only emerge at the end of the research. This intake is aimed at ensuring that the entry level of participants is up to standard and will enable the creation of an academic ‘level playing field’. promotion is not . with input from visiting professors. The support offered to each candidate will include scientific supervision and customized training. Successfully completing the program will result in an internationally recognized academic title. The program’s design creates ample learning opportunities between candidates. assisted by a full or associate professor. Nijmegen School of Management . No costs will be charged for this supervision. but that the research has an added value. offered by Dutch lecturers and supervisors. The purpose of the RESORG program as a whole is to create a (dual) training and supervising structure for external PhD students. 6. 2. enhancing the career prospects of the participant.RESORG PhD School www. multidisciplinary approach. academic writing skills. and will be conducted by the program director. Access to a variety of scientific disciplines and associated researchers of the NSM will ensure a unique. academics and third parties. 4.A short overview of the advantages of the PhD program 1. The aim of the program is to make research and education relevant to the candidate’s occupation. However. publish capabilities and to the idea for research that the candidates provide in their application form. 5. Procedure Intake of candidates The intake of potential candidates will consist of three steps.

During the first year. The candidate will be individually supervised in this process by potential (co-) thesis supervisors and supported by a series of multi-day seminars on the university campus in Nijmegen. • This pre-proposal will form the primary subject for a second interview in the presence of the program director and one or more professors involved in the RESORG PhD Program. Given the intensity of the . Additionally. The participating universities and their employees do not discriminate on the basis of race. doing a literature review. The research proposal will be developed through attending several seminars and the personal supervision of each participant. political beliefs. If the candidate can be admitted. sexual orientation. at maximum. the overall PhD program will last four years and end with a full academic dissertationdefense ceremony at the Radboud University Nijmegen. the candidate’s first year in the program will primarily be devoted to education and. in the form of a series of seminars. Time Investment In the RESORG PhD program. with close involvement of the 1 Selection of candidates will take place based on qualifications for the program. simultaneously. the candidate will have to conduct an individual review of literature and possibly some exploratory research. national or ethnic origin. the candidate will be prompted to write a brief pre-proposal within a limited time span. The RESORG program will be conducted entirely in English. On the basis of this interview. he or she will receive an invitation for an introductory appointment. developing the candidate’s own research idea. Program The first year program is mainly devoted to education. or disability Nijmegen School of Management . writing and submitting a funding application will also be part of this year. a candidate will be expected to conduct his or her research for two to three days a week. religion. • Based on the introductory meeting and the first idea that the candidate has for his or her doctoral research. age. gender. the aim is to start the second edition of the program with a diverse group of. a candidate’s application will be checked on whether he or she can be formally admitted to the program. a decision will be made as to the potential admission of the candidate. from the Netherlands or abroad. intake procedure1: • After applying through the application form. stateof-the-art developments around RESORG issues will be taught and discussed. 15 candidates. Duration Ideally. the candidate will be asked to write at least one article in this first year and submit this for publication. Education will be provided by lectures and professors from the NSM and other internal and external guest speakers (from the Netherlands and abroad). research methodology and methods and theory of science. Following admission.RESORG PhD School www. The program will mainly be focused on issues such as academic writing skills. and the development of the candidate’s individual research proposal. In specific cases.

Participation in these seminars is mandatory. supervision. Freeman. Education The first year course consists of eight to ten multi-day seminars. in order to rapidly process "state of the art" knowledge and insights.participant’s primary thesis supervisor. Further.).RESORG PhD School . Barring exceptions. business) and new institutional arrangements (16) Accounting. Topics covered in the seminars will be. approaches and concepts regarding RESORG issues will be examined and discussed. Participants can then use this knowledge in developing their research proposal. Mary Parker Follet. 0-hour contract and access to facilities (Library. among others. 2nd and 3d generation) (14) Policies and possibilities (National. The NSM will provide a (flex) workspace. perspectives. transition and transformation Nijmegen School of Management . EU and other) (15) Strategies (policy. Internet. After the first year. conducted in English. scientific theories.g. codes and standards (17) Organisational change. Lecturers will come from the Radboud University Nijmegen. Gro Harlem Brundtland etc. methodology and the practicalities of doing research. as well as other universities. all seminars will be held on the campus of the Radboud University Nijmegen. three or four topical seminars will be organized each year to maintain and strengthen the bond between the candidates themselves and the NSM. The end product of the first year program will be a research proposal and the defense of this proposal before a committee.) (13) Multiple stakeholders ( Below you find an overview of the different subjects that will be addressed during the program: Methodology (1) Philosophy of Science (2) Introduction to Research Methodology (3) Introduction to data collection and -analysis (4) Intervention methodology (5) Design of your own Research Skills (6) Library Skills (7) Academic Writing (8) Managing a PhD (9) Sponsoring (10) Presentation Skills Theory (11) Introduction to changing responsibility and accountability in business (12) A compact history of RESORG based on Great Thinkers (e. theories. etc.

Passing this interim review is an expression of the committee’s confidence in the realization of the research proposal within a period of three years. Guarantee of dedication. adequate methodological choices and feasibility of the research. Aside from contact during the seminars and in regular correspondence. their availability and the candidate’s personal preference. the research proposal will primarily be assessed on its theoretical foundation. In this presentation. if relevant. The candidate will then spend the following three years of the program conducting his or her proposed .RESORG PhD School www. RESORG PhD Association will organize at least 4 meetings a year for all the participants Nijmegen School of Management . However. The education. for and with program participants. The supervisors will be selected based on their expertise in the area of research. promotion is not guaranteed. Nomination for a promotion and appraisal of the dissertation will be conducted according to standard procedures of the Radboud University (http://www. with the actual defense ceremony taking place in the fifth year. This association has the goal of organizing support activities by. candidates and their supervisors will meet several times a year. the candidate’s article Additionally. the candidate might be advised to discontinue their participation in the RESORG PhD program. admission to the first year of the program does not automatically guarantee admission to the full three year PhD program or a doctoral promotion! After the first year Following a positive advice by the scientific committee. Research Community Participants in the RESORG program are obliged to join the RESORG PhD Association. each candidate will be assigned two thesis supervisors who will guide the candidate for the subsequent three years in developing and conducting his or her proposed research. not promotion The aim of the RESORG PhD program is for candidates to complete the program in four years.Presentation of the research design The first year will be concluded with an individual presentation of the candidate’s research proposal before the scientific Consequently. supervision and lectures are all structured towards realizing this goal. This process should result in a doctoral dissertation that will be defended during a public ceremony at the Radboud University Nijmegen. at moments arranged in mutual agreements with the candidate. the status of the funding application will be examined. Should the committee not be convinced by the research proposal during the interim review.

RESORG PhD School www. Participants are also obligated to join the RESORG PhD Research Community. All meetings are held on the campus of the Radboud University in Nijmegen. Euro during the year. Cvsilla Horvath. Aside from their activities in research. This construction is aimed at realizing a close interaction between candidates. The contribution fee to participate in the program is non-refundable.Euro. Participants will receive no payment during the promotion process. Hubert Korzilius. Michiel Schoemaker. Nijmegen School of Management . Hans van Kranenburg. Kristina Lauche. Caroline Essers. This amount may be paid in three installments..Supervisors Every supervisor is employed either as professor or associate professor at the Radboud University Nijmegen. Jörg Henseler. Gerrit Willem Ziggers.Euro per person. provided candidates have been accepted for this part of the program. Paul Hendriks. Rene ten . subjects and advisors. Inge Bleijenbergh.. . Stefan Heusinkveld. all supervisors are directly or indirectly involved in some aspect of responsible and sustainable business practices. No payment is involved for participation in the remaining three years. Faculty professors involved in the program are (in alphabetical order): Yvonne Benschop.500. Max Visser. Faculty lecturers involved in the program are (in alphabetical order): Marcel van Birgelen. Ed Vosselman. Beate van der Heijden. teaching and barring exceptions. Pascale Peeters. 3500. Roel Schouteten. Each thesis supervisor is willing to supervise at least one candidate during the first year and actively participate in educational activities during the seminars. Allard van Riel. both within and outside organizations. Bas Hillebrand.Euro before the start of the program and twice 2. Jan Jonker (Program Director). The RESORG PhD Association will organize at least 4 meetings a year for all the participants The annual fee of joining the RESORG PhD Research Community is 750. Wil Martens. The presentation and defense of the individual research proposals will take place within the academic year 2011-2012. Budget The fee to participate in the first year of the RESORG PhD program is 8500. 2011. Erik Poutsma. Etienne Rouwette. Planning The second edition of the part-time PhD RESORG program will start September 1. The actual presentations before the science committee are expected to be held late June 2012. Andreas Grossler. Jac Vennix. For more 6500 HK NIJMEGEN – The Netherlands Or Dr.O.RESORG PhD School www.3612028 Fax: +31 (0)24 .nl/fm/expertisecentrum .ru.jonker@fm. Box 9108.beset@fm.O.3611933 E-mail: j. 6500 HK NIJMEGEN – The Netherlands Nijmegen School of Management . (Jan) Jonker Program Director PhD School RESORG Phone number: +31 24 .Application When you want to apply for the intake of the RESORG PhD program.3611841 E-mail: j. please fill out the application form at: www. J. please contact: Jol Beset Secretary RESORG PhD Programme Faculteit der Managementwetenschappen – Radboud University Nijmegen Phone number: +31(0)24 – 3611925 Fax: +31 24 .nl Post adres: Postal address: P. Box 9108.