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4 = A PUBLICATION OF THE Churches of Chri inder: + Desco 1 Bei % classic description of ad- I never satisies. Solomon wrote S Garchal icton is when one “eannot cease from condition: “He who loves silver Se aie There are chemical be satisfied with silvers nor he who vidtons and psychological addictions, abundance, with increase, This also is Gambling is psychological addiction. Vanity” (Ecclesiastes 5: major addiction, and carries the same 2M the same effect from playing that Iieswrecking potential as cocaine, Gam- others get ftom pills or acobol. While bers on the whole, are said to be harder money 1 the initial hook, pathological Brethren (Luke 821) Children of God (G 2 to rehabilitate than alzoholics. amblets become addicted to action. In the final phase, gamblers gamble know ee ACHEMICALFREEMIGH in hy il ses to et the arena reeds Jee ‘ The Ametican Psychiatric Association line tush, One recovering addict con: Rale of Faith and Practice: Word of classifies pathological gambling asa “dis- essed in a 60 Minutes imerview that she God (2 Timothy 36-17) frder of impulse control.” Itcan be diag- did not want to win at slots because the Worship (john 420: hosed and treated, but not with marked _timeit took to pay out was time she could sing (Ephesians 5:19) success. There is scmething in the very ne 2 Pray (Act Thessalonians517) nature of gambling that tends toward — Gambling is chronic. Vegas hotels + Teach (Acts 52) strong addiction. Like few other sins, often provide two rolls of coins with + ovation 0 Colbie mbling can gain dominion ever ones hotel reservations. Why? To get people 26) lie (¢f, Romans 614, 16) into casinos, They know most will not «+ Contribute (1 Corinthians 161-2) Gambling is progressive. Gamblers re- quit with two rolls. New addicts are the peat behavior in hope of achieving the lifeblood of the industry. The next task Mission: Save souls (I Timothy 416) Same effect. Over time, it takes more isto keep people in casinos, According Warning: Be faithful 2 John 1) gambling to achieve the same emotional to Kati St Clair, a business psycholo effect. The winner iseager for larger wins. gist, casinos aim to induce a trance The loser is desperate to recoup losses. like state in gamblers, Tools used to ac n snblers have les a BAD ODDS ©. Fields said, “Hor hat keeps horses from be seople I that one in every ten person who start gambling will become addicted. history to grow up with gambling both legally sanctioned and culturally ipproved. In my lifetime, the number addicted gamblers has grown from ne to fifteen million (Gamblers Anon mous). Five mi al compulsive) gan tie ten). Ten mil gam bers. ‘The National Gambling Impact Study Commission estimates it will soon. each twenty million + Eighty-five percent of US. adults have gambled; 80 percent in the past year a than there are alcohol fe than a million ad addicted FROM BAD TO WORSE Robert L. Custer, M.D, identified the ogress ambling addition as having three phases: + The winning phase + The losing phase + The desperation phase During the winning phase, gamblers experiencea big win or series of wins that leaves them with unc regarding the future. ‘Their great excite went leads to increased betting During the losing phase, gamblers of ten beat bragging about past wins, start ne, think and borrow money legally or illegally. They nly of gambliny Sth The home comes enka Theybegin todos bering yim vin bak : This is ac bling increases deanatically and alienating family and friends, Many ura toil ‘acts for finances. Some ex perience hopelessness, suicidal thoughts ce, alcohol and arrests, div temp or drug use, or an emotional breakdown ( htm). ne on a downwai Spiral 14, he went «+ Down to Foppa (Jonah 13) : hip (13) he lowest parts of the - in when it ts Finished by Ti FRUIT YOU WILL KNow 1k: MATTHEW 7:20), Gambl Ws harmless fun. tin nee n That is self decption, Gambling addition affects. go"nble, s,and cor mug heir fa n 1 . mbler 8 yen ness asso«.ates (Dobson) ambling addiction leads 19 dele When the Bible says, “Owe no one a cep our word by making payments Wilon Mizner said, “Gambling The sure way of getting nothing for something” A study of financial liabilities accumulated by gamblers found that the typical adds from $53,000 to $92,000 in debe. Other search shows the average compulsive gam bler’ debts exceed $80,000. Truly, "A race ack isthe only place where the window cleans the ple bling addiction leads to crim nal activity. God’s childeen ae to obey auth Titus 341) and the laws of the land (Romans 13:1-5). A Delaware study reported that as many as 86 pet cent of compulsive gamblers commit felonies ranging from tax evasion 1 check forgery, stealing credit cards idulent loan applications, insurance id, theft, embezzlement, fencing stolen goods, bookmaking, arson, and even armed robbery. The American It surance Institute estimates that about 40 percen of white collar crime comes from gamblers. Gamblers have sok! themselves into prostitution to pay fo ® night’s wagers, The mon Js spouses P © “stir up” each othe and go d works” (Hebrews 10:24 + Almost 20 ps st 20 percent of wife abuse cases Pulsive gambling (Gcorgia Council on Moral and Civie Concerns Sixty percent of gamblers’ spouses are harassed by creditors; 61 percent be come violent toward the gambler; 78 Percent suffer from insomnia; 11 per ‘cent commit suicide (Vines) Compulsive gamblers are five times more likely than others to have married three or more times (¢f Matthew 19:6) 1nd to love and Ephesians 5:25-29; 1 God commands a hush honor his wite Peter 37) and a wife to love and re its 2:4; Ephe s divorce (Malachi spect her husband (1 slans 5:33). God h. 2:16); therefore, it follows that He hates, What leads to divorce urts_ children c are left for hours at the ‘outer rim of casinos while parents go in to gamble “just for a minute.” In extreme Gambling ino. kids cases, security officers find children at night lft earlier in cars in casino parking lots. The Bible sharply condemns neglect having “denied the faith” and of family But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his e faith and household, he has denied t is worse than an unbeliever. I TIMOTHY 5:8 dren, not selfishly “spend up” the mon addiction with children. Hi ling lottery Gamblers feed thei money meant to feed the ‘day Quality Foods quit tickets, Why? The sign read, Don with Food: Since the ( wrong 0 offer our the oppor Children are abused verbally, mentally, and physically by both the gambling par: ent and stressed-out spouse. Compulsive gamblers are responsible for 13 percent ‘of child abuse, Other children feel emo tionally abandoned by addicts who are uunable to provide nurturing due to being consumed by their habit (ef. Ephesians 5:6; Titus 23-8). Gamblers have con: fessed to robbing children's piggy banks, bt robbing children of time and [ove is Children are injured spiritually by the poor exan a pathological gan become gamblers themse “” Pursuing a get-rich-quick dream, m pierce “themsel ough with sorrows” (I Timothy 610). Compulsive imblers have suicide rates 200 times higher than the average. Their spou have rates 150 times higher ( troactive com). Twenty: percent of ad tempted it in a 12-month period. Truly, the love all kinds of evil (1 Timothy 65-10), b 1 will not be bec dicted to] any” form of gambling (1 brought under the power of inthians 612). References The Crime Connection covert eT kare keane uae Wherever gambling goes crime comes,» Gambling debts in New jersey ex because people need more moneyto gam. S14 million dollary a year. This push tie They steal. default on debts, and goes compulsive gamblers into fon aling. and ressman found ty crimes. A property onsider that insurance fea tly attribut The American lasurance Institute est mates that 40 percent ofall white collar} cee ngumbling reed ice ate Cty ei pain omer rae The FB found that a: oo 2 violent crimes as police were bsed, and four of six consecut able to solie—the worst ratio of any : mayors were indicted for corrupti large US ity 8 (three served jail term hn Kindt, Ph.D 1+ Nevada has the nation’ highest inca ‘eration rate, and 40 percent of felons jaled there are from out of state. Ne- merce and legal policy at the Univers ‘ada also has the highest per capita of Illinois, contends that for every reven consumption of alcohol (casinos give dollar generated by gambling, taxpaye away alcohol because drunk people must pay out at least theee dollars in in gamble more) creased criminal justice costs, social wel + When gambling was introduced in fare expenses, high regulatory costs, and Gaulfport, Missisuppi, robberies. in: increased infrastructure expenditure teased by 218 percent; vehicle theft Slates who plan to get nich from loten stent up 166 peteeny, arson, 180 per- and other gambling nd up puting oany fy en; and assaults, 66 percent. swith boes (Haga 16), j «After gambling legalized, social wel Harmless Fun? fare budgets must crease by 100-550 “Therefore by their fruits percent to maintain the same quality of you mil know them According to John Goodman of Focus Ife as before a ‘on the Family, the typical compulsive ‘gambler 3 male in is thirties without ‘any financial resources. He is deeply in debt to banks, loan companies, credit ‘ard companies, friends, business 35+ sociates, and his family. He is behind. im mortgage payments, car payments, utility payments, and he has no Ife oF disability insurance or hospitalization coverage: His gambling addiction may lead to serious problems such as suicid= al thoughts, divorce, intense debt, and poverty. Indesperation, he may commit. acts. + mee material onthe howe snd family eo nerrcen ee tae een BIertil its PURO ai kii in Bible Times? tsa form of gamblin rmanded the Isr to assign tribal labor and do all yo to rotate offices The New Test ident fend stole steal n Jo select replacements bor, work 28). Again Paul wrete 1 in principle: “It ot gambling ou this: If anyone will not give than to recetve" (A Gales ese transactions. It also work, neither shall he eat” (2 Thess may be given amily, frien God was in control of 310). The aw oa ical or mental) phans. w id determined the outcome. is the primary means to earn money and It is easy to see that gam ote, “The Tot is cast into the possessions, none tegories. One said ry decision isfrom the Lord” The Law of Exchange (2 Samuel 2 principle gam no different from 6 This refers to the buying and selling ods fro a Working to earn a liv 1 ishor able. From the Garden of Eden changed for a needed u tilth ord returns, men are to work for The Law of Loan (Dew Adam, “Inthe sweat of This law is the practice of borrowin face eat bread till you return the principle and interest being due on a He who gambles and wi The following congregations have cooperated to send this material to our neighbors. You may contact the congregation closest to you to learn more, ask questions, or request additional information. Follow God's Plan State Street church of Christ Abingdon church of Christ for Saving Man 1713 W. State St. 19508 Dennison Dr. Bristol, VA 24201 Abingdon, VA 24211 Ceres) Lebanon church of Christ East Bristol church of Christ ad PO Box 607 340 Bonham Road Lebanon, VA 24266 Bristol VA 24201 eed cereal) Cu eer cure ed een Eee es eC unc oa treet BEFORE YOU GAMBLE, UT CaaS i are) Ce arTec 3. yo Crean) Dead ee Recommended Resource Visit gambling to see free videos, see acitional statistics, and to contact your representative. | want to learn more about the Bible! matt ee — ee Ce (peeerer Tat De atacand Sr eld pastyear—morethan35 percent ul is wwe wil send you free pamphlets upon request. Consider these provers on money taken fom the New profit nothing, but delivers from death (Proverbs 10:2 Treasures of Laziness casts one into.a deep person will suffer _ ___ and an idle (Proverbs 19:15), He who loves will bea poor man hhe who loves wine and oil will not be (Proverbs 21:17 The borrower is __ to the lender (Proverbs 227) Wil you set your eyes on that which i not? For riches certainly make themselves. _ they _ an eagle toward heaven (Proverbs 235) E Pt Root Caus ses ix My Motivations: _ ae Religion and > Maw Ay Start studying ays gaenbling. An motivated by 1 easy gin. People become ad ied 0 purdbling Dect con giv v9 that trike which will she th mibing en losophy Advertisements ett det tahe ake tet Pam, slack Geta face ML, Da thievery di oe neee eee ec cay RIE MO yeas, holy and weekerads in Jes. Hy the time realy 10 4 1 should have your money » Plan Bs Play the lottery ork aravhisbread (Gen tandling” — him labo, working with his hands what Proverlss 121 et AM is oud, that he may have something n The American 10 give hin who has need” (Ephesians We you work hard 4:28). ‘The Spirit's fruit is self-control 1 make a good Wife (Galatians 5:23) The American Win the txtery!” A For the ve ofmoney so He Said It! wd wttered (wo: root of all kinds of evil” "Don't gamble; don't bet on cards don’t bet on horse races; don't throw dice.” This is the advice of John W. "Wet-a-Million” Gates, a multi-mib onsite, whoat one time played bridge for $1,000 a point, matched pennies for $1,000 a turn, wagered $50,000 ‘on a poker hand, and bet hundreds fof thousands on horse races. He died broke an 1981 Consider I you knew for sure that the path you are on would not heaven, would you change? It U ‘Be even more diligent to make yourcalland election sure" Baap 20) ponies CASINOS: What Does Virginia Have to Lose? This newsletter NTC CNL) Borel Scie and loc TT UE urs ae Tee UE e ie liu kinicien tttet Ces deuce gar nd edly PCRs Virginia,

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