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4Abdelrahman Elbarkouky Manial Elrawda.

PHONE: 02 23680495 PHONE: 0123464955

Heidi Talaat Farid
Extensively skilled in teaching English as a second language. With this knowledge I feel I could offer your school and students a great deal.

• • • • • • • • • • • Using LAN for communication Problem solving Motivating and leading teams Student-centred learning in classroom workshops and locating internet resources Lesson planning Using the strategy of authentic assessment Applying critical thinking between students Classroom management Test preparation planning and evaluation Integrating IT in the lesson plan and in classrooms Different learning styles in the English language

 Self motivated, responsible and co-operative  Possess the ability to communicate effectively both verbally and written  Capable of maintaining great relations with the general public and other associates at all times  Developed strong interpersonal, organizational and leadership skills  Able to work well under pressure  Team player with strong analytical and problem solving skills  Flexible in working under different environments

Name: Heidie Talaat Address: 4 Abdelrahman Elbarkouky Str, Manial Elrawda. Telephone: 3680495Business – Direct: 0123464955 Phoning Hours: at anytime Date of Birth: 10th of July 1977 Nationality: Egyptian

• ICDL (international computer driving license) from the UNICEF PFCE (partners for a competitive Egypt educational technology in schools project) which includes:

1. IT integration strategies
2. Follow up workshop for educators and administrators 3. Basic IT proficiencies for school educators 4. IT integration strategies 2 5. IT and management skills for school administrators follow up 6. Advanced IT proficiencies for school educators • ITTC (intensive teaching training course) form the American centre BA English Department, Faculty of Arts, Alexandria (2001) Thananweya Amma. Graduate from El Manar Language School (1996) From KG to the Middles in Victory College

• •

• 1998 Worked as a translator at Unilever in the human resources department Working as a teacher (part timer) at new York language centre Working as an English teacher at RLS (Riada Language School) Working as an English teacher at Misr Language School

2001 – 2002 2001 – 2005 2005 – 2006

2006 _2007working as English and social studies teacher at Misr language schools(American Division) 2006 _2007 Working as English teacher at Maadi Narmer Language school


PROFFETIONAL WORKSHOPS ATTENDED • • • • • • • Harcourt programs teacher training workshop Special education techniques Inclusive learning workshop Learning and cognitive theory workshop Behaviour management workshop Classroom assessment workshop Learning style workshop

     Familiar with Win95, Win98 and Win XP professional MS Office, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access Basic knowledge of computer hardware Basic networking and telecommunication knowledge Internet applications

A teaching position in your school which will afford me the opportunity to provide my acquired skills and knowledge to your organization as well as the experience to learn and attain new skills.