USBC Certified

Rab's Country Lanes · 1600 HyIan ßouIevard · Staten IsIand, NY 10305 · (718) 979-1600 ·
April 9, 2011
· Bow| 4 qamos |n Gua||fy|nq Þound
· 1op ß bow|ors advanco to Þound Þob|n Match Þ|ay ||na|s
· A|| f|na||sts cash · Add|t|ona| pr|zos awardod |n 1:ß rat|o
· Sß00.00 Guarantood 1op Þr|zo [basod on 2b ontr|os]
· |nc|udos S300 ontry to 2011 U.5. womon's Opon
· Juno 24 thru 29, 2011. 1o|ov|sod f|na|s w||| bo ho|d Juno 30th at Cowboys 5tad|um |n Ar||nqton, 1X
· S7b ontry foo · Þots & Brackots Ava||ab|o
*Not opon to any curront profoss|ona| bow|ors or thoso who havo won Nat|ona| 1|t|os.
Staten Island’s Only Women’s Scratch Tournament
8ules & 8eaulaLlons

1. 1he 8ab's Women's ScraLch Classlc 1ournamenL wlll Lake place on SaLurdav Aprll 9, 2011 aL 9:30am aL:
1600 Pvlan 8oulevard
SLaLen lsland, n? 10303
(718) 979-1600 -
2. Þald reservaLlons wlll be accepLed. LnLrv Closlna uaLe: Aprll 9, 2011 - 9:20am, or unLll lanes are full.
3. ÞarLlclpaLlon ln anv 8owllna's u.S. Women's Cpen quallfler ls open Lo anv female bowler who ls a uS8C
member. Lllalble parLlclpanLs who are noL uS8C members can quallfv, prlor Lo parLlclpaLlon, ln one of Lwo
wavs: bv pavlna Lhe approprlaLe AssoclaLe Membershlp dues, or bv pavlna a ÞarLlclpaLlon lee (8ule 300c).
a. Anv woman who has won Lhe uS8C Cueens, Þ8A Women's Serles, or 8ÞAA's u.S. Women's Cpen
ln Lhe lasL flve vears ls lnellalble Lo compeLe ln Lhls local quallfler.
4. 1he enLrv fee ls $73.00 per bowler. 8owllna lee: $12.00, Þrlze lee: $46.68, Lxpenses: $16.32. Lxpense fee
lncludes: $300.00 8owllna's u.S. Women's Cpen enLrv fee for Champlon, llneaae for llnals ($3.00 per
3. All parLlclpanLs wlll bowl 4 aames ln Lhe quallfvlna round. 1he Lop 6 bowlers wlll advance Lo Lhe 8ound-
8obln MaLch Þlav llnals. Lach aame of Lhe 8ound-8obln MaLch Þlav llnals wlll be scheduled, aame 6 wlll
be based on poslLlon.
a. lf Lhere are aL leasL 30 enLrles or more, Lhe Lop 23° of Lhe fleld wlll advance Lo a Seml-llnal
8ound and wlll bowl 2 aames. AfLer Lhe Seml-llnal 8ound, Lhe Lop 6 bowlers wlll advance Lo Lhe
8ound-8obln MaLch Þlav llnals.
6. Þrlze Monev reLurned 100°. 1op 6 bowlers are auaranLeed prlze monev (based on 23 enLrles). AddlLlonal
prlzes wlll be awarded ln a 1:6 raLlo. Champlon wlll earn a spoL Lo Lhe 8owllna's u.S. Women's Cpen Lo
Lake place !une 24 Lhru 29, 2011 ln ArllnaLon, 1x. CuaranLeed 1op Þrlze of $600 (based on 23 enLrles)
lncludes Lhe $300 enLrv fee.
7. ulrecL enLrles for Lhe 8owllna's u.S. Women's Cpen mav be purchased Lhrouah Lhe 1ournamenL webslLe,
8. Anv enLranL compeLlna ln a local or sLaLe 8owllna's u.S. Women's Cpen quallfvlna evenL LhaL wlns a spoL Lo
Lhe LournamenL buL cannoL parLlclpaLe ln Lhls evenL for anv reason wlll forfelL Lhe spoL. 1he nexL person ln
Lhe sLandlnas wlll recelve Lhe spoL.
9. 1he 1ournamenL ulrecLor, reserves Lhe rlahL Lo re[ecL anv enLrv prlor Lo bowllna, wlLh Lhe reLurn of Lhe
enLrv fee.
10. 1he 1ournamenL ulrecLor wlll deLermlne all maLLers noL covered bv Lhese rules and reaulaLlons and all
declslons wlll be flnal unless an appeal ls flled ln accordance wlLh uS8C rules.
11. 8ab's Women's ScraLch Classlc wlll be conducLed ln accordance wlLh Lhe aeneral plavlna rules of Lhe uS8C.
12. Cuallfler parLlclpanLs are lnformed LhaL Lhe 8owllna's u.S. Women's Cpen LournamenL or porLlons Lhereof
mav be phoLoaraphed, broadcasL, recorded, Lelevlsed, or oLherwlse exhlblLed Lo Lhe publlc and Lhev herebv
consenL and aaree LhereLo and (a) Lo Lhe use and Lhe llcense of oLhers Lo use Lhelr respecLlve llkeness and
bloaraphlcal maLerlals, alone or wlLh oLhers, ln anv phoLoaraph, skeLch, moLlon plcLure, vldeo Lape
recordlna, broadcasL, rebroadcasL or oLher exhlblLlon or reproducLlon or, or anv publlclv or promoLlon
concernlna Lhe LournamenL, or anv parL Lhereof and anv adverLlslna, publlclv or promoLlon Lhereof, (b) Lo
alve lnLervlews Lo be broadcasL or lncluded ln a moLlon plcLure or vldeo Lape, ln whole or ln parL for use ln
anv publlclLv or promoLlon concernlna Lhe LournamenL or anv parL Lhereof, (c) Lo release all rlahLs LlLle, and
lnLeresL Lhev or anv of Lhem have or mav have hereafLer ln or Lo all or anv parL of anv phoLoaraph,
recordlna, broadcasL, rebroadcasL or anv oLher exhlblLlon or reproducLlon of Lhe LournamenL or anv
adverLlsemenL, publlclLv or promoLlon Lhereof, lncludlna buL noL llmlLed Lo anv parL Lhereof ln whlch Lhelr
respecLlve names, volces, llkeness, bloaraphlcal maLerlals or lnLervlews are used herebv walvlna forever
anv clalm or rlahL Lo compensaLlon or oLher conslderaLlon on accounL of anv such use, exhlblLlon or

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