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January 25, 2011

Dear Quantum Health staff:

I would like for you to take a few minutes to review my resume in consideration of the
Health Management and Wellness Director position with your company. As you review
my past experience I am sure you will see that I would be an asset to your company in
this position.

In my past job as the Health Services Manager for Discover Financial Services, Inc. in
New Albany, Ohio, I developed a Health and Wellness program focusing on health
promotion, chronic disease management, and case management, which assisted in
keeping the younger employees healthy, and also assisted the ones with chronic disease
in obtaining higher levels of wellness.

There has definitely been a movement in recent years to not focus on disease prevention,
but on health promotion. We as health care providers and managed health care providers
need to focus on assisting the patient population in moving forward in a positive direction
to attain enhanced health and well being. We know that just by having poor health or
diseases there is not necessarily a built-in desire to acquire improved health or wellness.
In fact, there seems to be less motivation for health promoting activities.

Many factors come in to play when determining the best ways to affect primary
motivators of behavior. Definitely, personal characteristics and experiences will have an
effect on a person’s motivation to seek wellness. We must consider all the variables such
as ethnicity and psychological factors. There are many behavior specific cognitions that
are of great motivational significance when nurses are involved in encouraging health-
promoting behaviors. Many of these are subject to modification through nursing
interventions. Some of the variables associated with getting patients engaged in health-
promoting behaviors are that they need to be able to perceive of the possible benefits of
actions, the perceived barriers to action, the activity related affects, and things like
situational and interpersonal influences.

Currently, I am completing my BSN degree at Ohio University, and over the past few
years health promotion, achievement of wellness across the patient spectrum, and the
integration of nursing processes in case management, chronic disease management, and
utilization of resources while working toward health promotion has become a passion for
me. I would enjoy the opportunity to discuss my thoughts on health promotion and
wellness in the very near future.

Respectfully submitted,

Teresa H. Bussey, RN, CCM, CCP

Nursing Professional