Employee Engagement Questionnaire

Choose the answer that best describes how you agree with the following statements using the following key: * Strongly disagree * Disagree * Agree * Strongly agree My work responsibilities are reasonable ___________ My participation and views in this organization are valued __________ The leaders in this organization are role models _________________ I can communicate directly with my bosses’ ________________ My bosses motivate me _________________ The people I work with are professional ___________ My contributions are received positively ________________ All employees in this organization are treated equally _____________ I am proud and happy to work for this organization ____________ I am confident that I can get ahead in this organization because of my merits ___________________

8. There is someone at work who encourages my development. My supervisor helps me know what is expected of me. Strongly Agree(5) III/ Employee engagement questions 1. I have confidence in the senior managers at the company. Position: 3. 4. I would recommend the organization as a good place to work. 9. I am extremely satisfied with my job I am involved in the performance of the organization ________________ I can easily communicate with my bosses and co-workers ______________ . 7. Employee name: 2. Even if I had the opportunity to get a similar job with another organization. 13. My opinions and ideas seem to matter. Department: 4. I receive the information and communication I need to do my job. I have had opportunities to learn and grow. Overall. Strongly Disagree(1) 2.Employee Engagement Questionnaire Employee engagement questionnaire I/ Employee information 1. I would stay with my present company. 6. Disagree (2) 3. Overall. 3. 14. Neither Agree nor Disagree (3) 4. Agree(4) 5. My supervisor provides me with feedback and guidance. I regularly receive recognition/praise for doing good work. 10. My supervisor cares about me as a person. In the last year. 12. 2. The benefits offered here are fair and reasonable. 5. I have the materials and equipment I need to do my job efficiently. 15. Start working from: II/ Rating scales: 1. The people here are pleasant and co-operative to work with. 11.

I trust my colleagues and senior management _________________________ I have enough resources to get my job done best __________________ Are there enough opportunities in the organization for you to be able to learn and grow? ____________________________________________________________ ______ Does your job make you feel important? ____________________ Do you agree with the mission and the vision of the organization? ____________________________________________________________ _____ Are you happy with the stress release programs offered by the organization? ____________________________________________________________ _ How would you suggest that management rewards staff who have performed well? _____________________________________________ .