This is an interim res (FOnl requests dated
office on

Itsg !o your two Freedom of Information Act l, which were received by this

"All email and attachments received or sent bv FOIA case Director of NSA General Keith B. Alexander contailing the search terms wikileaks,, or Julian Assange between lo/r/zoLO and -


LO/ LB/2O1 O;" FOIA Case"

"Copies of any records pertaining to Wikileaks or

As previously provided, your requests have been assigned the Case Numbers as noted above, and have been aggregated together for fee purposes. This letter provides additional processing information. There is certain information relating to this processing about which the FOIA and appticable Department of Defense (DoD) and NSA/csS regulations require we inform you.
For purposes of these requests and based on the information you provided in your letters, you are considered an "all other" requester. you must pay for search time in excess of 2 hours and duplication in excess of 1OO


If you wish intelligence records, we have determined that the fact of the existence or non-existence of the materials you request is a currenily and properly ciassified matter in accordance with Executive Order 7gb}6, as set forth in subparagraph (c) of section 1.4. Thus, your requesrs are denied pursuant to the first exemption of the FOIA which provides that the FOIA does not appiy to matters that are specifica-lly authorized under criteria established



by an Executive Order to be kept secret in the interest of national defense or foreign relations and are, in fact properly classified pursuant to such Executive

;,"ers"ffi" f

ff* ruw*&qe

In addition, this Agency is various protect cerlain information-concerning its activities. The third Effi&tto of the FOIA &_ffi" provides for the vrithholding of information'spdeiftbdlyr from disciosure by statute. Thut, your requests are also denied because the fact of



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re8:biu" so u.s. code noi:liil,
e Jo




z rrot.



# "'ttt:gfi"bfiEt{ififfi niar Authority for NSA information is the Deputy Associate Director for Policy and Records, Diane M. Janosek. As your requests are being denied, you are tlis Agency,s appeal procedures. Any person S*Png*W"q$".of 9::.R1."+"::_:"s fffiffi.,?nay*fi1e, an .pplur tL trr" ivsa/css Freedom of mnriffir#ffin"ft,,S-fl*ffiiffiIhority. The appeaf must be postmarked no tater than 6o calendg days of the date of trre iruua denial ieiter. The appeal shall !: ttt -mff8roresJed to tfre Nse/CSS FOIA Appeat Authority (DJp4), National securityAgency, 9800 savage Road sTb oz+s, Fort ci.o.g" G. MD 20755-6248. The appeal shall the adverse determination Meade, and sha-ll contain, in suffici..rf and particularity, the grounds upon which the requesterbeltrs that the determination is unwarranted. rhe NSa/CSS FOIA Appeal Authority will endeavor to respond to the appeal within 20 working days after receipt, absent any unusual circumstances.
If you wish non-intelligence records, we estimate that the costs involved to search for material responsive to your requests will be approximately $3,259.00. Fees are assessed in accordance with DoD Regulation 540o.7-R. Search fees are computed at $44.00 an hour. You are entifled to two hours of search at no charge, therefore, we estimate your total cost to be approximately $3,121.00 ($g,z59.oo - $es.oo for two hours of search). NSA does not conduct partial searches.
Please be advised that your agreeing to incur these fees will not necessarily result in the disclosure to you of all or any information you seek. records are found which are responsive to your requests, a detailed review to determine the releasability of the information would foilow. It has been our experience that any records responsive to your requests if such records exist, may be classified or otherwise exempt from release in accordance with the


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