Case Study

Semler IT develops, manages and supports the IT systems for distributing, dealing and servicing Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda or Audi in Denmark. To enhance the productivity of a truly mobile workforce Semler IT chose to replace an existing implemented mobile email solution with DME Secure Mobility – a replacement, which proved to be the right decision.

Benefits for Semler IT
A solution with problems
• Improved mobility solution with

better functionality
• Support for Danish characters • Better Lotus Domino support • Secure solution with encrypted data

and password
• Protected access • Reduced support cost

Semler IT supports the entire Semler Group as well as more than 150 independent car dealers around Denmark. Back in 2005 Semler IT looked at several mobile email solutions in order to offer this service to their customers and chose to go with Intellisync. The solution got installed in a Lotus Domino environment and was made to work with a broad range of smart phones and Windows Mobile devices. In many ways the solution was a success because the customers liked the benefits of a mobile email solution. But underneath this success was a long list of issues. While some issues got solved other issues continued to be there and new ones showed up. “Whenever we had a problem we had to work through the support organisation in either UK or North America giving response times of up to several days” says Benny Fischer, IT responsible for Semler IT’s mobile email offerings. “An issue for us was that the system had problems handling the Danish characters ÆØÅ. Getting new releases usually meant these characters and other needed features disappeared for a while, until our request for help was heard and set right.“ Benny Fischer continues. “Further to that we found that the solution did not work problem-free with our Lotus

Domino environment. The decision to offer improved mobility to our customers was right, but the chosen offering gave us many problems and a high support burden. Therefore we decided to look for a new solution,” says Benny Fischer.

The right replacement was DME Secure Mobility
Semler IT learned about DME Secure Mobility and got in touch with Excitor and Axcess (DME Partner). On paper it seemed like DME would be able to solve the problems and issues seen on the existing solution, and a test installation was agreed. The DME solution was implemented, supporting a large Lotus Domino installation with users both internally in the Semler Group and externally from the independent car dealers. After a short test period in June 2006 the solution went live and new software clients were distributed to all existing users. “At this time we had several people commenting on the need to type user ID and password on their devices before getting access to emails and calendar information. Compared to the old system this was new and some people complained about this. But when we explained that the reason for typing user ID and password simply was to ensure no other could misuse data on devices, everybody accepted the change,” says Benny Fischer.

Our TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is lower and we spend fewer resources on support. Mobile Care and Mobile CRM are made. Porsche. E65. “With DME we have a stronger solution to offer. DME has proved to be one of the most secure and flexible mobility solution available today. and the integration of these technologies ensured Axcess was elected as IT Reseller of the year in 2004. But relying on the advice of their trusted partner. DME offers this flexibility by giving the opportunity to work with devices using Windows for more information. The flexibility of DME is strengthened by allowing users to work with any preferred tele operator. Denmark. Symbian 60. Bentley and Lamborghini in Denmark – more than 40. 2005 and 2006. The company employs 60 people in both Aarhus and Copenhagen. network security.000 cars went through the Semler Group in 2005 . So whenever users connect in an area covered with Wireless LAN. Bluetooth. Skoda. Symbian 80 or UIQ and Java. GPRS. paid off and today Semler IT is a satisfied DME customer. On top of this we have a much more secure solution working perfectly with Lotus Domino” he continues. IP Telephony and server based computing. The result is a stronger and more secure solution Semler IT showed a lot of courage deciding to literally throw away an expensive mobile email solution in order to replace it with DME. About Axcess – the installation partner Axcess A/S delivers network solution specializing in multiservice network. Cable etc. DME Secure Mobility is priced and build to deliver the best TCO in the industry.axcess.It was important for Semler IT to have a solution supporting a broad range of devices. Further to that . Mostly phones from Nokia Symbian. UMTS Wireless LAN. data and tele communication DME solution at Semler IT (Semler Domino) E-mail platform Primary mobile devices Mobile operating systems Average DME data traffic Lotus Domino/Notes Selected phones from Nokia (E50. “When my most critical users don’t call me anymore I know we made the right decision” says Benny Fischer. N73. Audi. Dynamic Mobile Exchange (DME) is the key solution of Excitor being the basis of which Secure Push Email. Axcess. Please visit www. VW. N70-1) and SonyEricsson and SonyEricsson (P910. sell and service Seat. Semler Group import. It means that customers will get a solution requiring a minimum of support together with an easy to use Device Management system. knowledge about networks. Delivering the optimal customer service. P700) and QTEK 8310. traffic cost are reduced to zero and speed is increased dramatically. The company service and supports the complete Semler Group including more than 150 independent car dealers. About Excitor A/S – the developer of DME Excitor was founded back in 2001 with a clear vision to create innovative solutions for mobileworkers. UIQ and Windows 1.3 MB per user per month Semlet IT Semlet IT has more than 35 years of experience within the auto industri employing 70 people.connections can be made using GPS..

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