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Introducing the New Plexus Compensation Plan

This unique compensation plan will make your Plexus Pink experience
Here’s what to love about this plan...

1. Fair and simple to understand

2. Easy to see how to increase your income
3. Offers you diversified opportunities to profit
4. Pays out a guaranteed 50% of the gross product sales
5. Makes it easy to build a solid base of loyal customers
5. Provides you special incentives for expanding your network
7. Gives you additional incentives for assuming a leadership role
8. Pays you weekly and monthly

If you are currently a Plexus Ambassador and want to see how this
plan deals with transferring you into the new plan and how it deals with
some of the features you had with the Binary Plan, please turn page 12 of
this presentation. All your questions are answered there.

4 ways to build your business and your income...

1.Find retail and preferred customers

2.Find like-minded entrepreneurs
3.Support your organization by helping them find new customers and new
4.Provide leadership through regular training, conference calls, meetings and
general support and ongoing contact.

The Basics

Guaranteed Payout Each Month

We’re proud to introduce the Plexus 50% payout guarantee! Every month, 50%
of company’s revenue from gross product sales will be put into one of the three
pools described below. All the money in these pools will be distributed to qualified
Ambassadors every month:

The Ambassador Pool: 45%

45% of the company’s gross product sales will be put into the Ambassador Pool.
This is the pool from which all qualified Ambassadors will earn income.

Emerald Pool: 3%
3% of the company’s gross product sales will go into this pool and will be re-
served for and paid out exclusively to Ambassadors who have achieved Emerald

Diamond Pool: 2%
2% of the company’s gross product sales will go into this pool. Diamond status is
the pinnacle of achievement in the new Plexus rewards plan and will generously
reward those who have earned their share through personal effort and organiza-
tional support. Diamond qualified Ambassadors will also retain their share of the
Emerald Pool.

Note: If no Ambassadors qualify for Emerald and/or Diamond status the funds
from those pools will be included and paid out via the Ambassador Pool. This
guarantees that each month 50% of the company’s gross product sales will be
paid to the Ambassadors.

How to Qualify
In order to earn commissions and bonuses you must be qualified. Qualify by be-
ing current with your $9.95 monthly web-hosting fee and an activated monthly
conditional auto-ship for $100. The cancellation of either will result in a loss of in-
come (Fast Start Bonuses & commissions) until reinstated.

What is the dollar value of a Pink Point?

The value of a Pink Point is determined by dividing the total number of Pink
Points awarded to all Ambassadors in a single month into the total amount of
money in the Ambassador Pool for the same month.

The value of a Pink Point will vary slightly each month based on the number of
Pink Points earned and the amount of money in the Ambassador Pool.

Based on the parameters of this new Plexus Com Plan and each qualified mem-
ber doing only the $100 minimum, it is estimated that the value of each point will
never be lower than $1.80. Of course, as personal volumes build through re-
tail sales and preferred customers, Pink Points will also increase in value.

Levels of Achievement in New Plexus Comp Plan

1.Associate – You pay $29.85 to join Plexus as an Associate. As an Associ-

ate, you will have your own website and may purchase product at wholesale
but may not sponsor others or earn commissions and/or bonuses. Your mem-
bership continues as long as you maintain the $9.95 monthly web-hosting fee.
Your product purchases will be credited to the ID# of your sponsor. Associates
may become Ambassadors simply by activating and maintaining their own
conditional auto-ship.

2.Ambassador – You are current with your monthly web-hosting fees and
have Conditional Auto-ship for $100 in place. As an Ambassador, you buy
products at wholesale, sponsor new Associates/Ambassadors and earn in-
come from Plexus. You earn 50% of Fast Start Bonuses (the other 50% will
be paid to your sponsor.) By personally sponsoring and maintaining 1 Ambas-
sador, you earn points on your level 1.

3.Senior Ambassador – Personally sponsor and maintain 2 qualified Ambas-

sadors. In addition to all the benefits of an Ambassador, as a Senior Ambas-
sador, you also receive 100% of Fast Start Bonuses on your personally
sponsored Ambassadors, you earn 50% of FSB’s generated by your first-level
Ambassadors, and you earn points on your first 3 levels.

4.Silver Ambassador – Personally sponsor and maintain 3 qualified Ambas-

sadors. In addition to all the benefits of a Senior Ambassador, as a Silver Am-
bassador, you earn points on all 5 levels. You will also receive a “Silver Am-
bassador” pin and one-time bonus of $100.

5.Gold Ambassador – Personally sponsor and maintain 4 qualified Ambas-

sadors and have a minimum of 100 Pink Points. In addition to all the benefits
of a Silver Ambassador, as a Gold Ambassador you also receive a “Gold Am-
bassador” pin and one-time bonus of $250.

Note: Current Senior Ambassadors will be grandfathered into the new

comp plan as Gold Ambassadors. They will receive a gold pin but not
the $250 bonus.

6.Ruby Ambassador – Personally sponsor and maintain 5 Ambassadors and

have a minimum of 500 Pink Points. In addition to all the benefits of a Gold
Ambassador, as a Ruby Ambassador, you will receive a “Ruby Ambassador”
pin and a one-time bonus of $500.

7.Emerald Ambassador -- Personally sponsor and maintain 5 Ambassadors

and have a minimum of 1,500 Pink Points per month. You receive an “Emer-
ald Ambassador” pin and share in the Emerald Bonus Pool.

8.Diamond Ambassador -- Personally sponsor and maintain 10 Ambassad-
ors and have a minimum of 5,000 Pink Points per month. You receive a “Dia-
mond Ambassador” pin and share in the Diamond

1.Personal qualification via monthly web-hosting and monthly conditional
auto-ship is required for all levels except Associate.
2.Gold, Ruby, Emerald and Diamond Ambassadors will have access to Lead-
ership Training and Training Materials. This Leadership Program is currently
being developed and is being designed to help Ambassadors at these levels
to grow their businesses dramatically.

Nine Ways to Earn

1. Sponsoring New Ambassadors

Each new qualified Ambassador that you sponsor into Plexus Pink, will posi-
tion you to earn 5 Pink Points every month in which they are qualified except
for the first month. If, upon joining the new Ambassador makes a product
purchase, thereby generating a Fast Start Bonus for their sponsor, no Pink
Points will be awarded until the following month because the 50% of the rev-
enue created by that product purchase was paid out as an FSB, and is there-
fore not available to be included in the pools.

2.Organizational Sponsoring
By assisting Ambassadors in your organization to sponsor new Ambassadors
you (and they) will be awarded 5 Pink Points (based on product purchase) for
every month the new Ambassador is qualified.

Each month, you will earn 5 Pink Points for every qualified Ambassador up to
5 compressed levels throughout your organization. Compression is achieved
by disregarding unqualified Ambassadors during the commission calculation
and counting ONLY the qualified members. This concentrates activity by elim-
inating unqualified positions and maximizes payout and your total Pink Points.
Further details are found towards the end of this document.

Qualifying for Levels

1.Sponsor 1 qualified Ambassador – earn Pink Points on the 1st level.
2.Sponsor 2 qualified Ambassadors – earn Pink Points on levels 1 – 3.
3.Sponsor 3 qualified Ambassadors – earn Pink Points on levels 1 – 5.
Income Examples
If you sponsored 3 Ambassadors and everyone in your organization duplic-
ated your efforts, your organization would look like the one below. For every
Ambassador in your qualified levels, you would earn 5 Pink Points.

Everyone Sponsors 3 Ambassadors

Level Number of Ambassadors Pink Points Awarded

1 3 15
2 9 45
3 27 135
4 81 405
5 243 1215
363 1815

Under this scenario, if you had sponsored 3 Ambassadors, you would be paid
5 levels down. As you can see, you would have a total of 363 Ambassadors
in the first 5 levels of your organization and you would earn 1815 Pink

Qualifying for Level 1

If you sponsored only 1 Ambassador, you would earn points on level 1 only and,
as you would only have one Ambassador available to you, you would be awarded
5 Pink Points and would receive a minimum check of $9.

Qualifying for Levels 1-3

By sponsoring 2 qualified Ambassadors you would be paid on levels 1, 2 and 3.
You would be awarded 10 Pink Points for level one and, if you had 9 and 27
Qualified Ambassadors on Levels 2 and 3, respectively, you would be awarded a
total of 190 Pink Points (10+45+135= 190) for a minimum check of $342.

Qualifying for All 5 Levels

By sponsoring 3 qualified Ambassadors you would earn on all 5 levels and be
awarded 1815 Pink Points and receive a minimum check for $3,267.

Note: By personally sponsoring 5 Ambassador and having that effort duplicated

throughout your organization, you would be awarded 19,525 Pink Points and
you would receive a minimum check for $35,145. We will show you those num-
bers at the end of this comp plan presentation.

3. Fast Start Bonus (FSB)

Whenever a new Ambassador joins Plexus ($29.85 + "Welcome Pack" purchase)
a $50 FSB is generated. The "Welcome Pack" (WP) is available for purchase
ONLY as part of the sign-up process and cannot be purchased at a later date or

as a separate transaction. That Fast Start Bonus will be paid out at the end of
the following week. (For details on the Welcome Pack please see “First Product
Order;” near the end of the comp plan presentation.)
Volume generated by the WP purchase does not go into the Ambassador, Emer-
ald or Diamond pools as that 50% is paid out as the FSB instead. Additionally, no
Pink Points are awarded for that month but will be awarded in the second and
subsequent months provided that the new Ambassador remains qualified.
Payout of the FSB is as follows:
1) If the sponsor has not yet achieved the level of Senior Ambassador, they will
earn 50% of the FSB, that is, $25 and the remaining $25 will roll up to the next
qualified Ambassador.
2) If the sponsor is a Senior Ambassador, they will earn the full $50 FSB and no
roll-up will occur.
In other words, all qualified Ambassadors are eligible to receive roll-up FS-
B's, however, only qualified Senior Ambassadors earn the full $50 FSB on
WP sales of their personally sponsored Ambassadors.
Note: An Ambassador can achieve Senior Ambassador by personally sponsoring
2 new qualified Ambassadors, or, upgrading 2 personally sponsored Associates
to Ambassador status. Associates do not count toward the rank of Senior Ambas-
4. Retail Sales Rewards
If you are retail oriented, perhaps you are a business owner or healthcare profes-
sional with existing clients/customers and you wish to become a Plexus Pink Am-
bassador, you can earn generously through the Retail Sales Rewards Program;
building a network is not required. Here’s how it works:

As an Ambassador you will have your own Plexus replicated website and be able
to purchase products at wholesale. You will be able to offer your retail customers
two options; purchase directly from you out of stock on hand, or, purchase on-line
through your Plexus website via credit card. Either way, all product purchase
made via your ID# create personal volume (PV). As your monthly PV builds so
does your retail sales reward percentages.

Retail Sales Rewards Schedule

Volume for Pay Period Percentage Earned
Up to $100 in PV 0%
From $101 to $499 15%
From $500 to $999 20%
From $1000 and up 25%

For example, if you are in a position to retail large volumes of product and order
100 jars of Breast Cream, you would generate $3,000 PV and at the end of the
month would be paid the following:

Volume for Pay Period Percentage Earned Money Earned

Up to $100 in PV 0% $0.00
From $101 to $499 15% $59.70
From $500 to $999 20% $99.80
From $1000 to $3,000 25% $500.00
Total Retail Sale Reward Earned $659.50

Of course, you also earn retail profit on retail sales you make directly from

By purchasing Breast Cream in bulk for $30 and retailing for an average price of
$44.95, you would make an additional profit of $14.95 per jar.

Retailing Profit 100 x $14.95 = $1495.00

Combining the two amounts you would earn:

Retail Sales Rewards $659.50
Retail Profit on Sales $1495.00
Total earnings for the month $2,154.50

Note: Funds for the Retail Sales Rewards are taken directly out of the Am-
bassador Pool and are not included in determining the value of a Pink
Point. However, because retail sales add to the total funds in the Ambas-
sador pool, they actually increase the value of Pink Points.

5. Retail Bonus Income

If you sponsor an Ambassador that earns Retail Sales Rewards, you will receive
a Retail Bonus as well as Pink Points. That Retail Bonus will be 5% of the qualify-
ing retail sales over $100.

For clarification, if you sponsored that Ambassador who purchased $3,000 worth
of product in one month, you would earn 5 Pink Points for that Ambassador but,
you would also earn a Retail Bonus equal to 5% of the PV over $100 or 5% of
Retail Bonus of 5% of $2,900 = $145.

This amount would be added to your monthly check.

6. Emerald Pool Bonus

The Emerald Pool is funded with 3% of the company’s gross product sales and is
divided equally among the Ambassadors who qualify. To participate in the Emer-
ald Pool you need to personally sponsor and maintain 5 Qualified Ambassad-
ors and have a minimum of 1500 Pink Points in a given month.

7.Diamond Pool Bonus

The Diamond Pool is funded with 2% of the company’s gross product sales and
is divided equally among those Ambassadors who qualify. To participate in the
Diamond Pool, you need to personally sponsor and maintain 10 Qualified Am-
bassadors and have a minimum of 5000 Pink Points in a given month. Obvi-
ously, if an Ambassador qualifies for the Diamond Pool, they would automatically
qualify for the Emerald Pool.

8. Preferred Customer Program

Note: Because of the high cost of international shipping, the Preferred Customer
Program will be slightly different for each country. What is presented here is the
Preferred Customer Program for the USA.

Note: Details of Preferred Customer Programs for other countries are currently
being developed and will be added to the program as soon as they are finalized.

Preferred Customer Program Offers Huge Opportunity

Most people that express an interest in the Breast Cream and the BCK may only
want to become a retail or preferred customer, at least to begin with. From there,
many will decide to join your network. Those taking advantage of the Preferred
Customer program will automatically receive a jar of Breast Cream every month
and pay the Preferred Customer price of $40 plus $6 shipping for a total cost of,

There Are 4 Specific Benefits From Having Preferred Customers:

Benefit #1: The wholesale volume created by their purchases is applied towards
your conditional auto-ship. Therefore, with 2 preferred customers you will only
need to make your personal product purchase ($40) in order to satisfy the condi-

tional auto-ship requirement as the remainder of the $100 requirement will be
covered by the purchases of your preferred customers.
Benefit #2: Whenever your personal and preferred customer purchases exceed
$100 for the month, you will receive retail rewards as described in the retail re-
wards section.
Benefit #3: Based on industry statistics, distributors (and companies) who have
a strong customer base enjoy long-term stability and income.
Benefit #4: As preferred customers share their product testimonials and create
interest in others, many will naturally want to join your network and become Am-

The Preferred Customer Program in Action!

This Preferred Customer Program is so important, let’s look at an example; if you
had 5 Preferred Customers who each ordered one jar of Breast Cream on Auto-
Ship each month, here’s how would benefit immediately;

Benefit #1: Your personal product purchase of only $40 would qualify you each
month. That saves you $60.
Benefit #2 – you would earn an additional retail bonus of 15% on the amount in-
come over $101. Here’s how that would look:

Your personal volume $40

Volume from 5 Preferred Customers 5 x $40 $200
Total Volume for the month $240

Retail Sales Reward is 15% of amount over $100

15% of $140 = $21

Total Benefit to you for having 5 Preferred customers:

Savings on Qualification $60
Earnings on Retail Sales Reward $21
Dollar Benefit to you $81

Here’s another way to look at that: Your personal product is FREE every
month!! And, that should be your first goal – FREE PRODUCT!

Benefit #3: The more Preferred Customers you have, the more stable your busi-
ness. And, if you help the Ambassadors in your organization to do the same as
you have done, your entire organization enjoys stability. You can count on your
check coming and growing month after month after month.

Benefit #4: If every two months, one Preferred Customer decides to become a
Plexus Ambassador, your organization would be growing steadily and so would
your check! Furthermore, if every two months each of the Ambassadors in your
organization had one Preferred Customer decide to become an Ambassador, you
would see massive growth in your organization.

9. Earn a Diamond Re-Entry Position

When you achieve Diamond Ambassador, you earn the opportunity to re-enter
the program with an additional (second) position that will be placed first level (dir-
ect) to your original position. Your re-entry position operates precisely as your ori-
ginal position and is subject to all of the same guidelines, qualifications and
policies. The re-entry position is extremely valuable because it allows you to
double-leverage the earning power of the network you build below it via
both your original and re-entry positions.


Our goal is to do whatever we can to see that you earn as much as you can from
Plexus Pink. As we said at the beginning, we want your Plexus Pink experience
simple rule for maximizing your earnings: DON’T JUST DO THE MINIMUM –

Everyone Sponsors 3
If you did just the minimum and only personally sponsored 3 Ambassadors and
everyone in your organization did the same thing, it would look like this:

Level Number of Ambassadors Pink Points Awarded

1 3 15
2 9 45
3 27 135
4 81 405
5 243 1215
363 1815

And, as we have seen, if you were paid on all 5 levels, you would have 1815
Pink Points and would earn a minimum check of 1815 X $1.80 = $3267.

Everyone Sponsors 4
If you stretched yourself and personally sponsored 4 Ambassadors and everyone
in your organization took your lead and did the same, here’s how the numbers
would look.

Level Number of Ambassadors Pink Points Awarded

1 4 20
2 16 80
3 64 320

4 256 1280
5 1024 5120
1364 6820
In this scenario, you would earn a minimum check of 6820 X $1.80 = $12,276

Everyone Sponsors 5
As you can see by the example above, just by everyone stretching themselves a
little, you income went up 4 times – from approximately $3,000 to $12,000.

We said that you one of the ways to build your business was to help others to
sponsor new Ambassadors.

Well, what would happen if you set the example by personally sponsoring 5 Am-
bassadors and worked with those in your organization and helped them do the
same? It would be well worth the effort. Look what happens:

Here is an example of an organization with everyone personally sponsoring 5


Level Number of Ambassadors Pink Points Awarded

1 5 25
2 25 125
3 125 625
4 625 3125
5 3125 15625
3905 19525

If this was your organization, you would receive a minimum check for the month
for 19,525 X $1.80 = $35,145.



Transferring Into the New Comp Plan

When the new Plexus Comp Plan is officially launched, everyone (along with
their organization) will be transferred into the new comp plan automatically. This
transfer will be based on line of sponsorship and will be diligently followed.

Ambassadors that you’ve personally sponsored will appear on your first level.
Ambassadors that your personally sponsored Ambassadors have sponsored will
appear on your second level, etc. etc.

Sponsoring New Ambassadors is different

New Ambassadors Can Join Plexus for only $29.85!!
Yes, it’s true!! New Ambassadors can sign up in Plexus for $29.85. This amount
will pay for their web-hosting fees for the first 3 months. This sign-up procedure
does not include any product and does not entitle a person to earn income. To
earn income new Ambassadors must be qualified with both web-hosting and
$100 Conditional Auto-ship in place.

First Product Order.

At the time of enrollment, the new Ambassador enjoys a one-time opportunity
to buy our special “Welcome Pack” value priced at $99. This Welcome Pack of-
fers a super value on Plexus Products and reflects our breast health vision of
both products working together. The “Welcome Pack” can only be purchased
at the time of joining.

The Special Plexus “Welcome Pack”

Our special Plexus Welcome Pack contains 3 Breast Creams (BC’s) and 2
Breast Chek Kits ( plus an extra Breast Chek Kit sent free of offset the cost of
shipping. This complete package has a retail value of $269.85 and a wholesale
value of $209.85. At $99, it is a great bargain.

$99 – 3 BC’s with 2 BCK’s + 1 Free BCK to offset shipping.

Payout Schedule
Under this new Plexus Comp Plan, commission checks will be paid out monthly
and will be issued approximately 7 business days after the end of the month.
Fast Start Bonuses will be paid weekly. (See below.)

Weekly Bonus Checks

The Fast Start Bonus is based on product purchase and will be paid weekly ap-
proximately one week after the bonus was earned.

Full Compression – a feature that is designed to pay you more money!!

If an Ambassador in your organization fails to qualify in a given month, two things
will happen:

First, any volume (points) in their Ambassadorship will roll up to the next qualified
Ambassador above them and be credited to that qualified Ambassador.

Second, during the commission calculation, their position will temporarily disap-
pear and the next qualified Ambassador will roll-up and take that position.

So, Ambassadors in your organization who are not qualified but who have quali-
fied Ambassadors underneath them will be ignored by the comp plan when it
comes to calculating commissions. The comp plan will simply move up or “com-
press” a qualified Ambassador and their Pink Points into the spot occupied by the
unqualified Ambassador. This will not affect the overall downline structure but will
ensure that you don’t lose income because an Ambassador in your organization
has failed to qualify for that month.

Existing Gifted Positions

If you currently have a Gifted Position, that will be carried forward into the new
comp plan. However, as July 31st, 2009, if there is no qualified Ambassador
sponsored under that Gifted Position, it will be deleted.

Banked Volume
Volume that is currently banked in the Binary Plan, cannot be transferred over to
the new Plexus Comp Plan. A number of options were investigated and none
were acceptable because they took money away from the bulk of Ambassadors.
With a guaranteed payout of 50% of gross product sales, our calculations indic-
ate that this will make for bigger checks to Ambassadors and will more than com-
pensate for what appears to be an initial loss.

Conditional Auto-Ship Protection is EVEN BETTER!!!

The $100 Plexus Conditional Auto-Ship is designed to protect Ambassadors
against accidentally missing their monthly qualification. For example, if you
already have $100 PV by your auto-ship date, Conditional Auto-Ship will NOT be
executed and will be moved forward to the next month. If you do NOT have $100
PV by your auto-ship date, Conditional Auto-Ship will automatically execute a
qualifying purchase on your behalf.

Here’s the NEW FEATURE about the Conditional Auto-Ship Program: if you
have a minimum of $40 PV from personal purchases the new conditional Auto-
Ship program will purchase only enough product to make up the difference
between your present and required monthly PV.
For instance, if you have been purchasing one jar of cream yourself each month,
you would have $40 PV towards your monthly qualification. If by month’s end you
had no further purchases credited to your ID# the Conditional Auto-Ship program
would not execute a product purchase of $100, but rather, two more jars of
breast cream for $80 as that would fulfill the $100 monthly requirement.

New Dates of Conditional Auto-Ship

Ambassadors can select any day of the month to be the date of their Conditional
Auto-Ship. However, because we are now with a monthly pay plan instead of a
weekly pay plan, we would recommend a date towards the end of each month.

When we transfer everyone into the new Plexus Comp Plan, we will make the
25th of the month as everyone’s auto-ship date. In this way, if there should be
some problem with an Ambassador’s credit card, there will be time to remedy the
problem before the end of the month.

If an Ambassador wishes to have their Conditional Auto-Ship registered on a dif-

ferent date than the 25th, they can simply make that adjustment in their online of-

Balancing Legs
The need to balance legs will not be a requirement of this new Plexus Comp
Plan. You will receive Pink Points for Qualified Ambassadors anywhere in your
organization within the levels you qualify for. If you are qualified to earn Pink
Points on your first three levels, all qualified Ambassadors within your first three
levels will earn you 5 Pink Points each.

Losing Emerald or Diamond Status

If for some reason in a given month an Ambassador fails to qualify for their Emer-
ald or Diamond status, they will still retain their title but they will not participate in
the bonus pool(s) until they re-qualify as an Emerald or a Diamond Ambassador.

Know Now Foundation

The Know Now Foundation is not a focus of the New Plexus Comp Plan because
it falls into the realm of direct sales and is not really network marketing. Never-
theless, Plexus will continue to honor the work of those Ambassadors who
present Know Now Foundation agreements. There will only be a slight change in
how the payments are handled:

The KNF price of BCK’s will be $30 and Plexus will provide the same 50%
matching gift. As before, the Ambassador will receive $5 for each BCK purchased
for $30 (bonuses are not paid on BCK matching gifts).

The $5 KNF bonus will be paid to the Ambassador first, leaving a balance of $25.
50% of that amount will be placed in the Ambassador Pools.

The Ambassador will be credited with that amount in sales volume and, as per
the new comp plan, the Ambassador will also be paid a Retail Sales Reward from
15% up to 25%, depending on the amount of the sale.

And, also in keeping with the new comp plan, the first Qualified Ambassador
above the Ambassador completing the KNF Sale will receive a Retail Bonus of

Here’s an example of a KNF Sale

Let’s suppose an Ambassador arranged a sale of 100 BCK’s. The company
would add 50 BCK’s to that purchase and the sale would generate $3,000.

Amount of Sale $3000

Direct commission to Ambassador = $5 x 100 $500
Balance $2,500

Amount placed in Ambassador Pools = 50% of $2,500 $1,250

Retail Sales Reward paid to Ambassador

Up to $100 in PV 0% $0.00
From $101 to $499 15% $59.70
From $500 to $999 20% $99.80
From $1000 to $2,500 25% $375.00
Total Retail Sale Reward Earned $534.50

Total Amount earned by Ambassador $500 + $534.50= $1,034.50

Upline earns a Retail Bonus on KNF Sale

Under the new comp plan, the first qualified Ambassador above the Ambassador
completing the KNF sale would earn a Retail Bonus based on 5% of $2,500 or

Note: the amounts of $534.50 and $125 will be deducted from the Ambassador
Pool before the value of a Pink Point is calculated for the month. Like other large
retail sales, a KNF sale will increase the value of a Pink Point for the month.

Retail Policy for Plexus Pink Products

Because Plexus Pink has chosen to market its products through network market-
ing there are restrictions on whom, how, and where Plexus Pink Products may be

Only registered Plexus Pink Ambassadors in good standing are permitted to rep-
resent the company and its products. As an Ambassador, you may retail products
to individuals with whom you come into contact. However, there are restrictions
that apply to business owners with retail locations and wish to sell Plexus
products through that retail location.

Here is the rule of thumb: If your customers (clients, patients, etc.) come to your
place of business (or your practice) by way of an appointment, you may inventory
and sell Plexus products, and sponsor other Ambassadors, at that location.

However, if you are a retail location and your customers drop in “off the street” –
i.e. without an appointment – then, you are not permitted to display or sell Plexus
products via that location, but can operate as an individual according to the es-
tablished network marketing model.

This policy is designed for the benefit and protection of all Ambassadors and will
be strictly enforced.

Internet Sales of Plexus Products

The sale of Plexus Products via the internet is banned except by way of the rep-
licated web-sites that the company provides for its Ambassadors.

Again, for the protection of the Ambassadors and the company, this policy will be
strictly enforced.