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User Guidelines for Daimler AG

The Daimler AG Archive is a User authorisation can be made If an archived item was subject to
private archive. It is categorised conditional upon meeting certain confidentiality provisions it can only
into four areas: conditions in the event that be viewed upon the expiration of at
least 60 years since the documents
• Company archive the information in the application were produced. If the purpose of the
• Product archive does not apply or no longer applies, research relates to a natural person,
• Media archive the material may be used at the
• Library the user breaches the earliest ten years after that person’s
user guidelines, death.
The archive can be accessed by the a suspicion arises that the archives
general public on condition that In making use of information
are being exploited to the detriment obtained from the archives, the user
the following user guidelines are of Daimler AG.
observed: is solely responsible for ensuring that
any copyright and privacy rights and
The papers and documents archived Archived material is excluded from the legitimate interests of third parties
use in the following cases: are upheld. Upon request, the user
at the Daimler AG are available for must submit the relevant declaration
use by any person who can if its exploitation is counter to in writing.
demonstrate legitimate interest and statutory legislation,
undertakes to observe the established Permission to use the archives in
guidelines. if it is subject to confidentiality which rights and/or the legitimate
provisions, interests of certain persons are
The formal user relationship shall affected can be made dependent upon
begin when Daimler AG has notified if conflicting agreements have been the agreement of the affected party or
the user of its permission to use the made with owners of borrowed its successor in title and which must
archives. documents or with previous owners be obtained by the user.
(e.g. inherited estates, family
Applications to use the Daimler AG archives, incident and experience Paragraphs 1 and 2 also apply to
Archive must be made in writing, reports, documentation in private search aids and reproductions of any
with stated reference to the field of ownership). type.
work and disclosure of the expected
duration of such use. Inspection of archived materials The presentation of archives and
containing confidential matter and search aids may be refused when
Permission to use the archive applies personal documents may be granted
only to the stated field of work and following approval by the Archive the high value, condition of
the confirmed period of use. If the Management. preservation, or state of order would
user changes its field of work, or make this unadvisable,
requires a longer period, The media archive and the library
this must be indicated to the Daimler are not subject to embargo periods. the provision or procurement of an
AG Archive in writing. archived item would require an
The technical archive and the unreasonable cost outlay,
If a user requires assistance or wishes company archive are subject to an
to use the services of a representa- embargo period of 40 years after faulty information provided by the
tive, a separate application must be closure of the particular activity, user makes it considerably more
submitted. calculated from the date of the most difficult to provide,
recent document or the most recent
registration of an archived item.
the archives are required temporarily Archived material or reproductions The archived items and written
for the purposes of Daimler AG, must not be passed on to any third material must be requested from
party. members of staff of the Daimler AG
the purpose of the research can be Archive. The archived papers and
achieved sufficiently well by The user undertakes to publish documents and the finding aids must
inspection of printed matter or information based on archived be used only in the reading rooms at
reproductions held at the Daimler material from the Daimler AG the Daimler AG Archive. They must
AG Archive. Archive in a proper and professional be handled with the greatest of care.
manner. Furthermore, the user is Printed matter must be left in the
Daimler AG endeavours to ensure prepared, upon request, to submit the sequence and in the state of order in
that the descriptions and relevant passages of text within its which it was presented. Before
identification of the archived items work prior to publication. Daimler leaving the Daimler AG Archive, all
and written material are accurate; AG is not obliged to give a reason for archived items, papers and
however, it accepts no liability for requesting such submission. documents must be handed back to an
any consequences arising from a employee of the Daimler AG
mistake in the presentation of The user undertakes to provide, free Archive.
archived items and reproductions. of charge and immediately after its
publication, a copy of the work that Permission is required to use devices
Daimler AG, its legal representa- has been produced with the aid of such as a typewriter, PC, laptop,
tives and its employees are liable for documentary artefacts or dictation machine or calculator.
any damages that may arise to users reproductions from the Daimler AG
on the company’s premises only in Archive. This also applies to
unprinted work such as examination These guidelines come into effect on
the case of deliberate acts or gross 1 January 2009.
negligence. work of all kinds.

The sources used must be stated

Photography, the making of individually and in full.
photocopies and similar operations
are to be carried out by Daimler AG
itself, or commissioned from an
During normal working hours,
outside firm by Daimler AG, at the members of staff at the Daimler AG
user’s expense. The costs are Archive are available to provide
displayed on notices and upon advice within the bounds of
enquiry. possibility. Such advice extends only
to reference to the relevant archived
material and literature, and to
presenting the relevant finding aids.