Four Steps to Government Registrations!

A Step by Step Guide
(updated 02/09/08)

Please read the following information completely and gather all necessary information first so you are prepared for your on-line registrations and can complete them in a minimal amount of time. First Step – Obtain a DUNs Number

Caution: The information you supply to register with Dunn & Bradstreet will be pulled into the Central Contractor Registry. Sole Proprietors – you must register with Dun & Bradstreet as a DBA – Your legal business name is YOUR NAME, your business name is the DBA – example – Legal Business Name is Susan Jones DBA – SJ Marketing (Sole Proprietors use Schedule C’s to report their business income taxes) 1. Call 1-866-705-5711 to obtain a number or to check to see if you already have a number. They will ask you for address and contact information. If you are just registering with Dunn & Bradstreet, you will have a 24 - 48 hour activation period before you can proceed with the next step or if you needed to update information. If you find you already have a DUNs number, and no update was needed proceed to step 2.

Caution: The information you supplied to register with Dunn & Bradstreet will be pulled into the Central Contractor Registry. Your preliminary CCR registration form will compare the info that you will enter to that of D & B. When prompted, you will be asked to verify that the information from D & B is correct, if so, you can proceed. If you say no, you will be told to update D & B before you can proceed with a CCR registration. You must have a DUNs number to register on CCR. (If you are a Sole Proprietor PLEASE register YOUR NAME as the Legal Business name with Dun & Bradstreet and the business as a DBA (Doing Business As). To register, you will need your company bank account number, routing number, telephone number for the bank, and your Tax Payer ID number (Federal Employer ID or Soc. Sec. Number) as well as addresses, phone, fax and other contact information, last three years average revenue and average number of employees on your payroll. 1. Go to . You will be brought to the home page of the Central Contractor Registration. You will notice a menu of links on the left side of the page. Please click on the link that says “Start a New Registration.” You will be brought to a CCR registration page directing you to select one of the following buttons. Please click on the circle that says “I am NOT a U.S. Federal entity.” Then click the “continue” link. You will be brought to an informational page that will help explain what information you need to gather and why. If you have already gathered the information or after you gather it, please click on the link that says “Continue with

Second Step – Register on CCR and receive CAGE Code







registration”. You will be brought to the “Welcome to CCR” page. Look to the left of the big green box and you will see links on the left side of the page. Click on the green button that says new (if you are just starting) or update/renew (to update information or update an expired registration). The window will pop up in the center of the page welcoming you and a box reminding you that you will need a DUNs number first in order to register (click “continue” if you have a number and are prompted to do so). If you are registering for the first time, enter your DUNs number and click the submit button. (If you are updating, you will have a page appear with two choices highlighted in gray boxes. Click on the CCR UPDATE TPIN choice and you will be taken to the login page where you enter your DUNs and TPIN numbers. Enter the numbers and click on SUBMIT. You will be brought to your profile and can update it from there.) For first time registrants - Your “Welcome to CCR” page should be showing now. Enter the information requested (DUNs number) and click the submit button. The CCR will now check the D & B data base, it will take a few seconds, please be patient. A new verification window will pop up and you will be asked if the D & B info is correct. If you answer no, you will be directed to end your registration process and go update the D & B info. Answer yes and you will be brought to the Confirmation CCR registration page. You will be assigned a temporary confirmation #. WRITE THIS DOWN/ PRINT IT OUT. It is your only way back into the registration form should you have to quit before you have completed the form (save an unfinished registration). You will also need this confirmation number to accept your CCR official letter which will contain a Trading Partner Number, assigned by the government once you have been accepted as a vendor. Once you have printed the confirmation number, please click on the proceed button. The Main CCR Registration page should be showing now (You may have to scroll down to see the questions). The first time you are offered the chance to create a template for filling in name, address, e-mail, etc., choose the” create a template” button. This will allow you type in the information once and then you can select the “paste template” button from then on. This will save you a lot of time in completing the form. (On the Points of Contact page you will want to paste the template and then perhaps change a name or e-mail or phone number) There will be a box on the left that will check off sections of the registration as you complete them. Begin your registration and at the end of each page, click on the validate/save button. (Everywhere you see an M, it is mandatory you complete that information, especially the zip code plus 4) Each section is reviewed and a pop up will appear telling you whether you have any errors. If you do, select fix errors and it will tell you what is wrong and you can fix it. (The check off box on the left will have a check mark when it is approved or an orange box with black exclamation mark if it needs attention) You have a choice to continue or quit. Continue allows you to fix errors or you may move on to the next section. Once you have completed the Points of Contact section, including the e-commerce and the government point of contacts, you will be directed to choose an MPIN. (Marketing Partner Identification Number) You choose it, nine alphanumeric characters. YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS MPIN – it is mandatory. Once you have

entered your MPIN, click on Validate/Save and you will go to the IRS Consent section. 8. The IRS Consent is a new section that has been added. You MUST give consent for an IRS check or your CCR will remain inactive or expired. Fill in the required authorization information and then click on validate and save. Once it has been submitted, your Registration Menu on the left of the screen should show all green boxes with white check marks. The “N/R” boxes are “Not Required” (If you are a Sole Proprietor and you DID NOT register with D & B as a DBA, you will be rejected by the IRS check until you go back to step ONE and register with D & B as your legal name and the business as a DBA.) 9. Before going any further, look to the top left of the CCR page and you will see a tool menu of “registration tools”. Click on the box that says VIEW TTP – view trading partner profile. This will take you to a printable version. Just under the profile title will be a box to click on that says “Send to printer.” Print a copy for your file, you will need a record on hand. To get back to your profile click on any one of the left hand links in the Registration Menu. You will be at a page you have already completed, this is ok. Scroll to the bottom and click on submit again. 10. A green box will appear stating your registration has been accepted. Inside the green box are two SBA links (small gray rectangles with SBA in them), click on the one on the right, this is your link to SBA’s Small Business Profile. Go directly to the SBA Profile site by using the link that is provided. It is HIGHLY recommended that you choose the SBA Profile registration link at this time. If you wish to go to the profile later, you must wait for your TPIN e-mail from the CCR people. (BPN = Business Partnership Network) Be aware! You will receive an e-mail from CCR (BPN), usually within 48 hours, which will contain a Trading Partner Identification Number. (This is your only way back into your form, now that CCR has accepted it.) Your temporary # will only be good to log into the provided site and print your Trading Partner Letter. After printing the letter, the temp number will no longer be good. Using the link provided in your email letter from the Central Contractor Registry, you will be instructed to go to a secure website and print out your Trading Partner Letter, which will contain your TPIN number. You will also have the opportunity to view your Trading Partner Profile. Select the choice to View your TPP and print a new copy of your Profile. On this copy of your Profile, you will notice the Government assigned you a CAGE code which is found underneath your DUNs number at the beginning of your profile. You will need your CAGE code for government contracting purposes. You should notify your PTAC counselor of that CAGE code. There is a deadline to get this done! When you receive your BPN e-mail or CCR e-mail you MUST respond within the time frame mentioned or they will suspend your registration while they send a letter snail mail. Respond to the e-mail within the time frame they have allowed or you will not be able to access your CCR until you are notified by mail, two weeks later. Put your TPIN, MPIN, and CAGE code in a folder for easy reference. You will need them to access your CCR profile to update annually!

Third Step – Register on SBA’s Profile
Caution: SBA Profile will draw information from the CCR registry and D & B. Again, you will be told to have a DUNs number first. Make sure D & B and CCR are updated and then proceed. If you did not choose to go into your profile when you did your CCR registration, follow the steps below to get back into the profile. If you

are already in the profile please proceed to step 3 of this section.
To complete this registration you will need to first gather your references to enter on your profile. This is your “on-line resume and work references”. You will be allowed to enter references from all areas of service; ex. Federal Agencies, City, State, County, private companies, customers. You will need the names of the agencies or companies that you have worked for along with the names of the contracts or jobs done (ie., Busy Trucker Contract, PO # 000, or Open Purchase, Credit Card Purchase, etc). You will also need the dollar amount of the contract or work, the start and end dates for the contract, the agencies contact person’s name and a phone number to be able to contact that person. It helps to have it all handy at the time you register so you can complete the form in one sitting. To get into the profile: 1. Go to and click on the “Update or Renew” link on left of the page. You will be taken to another page CCR page. On the left you will see green boxed links, click on the one that says Update/Renew. On the next page choose the link that says CCR UPDATE TPIN. You will be asked to enter your DUNs number and TPIN in order to proceed, click on submit. 2. Your Trading Partner Profile will appear. Please look at the menu on the left hand side (green box with sections of the CCR registration) Please click on the Points of Contact green link. When that page appears, scroll to the bottom of the page and hit validate/save link. Another green box will appear saying congratulations your update has been accepted. Please locate the two SBA link/buttons and click on the one on the right that says SBA Profile. You will be directed to SBA Profile where the first page will provide instructions 3. To complete the Profile, the left hand side of page has a link called Mandatory Data, please click on that and SBA will search the CCR database and bring in all of the information you have entered there. Go through the pages and make sure everything is correct, there will be a few places where you will be asked to verify or add or update more information. Fill in what they have asked for and make sure you select the correct button at the bottom of the page (next, save and next, save) 4. You will be asked about financials and to supply references. You will need to gather all work references (if you have them.) You will need the name of the Agency, name of contract or number for contract, type of contract (open

purchase, one time, etc), a name and phone number for the point of contact (person they can call about your performance), value of the contract, start and end date. Helps to have it all handy at the time you register so you can complete the form in one sitting. 5. Eventually you will be asked to add references. Any Federal Agencies, as well as your other references you have worked for will go in references, i.e. State, Local Government, Private, Commercial, etc. 6. As you add references and save them, you will notice they pop up in the left hand side of the page in the scroll down links. From now on you will be able to go directly to the reference section to keep adding new references as you obtain work. These are also the links the government will use to check your references. 7. You will have a 24-48 hour activation period before you may proceed to the next step.

Fourth Step – Register on ORCA (Online Representations and Certifications Application)
This online application will require 24-48 hour wait after you have completed CCR and SBA Profile. It will draw information from the previous registration forms to be used in your ORCA application. After the waiting period please proceed to this application. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Go to or both of these links will take you to the correct page to register. You will need your DUNs number and your MPIN from your CCR registration to complete the ORCA application. Log in to the application by entering the DUNs and the MPIN. When it asks for Key personnel names and positions, you must click on the ADD button or no names will be accepted and ORCA registration will be rejected. Complete approximately 28 questions by entering your answer or checking a box that answers the particular question Be sure to SUBMIT the application when you have completed all questions and checked appropriate boxes as requested.

Once you have completed these registrations you should be done. If you are located in

a HUB-Zone, (Historically Underutilized Business Zone), you will have one more application to complete. Hubzones in WY are Uinta, Fremont, Big Horn, Niobrara, Hot Springs, Lincoln and Albany counties. Addresses in other counties may be checked, there are some census tracts in WY that qualify as HUBZones.
Please go to or and check to see if you are located in a HUB-Zone. 1. While on the SBA home page, select “About SBA” from the links (on the left side of the home page).

2. On the “About SBA” page, look over to the right hand side and you will see a drop down menu box titled “SBA PROGRAMS” Scroll down the list of programs and select HUBZone. 3. You will be brought to an information page, just click on the link “proceed to HUBzone home page” 4. Once you are on the HUB-Zone main page, over on the left hand side of the page, scroll down and select the link that says “are you in a HUB-Zone”. Enter the information needed when prompted. If you are located in a HUB-Zone, proceed back to the main HUB-Zone page (use back browser button). 5. Collect financial information ahead of time; balance sheet, profit & loss, last year’s taxes. Have this information handy while completing the application. When you are ready, proceed to the application and answer all questions. 6. Looking again at the list of links on the left, please choose HUBZone instructions for GLS registration. 7. You will be brought to registration pages for GLS (General Login System for SBA) Here you will need to answer all questions, create your login and passwords and then you can proceed to the actual application. Your login and password and instructions for both will be shown to you on the GLS page. Follow the directions, submit and wait for your e-mail response, it will only take a minute. 8. Proceed back to the main HUBZone page and at the bottom center of the HUBZone home page you will see four links to the HUB-Zone program (just to the right of the last link) Select the top one, “HUB-Zone Electronic Application” and proceed to the new page 9. You will now have a variety of choices. Select “preview application” and you can see sample questions and application form. Select begin the application and get started. 10. Before you begin the application, you MUST have all others completed (DUNs, CCR, DSBS, ORCA) And you will have to wait 24 hours from updating any of them before you can proceed to this application. 11. Complete your application, answer all questions and do so in a timely manner. Each page is set at 59 mins. If you do not complete it in that time frame, you will have to start all over. 12. Remember to submit when completed. You can check your application status on-line any time you want. Watch for e-mails that may come from SBA as they review your application. Respond to their e-mails in a timely manner, they will give you definite deadlines. If you do not respond, you will have to wait a year before applying again as they will disallow you. Expect to wait 2-4 weeks before you get approved. 13. You will receive final notification when you have been accepted and be assigned a number. Your CCR will reflect your status automatically when SBA changes it. Once you receive acceptance notification, it is a good idea to go to your CCR registration and check to see that the status was changed by SBA, also check in your profile to make sure the new status is correct. Once you have completed these MANDATORY four steps and the optional HUBZone, if you are a veteran or service disabled vet business owner, you should proceed to and complete that registration.

You may apply for 8a and SDB status if you qualify for minority owned business and have at least 3 years in business. Once all registrations are completed you can apply to obtain a GSA contract schedule. These contracts are available to businesses with at least three years of experience in the area you are hoping to obtain the contract. Good Luck in your contracting endeavors! Should you need any assistance, please feel free to contact your local GRO-Biz counselor for assistance. GRO-Biz – Wyoming’s PTAC (Procurement Technical Assistance Center)

Pat Dotter – Rock Springs Program Manager, GSA Specialist, Contracting Specialist, Procurement Counselor 307-362-2110 1-866-253-3300 Serving Uinta, Sweetwater, Lincoln, Sublette, Teton and Fremont Counties

Southwest Region (State Office)

Shannon Howshar - Cheyenne Contracting Specialist, Procurement Counselor 307-637-5029 Serving Laramie, Albany, Carbon, Natrona, Converse, Platte, Goshen and Niobrara Counties

Southeast Region

Vacant – Call either of the above counselors Procurement Counselor 1-307-672-3700 Serving Campbell, Crook, Weston, Johnson, Sheridan, Washakie, Big Horn, Hot Springs, and Park Counties.

Northern Region

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