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• FDA Cleared and Medically Endorsed

• Potentially Saves Lives Through Early Detection
• Inexpensive and Simple to Use
• Easy to Demonstrate & Market
• A Most Meaningful Gift or Donation
• Recommended by Over 98% of Doctors Surveyed
(Total Doctors Surveyed: 3,126 / Survey Details on Page 7)
What is the 
Breast Chek Aid?
Breast Chek is a patented home medical device that makes
breast self-exams easier, more efficient and more effective.
Encourages Women
Only about 14% of all women do their breast self-exam and more than half
of these women perform it incorrectly.
• Breast Chek encourages women to get into the routine of
actually doing their breast self-exams.
• Teaches women how to do the most effective and thorough exam.
Empowers women
Being personally involved with their health gives women the power to take charge
and therefore be less afraid. 
Here’s How it Works
The Breast Chek Aid consists of a lubricant
sealed between two layers of polyurethane.
The bottom layer remains stable while the
top layer of the aid slides freely over the
breast tissue. The encased lubricant allows
the fingertips to glide smoothly over the entire
chest wall. Users say their ability to find an
irregularity is greatly improved.

Here’s What You Get
The Breast Chek Kit comes complete
with the Breast Chek Aid, resealable
heavy-duty foil storage pouch and
“Directions For Use” booklet with
complete directions for proper use and
a monthly journal for tracking your
self exam results.
Why Perform Breast Self Exam?

Breast self exam is a powerful tool for early detection of breast cancer
and should be performed monthly, say American Cancer Society experts.

"Women should be taught how to perform monthly self exams and should discuss it with
their doctors," says Larissa Nekhlyudov, MD, of Harvard Medical School’s Department
of Ambulatory Care and Prevention.

"The bottom line is that in breast cancer, early detection is better than later detection, and self
examination helps early detection," notes Robert Smith, PhD, Director of Cancer Screening,
American Cancer Society. "Breast self exam is a prudent thing to do; it’s worth the time and effort
to teach and to use.“

“Breast awareness is about encouraging women to become more aware of their bodies generally
and to get to know their own breasts. This is an important issue for all women in their mid-twenties
and onwards, as learning how their breasts look and feel at different times will help women know
what is normal for them and to recognise any irregular changes.” Breast Awareness, U.K. National
Health Service
Medically Endorsed,
           Scientifically Proven
Breast Chek…
Is highly regarded by medical professionals.
Data was gathered at the following conferences:
(See next page for conference details)

• American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG)

400 Surveyed
• Oncology Nursing Society (ONS)
1,100 Surveyed
• American Society of Clinical Oncologists (ASCO)
1240 Surveyed
• Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN)
386 Surveyed

Survey Respondents 400 1100 1240 386 3126

Breast Chek was easy to use 99.76% 99.75% 99.92% 100% 99.86%
Breast Chek reduced friction 99.52% 99.83% 99.92% 100% 99.76%
Breast Chek improved my touch 99.28% 99.83% 99.92% 100% 99.76%
I feel the use of Breast Chek is a 98.77% 98.53% 98.33% 100% 99.42%
more thorough breast exam
I would prefer to use Breast Chek 96.20% 96.46% 96.34% 98.73%
to perform exams instead of my
bare hand
I feel the regular use of Breast 99.61% 99.82% 99.51% 100% 99.74%
Chek for BSE would improve the ability of
my patients to detect changes in breast tissue
I would recommend Breast Chek 99.26% 99.91% 99.92% 100% 99.52%
to my patients
Testimonials for Breast Chek* 
•Dr. Withers, a surgeon at Maui Clinic, says Breast Chek has twice enabled him to feel otherwise undetectable lumps.
“There is no question that Breast Chek increases tactile ability”, he says “it makes an exam 100% easier.” (The Wall
Street Journal)
•Illinois State Sen., Penny Severns, who found a small cancer in July, thinks that the aid might have helped find it
earlier. She said “Just having the device at home will remind women to check their breasts. Whatever we can do to
promote awareness and self-examination, coupled with mammograms, we must do”. (Herald & Review)
•Dr. Redmond, who uses Breast Chek to examine her own breasts, testified in support of the device at a meeting with
FDA officials years ago. She described a patient who’d felt a tiny lump with the aid and had come in for a mammogram.
“The lump failed to show up on the film, but the patient insisted on a biopsy anyway. The lump turned out to be
cancerous”, said Dr. Redmond. (Good Housekeeping)
•Gale Katterhagen, medical director of the cancer center at St. Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, CA says tests he
conducted indicated that women who used Breast Chek were 22% more likely to perform monthly breast self-exams .
(The Wall Street Journal)
•Women who use Breast Chek swear by it. Ms. Richardson, a 43 year-old, Decatur resident, doubts she would have
found two small lumps without the aid. She had a double mastectomy. “It probably saved my life”, she says, adding that
she gave one to her 19 year-old daughter. (The Wall Street Journal)
•Carole Withers, 50, of Durango, CO found two precancerous nodules in her left breast while using an aid that her
husband, a doctor, brought home from the clinic where he worked. Even her doctor was unable to find the lumps without
it. “As women, we have to take responsibility for our own bodies,” said Withers. (Good Housekeeping)
•Mary Daly Gorman, 56, a writer from Chevy Chase, MD, found a lump in her breast while using Breast Chek. Gorman’s
surgeon, Katherine Alley, MD. said, “When I did her biopsy, I had to keep checking to make sure I had the right spot –
that’s how small it was.” (Good Housekeeping)
•Hironimus Wendt, a professor at the Millikin University said: “The impact of having a product on the market like this is
huge in that women are going to be more likely to perform self-exams, which can be life saving in a number of cases”.
*NOTE: Product exclusivity and design patent were acquired in 2003 by MBF Sales (Jim Goble) and was re-branded to "Breast Chek" at that time.
BSE: Key to Early Detection
• Approximately 70% of breast cancers
• are self (or spouse) discovered.

• Stage 1 is no more than 2 centimeters

• (cm) across and has not spread beyond
• the breast. Detection at stage 1 offers
• better than a 95% chance of full recovery.
• Smaller and sooner
• Early detection before stage 1 offers a is better than bigger
• 100% survival rate.*
and later.

“The size of a breast cancer and how far it has spread are important
factors in predicting the prognosis (outlook) of a woman with this
disease. Following the American Cancer Society's guidelines for the
early detection of breast cancer improves the chances that breast
cancer can be diagnosed at an early stage and treated successfully”

*From the American College of Surgeons National Cancer Data Base,

based on patients diagnosed from 1995-1998.
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