Thirteen Chakras and the Cosmic Human

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Thirteen Chakras and the Cosmic Human
Their Meaning and Use in the Aquarian Age


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Body and Consciousness Developing our Consciousness through Transformation Table 1: The Chakras of the Cosmic Human 4. Thirteen Chakras and their Attributes The Thirteen Chakras Fig. Transforming the Suffering of Man Introduction Fig. 2: The Chakras of the Earth Human Our Universal Tasks The Spiritual Attributes of the Thirteen Chakras 3. Thirteen Chakras and our Health Chakras. Chakras and Epidemic Diseases The Origin of the Main Epidemic Diseases New Epidemic Diseases Table 2: Chakras and Epidemic Diseases The Creation’s Wish List Mastery 7 9 11 13 13 14 16 20 22 22 23 24 25 29 29 31 34 36 36 39 42 42 45 50 51 52 5 .THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN Contents Sonia’s Work Preface Universal Transformers 1. 1: The Chakras of the Cosmic Human Thirteen Transformations and their Specific Attributes How to work with these Symbols 2. Chakras and Higher Consciousness The Path to a Higher Consciousness From Microcosm to Macrocosm 5.

Universal Meditation and Universal Guidance Introduction The New Universal Messenger The Universal Transformers 8.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN 6. Chakras and Light-beings Our Light-beings The Consequences of an Instable Spiritual Body The Way Back Observations 7. Suggestions for Meditation Meditation and Preparation The Stages of a Meditation Closing the Meditation General Suggestions Glossary Notes 53 53 56 59 61 65 65 67 70 72 72 74 76 77 79 89 .

During this period the heart center of the Creation opened to all of life. phase 2 (2004-2011) In 2004 Sonia was called upon to facilitate the second phase of the ratification of the Aquarian blueprint.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN Sonia’s Work S Sonia’s work can be divided into three main phases: 1. Receiving these courses made her inner mystical connection grow stronger and helped her to learn how to channel information from the Akasha of Life. In the Chronicle of Time. Designing the Aquarian blueprint (1985-1992) From 1985 to 1992 Sonia was called upon to help design the Aquarian blueprint in the spheres. In this way. Ratification of the Aquarian blueprint. Sonia assisted in this ratification process during her seminars and lectures. By doing so. which consists of the twenty-four courses that she received during these years. a foundation of Universal Love was created. she receives 7 . The laws of Universal Love had already been ratified in phase 1 and the laws of Unity (Light) are currently being added. 3. Sonia helped with the first phase of the ratification of the Aquarian blueprint. she gives an eyewitness account of this process. The Aquarian blueprint would be grafted onto Love and Unity (Light). Sonia facilitates this second phase of the ratification of the Aquarian blueprint during her seminars and lectures. Because of that it became possible to ratify the basic laws of Universal Love in the blueprint. which was being explained at the same time by the mystical information that she received. also the Creation’s throat center would be disclosed and its basic laws recorded in the blueprint to support life in the Aquarian Age. phase 1 (1994-2000) From 1994 to 2000. Ratification of the Aquarian blueprint. Besides the heart center. 2. At the same time. This is how Sonia became a mystic. Sonia was given the opportunity to record universal teachings for all of mankind: the basic mysticism of the Aquarian Age.


and channels further mystical information, helping to widen the new foundation of life and to spread the Aquarian mysticism. In addition to facilitating the ratification of the Aquarian blueprint and recording Aquarian mysticism, Sonia has also written a large number of articles and books. Her work is being published by the Sofia Foundation, which takes care of the editing, styling and distribution of her inspired universal information. The Sofia Foundation owns a publishing house for this purpose called De Gouden Kroon (The Golden Crown, see Addresses).





This book is the result of the fact that I was given the opportunity to write for the Spiegelbeeld magazine. I never made the conscious decision to write a book about the chakras of the cosmic human. In fact, it would be more correct to say that this book is about the thirteen universal transformers of life of which the thirteen chakras of the cosmic human are a pure reflection. Initially, I wrote an article about the thirteen universal symbols of transformation that can be used to transform our suffering. Later on, these symbols were linked to the thirteen chakras system of the cosmic human. In the process of writing these articles, more and more mystical information was revealed. The Mystery of Life was explained at deeper levels. Eventually, the articles only talked about the thirteen universal transformers of the human being. The thirteen universal transformers are an answer to many of the important challenges and problems that we are faced with in life. It seems that the teaching of the universal transformers embraces the basic principles of life, which can provide the solutions to our most important problems. This book reveals part of the mysticism about the cosmic human and invites us to develop it further and learn how to use it in our daily lives. Sonia



The Golden Sun 10. The Blazing Golden Sun 11 .THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN Universal Transformers = Universal Symbols of Transformation = The Chakras of the Cosmic Human For individual life 1. The Crystalline Lotus 8. The Golden Sun enclosing a White Iris The All-Embracing 13. The Double Star (a five-pointed star in a seven-pointed star) 12. The White Rose 2. The Crystalline Crown 7. The White Swan For the fulfillment of life 9. The Ark (boat) For life in general 5. The White Iris 11. The Crystalline Diamond 3. The White Lily 4. The Grail (chalice) 6.


1). which emanates from the Creation’s heart center. This is of utmost importance. With the start of the Aquarian 13 . Karma is linked to the solar plexus of the Creation (the Piscean Age) and not to the heart center (the Aquarian Age). an important mutation in the consciousness of man opened the door for him to become a cosmic human with a thirteen-fold cosmic consciousness and thirteen chakras (see fig. because this initial state of the Aquarian Age is accompanied by rather turbulent times. Some years ago. Everything that is not in alignment with the intention of the cosmic human and living from the heart will be gradually demolished. This information teaches man how to work with the power of creation. the enormous remainder of karmic debt that the Creation is bearing. Transforming the Suffering of Man I Introduction We find ourselves at the beginning of the Aquarian Age. This demolition process is accompanied by turbulent times that are already felt by all of us today. This means that the heart chakra of the Creation (the Creator) is opening. As a result. Through this cosmic consciousness. The most important thing to keep in mind is that evolution is no longer driven by karma. Through the thirteen-fold consciousness of the cosmic human. by means of his thirteen-fold consciousness. will be cleared out. all universal information relating to the Aquarian Age will be understood and used to the fullest. This is a time when the total transformation of man’s life and life on Earth is put into effect. The Aquarian Purification The start of the Aquarian Age is also called the ‘Aquarian Purification’. the cosmic human will be able to manifest and express the laws of the heart: the laws of Love and Unity. turning this age into an era of love that will support mankind and all of life to flourish.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN 1.

THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN Figure 1: The Chakras of the Cosmic Human D e chakr ’ van de kos ic m ens as m s he 13 r transmutation 13 tans ut i c kr m ate ha a 11 ui 11 kr crown nchakr a 12 r transformation 12 tansor ate ha a f m i c kr chakra chakra chakra 10 pineal achakra 10 epiys f echakr 09hypof echakra chakra pituitary 9 ys 08 cosmic flow chakra 8 kos ich m s door t om i c kr s r ngs ha a 07keel a chakra throat 7 chakr 11 ui 11 kr crown nchakr a chakra 09hypof echakra chakra 9 pituitary ys 07keel a chakra throat 7 chakr 06t thymus chakra 6 hym us kr cha a 05har chakra chakra 5 heart t 04m ispleen chakra 4 lchakr t a 03zonnevl plexus solar chakra 3 echt 02heii sacral chakra 2 lgbeenchakr a 01 root chakra 14 .

the cosmic human’s slogan now is: Suffering is no longer necessary! Meditation. The transformation of suffering Today. available to all of us.1. However. which lies within the power of creation. in which the power of creation is released. man discovered that he does not only have access to the power of creation through his consciousness. which he is able to ground and use through his thirteen-fold consciousness. the heart chakra of the Creation sends the power of creation to him. but also that he can use this power to neutralize the remainder of the karmic debt! Besides neutralizing his own karma. and so on! Therefore. karma is reflected back to man. Visualizing any of the universal symbols mentioned in this chapter will help us to enter a meditative state in a safe and direct way. thus preventing this karma from turning into suffering! This can be done by means of the power of creation that is released within himself. which will be settled as a result. the Creation. the path to transformation Meditation offers us the possibility to connect with our higher consciousness. 15 .? can then be directed to the remainder of karmic debt. By connecting karma to the pure positive nature of the power of creation. The power of creation set into motion by man. to open the thirteen creative powers that lie within the Creation. They are the keys. that the cosmic human holds the ability to transform (neutralize) the remainder of the karmic debt. he can also transform the karmic debt of plants. all of life. through our higher selves. the Earth. TRANSFORMING THE SUFFERING OF MAN Age all karmic load of mankind and life in general is lifted slowly but surely and reflected back to us. A short time ago. neutralizes the negative nature of karma immediately. karma can no longer exist. Safe. At the same time. The pure positive nature of Universal Love. the whole of mankind. animals. This requires practice. This could cause major suffering. which released these thirteen universal symbols. because we focus directly on the heart chakra of the Creation.

the symbols will be discussed one by one. angels. all life forms on all levels of the Creation can be helped to neutralize their karma. First. the transformations are activated to do their healing work through your heart chakra. activates the Universality of Life in everything that is touched by it. it will be explained how to use them. animals. four symbols will support us to transform life in general and four symbols will help us to achieve life fulfillment. etcetera. you can support plants. The thirteen universal symbols of transformation The thirteen universal symbols of transformation were released to activate the creative powers. 16 . there are thirteen spheres in the Creation. Then. Because the thirteen universal creative powers are connected with the thirteen spheres of the Creation. The thirteenth symbol. which can be transformed by the above-mentioned thirteen creative powers. By sending the activated power to a life form through your heart chakra after placing the symbol in your heart. It is obvious that the symbols of transformation can be very valuable to life. the all-embracing power. By visualizing a symbol first and then placing it in your heart (during your visualization). Thirteen Transformations and their Specific Attributes The thirteen symbols of transformation are divided into three categories. These thirteen creative powers offer the cosmic human thirteen levels of transformation through his thirteen chakras. For example. As a result. the Creation consists of thirteen chakras and there are thirteen powers at work within the power of creation.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN The thirteen-fold Creation Man is given the opportunity to become aware of the fact that everything in the entire Creation is thirteen-fold. devas. Four symbols are connected to the level of individual life. Every level of transformation is linked to one of the thirteen karmic levels. you make it easier for that life form to achieve its life purpose by transforming its karma! In this way.

The Ark (a boat) The Ark is the symbol of Universal Being. It is connected with consciousness. This symbol does this by transforming negative individual karma. 3. The White Lily The pure White Lily is the symbol of Universal Life. The obstacles that keep us from achieving your life purpose are transformed in this way. Visualizing this symbol helps us to see your life purpose more clearly. It is the guardian of your life purpose.1. 2. When invoked. It represents the Christ energy. The White Rose The White Rose is the symbol of Universal Love. 17 . the Ark safeguards your life or the life of the one for whom you activated the symbol. The Crystalline Diamond The Crystalline Diamond is the symbol of Universal Light. TRANSFORMING THE SUFFERING OF MAN Symbols supporting individual life: 1. Visualizing the Diamond stimulates your consciousness and takes us to a higher cosmic life purpose. This symbol is in particular used for healing your aches and illnesses and has the ability to settle all karma that causes any kind of illness. 4.

visualizing this symbol is to the benefit of the Dutch. For instance. the Pakistanis. such as family karma. 6.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN Symbols supporting life in general: 5. The White Swan The White Swan safeguards and supports life. Transforming group karma settles any difficult mutual karmic bond. The Crystalline Crown The Crystalline Crown supports the growth of group consciousness. This is also the case for a specific group of people. It supports their cosmic purpose and offers them a better understanding of it. 7. It transforms all karma that is not directly linked to individual karma. it stimulates the collective consciousness of the people in a country. 18 . karma of a people or a group of persons who are connected by fate. For example. Transforming karma on this level takes life – or a life form – to its higher evolutionary destiny. it outlines the life purpose of áll crocodiles more clearly. a cup on a base. such as the crocodile. The Crystalline Lotus The Crystalline Lotus supports the development of the life purpose of a specific life form or group. the Somalis or the Colombians. for instance the Papuans. In this way. The Grail (a chalice) The Grail can be visualized as a chalice. 8.

it fulfills your own life or that of your family members. you can transform karma that belongs to the mineral kingdom. the animal kingdom. the White Iris helps the disabled. the hungry. For example. the sad. neighbors. 12. the angels and the devas. no flames) The Golden Sun supports the fulfillment of every individual life that is touched by it. animals or crops. the plant kingdom. for example. For example. you help transform karma that was created by this sphere and its life forms. Bij transforming group-karma. This symbol moves an entire sphere in the Creation. The Golden Sun (a still sun. 10. The Double Star The Double Star (a five-pointed star in a seven-pointed star) brings the life of entire kingdoms of nature or complete fields of life to fulfillment by neutralizing their karma. 19 . The Golden Sun enclosing a White Iris This symbol safeguards and fulfills all life in the Creation that is connected to a sphere. TRANSFORMINGTHE SUFFERING OF MAN Symbols supporting the fulfillment of life: 9.1. the single parents. The White Iris The White Iris fulfills every life that is connected to a group – and therefore has a group consciousness. but also the communists or the Palestinians. 11. By visualizing this symbol.

Working selflessly for your environment Visualize the symbol of transformation of your choice and place it in your heart. After that. Then. In this way. your consciousness will develop further every time (see chapter 4: Chakras and higher consciousness). the White Rose will neutralize your karma and as a result it will ease your pain. place it in your heart and connect its power that is released in your heart. you can allow the invoked power to stay there for a while to do its work. How to work with these Symbols 1 1. 3. The power of the Universality of Life will take care of any human being or any life form by settling its karma on all levels. Request and focus on the transformation of their karma or the karma that is the cause of the situation that you have placed in the bowl. The Blazing Golden Sun The Blazing Golden Sun is the highest symbol of transformation. 4. By each time visualizing a higher symbol in the course of the months.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN 13. By repeating this on a regular basis. Visualize anything that is searching for fulfillment inside a Blazing Golden Sun. Working to ease aches and illnesses Visualize the White Rose. Working to develop your consciousness After visualizing a symbol of transformation and placing it in your heart. Now. visualize the universal symbol of your choice and place it in the Golden Bowl. you finally will neutralize all karma that is linked to the illness. send out the creative power that is released in 20 . Working for your environment Visualize a Golden Bowl and in it all the people. all life forms or situations from your environment that need transformation. It covers all universal symbols. 2. you help your consciousness to grow. and the illness will gradually heal. to your aches and illnesses. In this way. release it again.

illnesses and aches. It is a good thing that he starts to realize that he created his own karma and therefore his illnesses and suffering. Together with the purification that this evolution has set into motion. There is only one condition: you have to use it! Mastering your fate It is very important that man begins to understand that he can master his fate through transformation. our fate will also be transformed! 21 . the Aquarian evolution has started. In the Aquarian Age. passive human being will be replaced by the cosmic human who puts a hold to his suffering and takes on a new and happier fate.1. All obstacles are gone. transformation will neutralize every single bit of karma in the Creation. the suffering. This energy itself will meet the karma that wants to be settled. bad luck and misfortune! The beauty of all this is that he can do this by means of a very simple meditation/visualization. Eventually. it will always be to the benefit of the world or the person with which it is connected. waiting. No matter how you work with a symbol. This attribute of the Aquarian Age will soon change our view on life completely. Even better would be that he begins to see that he has the power to use transformation to break through this vicious circle of suffering. TRANSFORMING THE SUFFERING OF MAN your heart to your environment with no specific request in mind (selflessly).

The chakras allow the physical human being to access his higher spiritual dimensions. He was given the opportunity to understand that he was more than matter alone. In the Piscean Age (0-2000) he also started distinguishing and exploring his lower self. the involution took place. During that time individual life forms developed and man grounded his lower self in matter.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN 2. The seven chakras of the Piscean Age In this age. every human being had a seven-fold consciousness and was called the ‘earth human’. energy centers that translate the cosmic energy in a correct way from one level of consciousness to a lower level of consciousness. he had seven chakras. Because the earth human had a sevenfold consciousness.2 He became aware of the fact that the Spirit brings matter into motion. 22 . This allows the cosmic energy to enter matter through the chakras and to be perceived by our everyday consciousness. 2). These are the seven chakras that are commonly referred to in literature and that are all located on the spine (see fig. The purpose of the chakras Which function do the chakras have for us? Chakras are wheels. We can also approach this from another perspective: we can enter a higher field of consciousness from a lower field of consciousness via a chakra. a chakra is a cosmic transformer that translates energy from a higher field of consciousness to a field with a lower frequency. Thirteen Chakras and their Attributes T The Thirteen Chakras From the onset of the Creation until 1985. which in this book are called the ‘Piscean chakras’. In other words.

T H I R T E E N C H A K R A S A N D T H E I R AT T R I B U T E S Figure 2: The Chakras of the Earth Human The Piscean Chakras D e c kr ’ van de a de e ha as ar m ns 7 crown a 7 kr nc ui hakrchakra 6 third dchakr eye chakra 6 voor hoof a 5 throatachakra 5 kee c l hakr 4 heart a chakra 4 har c t hakr 3 zonnevl chakr echt a 3 solar plexus 2 sacral chakra 2 heii lgbeenchakr a 1 root chakra 23 .2 .

THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN The increasing importance of the chakras Now that the Aquarian Age is beginning and the human spirit (consciousness) is developing at an incredible pace. This process is similar to the process that Earth went through in 1999. the higher self of the Creation will reveal itself and will release its impulses to man. 12 and 13). these chakras were enforced and prepared for their task. man received an additional set of six chakras and this time they were not all located on the spine (see fig. the earth human is only equipped to live from the Creation’s lower self. With these new chakras the cosmic human became whole. The six Aquarian chakras In 1996. The limited earth human is not able to receive and understand these impulses very well. 1: chakra 4. their Aquarian attributes were activated. with which he can interpret the impulses coming from the Creation’s higher self. but at the same time all qualities that the Aquarian human (cosmic human) needs to exist were activated. During the Aquarian Age.3 Our Universal Tasks Currently. a number of years ago our consciousness went through an important mutation. In 1998. After all. the cosmic human is complete and his Aquarian attributes are fully activated. The earth human became the cosmic human. In 1997. who has access to thirteen fields of consciousness and has thirteen chakras. 10. they are the gateways to man’s higher fields of consciousness that need to be consulted in order to carry out the universal tasks that are released by his spirit. We are able to understand the laws of the Creation’s higher self – the laws of Love and Unity – and can recognize the Plan of 24 . They are referred to as the ‘Aquarian chakras’. However. 8. 6. This means that we can already function as cosmic humans. the chakras are becoming very important. the Piscean chakras were raised to their Aquarian level. After all. In other words. These chakras kept their old attributes.

The Earth? The Revelation of the Christ and the Divine In our higher self we meet the Christ. We will be called upon to take on our universal tasks.2 . The Spiritual Attributes of the Thirteen Chakras In this part of this chapter some information on the spiritual attributes of the thirteen chakras of the cosmic human is revealed: 25 . We have the honor to explore our thirteen chakras so that we can discover step by step what we can mean to life when we use your new thirteen-fold consciousness. The cosmic human has started his work and we will be able to recognize him in ourselves and in others. We will neutralize any kind of resistance from the physical through our being in order to to facilitate Spirit’s integration in matter. in order to raise matter to a higher plane. The cosmic human assists with the integration of the Spirit into matter by integrating his and the Creation’s higher self into the lower self. A new phase of evolution has begun. In our highest self we meet the Creator and through it we can assist in the revelation of the Divine in matter. This instrument will be revealed step by step to allow us to play our first tunes on it! This will bring life into alignment with the divine purpose. the cosmic human is learning to be of service to his companions. Through our higher self we learn to reveal the Christ. The cosmic human is given a sophisticated instrument to carry out these tasks. Whereas the earth human only lived for himself and his manifestation in the physical. T H I R T E E N C H A K R A S A N D T H E I R AT T R I B U T E S Creation in them. to Earth and Creation. We are learning to be of service based on the principles of the Spirit (God) and to assist in the implementation of the laws of Love and Unity in life. Man will reveal the Christ and the Creator and ground Spirit in matter in this way. This is part of the universal tasks of man. to help in carrying out this Plan using our thirteen chakras.

longing. feelings of guilt. Creative and transformative organ. Emotions bound to the personality. Transforms rigidity. Manifestation and realisation in matter. The root chakra (the White Rose) Acceptance of life and of yourself. Focuses on universal guidance. Acknowledgement. Shields against astral influences 5. Reveals the Christ. Sexual needs. 3 The solar plexus (the White Lily) Control over one’s personality.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN 1. Taking responsibility. The heart chakra (the Grail) Inner life. The sacral chakra (the Crystalline Diamond) Desire. The gift of healing. Transforms denseness into enlightenment. Protects against comic energy of a too high intensity. Attracts cosmic energy. 26 . Integration of the Spirit into matter. 4. decisiveness and willpower. 2. Attracts the Spirit and transforms it. The seat of the akasha of the personality (blueprint). Trust and self-confidence. The transforming of matter into Spirit. The spleen chakra (the Ark) Surrender and discernment. dogma. Mental thinking. clairsentience.

27 . neutralize karma. reveals the Creator. Clair-cognizance. Gateway to the Universal World Government. 12. Universal discernment. Communication and inner communication (clairaudience). Access to the akasha of the Source. Nourishes the heart with the power of creation. T H I R T E E N C H A K R A S A N D T H E I R AT T R I B U T E S 6 The thymus chakra (the Crystalline Crown) Gateway to the cosmic human. 7. 8. Stimulates the heart to use the power of creation. I Am. 9 The pituitary chakra (the Golden Sun) Insight and universal insight. Inner viewing. The pineal chakra (the White Iris)4 Seat of our mystical abilities. 11. The cosmic flow chakra (the White Swan)4 Seat of the akasha of the soul. Carries and directs the power of the Christ. Accepting grace. The ability to transform. The throat chakra (the Crystalline Lotus)4 Individual expression. Clairvoyance. The crown chakra (the Double Star) Connection with the state of Being. creativity. The supportive center of the cosmic human. Feeds the mind (thinking) with mysticism. 10. Divine expression. Flow of the highest self of the Creation into the physical. Integrates one’s life plan and one’s cosmic plan. The transformation chakra (the Golden Sun enclosing a White Iris) Seat of the divine akasha.2 .

The ability of transmutation (re-creation). The transmutation chakra (the Blazing Golden Sun) Carries and directs the power of the Creator.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN 13. 28 .

enabling the acupuncturist to treat any obstructions in our body’s energy system. karma and the role our chakras play in this process. but only when we are very pure. It is through the chakras that the system of meridians in our body is fed. Each of the thirteen fields of consciousness of the cosmic human (his light-beings) has its own level of vibration. The power of our mind depends on the 29 . However. This system transports the spiritual energy through our body. Acupuncture for example mapped out the system of meridians in our body. The spiritual organ that houses our consciousness and that can conduct the energy from our consciousness is called the ‘spirit’. The chakras pass the power of our consciousness on to our body. which results in frequent illness. The chakras function as transformers that constantly change the energy to a lower level of vibration. In other words. The energy of the Source is fully accessible and available to us through these fields of consciousness. Body and Consciousness Our levels of consciousness are connected to our body through the physical component of the chakras. if we are not fully conscious yet. This makes it more difficult for the power of the Source to enter our body completely. consciousness (spirit). This is why it is relevant to discuss the connection between body. providing every organ and every body function with this energy. our physical body is provided with energy that originates from our consciousness. which in this way feeds itself with thirteen levels of spiritual energy. Thirteen Chakras and our Health C Chapter 2 explained that the energy of the Source is transported from our higher to our lower levels of consciousness – by means of the chakras. Chakras.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN 3. our spiritual self is still very dense due to the karmic load.

It would be clearer to say that: The chakras are gateways that pass the state of our consciousness.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN state of our consciousness. It will improve our physical health immediately. will have a very positive effect on our health. which has just started. The saying ‘a sound mind (in this case ‘spirit’) in a sound body’ could be translated as ‘a high state of consciousness means a sound body’. after which it reaches our body through our spirit and chakras. developing our consciousness stimulates our body’s health! The Aquarian impulse. We would notice if our process enfolded too fast. developing it very rapidly. we could develop our consciousness at our own pace. In the long run this rapid development of our consciousness. through changes in our emotional state and an increase in physical ailments. on to our body. where it manifests itself in the form of aches and illnesses! Until recently. Unfortunately. collective awakening The Aquarian evolution focuses its impulse on our consciousness. which is free of karma at best. in the short run it means that we will have to clear all karma very quickly. This clearly shows that it is very important for our physical health to start developing our consciousness. In short. We are all awakening. through our spirit. however. we would find our balance again. If we meditated less frequently. This allows us to develop our Aquarian attributes – revealing the Christ and the Creator in the physical world – and to ground love and unity in the physical. exactly because of this rapid evolution that we are going through. whether we want to or not! This explains why our karma is being 30 . The inspired information that has been disclosed so far indicates that the chakras function as gateways between our body and spirit. The Aquarian impulse creates a vibration that releases karma from all our levels of consciousness. set into motion the process of collective awakening from within. which means that we would have completely manifested the Source into the physical. The start of the Aquarian evolution.

it is useful to know how to recognize an obstruction in your chakras and how it affects your body. If the path of awakening set about by the Aquarian impulse speeds up the clearing of our karma even more. which lies deep within our consciousness and can be retrieved by means of our chakras. in cooperation with our spirit. Alternatively. the cosmic human. will develop our consciousness through transformation (see chapter 1: Transforming our Suffering). we will become much healthier. Transformation will enable us to cast off our karmic load in a safe. This information on the chakras of the cosmic human can be found in columns two and three of table 1 on page 34 and 35. behavior and life. without the need for it to manifest in our body. obstructions and transformation It is important to know how each of the thirteen chakras are related to the organs and physical ailments. many of us will soon choose the path of awaking. efficient and fast way and thus restore our health! This is possible because transformation directly neutralizes all karma in our spirit. In the long run. but in the short run our health will be under extra pressure! Developing our Consciousness through Transformation Since we are collectively being moved by the Aquarian impulse. It explains to us that we can transform our karma by using the creative power. the answer to any physical ailment still remains developing our consciousness. In this way. In addition. THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND OUR HEALTH cleared at such a very fast pace and why our body – and the world! – is under such pressure. we could end up in a vicious circle and even succumb to the process of clearing our karma! This is the reason why a new way of developing our consciousness was released at the beginning of the Aquarian evolution: we. we can also use our phy31 .3. but this time in a more modern and efficient way! Chakras. driven by our increasing aches and illnesses. This new way of developing our consciousness shows us the way how to neutralize (transform) our karma. For this reason this mechanism was embedded deeply into our sub-consciousness at the start of the Piscean Age.

column 4). you ask for the transformation of the karma that blocks the corresponding field of consciousness. Equipped with this knowledge we will then be able to work on developing our consciousness in a more focused way. 32 . This is not only to the benefit of our health. Visualize the symbol that corresponds to the chakra for some time. which are discussed in the previous chapter. The next step in the process of developing our consciousness – when we have discovered the unique effect that the creative power has on our body and life – will be that we discover that we cannot only create (maintain) a healthy life for ourselves. By visualizing this symbol (during our meditation) we call upon the chakra and transform the obstruction(s) in the field of consciousness to which it is connected. it is also necessary to know which symbol belongs to which chakra (table 1. We will certainly succeed if we take the spiritual attributes of the chakra’s into account. will be activated by this symbol and this power has the exact ability to neutralize all karma that is still present in that field! We proceed as follows: 1. 2. The creative power that the field of consciousness could release if it is completely pure. we will first start with clearing our own organisms from karma and denseness. release the symbol. but also for all other life forms in the Creation.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN sical ailments as a starting point and deduce from there what we need to work on in our consciousness developing process. Then. but also to the health of all other organism in the Creation! You see. Using the chakras on a deeper level The thirteen chakras of the cosmic human are especially designed to ground the power of creation from the Source into the physical by means of our spirit. When the connection is established. In order to work on developing our consciousness in the new way. 3. The name of the symbol that corresponds to each of the mentioned chakras is the exact transformation symbol that has the ability to transform all karma that lies in the field of consciousness that belongs to that particular chakra.

Our thirteen chakras together form a healing instrument that does not only keep our own body healthy. We even will help to put the evolution to move into the right direction. We are the creative instrument that can heal all that lives. Health is permeated by Spirit. the positive flow from our spirit. Being healthy means being conscious. Due to this instrument. but that will also reveal our universal tasks as soon as our consciousness has opened up the way for this. In this way. we will be able to exert the creative power that our spirit attracts to the healing of everything around us. With these reversed chakras. our chakras will reverse. all other life forms in the Creation and life itself. we will be able to heal the society around us. we will be able. using the creative power. besides healing ourselves. This system allows us to work using the self-regenerating ability of life that lies within the consciousness of all-that-is. We are a consciousness developing cell that is part of the self-regenerating ability of life. THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND OUR HEALTH When we stop focusing our attention exclusively on ourselves (our chakras are facing inwards) but start focusing on what is outside of ourselves. Health is the purpose of life and at the same time health shapes the purpose of life! 33 . The self-regenerating ability of life We received a thirteen-fold consciousness and have thirteen chakras. our (domestic) animals and subsequently all life that surrounds us. to heal the people around us. We can ground the Spirit’s essence into the physical and through our own health issues we will become aware of how to do it. We can use the healing power of life in such a way that it can do its healing work everywhere in the Creation.3.

paranasal sinuses Pituitary gland and its hormones Regulation of the endocrine glands The Golden Sun 08. Throat Chakra Throat. Cosmic Flow Chakra Alignment of the organs with each other Meridian system. Lack of life motivation Depression Disconnected from impulses from the subconscious Inability to express yourself Poor communication with others Cut off from your inner guidance Lack of creativity 11. nose. voice Skin Lungs and bronchi Thyroid gland The Crystalline Lotus . Pineal Chakra Pineal gland and its (spiritual) hormones perspective 09. ears. Transformation Chakra Lymphatic system Mucousmembranes Liquid balance Cell functioning. Pituitary Chakra Eyes. osmosis Disconnected from the inner guidance and its universal messages Lack of universal (mystical) insight. Crown Chakra Brain.Table 1: The Chakras of the Cosmic Human Body function Unaware of the incarnation task Unaware of the cosmic task Chakra Obstruction / anomaly Symbol The Blazing Golden un The Golden Sun enclosing a White Iris 13. Inability to place oneself in a larger Lack of deeper insight in life. Transmutation Chakra Keeping the body together Connective and supporting tissue 12. nervous system Memory The Double Star The White Iris 34 10. biorhythm The White Swan 07.

Table 1: The Chakras of the Cosmic Human Body function Not open for change Rigidity. thymus hormones Immune system. liver. Spleen Chakra Spleen. hyper emotionality being restrained. intestines. resistance 05. bones. Solar Plexus Digestion Stomach. gallbladder Pancreas. Heart Chakra Heart Blood circulation Blood pressure 04. overestimation of yourself Irresponsible behavior Feelings of guilt Excessive attachment to matter Addiction Rejection of yourself. adrenal glands Cortisone production The White Rose . aggression towards others The Grail Chakra Obstruction / anomaly Symbol The Crystalline Crown 06. insulin production. blood Forming of blood platelets Filter of cosmic energy The Ark 35 03. motor system The White Lily 02. dogma Disruption in your emotional life Lack of self-trust/self-respect Inability to give or receive Cut off from the (cosmic) energy Lack of zest for life Lack of inspiration Hyperactivity. Kidneys. Urinary bladder and urethras Muscles. Thymus Chakra Thymus gland. devotion to duty too attached to the mind Egoism Sexual disorder and excesses Wanting too much. matter and life Not being grounded Hatred. bone marrow. Root Chakra Spine. Sacral Chakra Sex organs Sex hormones The Crystalline Diamond 01.

THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN 4. we prevent ourself from becoming ill and from being forced to grow. the Double Star. the Golden Sun. Hence. It is a sign of Aquarian vision if we immediately take the initiative to transform our own and life’s karma. Chakras and Higher Consciousness T The Path to Higher Consciousness The previous chapter explaind how we can cleanse our consciousness through the use of our thirteen chakras by following the signs from our physical ailments. Developing our consciousness as our first priority Of course. as a precaution and because it is important to our life! In this way. in fact. there is no need for us to wait until we become ill to follow our path of spiritual growth. the Golden Sun enclosing a White Iris and the Blazing Sun respectively. the Crystalline Crown. 36 . These symbols correspond to the names of the chakras. In this way we clear our consciousness from karma. the Ark. otherwise the Aquarian evolution will dictate the pace for you from within by creating diseases. diseases (aches and illnesses) have become indicators that help us to develop our consciousness. Starting with the root chakra (1st) and ending with the transmutation chakra (13th) these symbols are: the White Rose. the White Swan. the Grail. they act as the gateways to the chakras. the Crystalline Lotus. the White Lily. the White Iris. Intended developing your consciousness How do you develop your consciousness intended? You can utilize the universal symbols that were released to transform karma (chapter 1: Transforming the Suffering of Man). Preferably we be the one who sets the pace of our consciousness developing process. We can start developing our consciousness right now. It is better for us to go with the flow instead of being forced to grow. the Crystalline Diamond.

your consciousness will slowly be cleansed and will eventually be raised to the level of Universal Love. you intentionally cleanse your consciousness – and your chakras! – bringing about a tremendous growth from within. which is the first and lowest creative power. etcetera. You touch every level of your consciousness successively with the power of creation that is represented by each symbol. This is different for each individual. Meditation should never be an obligation! 37 . Through the White Rose you connect your consciousness with the Universal Love. Moreover. the Universal Life. Your next step is to visualize the White Lily. the Universal Light. allowing your consciousness to develop. you can start your meditations by visualizing the Crystalline Diamond. it will activate your higher self. if you request transformation of the karma that is contained in each level of consciousness. take that next step. it is advisable to start your meditations by visualizing the White Rose. How to begin? Initially. It can last from several weeks to a couple of months. your intuition has guided you to it. you move from one chakra to the other and thus. The exact duration of this phase depends on the level of consciousness you were at when you started this journey. Inner guidance It is important to allow this process to be guided by your intuition. from one level of consciousness to the next (see chapter 7: Universal Meditation and Universal Guidance). Allow your intuition to guide you. Slowly but surely. in your consciousness. If you feel that it is better for you to wait. visualize that symbol. When you meditate on a regular basis.4. stop with the meditations for some time. visualizing the White Rose. If a symbol comes to mind spontaneously during your meditation. In time. CHAKRAS AND HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS By visualizing these symbols one by one in the given order. which will activate the second creative power. It is preferable to follow your inner guidance than to meditate merely as a routine from the mind. If you feel that you are ready for the next step. your consciousness will be cleared completely by following this method and its level of vibration will be raised substantially. This will give you the space needed to process your growth.

you can continue with the symbols up to the Blazing Sun. so that your deeper inner self can be activated. you create an extra powerful cleansing for yourself. Meditate regularly. you will feel the urge to shift your focus from one symbol to the other – in the order mentioned earlier. On the other hand. the following guidelines for your meditation can be given: 1. Give yourself some more time and do not continue to meditate overzealously out of a sense of duty! Let your intuition guide you in this process and allow yourself some more space. it is better to stop your (rather powerfully cleansing) meditations for a while. In that case. you need to deal with the issues that have arisen and give them a place in your life. 4. This is for instance necessary to break through a strong obstruction. Take breaks from meditating for a short period of time if necessary.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN Energy boost or feat of strength? Sometimes. you can first visualize the symbols up to the Golden Sun and if you are more advanced. In this case. which is being activated precisely because you are cleansing your consciousness. allow your inner guidance a place in your (daily) life. This is brought about by situations that happen in life in general or in society. which will allow your consciousness to grow at an accelerated pace. during a single meditation (about 10 . 3. Your intuition always deserves to get priority over your mind and sense of duty. And last but not least. 38 . Alternate (or complement) this with transformations that are brought about by any aches and illnesses or situations that take place in your personal life.15 minutes in total). A meditation pattern for the conscious human being By acting accordingly. In this way. focusing on developing your consciousness. Be aware of the signs of your inner guidance. if you notice that you have too much to deal with. 2. Also perform transformation on behalf of all life that surrounds you.

In time – after even higher fields of our consciousness have become transparent – our consciousness will connect with the Spirit of the Universe. Earth Initiations You are a human being.4. we will be able to ground the power of this Spirit into the physical by using our thirteen chakras. 39 . During these initiations. in which we are taught how to integrate Earth’s consciousness into ours. By means of these Sun Initiations we serve the Sun Logos and we are granted access to the inner government of the solar system: the Sun Hierarchy. the now transparent fields of consciousness will lead the consciousness of higher organisms on to you. We are guided to integrate the Spirit of the Sun. Your human consciousness will connect with the consciousness of higher organisms. we learn to ground the energy of the consciousness of the Spirit of Earth into the physical – by using our cleansed chakras. Therefore. CHAKRAS AND HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS From Microcosm to Macrocosm By cleansing your chakras and the corresponding fields of consciousness. you live on Earth. into our consciousness in order to ground it into the physical through our chakras. we become servants of this Spirit and gain access to the inner government of the planet: the Planetary Hierarchy. who will gradually release their consciousness into yours. After we have gained mastery over our personality (fields). these fields will slowly become transparent and you will gradually gain mastery over them. Initiations at higher levels After some time – after the higher fields of consciousness have become transparent – the process of Sun Initiations will start. the Sun Logos. Earth’s consciousness will be the first part of higher consciousness (divine consciousness) that presents itself through your transparent fields of consciousness. As a result of the Universal Initiations. Thus. When you have reached this state of mastery. we can embark upon the process of Earth Initiations. This is how we can participate in the inner government of the Universe by means of our consciousness.

We will be able to meet and integrate into our consciousness all higher divine organisms that determine life in the Creation. Once man has srtinged the chain of his consciousness in such way that it reaches high up to the spheres. he will take part in the Guardianship of Evolution. Evolution and the Creation The above mechanism has positioned the cosmic human inside the Guardianship of Life. His chakras will not only sustain his life as a human being. He has the ability to connect the higher organisms in him with each other and bring them into alignment with their divine destiny. but they will also help to sustain all life forms in the Creation by passing on the highest vibrations. and as a result his fields of consciousness have become transparent. He will use his consciousness to assist the Creator in carrying out the Plan of Creation. his chakras will be the connecting links that transport the power of creation from above to below and from below to above. will be released into his consciousness. He will embrace the entire Creation and its Spirit. the transformative task of his chakras will be raised to a higher level.5 The Guardianship of Life. The next step is that the heightened vibrations of our consciousness will radiate back to life through our chakras to develop life itself. energy and inspiration can be passed on from one organism to an other. we will bring about a stronger unity between Earth and Sun. he will be the executive organ in this process. Sun and Creation. Because man eventually allows evolved divine organism to enter his consciousness. Because of this connection. Hence.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN By allowing the vibrations of these higher organisms to enter our consciousness. And as he has the ability to reveal both the Christ and the Creator through his chakras. Thus. etcetera. it will become all-embracing. life in the Creation will be raised to a vibrational level that was intended by the Creator (the Source)! 40 .6 The deepened functioning of the chakras As soon as man has cleared his consciousness. the Creator.


The missing link Man plays his universal instrument, using his thirteen chakras. He allows the power of creation to run from high above, through all fields of consciousness, to ground it into the physical. Next, he sends this power back through the Creation, to high above. This is how man has become the link between spirit and matter. He is the missing link that completes the chain of evolution, by connecting the first link to the last. As a result, it will never be possible for life in the Creation to be lost! The human being as an evolving principle Man protects life; he is the cosmic safeguard of life.7 He is the evolving principle that protects and safeguards all of life. He does this with his ability to retrieve the power of creation from high above, bring it down, ground it deeply into matter and then send it up again. By doing so, we will take life to a state of Utopia, the final destination of the evolution. Man’s thirteen chakras play a crucial role in carrying out these tasks, which are very important to life. These thirteen universal transformers can transform the highest information from the Creation and conduct it to the deepest and darkest caverns of the physical. Directed by his free will, and once more by using his chakras, life will be lifted from the bowels of hell to the highest of heavens!



5. Chakras and Epidemic Diseases


We have entered a new phase in the evolution process. The higher self of the Creation has been activated; and its vibrations now touch all aspects of life. This event has set an enormous purification into motion, which is called the Aquarian Purification. During this purification, every being that is alive in the Creation will have to free itself of all karma. Each life form, including us human beings, is called upon to live from the perspective of its higher self. The Creation’s lower self will release its grip on life, called karma!

As a result of the involution process into the physical, all of our fields of consciousness are loaded with karma. The previous chapter discussed how you can remove this karma from your consciousness intentionally. Unfortunately, not everybody is willing to work on him or herself. Many people aren’t even aware of the fact that this is at all possible. Nor do they know what is happening in the more subtle layers of life. Nevertheless, these people will have to transform their karma; because, as I have already explained in chapter 3: The Thirteen Chakras and Your Health, the Aquarian evolution includes every one of us and ‘forces’ us, in a certain way, to clear ourselves of our karma.

The Origin of the Main Epidemic Diseases
If we take a look at the way that the Aquarian evolution touches life, we see that it focuses its vibrations on the root chakra (1st chakra) of life first, stimulating the root chakras of all life forms (including us human beings) to be cleared. Even the most solid, densest karma that is found in the root chakra will be cleared and will find its way into the physical through this chakra. For us human beings, this means that the body will be directly damaged by any karma that is not transformed, because any karma that is not dealt with will inevitably be stored in our cells. If too much of


this karma is diverted to the body and hence stored in the cells, the cells loaded with this karma will start to grow rampant and become cancerous. Cancer Cancer is a disease of the root chakra. People are being diagnosed with cancer in massive numbers. As a result of the accelerated clearing of any karma at the level of the root chakra, cancer has become the most important epidemic disease. In order to survive, we are forced by this disease to let go of our attachment to the physical on a large scale and embark upon our path of spiritual growth and neutralize all karma. This is exactly what is now being asked of us! Rheumatism Rheumatism is also a disease of the root chakra. This disease is connected with a deep feeling of self-rejection that keeps us from accepting love for who we are. Since the process of integrating Spirit into the physical has started and as we are an important instrument in that process – mankind is called upon in large numbers to allow Universal Love to enter life. Any karma that is connected with the pattern of not being able to accept love, which causes rheumatism, will be cleared on a large scale. Because of its large scale occurrence, rheumatism is also considered to be a epidemic disease. Addictions Because we are bound to the physical, we are very susceptible to any form of addiction. Being addicted means that the physical slowly gets a grip on the human being, who is bound to the material world. Addiction as such cannot be considered a disease and in fact do not belong to this category. Addictions are rather considered to be a disruption in our social behavior. However, addictions in all kinds and forms are so common that they can be labeled as a kind of social disease in our society. This is why it is mentioned here in the category of epidemic diseases of the root chakra. Hence, all addiction patterns and the karma connected to it need to be transformed!


AIDS is caused by karma that is created by a lack of responsibility and excessive sexual desire. with stress and strain as a result. causes us to become increasingly worked up. but rather by being over-emotionalism and our 44 . Although many people in the Western world are stressed. Cardiovascular diseases Cardiovascular diseases are linked to the solar plexus. it is not only the root chakra of life that needs to be cleared of karma but the process also includes the sacral chakra (2nd) and the solar plexus (3rd). stress is not considered to be a epidemic disease from a global perspective. where many obstructions can be found. which is connected with our personality (our ego). the third chakra. Therefore. The karma of this chakra needs to be cast off on a global scale. The epidemic diseases mentioned earlier. Diabetes Diabetes is a disorder of the pancreas. Because our efforts to transform this chakra are not sufficient. An excessive desire and want that is not connected with sexuality. Some time after the cleansing of the root chakra began. the Creation’s lower self will be completely freed of karma. One of the diseases resulting from the cleansing of the sacral chakra is AIDS. By cleansing the first three chakras. This disease has affected so many people that it may be considered to be a epidemic disease. It is one of the diseases of which the incidence rate keeps increasing steadily.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN AIDS The awakening of the higher self has put into motion a thorough cleansing of the Creation’s entire lower self. the Aquarian vibrations also started affecting the sacral chakra and solar plexus and their corresponding fields of consciousness. Diabetes is not so much caused by our excessive sugar intake. serve as instruments in this transformation process. these diseases have spread throughout the world and can therefore be considered to be epidemic diseases. Some of these obstructions are mentioned in table 2: Chakras and Epidemic Diseases (page 50). and hence linked to the solar plexus.

the fear of the Aquarian impulse. many new epidemic diseases are emerging! After all.5.6 million people (10% of the population) suffer from asthma (chronic non-specific respiratory diseases). the Aquarian impulse) into their lives are susceptible to asthma. you prevent yourself from being forced by a disease to clear your karma in a way that may be too fast and even fatal to you. Due to that attachment and over-emotionalism. diabetes can be considered to be an epidemic disease. CHAKRAS EAND EPIDEMIC DISEASES attachment to matter.e. the main epidemic diseases will spread even further. becomes dysfunctional. which will demand our attention.e. Unfortunately. In doing so. It is linked to the Piscean form of the lower self and therefore we need to transform these vibrations as well. through the use of transformation. which channels the Aquarian impulse into the physical. together with our over-attachment to matter are the causes of the increasing number of diabetics. Asthma (Chronic Non-specific Respiratory Diseases) In the Netherlands alone. It is a disease that affects people who still function at the level of the earth human. the Aquarian impulse. New Epidemic Diseases In chapter 4: Chakras and Higher Consciousness the importance of working on your spiritual growth. is happening. In addition. The pancreas. it is not possible for us to ground the higher self’s impulse. about 1. has been explained already. i. we continue to be bound to the impulses of our lower self. 45 . causing diabetes. The fact that many epidemic diseases have developed into real epidemics is a clear sign that this. we have a number of new chakras that are accompanied with new levels of consciousness. By now. in fact. Therefore. People who have difficulties expressing their emotions and who find it difficult allowing the impulses of their higher selves (i. As a result. a disease linked to the heart chakra. The fear of the new. it should be labeled as an epidemic disease.

We can use that energy to replenish the life energy that we have lost and to clear any obstructions in the spleen chakra. Dementia Having discussed the spleen chakra. Thus. Dementia is related to any form of evasive or escapist behavior. Auto-immune diseases The thymus chakra (6th). Just look at how many people become demented these days – with or without it being caused by Alzheimer desease! In other words. In order to stimulate our spiritual growth. dementia could already be considered an epidemic disease. which corresponds to our immune system. 46 . because it serves a higher purpose in the evolution. we will learn to allow the higher energies of the Creation to flow through us. first become aware of this fact! In order to do that. CHAKRAS EAND EPIDEMIC DISEASES sal energy. so that we can use these energies to reverse our materialization if it was taken too far. Because we are becoming an instrument of creation in the Aquarian Age.5. Anybody who does not take on this process at a young age is more likely to develop dementia later in life. We must. As a result. however. ME is a new disease that has the potential to become a epidemic disease. These will become more common in the future and new auto-immune diseases will be discovered. not wanting to take responsibility and refusing to see the purpose and higher tasks that we are being asked to serve and carry out in life. In short. is linked to auto-immune diseases. it is being pointed out to us – in a very unpleasant way – that developing our consciousness and taking responsibility for our lives is a pre-requisite. The deepest spiritual cause of this illness is a strong resistance against spiritual growth. A new disease was born: dementia. we first need to embark upon our path to spiritual growth. If we don’t do that. we might never discover that we can create through our heart chakra. the heart is turning into a creative organ. we will be able to take on our universal tasks as cosmic humans. we continue with the fifth chakra: the heart chakra.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome If the spleen chakra (4th) is not functioning well. will not even recognize the presence of the Creation’s higher self within himself. This way. his becoming a cosmic human is being obstructed as well. Because they have descended too far into the materialization process. It means that the life energy is obstructed and cannot flow freely into the body. That does make sense. It is becoming the next major epidemic disease. we will have to be able to support higher energies. The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a disease linked to one of the Aquarian chakras that has taken its place in the order of life only recently. however. it can cause chronic fatigue. it is difficult for them to allow the life energy to flow through them. Now that the cosmic human is being born in every one of us and we are given new. You become exhausted and you can develop Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) or also called the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). making it even more difficult for the life energy to flow freely. ME (or CFS) develops in people who have gone too far in their involution process and who have not yet been able to direct their personal evolution towards the Source.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN ME. ME was not created by the need to clear all karma. but by the fact that we need to learn that it is necessary that we work on ourselves and focus on the Creation’s higher self. which contains the univer47 . The spleen chakra was placed between the heart chakra and solar plexus to transform and filter that higher energy. This explains why ME will affect more and more people. A person who has gone too far in the involution process and who is in the beginning stages of ME. Until recently. universal tasks to carry out. People who already had difficulties allowing the life energy to flow freely from the heart chakra to the solar plexus. the cosmic life energy was transported directly from the heart chakra to the solar plexus. will experience even more difficulties now. This disease is becoming very common. although regular medicine hardly acknowledges it.

but it will not take long before we will do so! The 48 . All of this is creating a new category of epidemic diseases: the auto-immune diseases. This chakra functions as the door to the cosmic human. not to let it happen. Now that we are becoming cosmic humans. it is related to the fear of opening up to the higher dimensions of consciousness (8th) and the higher gifts contained therein (10th).THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN At present. This means that we will need to clear any obstructions in (or on the way to) the thymus chakra. Because the Aquarian evolution has set in only recently. All of this is a result of the need to clear any obstructions in the thymus chakra. The number of people with any kind of food intolerance will increase as well. In short. That inner mystical connection is positioned in the back of the head and formed by the three abovementioned chakras. Nevertheless. Furthermore. Can we consider it to be a new epidemic disease? It is up to us. which has been associated with food intolerances. Whiplash The whiplash syndrome corresponds to the throat chakra (7th) – in cooperation with the cosmic flow chakra (8th) and the pineal chakra (10th). whiplash is caused by the fear to surrender to inner guidance (7th). this syndrome has not taken on the form of an epidemic yet. From a spiritual point of view. Every human being will need to develop into a cosmic human during the Aquarian Age. The plagues of humanity today Six or seven of the above diseases can already be considered epidemic diseases. Also. it is very important that the inner mystical connection opens itself in order for us to bear our universal tasks. we cannot call every one of these illnesses a plague. on a very large scale if needed. we notice that many people are affected by all kinds of allergies. we could state that whiplash can occur when the inner mystical connection with the Source does not function well or is blocked from opening up. the number of cases is increasing visibly. the new disease ADHD. human beings. will become very common. However.

because they serve a higher purpose of evolution. We can summarize the epidemic diseases as shown in table 2: 49 . bridges to achieve this.5. That is why we could define them as follows: Epidemic diseases are diseases that affect a large population on Earth. The main epidemic diseases function as tools. CHAKRAS EAND EPIDEMIC DISEASES reason is that the seven-fold earth human is clearing his karma and the thirteen-fold cosmic human is taking his place.

Dementia Evasive or escapist behavior Lack of commitment to personal growth.within oneself. Pituitary Chakra Currently unknown Currently unknown 11.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN Table 2: Chakras and Epidemic Diseases Chakra 01. Resistance against the higher dimensions of consciousness and their higher attributes. Transmutation Chakra Currently unknown Currently unknown 50 . Diabetes Blocking the Aquarian impulse. Not taking responsibility. 10. (Chronic Non-specific Inability to open up to one's higher Respiratory Diseases) self. Crown Chakra Currently unknown Currently unknown 12. Heart Chakra Asthma Inability to express oneself emotinally. Blocking the love for yourself. Solar Plexus Cardiovascular Extreme attachment to emotions. 05. Spleen Chakra ME: Chronic Fatigue Going too far in the process of Syndrome (CFS) involution. Inability to surrender. 06. Motivation through a sense of duty. ADHD. Being stuck in rigidity and dogma. Cosmic Flow Chakra connection. Sacral Chakra Aids Extreme attachment to sexual desires. Ratio. food intole. 04. Transmutation Chakra Currently unknown Currently unknown 13. Throat Chakra Whiplash Fear of opening up the inner mystical 08. 03. Rheumatism Rejection of yourself. excessive personal control. Not taking responsibility for one's life. 09. Failure to accept the cosmic energy. Pineal Chakra Blocking inner guidance. 02. Thymus Chakra Auto-immune diseases: Not accepting the Cosmic Human allergies. color intolerance 07. rance. Root Chakra Epidemic disease Cancer Cause Extreme attachment to the physical Rejection of the physical and of life itself.

we will learn to understand how the Aquarian Purification works. and also. It goes without saying that the above list is far from complete. any karma related to an extreme attachment to the physical can be cleared. it becomes clear where life wants to take us. the Aquarian attribute of this chakra – transforming matter into Spirit – is activated. At the level of the root chakra for example. you can start asking your Spirit to connect to and affect your life. which is typical of the Aquarian Age. At the level of the solar plexus. We will be able to follow the process closely and move along with it. glorification of the mind and personality control with its attachment to obligations and duties can be released. any attachment to emotions. its Aquarian attribute – drawing Spirit to the physical – will become available. At the level of the sacral chakra. As a result. It is only then that we will fully understand why and in which facets of life change is needed. After this chakra is cleared.U N I V E R S A L M E D I TAT I O N A N D U N I V E R S A L G U I D A N C E The Creation’s Wish List An overview of what has been presented in table 2 clearly shows in which areas the Creation wants to make changes. - - Not much imagination is needed to interpret the given lists and tables and to understand what to let go of and which Aquarian attributes will replace them. any karma related to an extreme physical want and desire can be released. It is as if the Creation has made a wish list with everything that the Creator would like us human beings to change. which is in our own best interest. As a result. If you take a closer look at some elements and compare them with the Aquarian attributes of the corresponding chakra (Chapter 2: The Thirteen Chakras and Their Attributes). The Aquarian attributes of life will slowly reveal themselves in the near future. any form of egoism. 51 . This will lead you to the freedom of your spirit.

THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN Mastery By now you probably understand the importance of working on (or accelerating) your spiritual growth. Chakras are wheels that work as the guardians of the divine will. by mastering these fields you can contribute to the smooth course of life and evolution (see chapter 4: Chakras and Higher Consciousness). It reflects life itself! We should treat our chakras with utmost care. Chakras are mini creations whose task it is to manifest the smaller and larger creations (the micro. regular medicine to become aware of that so that it too can see and fathom the crown jewels of life in their wonderful setting! 52 . but also over the Creation itself! Chakras. the guardians of the divine will Through your chakras. you can also be involved in this process. transformers. because: Chakras are wheels. And it is very important that we make their existence and their functioning widely known.and macrocosm) of life. because it is about time for the world of orthodox. the Creator can bring about his ówn mastery of life! In other words. By clearing your fields of consciousness of all karma intentionally through your chakras. you can save yourself a lot of misery. Through the use of your thirteen chakras you cannot only gain mastery over your own destiny. They have the ability to translate the divine will of a higher organism to the level of a lower organism in its purest form. Furthermore. because both hold the same universal truth! As it is in the microcosm. that allow the divine will to flow through life and activate it. A chakra is the most refined organ that has ever been created by life. so it is in the macrocosm.

Therefore. both the sphere and the corresponding power of creation have the same symbolic name as well. the symbol of the White Rose refers to the root chakra. The thirteen universal transformers We have access to the light-beings by using the symbolic name of the corresponding chakra.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN 6. it is no surprise that the White Rose (Universal Love) can be used to clear all karma. For example. Considering the fact that there are 53 . As a result. Therefore. which are ruled by one particular power of creation. Each of the thirteen light-beings resides in one of these spheres. any obstructions in this sphere. but only if the light-being is fully developed and cleared of all karma – meaning that you have gained complete mastery over this field of consciousness and have become completely transparent. which means that he also has thirteen light-beings. the light-beings carry the same name (symbol) as the chakras. The cosmic human has thirteen chakras. this light-being and in this chakra. In every sphere of the Creation one of the thirteen of life’s powers of creation is active. In other words. every one of the thirteen lightbeings can be a conduit for one of the thirteen powers of creation in its complete and pure form. The Creation consists of thirteen spheres. As we have said before: as it is in the microcosm. but it can also be used to indicate our lowest light-being. This explains why the human consciousness can become all-embracing: each light-being that is fully developed will encompass a sphere of the Creation. Every light-being resides in one of the Creation’s spheres. Chakras and Light-beings O Our Light-beings A field of consciousness that is connected to a chakra is also called a light-being. the lowest sphere of the Creation and the lowest power of creation: Universal Love. so in the macrocosm.

At that time. At least. their light structure. rejection and a resistance against life or duality. These people refused to ground their light-beings into the spheres of the Creation and abandoned their light-beings. Not every human being was at peace with himself and with the fact that he had to leave the Source and live in the physical and in duality in order to ‘involve’. Not everybody was eager to leave the Source to go and live in the physical and take on considerable responsibilities as a cosmic human later on. The symbols that correspond to the chakras. is free of karma – the symbolic names of the chakras can also be used to transform all karmic levels of the Creation. high up in the spheres of the Creation – high up in their aura. In short. our spiritual body consisted of seven light-beings and we only had access to seven chakras. This causes them to live in the physical with a weakened spiritual body that is not working well and is not being properly nourished by the cosmic energy. Responsibilities such as guarding the well-functioning of life. the Source. Many of us experienced primal traumas during our first incarnation: traumas such as fear of living.6. These people lack any decisiveness and strength and have very poor grounding. the spheres and the powers of creation are of such a universal nature – because they also have the ability to transform karma – that they are considered to be the thirteen universal transformers of life! The involution During the involution – this is the period of time in which we were earth humans – we were able to bring only seven of our thirteen light-beings into the physical. 54 . we had a seven-fold consciousness that we could use to shape the physical. They are unable to fully ground the cosmic impulse in the physical. guilt. the light-beings. which results in the fact that they are drifting aimlessly. which were left behind. the Creation and the evolution! Due to the primal traumas many of us sabotaged our involution process. CHAKRAS AND LIGHT-BEINGS twelve levels of karma – the thirteenth level. that was the case in the most ideal situation.

He may even lose his balance because of the extra pressure that is put on his spiritual body – he has to make space for six more of these light-beings! His already instable spiritual body 55 . will be faced with even more difficulties now that he will have to accept that he is a divine incarnation in the physical.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN The evolution Now that the involution of the Creation has come to an end and the evolution of Spirit in the physical field has begun. The next step is to integrate our cosmic being into our earth being. This person refuses to accept the light-beings that make him a cosmic human and refuses to ground these bodies into the physical. who had great difficulty accepting his incarnation into the physical. the six Aquarian light-beings. The earth human. Even more so when that person begins to realize that he will assist in carrying out the Plan of Creation! This could lead to a strong resistance against his own higher origin. This process can be compared with the process of integrating Spirit into matter. By walking the path of spiritual growth we are given the opportunity to acknowledge our cosmic nature. Today. In this case. Where it was possible for someone who rejected the physical. to survive as an earth human and to accept his nature as such just barely. are released into the human consciousness. we will be able to carry out the Plan of Creation. After this process is completed. which holds the Christ and the Creator. stand before the task of accepting our Aquarian light-beings. it will be a different story when that same person will have to start seeing himself as a divine instrument in the physical field. This important mutation of our consciousness has created the cosmic human with his thirteen chakras and thirteen light-beings. as seven-fold earth humans. into our material being. Therefore. we. The traumatized human being You probably understand that this integration process is not easy to complete for everybody. we allow our higher spirit. it is no surprise that this origin is often rejected. which holds the universal tasks of the cosmic human. which help to shape and develop Spirit in the physical field.

causing that person to feel very lost in his lower self for it is now very difficult for the cosmic impulse to reach that person. He tries to maintain himself in a state of euphoria (experiencing the Source). which is eager to abuse this situation. the spiritual body becomes dissociated and vulnerable to dark interference. As a result. A person. Partial dissociation between the higher and lower self In the spiritual body of the earth human who left part of his lightbeings in the higher spheres of the Creation due to a traumatic rejection of himself or a rejection of the physical world.6. And because of the fact that his spiritual body is partially dissociated – and as a result is very open – he will easily fall victim to negativity. which causes psychosis! Bipolar disorder Bipolar disorder is also caused by a partial dissociation in the spiritual body. He feels himself being swallowed by the physical. tries to live in the higher self in an artificial way by denying the lower self. Such a person is slowly pushed into a state of psychosis by dark interference. The Consequences of an Instable Spiritual Body 1. but he always sinks back to the level of the lower self because his consciousness is not ready yet. a wedge or partial dissociation between the higher and lower self may occur – if that trauma is profound enough or because the releasing of the cosmic human puts extra pressure on his spiritual body. the higher self is prevented from making itself present in the lower self. which is not properly fed by light due to the partial 56 . He is not strong enough to maintain himself easily. In short: if several light-beings have not completed the involution process. who rejects the physical. CHAKRAS AND LIGHT-BEINGS might become dissociated. Psychosis From a cosmic point of view this person is drifting aimlessly and almost exclusively relies on the impulses of his personality. which could considerably affect the way he functions in the physical world.

he blocks himself from becoming equal to the Source. because he simply does not feel worthy.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN dissociation in his higher self. This dissociation is located at the level of the thymus chakra (6th). this person either lives at the level of his lower self or at the level of his higher self. This person feels such a strong resistance that it causes his spiritual body to break down. 2. This poor circulation of light causes him to feel depressed and to enter a state of gloominess. to make (almost) sure that he will never have to live at this spiritual level with all its spiritual attributes. 5. but he is never whole. In that case. Developmental disruptions during the incarnation process If a person very strongly rejects the life that awaits him. the spiritual body can become (partially) dissociated on another level as well. 3. the gate towards the cosmic human. He refuses to incarnate: he refuses to ground himself and consequently refuses also a number of his light-beings to enter in the 57 . 4. can create a (partial) dissociation at the level of the gate to the Source. he is never one. Because there is no connection whatsoever between the higher and lower self. A (partial) dissociation between earth human and cosmic human If there is a strong obstruction towards the cosmic human. A blocked access to the Source A person who has taken his feeling of self-rejection too far and denies that the Source is present in himf as a result. This way. He has lost all sense of reality that is part of living life in the physical (also read 5b). a person will become schizophrenic. This person deactivates his light vehicle totally or partially at this level. he will be born but he does not enter into the process of incarnation that takes place before birth and in the first four months of his life. He is completely cut off from the cosmic guidance of his lower self. Total dissociation between the higher and lower self: schizophrenia The dissociation between the higher and lower self can become totally due to a complete rejection of life and the physical world.

he lacks the akasha in which all personality data are recorded. Another possibility is that a person refuses to build the akasha of his soul (the eighth light-being: the White Swan. Again. c. who has developed a healthy personality structure. This person lives without a point of reference for his soul. the cosmic impulse. he will never be able to grow spiritually and therefore he will never become a cosmic human. if this person withdraws more of his light-beings into the higher levels of his aura. He blocks the fourth light-being (the Ark. Depending on the seriousness of the problem. connected to the cosmic flow chakra). He blocks the akasha in which his soul data are recorded. he does not feel his cosmic reality. this person can refuse to develop the akasha of his personality. both in the physical and in spirit. He will lack a sense of reality. For instance. Sometimes a person. Such a person will be born with schizophrenia and will become part of the group of schizophrenic patients who are most difficult to treat (also read 2). CHAKRAS AND LIGHT-BEINGS physical. he refuses to accept his incarnation in the physical field. As a result. He will not be able to communicate with life that surrounds him and he will be autistic. His life will 58 . this person can sabotage the development of several levels of his being: a. He will never be able to shape his life according to his cosmic purpose. He does not know who he is. Moreover. If a person blocks his divine akasha (the twelfth light-being: the Golden Sun encompassing the White Iris. does not allow that personality to ground itself. he will not be able to open up to the cosmic flow. he does not have a point of reference for his personality. As a result. connected to the spleen chakra) from connecting to the physical. connected to the transformation chakra).6. b. He is not able to receive the highest universal information. This person will experience a lack of strength and decisiveness because he is unable to recognize himself in anything.

It is enough to realize that our spiritual body can be damaged and that many things can go wrong during the construction and coherence of the light-beings. can be damaged by an intense trauma that they experienced during this lifetime. There are many forms of developmental disturbances. Only the most serious cases belong to this category. insecurity or evasive behavior can undermine a person in such a way that eventually his spiritual body breaks down and his light-beings withdraw into higher levels. In the course of many lives. the spiritual body of people who are doing well.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN be characterized by his anger towards the Source. these people are eligible for healing their spiritual body – which is called ‘light-being healing’ – as well. his trauma of primal rage. even though at this point in time this subject is not yet discussed exhaustively! This is not necessary for a chapter on chakras and light-beings. it is good to understand that the most serious psychiatric disorders can be explained by these principles of light-beings. The Way Back Just like in every spiritual healing modality. In addition. you can suffer from serious ‘ordinary’ traumas that cause damage as well. These last two forms of damage are less deep and are therefore easier to heal. the way back begins with transforming the karma of the deeply rooted obstruction(s) that cause(s) this condition of the spiritual body. It is also important to understand that sustained psychological pressure. we will even find that these disorders can effectively be treated in a spiritual way! Traumas experienced during your lifetime Not everybody with a damaged spiritual body has fallen victim to a primal trauma suffered during his first or current incarnation. In other words. It is good to know that they exist. doubt. In the near future. Moreover. drug abuse can cause disruptions in the spiritual body. Only when most 59 . Also.

the light-being called the White Rose is restored to the person asking for help. Pull the light-being down – with care – from above the person’s head. Open your hands and hold them above the crown chakra of the person asking for help. In this way. b. slowly along the sides of his body until your hands touch the ground. If the process stops at a certain point. Then. If this process was smooth. 2. the light-beings can be restored to their place in the spiritual body. Only after a stage of recovery. two things can happen: a. It is as if you are dressing this person in a large sweater that you slowly pull down over his head. 5. you are helping the second light-being to restore itself. during which the remaining obstruc60 . visualize a Golden Rose (which is a transmutation symbol that transmutes the obstruction that you have ran into). If you feel any resistance and if the light-being does not want to engage any further. Move your hands apart a little bit.6. CHAKRAS AND LIGHT-BEINGS of the obstructions and karma have been cleared. which is brought about by transformation. following the order of the universal transformers (transformation symbols). In this way. 4. stop the light-being healing here and continue to restore the rest of the light-beings during a healing session some weeks later. allow your client to go home and return some weeks later for the next healing session. 6. continue to pull down the light-being slowly. This process consists of the following steps: The light-being healing 1. If this process took a lot of effort. Connect to the first light-being by visualizing a White Rose. go back to step 1 and visualize the Crystalline Diamond this time. At this point. Allow the light-being to build itself in your hands. Repeat this process. the spiritual structure can be rebuilt. 3. after another thorough transformation.

This way. the higher self of the Creation. Again. also they go through life with a damaged spiritual body trying their very best to hold on. etcetera. The Golden Crown is the symbol that corresponds to the Ark of Preservation. Visualize a Golden Crown in the final stage of the light-being healing (maybe after several sessions). Due to their underlying insecurity. can give himself a light-being healing. This light-being healing will help them to be more decisive and energetic and to learn how to say ‘no’. They will learn to make choices and to accomplish and create things in their lives. In some cases. allow this symbol to build itself in your open hands and pull it down just like you did with the light-beings. Then. If you feel any stagnation. 7.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN tions are transformed first before resuming the light-being healing where you left off. however. a person has difficulties keeping the light-beings in place. is very suitable for people who are not grounded. Anybody who feels un-grounded and does not know where to turn for help. You can do this by standing up. our guardian that watches over us. Observations Not being grounded The light-being healing that is described above. visualize the Golden Rose to transform the obstruction. For them it is necessary to repeat the transformation process and light-being 61 . holding your hands above your head and visualizing a White Rose that you allow to build in your hands. move your hands apart a little bit and bring them down intentionally along the sides of your body until you reach the floor and ground the light-being. It is our protection. Recidivists There is no need to repeat the grounding process of the lightbeings that you have already grounded. you ‘wrap a blanket of protection’ safely around your client.

the Blazing Golden Sun and the Golden Crown. Psychiatric patients You should know that it is very important for psychiatric patients to continue their treatment with a regular doctor. this person forces a slow. Sometimes a person. If all these requirements are met. Visualize the Ark and ground it according to the method described above. continue as follows: the Golden Sun. The next step is that he will try to withdraw from life by disconnecting his light-beings increasingly from the physical field. it is wise to look for an experienced spiritual healer who is willing to integrate the light-being healing into his own healing modality. falls back into his old pattern due to particular circumstances. It is good to keep in mind that once the spiritual body has been healed. untimely transition to the spheres. In this way. your client will usually need help to steer his life into the direction that he chooses. Very often. who was once healed. you will be surprised to see the progress a patient can make after completing the light-being healing. CHAKRAS AND LIGHT-BEINGS healing. Light-being healing and dementia A person who suffers from dementia is slowly withdrawing his light-beings from the physical field while still alive. Usually dementia is preceded by a period of geriatric depression during which a person indicates being tired of life. 62 . This person is calling back his spirit from life prematurely! This explains why somebody suffering from dementia becomes less and less present here on Earth. it is only then that the regular treatment catches on. Several sessions are needed in order for their spiritual body to be healed.6. it is often possible to ground several light-beings at the same time. Please understand that a psychiatric patient should never stop taking his medication just because you tell him to do so! The light-being healing should only be performed in addition to the treatment. Then. If you have any doubts about you being the right person to perform this healing. In this case.

the chakra is brought 63 . you can help this person by restoring his light-beings repeatedly to where they should be: in the physical field! This will slow down the process of dementia considerably. which is the result of a karma-based obstruction or a corresponding field of consciousness that has withdrawn itself and. Disease is the inability of Spirit to express itself properly in the physical field. hence. during the early stages of dementia. cannot function properly either. very few aspects of this person remain in the physical field. Secondly. light-beings and diseases All of humanity’s diseases can be explained by the chakra theory. Disease is the inability of a consciousness to manifest itself properly in the physical field. This could keep this person to stay present for a longer period of time. Moreover. A disease can be caused by a defective chakra. He loses his soul’s point of reference and becomes virtually non-communicative. Chakras. By healing this defect by means of a light-being healing and a transformation of the connected karma. His spiritual being has withdrawn itself almost completely into the higher levels of the aura and is waiting there for the line of life to break when this person's cosmic time comes to elapse at last. All psychological disorders will be understood as the light-being theory is further developed. One thing is certain: the entire human pathology can be mapped out based on the chakras and the corresponding light-beings. because: Disease is caused by an upset consciousness. he withdraws his soul’s light-beings. His personality structure disappears and he loses his sense of decorum. Please understand that. you need to make a person aware of the fact that he is trying to make an untimely escape from life.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN First. a demented person withdraws the light-beings from his personality. In the end.

we have been looking for tools that speed up this process and make this path easier to walk. However. the consequences of your own actions cause the chakra to be defective. Self-activation and independence are keys in this process: so. call upon your universal transformers. everyone can reach the level of mastery. Out of necessity.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN back to its pure state and can do its work properly again. Every human being will be able to ground Spirit in the physical field by clearing and healing his own spiritual body. It is up to you to make good use all of the possibilities. Mastery of your fate Everybody can master his own fate. the light-being healing as well. you will learn to truly love yourself in a universal way – with the help of your own dedication and efforts! 64 . this book sheds more light on how our chakras function. As far as ‘karma’ is concerned. And. above all. New and powerful tools are being released to us at this time. The process of transformation was given to us some years ago. In addition. if the light-beings have withdrawn themselves. the cause can almost always be found in a deeply rooted (primal) trauma.

which would cause your spirit to drift into space. Along that path. These skills have always been mentioned in connection with the visualization of the chakras’ symbolic names and with meditation. There. you will only meet the Masters of Love and Wisdom. which can be expressed by means of the thirteen chakras. The universal transformers lead you directly into your spirit in order for you to meet the Christ and the Creator (the Source) and activate the creative energy of life. who together are called the ‘Universal World Government’. universal skills of the cosmic human. to allow your consciousness to grow and to transform your karma. to heal your spiritual being. the universal meditation can be used to strengthen yourself physically.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN 7. This modality is tuned to the new. Now. it could be contacted by entities. the Christ and the Creator. Universal Meditation and Universal Guidance I Introduction The previous chapters offer you a new modality to work with the chakras that is entirely based on the Aquarian attributes of the chakras. These entities could be trustworthy. This method of meditation is called ‘universal meditation’. Universal meditation Visualizing the universal transformers will take you to your spirit’s fields in a universal – and hence safe – way. but too 65 . Visualizing the universal transformers prevents you from leaving your spiritual being during your meditation. it may be added that you can receive spiritual guidance through this universal meditation! The universal transformers are very strong conductors that can turn the human spirit towards the inner Source in a very pure way. This chapter discusses the role of the universal transformers in meditation itself and in the communication with the universal guidance. As explained before. amongst others.

you become a medium for this entity. If your spiritual being is not very strong (stable). but they will not hesitate to deceive you either. the entity would not be found in these fields of life. but in fact they are deceiving you and you – in your turn – will be very well on your way of becoming psychotic – due to your weakening spiritual being (see chapter 6: Chakras and Light-beings). but also very bad result. The danger of non-universal meditation If you follow a non-universal method to tune your meditation and – as a result – you encounter an entity. it is possible that you will be ‘inspired’ by that entity. This consciousness is not equal to the Source’s because. If you establish this form of contact (channeling). If such an encounter turns out well. you protect yourself from ending up in the world of entities or in even lower fields of the Creation. They will claim that you are being guided by a ‘high angel’ for example. This could have a fairly good. If it turns out the wrong way. which has its consequences. but only as much as the entity has to offer. The universal transformers hold a universal safeguard that takes you to a path that will lead you directly to the Source within and the corresponding universal guidance. causing you to become even weaker. They will certainly ‘inspire’ you. The knowledge that is passed on to you is limited by the level of the entity’s consciousness. In other words. you make yourself dependent on the entity. As soon as the impairment has been accomplished. it is not without risks to open yourself to outside impulses during a meditation if you are not well-focused. these entities will deceive you with their ‘inspiration’ to lead you astray. but opening yourself up to the world outside your spiritual being is seen by less positive entities as an invitation to bombard your already weak spiritual being with their vibrations. if it had been. It is beyond 66 . you make contact with an entity of a higher consciousness than yourself and you could learn something from it. you attract lower entities from the lower fields of the Creation. It is possible that you do connect with a good entity at first.U N I V E R S A L M E D I TAT I O N A N D U N I V E R S A L G U I D A N C E often they are of a lesser nature! By starting your meditation according to the universal method. however.

it could take longer to truly receive universal messages when you are following this path. You do not go outside of your spiritual being and you do not call upon anybody to interfere with your life! You will only be guided. the nature of this universal inspiration is of a completely different quality than the inspiration offered by an entity with only a limited human consciousness. through your higher self. you will not be able to sit at the same table as the Christ and the Creator right away. but later on the messages will become increasingly universal. an inner whisper. You can reach that point by walking your path of spiritual growth.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN any doubt that contact with entities (called mediumship) is not without dangers for people who are not that strong. as a mystic (using your inner mystical connection). with information from the 67 . The path of inner reflection At an even later stage. spiritually! Universal guidance You can avoid this kind of problems by following the universal meditation method. you will be guided by the Universal World Government. At first. you will be trained to work. the higher self will act as a translator and pass on the cosmic impulses from the Source to you in the form of an inner knowing. The universal symbols and their built-in safety lead you to the Source directly. However. this guidance (inspiration) will be very personal. Therefore. During the time that you are separated from this inner guidance. After all. An entity of a lesser nature is easier to find of course! The New Universal Messenger The higher self as intermediary It might be a comfort to know that the higher self will have been taking care of you long before the higher universal guidance reveals itself within you. which you can speed up by the method described above (see chapter 4: Chakras and Higher Consciousness). In other words. by the Christ and his Masters of Love and Wisdom and by the Creator.

At the beginning of the Aquarian Age. many channels are being asked to release their guides. A new road of universal communication has been opened. but rather through the inner mystical connection. As you can see. this is a new way of passing on universal information that has become possible since the cosmic human was revealed within us. when our consciousness has grown considerably and our inner mystical connection has become very well-trained. mediumship will slowly but surely become an inferior practice. this new road involves fewer risks for us. as you have probably understood already. Please understand that there is no judgment here.8 This is recorded in the Aquarian blueprint and is true for this and all subsequent ages.U N I V E R S A L M E D I TAT I O N A N D U N I V E R S A L G U I D A N C E Universal World Government (which will still be translated by the higher self). mentors. because the Source will stop using it as a universal channel – as opposed to earlier times! Now that the Aquarian blueprint has been put in place completely and the Aquarian Age was heralded on Ascension Day in 2000. you might get the feeling that mediumship is considered to be inferior whereas being a mystic is of a higher rank. which is made possible by the new consciousness structure of the cosmic human. It is from here that you will receive your universal. Later on. six new light-beings. we can connect to it in a safe way if we use the universal transformers. Medium versus mystic If you look at both aspects the way we have done. 68 . The only thing that can be said about this is that mediumship and being a mystic relate to each other as a Piscean attribute relates to an Aquarian attribute. And. They are the missing links that connect us to the Source and make it possible for us to read the akasha of the Source directly. From above it has been decided that universal information will no longer be passed on through mediumship in the Aquarian Age. mystical messages to share them world-wide. You will be taught to retrieve information from the akasha of the Source by inner reflection. In addition. We have been given six new fields of consciousness. we will no longer need these symbols to act as inductors and for protection.

which will be his guide from that moment on. 69 . but in fact they are being called from above to embark upon the next stage of their work: the mystical stage. This way. However. to help their protégés to stand on their own two feet as quickly as possible and show them the way to the Source within and the corresponding universal guidance.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN entities. Only an as yet unconscious human being. the mentor is asked to withdraw as soon as that person awakens to his own higher self. the Christ and the Creator. By using these universal symbols to tune your meditation. It is as if they are beginning to lose their grip on the old and familiar road. the Aquarian stage. it is advisable to start meditating according to the universal method. in this time of transition they go through a kind of no man’s land where they have to let go of the old and learn to discern the new. who were appointed from above. They feel as if they are failing miserably. which explains why they often feel very lost. However. you speed up your spiritual growth and you build a new connection within. and so on in order for them to embark upon their inner mystical path. angels. followed by a Blazing Golden Sun and a Golden Crown. A new road will present itself: the road to the Source with the guidance of the Masters of Love and Wisdom. The intentional search for universal guidance In order to cut short the stage of confusion. you show that you want to be guided by the Universal World Government. An experienced channel can speed up this process by starting his mediation with a visualization of a Golden Sun. Confusion Many channels have already indicated that they are (extremely) confused. This is absolutely not an easy thing to do. a young child (until the beginning of puberty) and a person with a damaged spiritual being will still be accompanied by a mentor (guide). For the same reason the Source is now encouraging the guides and mentors.

the following remark needs to be made: if you step on this road out of greed and a need to perform. they take you along with them and help you to go through the blueprint (akasha) of the Source – once you have arrived there. preservers of the Creation Our chakras. at other times you will get a universal message in which you will always recognize the divine will that you may ground and shape in the physical field. Therefore. the universal transformers awaken the divine will in everything that is alive. you will notice that your external guidance withdraws itself (if it has not done so already) and the universal guidance will begin to manifest itself from within. That is because the divine will preserves their beings. Universal transformers. They are the directors of the divine will that direct the creative power (which can carry out the will of the Creator) towards 70 . The Universal Transformers The universal transformers. One time you will receive a flash of personal inspiration or a strong flow of Love. This way. Being drawn to the Source. the directors of the divine will If you meditate by following the universal method. This way. They will gradually pave this road using their transformation abilities.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN Here. Only your total surrender will take you to that point. they are also called the ‘directors of the divine will’. and therefore your being and the Creation’s being. through your higher self. at a time when your consciousness has sufficiently developed and is ready for it! If this process runs smoothly. which have already been given the name of ‘guardians of the divine will’ in chapter 5: Chakras and Epidemic Diseases. your request will never be honored. This explains why the universal transformers are also called ‘the preservers of the Creation’. you will ultimately receive inspiration from the akasha of the Source (the Creator). to help you take one step closer every time. are more than willing to allow the ‘directors of the divine will’ to pass through. you allow the universal transformers to take you to the Source. That blueprint holds the divine will that touches you at that very moment.

S U G G E S T I O N S F O R M E D I TAT I O N life. 71 . You move along on the wing beat of the Holy Spirit who wants to be omnipresent. you too are moved by the preservers of life whose task it is to preserve yóur life as well. Together. the Alfa and Omega will unite within yourself. you can move along with the preservers of life to learn how to preserve life in the Creation under the leadership of the Universal World Government. This way. they make up the wing beat on which the Holy Spirit travels! Please understand that if you meditate according to the universal method. And because it is part of your cosmic task to preserve life in the Creation. so that the Beginning will also find its End within yóu.

If you prefer to meditate at home. A walk in nature is relaxing. you could. but also how to prepare for it. What can be done with them is very impressive. It is not only important for you to know how to meditate in a safe and correct way. If the weather is nice. on the condition that you do not embark upon any serious conversations. let the murmuring waves or the whispering wind prepare you for your meditation. how you should end it and what you can expect from it. of course. a beginner in this area will be able to walk the universal path that is offered here. Nevertheless. I do realize that this information cannot be used if the foundation on which it is based – the ability to meditate – is missing. We do no longer have any affinity with peacefulness and silence. Hardly anyone makes time to relax anymore.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN 8. That is why I would like to extend this book with one more chapter. Allow nature’s peacefulness to touch you. let alone to turn inside on ourselves. Suggestions for Meditation T This book offers you a beautiful view on the thirteen chakras. Creating silence and peacefulness If meditating is still quite difficult for you because your thoughts keep wandering. Due to our tendency to be overactive. However. how a meditation unfolds. Meditation and Preparation Meditation is a process that you need to make yourself familiar with. you could meditate outside. we constantly keep ourselves occupied. for instance. at least if you are not disturbed by anything there. that which is most valuable in life comes to us when we are silent and peaceful: love and the power of creation. do it at a time when you know that you will not be interrupted and can sit 72 . it has become something unnatural due to the ‘rush’ that marks our society today. Only in this way. go for a walk before going into meditation. our thirteen universal transformers.

because it is easier to fall asleep. in which case you have no choice. Quiet classical music can relax your mind as well. Relaxing your body Relax your entire body so that it does not distract you during the meditation. before starting the meditation. Straighten your spine so that the incoming energy can flow through your entire body.S U G G E S T I O N S F O R M E D I TAT I O N peacefully for a while. Release any tension in your jaws. unless you are bedridden. making sure that you are well grounded. tongue and neck. the incoming power of creation is more difficult to ground that way. listening to some meditative or New Age music may help you. Also make sure that your shoulders are not hunched. so that you will not be disturbed at all. Sit up straight and put your feet on the ground next to each other. The meditation position It is important to sit up straight during your meditation. You are advised not to lie down to meditate. People who are familiar with yoga can do a yoga relaxation. but relax them as well. because that will close you off from what you would like to receive. possibly in combination with some breathing exercises. It is more difficult to meditate when you lie down. Loosen any tight belts or collars. Switching off the telephone and doorbell is a wise thing to do as well. Feel every muscle and relax them as much as possible. Relaxing your mind If you feel very stressed and do not want or are not able to go for a walk. Rest your hands in your lap. Take some long and deep breaths to increase your state of relaxation. In addition. You can start your meditation now. Close your eyes so that your surroundings distract you as little as possible. Your wandering thoughts and the day’s events slowly disappear and your mind will begin to relax so that you can gradually turn in on yourself. Never cross your arms in front of your chest or stomach. 73 .

It has probably pulled you within sufficiently to allow the meditation process to take place. Then. 3. Through this visualization. 2. let it sink into your heart. your mind creates an image of that symbol. Moments that are truly free of thought are very short and scarce. you form a direct connection with the Source within and you induce the universal power of creation that represents the symbol that you have chosen. Please do not get stressed over it. You can release it after a short visualization. focus on the symbol again. if you feel that you have allowed your thoughts to wander too far. However. Your spiritual growth will be sped up and your pain will be 74 . This is a normal process. The visualization Begin your meditation by visualizing the universal transformer of your choice. the images will fade spontaneously and you will notice that it is more difficult to focus. and a passive. receiving. Proceed as follows: 1. The inability to visualize If you are not able to visualize the symbol. Your intention to visualize the symbol already invokes the power of creation. In this way. Focus on the symbol intensively. part – the silent meditation – during which the power of creation can do its work with your body and spirit and you may receive impulses from the universal guidance. There is no need to force you to keep focusing on the symbol. because the restlessness that is created by this stress has the opposite effect! Thoughts come and go. please know that thinking about it works as well. 4. After some time. Keep that image in your mind for a while. also during a meditation.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN The Stages of a Meditation A meditation consists of two stages: an active part – the visualization – during which your transformation can take place. which will be activated right away.

an inner whisper or an inner knowing. that is an entirely different matter altogether. 75 .S U G G E S T I O N S F O R M E D I TAT I O N eased immediately. This inspiration could be a feeling. The silent meditation is meant to support your spiritual growth. peaceful state for a while. Buying a real white rose could help you visualize the White Rose. If you want to transform other situations or if the same situation needs transformation at a deeper level. remain (inactive) in this silent. you will automatically enter a state of silent meditation. The strong positive nature of the activated creative power will neutralize this karma. Now. Moreover. that is. However. By asking for its transformation. In this way. you can do that right after completing this stage. if you really do not succeed in visualizing any images – after repeated attempts – and you just do not see anything. The activated creative power stimulates and strengthens your consciousness. which clearly shows that you are seeking the support of the creative power that represents the Crystalline Diamond. focus on the problem that you would like to transform. It speeds up and smoothes the path of spiritual growth. your heart chakra will open and the creative power that you have activated will begin to flow towards the karma that is linked to this particular problem. an image. the silent meditation creates a peaceful state that opens up the door for inspiration from your inner guidance to come through.9 The silent mediation Stop the active visualization after the transformation stage. You could also put up a picture of a diamond. Those who are more advanced in their spiritual growth may even receive extensive universal messages during the silent meditation. Seeing this flower often could make it easier for you to connect with the symbol. don’t worry! The transformation After visualizing the symbol of your choice for a while and after having activated it in your heart. allowing the peacefulness – and above all the creative power that you activated – to sink in and do its work. if you can accept this comfort. This will energize you.

After some time. a total of ten minutes is sufficient. Nevertheless. After a meditation. it can be comforting to lie down to allow the impressions of the meditation to sink in. In this way. you will benefit the most from its healing effects.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN Closing the Meditation Releasing your inner focus Considering the fact that your mediation can be very powerful because of the creative power that is being activated. because that could lead to a very unpleasant experience. you will be able to remain in a peaceful state longer and enjoy the acquired energy as much as possible. Reconnecting with your body If you find it difficult to release your inner focus. In order to resurface from the meditation. straighten your legs and stretch your body. you simply release the inner focus that was created by the universal symbol and you will automatically be drawn back to the surface. release the images to enjoy the activated 76 . it is obvious that it is important to close the mediation in a proper way. it may help you to concentrate on your fingers and toes and move them slightly. but also to return slowly to the vibration frequency of your day-to-day level of consciousness. Take a couple of minutes to do the active visualization (and transformation) and then. Afterwards. It could even cause a headache. you consciously reconnect with your body and with the reality of everyday life. You do not only need time to go deeper into your mediation. this process is much easier and quicker than the process of turning in on yourself. General Suggestions Duration of the meditation Do not meditate for too long. never hurry to answer the telephone or the doorbell. You enter a meditation slowly and you resurface from it slowly. In this way. This could stimulate and encourage you to go back to the demands of your day-to-day activities.

extreme emotionality and oversensitivity. because there is no place in our society where it is absolutely still and quiet. you can intentionally transform 77 . that feeling will become ever clearer and it will tell you the right number of meditations you need. Keep in mind that you are working with a creative power! Although this power is very loving and is at work for your own benefit. If your work is based on your inner feeling. you will notice that they fade away after a while. try to choose a quiet time of the day or use earplugs. Try to accept these sounds.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN energy in silence for a minute or five. Nevertheless. you could extend the silent meditation a little bit. Encouragement is only necessary for those who do not easily take time to meditate because of their busy lives. You will only notice them when they suddenly stop. Therefore. Do you need to meditate a fixed number of times? Working with the universal power of creation two to three times a week is enough to speed up your growth and ease your living conditions considerably. You remain conscious and alert It is good to know that you will remain fully conscious and alert during the meditation and that you will hear all the sounds around you. If you already have some experience with meditations. In doing so. please understand that meditation wants to be integrated in your everyday life and sounds are part of that as well. They will become part of your meditation pattern. overexposure of your spiritual centers can result in tiredness. if you are very sensitive to sound. A certain level of routine and discipline could help them to actually do it. However. If you do not pay attention to the sounds. Please. do not underestimate the power of a meditation induced by a universal transformer. Meditation is not an obligation Meditation must never become a routine or obligation. it is necessary to warn anybody who begins to see meditation and transformation as a daily routine simply out of an excessive devotion to duty! Meditation has the best results if you feel like doing it.

In that way. you will regain your enthusiasm to start meditating again.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN your problems. speed up your spiritual growth or allow the power of creation to flow through you selflessly and shine upon your surroundings and Life itself where it will connect with any karma that needs transformation. apply the principle that you stop meditating for a couple of days if you become overemotional or oversensitive. you will find the balance that fits you and your circumstances best. allowing yourself the time to cope with everything that meditating has brought to the surface. In the end.10 If you wish to meditate more often. 78 .

This explains why the Ark of Preservation gives a more thorough explanation of the basic laws of life than the Ark of the Covenant. Astral world The area of the Creation upon which love has not yet shed its light. Akasha of the soul That part of a person’s blueprint in which all impressions of the soul are recorded. the foundation on which the being of the Creator (the Creation) is based. Aquarian Purification The cleansing of the remaining karmic debt during the first two to three hundred years of the Aquarian Age. It is a guideline for the Aquarian Age. 79 . during which the heart center of the Creator determines the driving force of the evolution and the laws of Love and Unity shape Life. Aquarian Age The age between 2000 and 4000 AD.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN Glossary Akasha The akasha is the archetype. The akasha is the foundation of life. Akasha of the Source The blueprint of the Source. Astral Belonging to those areas of the Creation where there is no love. Aquarian human The cosmic human. Ark of Preservation The Ark of Preservation is the Ark of the Covenant's higher self. It gives directions to us human beings from the lower spheres of the Creation. Akasha of the personality The part of the blueprint that shapes the personality and in which all impressions of the personality are recorded. the Crystalline Age and the Age of Fulfillment.

Being (to be) Enveloped by the perfect. divine human being with a thirteen-fold consciousness and thirteen chakras. Cosmic human A cosmic human is a higher. Aura The light structure in which our spiritual being shows (manifests) itself. Cosmic consciousness A thirteen-fold consciousness in which the Source can be manifested. Condensing causes a being to absorb karma. Chakra Chakras are the connecting gates that translate the state of our consciousness to our body through our mind. the first manifestation of the Creator. perceive and shape life in a way the mind can understand. Blueprint The original purpose that shapes a life form. Condensing Shifting from a higher consciousness frequency to a lower consciousness frequency. The tasks and assignments of a life form are recorded in its blueprint. The Aquarian human. Consciousness The field in which we carry. the divine will. Center of balance The focal point of cosmic energy. 80 . fulfilled state of consciousness. Cosmic Belonging to the non-physical form of life.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN Those who live in the astral world do not choose to live out of love. Cosmic impulse A touch from higher life forms. Christ Divine descendant. Manifesting the unity of life. which is the abdomen for the earth human and the throat for the cosmic human. Cosmic assignment A person’s ‘soul assignment’.

Fulfillment The state of consciousness in which the cosmic purpose has been fulfilled completely. Darkness Darkness consists of those creations that have a lower consciousness than ours. who has a sevenfold consciousness and seven chakras. Earth human The human being who lives from the perspective of his lower self. Duality Division of Unity into a lower and higher identity. they still belong to our spiral of evolution. Evolutionary principle The principle that awakens our consciousness and moves us towards evolution. Entity A person who has crossed over to the other side. However.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN Guidance and inspiration from higher life forms. the human being up to the Piscean Age. a being will release its karma. Guardianship of Life During the Aquarian Age the cosmic human is charged with the 81 . Evolution The everlasting force that preserves life and stimulates progress and growth. Cosmically conscious A person is cosmically conscious if he has manifested the Source in his consciousness. During this process. Enlightenment Shifting from a lower consciousness frequency to a higher consciousness frequency. Love and light have not yet permeated these creations. Enlightened Being completely irradiated by God’s Spirit. Divine akasha The part of mankind’s blueprint that shapes our higher Spirit (the god spark) and hold all cosmic information. Creator The soul of the Creation.

the divine force. which means that he is responsible for guiding all life forms to their state of perfection. The condensing. Higher self The connection with the spirit. Karma The sum of all actions created by the Laws of Cause and Effect. Higher being The part of a being that is not individual. Involution The descent into the physical during which the development process of life occurred. which is recorded in their blueprints. Highest self The highest part of a being that represents the highest divine being.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN universal task of the Guardianship of Life. which means that he has been given the responsibility of leading the evolution to its destination (Utopia). Inner guidance The universal guidance that inspires us through our mystical connection. safeguards us and offers us our inner cosmic impulse. Inner reflection Consulting your higher consciousness through your mystical connection. Initiation Opening up a higher being (a higher consciousness) from above after completing a process of spiritual growth. The divine being. These laws belong to the Aquarian Age. protects us. The organ that houses our soul. the highest divine force. Guardianship of the Evolution With the onset of the Aquarian Age the cosmic human was entrusted with the universal task of the Guardianship of the Evolution. Laws of Love and Unity The laws that determine life for the higher and highest being of the Creation. the Crystalline 82 . I am The level of consciousness on which the perfect state of Being is experienced.

THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN Age and the Age of Fulfillment. Masters of Love and Wisdom The Masters of Love and Wisdom are the Cosmic Masters who have taken seat on the Hierarchies of Life. Light-being One of our thirteen light-beings that carries one of the thirteen fields of consciousness. pass on universal inspiration and make up the inner government for the being for which they work. matter. Manifesting The radiation of the energy of the Christ or the Creator by human beings. the creative energy. Life line The ‘organ’ that conducts the universal energy and inspiration: the inner mystical connection. Master(y) A person who has reached a state of transparency. Medium A channel who receives information from the consciousness of 83 . They provide life with cosmic energy. Meditate Turning within to open up deeper fields of consciousness. individuality. Matter The physical. The spiritual line that connects us to all life forms on Jacob's ladder. its consciousness is of a higher level. Lower self (being) For human beings: the personality. They belong to the past ages up to the Piscean Age. Light The breath of life. Macrocosm Life that is outside of us. Laws of cause and effect The laws that determine life for the lower being of the Creation. For the Creation: the physical. Life assignment The assignment of a person (of the personality) to be carried out during his lifetime. a state of Unity.

Power of creation The power of the Source. Primal trauma A trauma suffered upon leaving the Source. Mysticism The divine wisdom that holds Life’s truth. It is part of the higher self.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN entities who reside in the different spheres of the Creation. In addition. Self-regenerating ability of life The healing force of life. Mystic connection The inner connection between a person and the Source of Life (the Creator). 84 . Microcosm Life that is inside of us and secondary to our consciousness. the primal force from which everything has come into existence. the essence of life. Physical Matter. the first incarnation of a person. Planetary Hierarchy The inner government of Earth for which the Masters of Love and Wisdom work under the leadership of the Universal Christ. Plan of Creation The blueprint of the Creation that holds the Creator’s plan for the Creation. the soul is a person’s guardian who offers him his cosmic information. which holds the information about all his past lives. Meridian system The network of meridians that transports cosmic (spiritual) energy through the body. Mystic A person who has gained access to the Source by consulting his own higher consciousness. Soul The eternal core of a human being. A lodge was opened in the Planetary Hierarchy for persons who have reached Mastery over their Personality.

Transform To transform means that the power of creation. Sun Hierarchy The inner government of the solar system. Source of Life A generic term for all beings that are higher than the Creator and for whom we do not have a concept yet. Spirit (Spirit) God’s Spirit. which can be found within each person. Spheres The non-physical. 85 . the divine breath. is directed towards the negative karma of human beings and life itself in order to neutralize it by means of the purely positive nature of the power of creation. the solar system. Creation’s center from which all life is created. in which the archangels are active under the leadership of the Christ. Transformation Transformation is channeling the power of creation by means of universal symbols in order to transform the karma of human beings and life itself. Spiritual body Our immaterial light-being. The essence of life. Surrender Surrendering the free will to the divine will. finer layers of life. as is recorded in its blueprint. Sun Logos The soul of the Sun. Transmutate To transmutate means that a situation that is negative for a life form is immediately recreated by means of the power of creation in order to change this negative situation into its original life purpose. Spirit (spirit) The spiritual organ that carries our consciousness.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN Source The Creator. the life-giving center from which everything in the Creation comes into existence.

Universal guidance Guidance from the Universal World Government. Universal Light Light and wisdom at the level of the Source of Life. Universal Love Love at the level of the Source of Life. the highest life. he will be admitted to the Universal World Government as well. Universal World Government The spiritual world government. The members of the Universal World Government are the Masters of Love and Wisdom. the Christ and the Creator. which consists of: the Masters of Love and Wisdom. Guardianship of the Evolution and Guardianship of the Creation. When a person reaches Mastery of his Personality. Universal Life The force of Life at the level of the Source of Life. Examples of these assignments for the cosmic human are: Guardianship of Life. The deepest experience of the Source of Life. Universal Shaped by the Universality. at the level of the Source of Life. who have taken seat on the inspiring hierarchies of life. This book uses universal symbols for this mediation. Universal Being The force of Being. Universal mediation A mediation in which you focus on the Source of Life. Inspired by the above86 .THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN Transmutation Transmutation is stimulating our ability to transmutate (re-create) by means of universal symbols. Unity Being part of the Source of Life. which is present on every step of Jacob’s ladder in order to take care of life in all its forms. the Christ and the Source (the Creator). Universal assignments The assignments given from above. The Universal World Government has the final responsibility for life and monitors the implementation of the Plan of Creation at all levels.

The total fulfillment of life. Utopia The final destination of the evolution. Visualize Focusing your mind by means of a symbol. Universality The strength of life that is present in everything alive.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN mentioned universal guidance he will learn to work within the Plan of Creation. 87 .


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Go to www. Go to www. ISBN 978-90-75343-21-2. 1rd edition Voorschoten.soniabos. 10. uitgeverij De Gouden Kroon. 1e druk 2001. Publishing House De Gouden Kroon. Voorschoten. Voorschoten. This topic is discussed in detail in: Sonia. the divine will can allow the power of creation to flow there where it is needed most. kunt u lezen: Instead. ISBN 978-90-75343-21-2. Man in the Aquarian Age. Werken vanuit de akasha.THIRTEEN CHAKRAS AND THE COSMIC HUMAN 8. 90 . Publishing House De Gouden Kroon. 1rd edition 2003. Selfless transformation means that you do not direct the power of creation towards a specific problem determined by you. ISBN 90-75343-17-5. Man in the Aquarian Age. The Netherlands. 9. Voor uitleg over hoe het proces van het leren werken via de innerlijke mystieke verbinding in zijn werk gaat. The Netherlands. An exhaustive explanation of the transformation process can be found in: Sonia.soniabos.

een bijna onmogelijke opdracht .An introduction to transformation . life as a process of growth .Van angst naar moed.Thirteen chakras and the cosmic human being Spanish .De winter die niet mocht zijn English .In a nutshell.Une introduction à la transformation 91 .El hombre en la Era de Acuario French . Also by Sonia: Dutch .Werken vanuit de akasha .Zaaien en Oogsten.Over dertien chakra’s gesproken! .Een kleine introductie in transformatie .Man in the Aquarian Age . het oertrauma van de mens . aquariusgelijkenissen .Una introducción sobre transformación .De mens in het aquariustijdperk .Op weg naar de zon.De grote veranderingen in de natuur .Het Rad van Wedergeboorte .OVER DERTIEN CHAKRA’S GESPROKEN! Publishing House De Gouden Kroon Publishing House De Gouden Kroon was established in 1995 to facilitate the spread of the Aquarian mysticism. een weg naar hoger genezen .De puberteit.Omgaan met de psychotische patiënt .

These beautiful cards have drawings of the universal symbols which have been presented and described in this book and could be very helpful using when meditating. 92 .OVER DERTIEN CHAKRA’S GESPROKEN! Portuguese .com.Uma introdução sobre transformação Cards The Gouden Kroon has printed a number of cards and posters by Gea Hollestelle-Melinga. For more information on these cards and Sonia’s books see www.soniabos. Website: Sonia Website: Website: www.soniabos.: +31-(0)71-562 22 81 Fax: +31-(0)71-562 39 15 E-mail: 93 .com Publishing House De Gouden Kroon (The Golden Crown): Van Beethovenlaan 69-b 2253 BE Voorschoten The Netherlands Tel.OVER DERTIEN CHAKRA’S GESPROKEN! Addresses Secretariat Sonia and the Sofia Foundation: Van Beethovenlaan 69-b 2253 BE Voorschoten The Netherlands Tel: +31-(0)71-5613964 Fax: +31-(0)71-5623915 E-mail: secretariaat@stichtingsofia.

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