Gil Aldrick Fernandez Admin law Aratuc vs Comelec Facts Petitioner Aratuc filed a petition for certiorari, to review

the decision of respondent Comelec. A supervening panel headed by Comelec had conducted hearings of the complaints of the petitioner therein alleged irregularities in the election records. In order for the Commission to decide properly. It will have to go deep into the examination of the voting records and registration records and it will have to interview and get statements from persons under oath from the area to determine whether actual voting took place. The Comelec then rendered its resolution being assailed in these cases, declaring the final result of the canvass. Issue Whether the Comelec committee committed grave abuse of discretion amounting to lack of jurisdiction? Ruling No. Under section 168 of the revised election code of the 1978 “ the commission on elections shall have direct control and supervision over the board of canvassers”. In administrative law, a superior body or office having supervision or control over another may do directly what the latter is supposed to do or ought to have done. The petition is hereby dismissed, for lack of merit 1/17/11

2581 is valid and constitutional. 2581. negotiate and speculate with their shares by making personally through brokers or agents repeated and successive sales. and conspiring and confederating together and helping each other. board of directors of the O. Jacob Rosenthal. 1/18/11 . Legislation should not be held invalid on the ground of uncertainty if susceptible of any reasonable construction that will support and give it effect. Rosenthal contends that that act no. willfully. An act will not be declared inoperative and ineffectual on the ground that it furnishes no adequate means to secure purpose for which it is passed.O.Gil Aldrick Fernandez Admin law People vs Rosenthal Facts The accused. 2581 is unconstitutional. oil company. unlawfully and feloniously trade in. as by law required. We hold that Act no.R. Issue Whether act. without first obtaining the corresponding written permit or license from the insular treasurer of the commonwealth of the Philippines. 2581 is unconstitutional? Ruling No. have deliberate intent of evading the provisions or sections 2 and 5 of the said act no.

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