Why do we need EBM?

Physicians’ information needs
When asked by patients: • we need information about 2 x a week books • we get it from ________and colleagues _____________.

. • but we only get 30% of it • and usually this comes from asking colleagues _______.Physicians’ information needs When shadowed (in doubt): • we need information 60 x per week (twice for every three patients).

.Physicians’ information needs Why? • Our textbook are out of date by the day they are published • our journals are disorganized and inaccessible to us.


. but our information needs are not met-.. • clinicians need information about medical practice. • Consequently our knowledge and use of best practice deteriorates with time. .textbooks out disorganized date of ___and journals are _________.In summary .

Some possible ways forward: • learn how to practice evidence based medicine. . • seek and apply appraisals of studies into clinical practice prepared by the others.

What are some possible ways forward??? .

clinical experience and patient value in clinical decisions.What is Evidence Based Medicine It is the integration of available medical evidence from systematic search. .

It will help us keep _______. It will make us more _______ in our clinical decision making. scientific 2. 3..In effect. It will help us avoid wasting resources. .. updated 1.

4. It will improve our reading habits. 5.In effect. . 6... It will lead to safer and more effective care. It will provide information for improving communication with patients.

7. .In effect. It will improve our understanding of research.. 8. It will make information more accessible..

Users’ Guide • simple guide to help clinicians appraise research papers or clinical practice guidelines. .So where do we start...

• They identify high quality research and guidelines.Need for Users’ Guide • Medical practice is constantly changing • New information is always being added to the literature. .

Need for Users’ Guide • Users’ guides help clinicians appraise information • they help identify research or guidelines of relevance to patient care. .

Effects of Users’ Guide • less reliance on “throw away journals” and commercial sources and more reliance on valid information • more systematic approach to clinical problem solving and decision making .

Effects of Users’ Guide • more empowered and less reliant on conflicting recommendations of clinical “experts”. .

THE EBM CYCLE Formulate a Question Search the Literature Appraising the Evidence Integrating the Data in the making a clinical decision 5. Evaluate results 1. . 4. 2. 3.

.EBM is not ….

.The COST of not knowing and missing to learn the art of medicine is the LIFE of our patients….

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