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MCI Serious about Business

without compromise
MCI International Wholesale Services. A partner with the same customer focus
you have – a partner that delivers the flexibility, reliability, innovation and value that you
need to offer your own customers.
In today’s corporate world, where customer demands are
growing while budgets are shrinking, achieving success has
never been more challenging.
Partnership that
Our unparalleled expertise and experience
in delivering innovative wholesale network
solutions makes MCI the networking
partner of choice. We are 100%

builds your business committed to your success, and to

working in partnership with you to help
you evolve. We offer a diverse product
range, global network reach, and the
performance and reliability you need.
The formula for business success is
deceptively simple – a straightforward Our business is strong – and it’s
combination of customer satisfaction growing. We’d like to help you grow
and cost containment. However, in your business, too.
today’s corporate world, where
customer demands are growing
while budgets are shrinking,
achieving success has never been
more challenging. To help ensure
your profitability, you need a
wholesale partner. A partner with
the same customer focus you have
– a partner that delivers the flexibility,
reliability, innovation and value
that you need to offer your own
customers. That partner is MCI
International Wholesale Services.

MCI International Wholesale Services

is part of MCI and represents
our wholesale network products and
services, the accompanying specialised
pricing and support options, and the
dedicated team of people focused on
your wholesale network needs.

MCI International Wholesale Services

is a global wholesale network services
provider, a true pan-European wholesale
player, and one of the biggest wholesale
network service partners in the EMEA
region (Europe, the Middle East and
Africa). In 2002, MCI achieved revenues of
$3 billion in the EMEA region, representing
12.5% of MCI’s global revenue for the
year. Half of that came from wholesale.

With our broad range of products and services and our seamless
local-to-global network, we are ideally equipped to help you expand
your product portfolio and geographic footprint.
Innovation that
With our network – one of the largest and
most rigorously engineered in the world –
you can deliver quality services around
the globe. You will also reap the benefits

delivers the future of working with a partner that has

experience in deploying and managing
diverse and advanced network services.
Our services include: IP Transit, global,
European and local peering, ISP Dial
MCI caters for all wholesale network Wholesale Voice Services Services, Housing and Hosting services,
needs, delivering a fully integrated IP VPN services and ASP access and
set of voice, data and Internet MCI delivers a comprehensive range connectivity solutions.
services, which we deliver to Carriers, of high-performance voice services at
Resellers and ISP’s. With our broad highly competitive rates. We offer indirect Our value-added reseller programme
range of products and services and voice and direct-switched voice services, enables you to repackage and sell
our seamless local-to-global network, as well as Non-Geographic services, Internet services to your end users under
we are ideally equipped to help you such as FreePhone and Premium Rate your own company brand.
expand your product portfolio and numbers, and inbound solutions.
geographic footprint. But MCI’s value Furthermore, smart provisioning tools
to your business goes far beyond our complement our voice services to Towards IP Convergence
extensive product range and global minimise your administration effort
network reach. and maximise efficiency. Converging voice and data
communications on a single IP network
To help you anticipate and deliver the will enable you – and your customers –
solutions your customers need, MCI is Wholesale Data Services to be more efficient. MCI’s evolving
focused on your evolving business convergence strategy is an excellent
requirements. Our dedicated teams MCI’s international data services operate illustration of this strategy.
understand the factors that affect you and over our high-quality, facilities-based
your market, and will create solutions that network, which is backed by unsurpassed Carrying forward the technological
have been specially designed to help your customer service and 24x7 network leadership and the IP expertise associated
business thrive. Whether you’re a Carrier, monitoring. Our data product portfolio with MCI, we are well positioned to drive
a Switched or Switchless Reseller, or an includes Bandwidth Services (Frame the convergence of voice and data
ISP, you can rely on our experienced Relay, ATM, Private Line), Network over IP. No-one knows IP like MCI. Our
professionals to deliver the solutions Co-location and Access Services, and a visionary approach keeps us firmly at the
that best meet your needs – now and range of Advanced Data Services. forefront of converged communications
in the future. and the Internet community’s expansion.
MCI’s reseller programme enables you to Our IP expertise, combined with our
Ultimately, a partnership with MCI enables repackage our white-label services and global reach and network quality, make
you to maximise revenues and make sell data services under your own brand. us the ideal partner for your wholesale
the most of your sales opportunities so needs in a rapidly converging world.
you can build your business. To help We don’t just anticipate your business
you enhance your efficiency and Wholesale Internet Services growth – we facilitate it.
cost-effectiveness, we provide online
monitoring tools and 24x7 network Partnership is key to ensuring you make
support, as well as fully managed services the most of what the Internet has to
and flexible, rapid provisioning with offer. MCI has the capacity, the reach and
accurate, on-time billing. What’s more, the vision to help you harness the
you will have a single point of contact Internet’s full potential. We’ll help you
at MCI, ensuring that our support is fast deliver richer, more profitable Internet
and efficient. solutions to your customers.

Based on number of company-owned global PoPs
(Points of Presences)

Quality that
Our pan-European network extends
almost 14,600 km, while the 12,600 km
Gemini transatlantic cable system links
Europe with the US. We have one of

ensures value the most expansive and scalable IP

network in the world, offering the fastest
speeds available over IP today. And with
end-to-end network ownership, we can
deploy innovative applications more
Choosing the right wholesale services Performance and reliability rapidly, with improved service and
provider will enhance your agility, reliability, and at lower costs to you.
cost-effectiveness ability to meet As part of MCI, MCI International
customers’ needs. MCI’s unique Wholesale Services has one of the world’s Customer satisfaction produces a loyal
expertise, global reach and vision most reliable Internet backbone networks. base for continued revenue growth and
make us the ideal choice. Our industry-leading performance increased profitability. Yet this must be
standards are backed by stringent service achieved while keeping costs under
level agreements (SLAs), which we control. MCI’s steadfast commitment to
Commitment to customers regularly surpass. All traffic is monitored innovation, quality and value means you
and managed 24x7x365 from MCI’s five can rely on us to help you build this
MCI International Wholesale Services is Global Network Operations Centres, and success. Always looking beyond the
more than a provider – we are a partner. our quality assurance extends beyond our services of today, MCI is driving network
With a sound grasp of the challenges own network – MCI has direct convergence across the globe, creating
you face, we are committed to working interconnection with over 240 other migration paths to help our customers
with you to create customised and telecommunications providers. We also deliver the future.
cost-effective solutions that enhance combine many layers of security, including
your customers’ experience and increase physical, perimeter, host-based, The network you need.
your profitability. Our well-established personnel, and procedural security to help
teams are flexible, knowledgeable and you to ensure that your customers’ data is People you can rely on.
professional, and you can rely on us to always protected. MCI: together we can
create and deliver the innovation that will build your business.
ensure your success.
Global reach

Products and technology Our solutions work wherever you do

business. Our local-to-global network
MCI offers a diverse range of innovative spans six continents, with:
and flexible products and award-winning • Local operations in 65 countries
services at competitive rates, to meet the • 55,000 employees worldwide
needs of new market entrants as well as
• More than 4,500 Points of Presence
established players. Whether you’re a
(PoPs) and more than 3.2 million
Carrier, Reseller or ISP, we’ll help you
modem ports
make the most of existing and emerging
opportunities in your marketplace. We are • More than 130 data centres in
continually evolving our solutions to help 22 countries
you deliver the services your customers • ATM service available in 21 countries
want – today and tomorrow. and Frame Relay service available in
72 countries
• Over 95,000 wholly-owned and
operated network route miles, including
terrestrial and undersea cable

In the October 2002 CMA Communications Market
Survey, MCI (formerly known as WorldCom) was
found to be joint-leading performer on service quality for
fixed communications, and the leader among online
service providers.

To find out more about what MCI can do for you, visit us
at or contact your local MCI
representative by calling one of the numbers on the back
of this brochure.

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